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Port Arthur News Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1926, Page 4

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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - April 3, 1926, Port Arthur, Texas Page port Arthur news editorial Page a thought for Tod Ayas a mad Man who cast eth firebrands arrows and death so is the Man that dece Iveth his neighbor and Saith Ani not i in sport a prov. 26 18, to. We Are our own . The editorial mind hey re still thanking us for the buggy ride editorial digest comment gleaned a from Ottar paper National Park p�vospect8 the constant increase in the nuns or of tourist who spend their vacations Felting acquainted with the natural beauties of the United 8tates enhances interest in the Prospect that two wonderful area in the Southern apply Chinn mounts ii soon May be added to the lint of the country National Parks. Of the need of these Parka in the East there can be no doubt for a the new York Herald Tribune Pointe out a except in Lafayette dark the Little Gem on mount desert in Maine nil the National Parks Are in the observing that a the East might resign itself to this unequal division if there were no extensive tracts this aide of the Mississippi of Scenic attractions sufficiently outstanding to make them eligible for be ration As National Pak the Lieut Ald Tribune Calls attention to the great smokes tract in the great Smoky mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina and the Shenandoah tract on the Crest of the Blue Ridge of Virginia saying of the former a it is a Beautiful wilderness and resort of wild life a True Mountain fastness whose peaks Tower higher than mount Washington St is Rich in streams and cataracts in Cliffs and Gorges a and of the latter a Only a three hour ride from Washington it commands a View of Lait tie grounds of the civil War and of the birthplaces of eight presidents of the United states yet it contain primeval forests of Spruce Hemlock and Balsam and All the Appl Chian beauties in the highest degree unmarred thus lauding the a Public spirited Enterprise of the people of Virginia a by Means of whose Effort a the creation of a National Park in the Blue Ridge is practically assured Quot the washing ton Star describe the probed Park As a an area of remarkable Scenic attraction a Virgin Forest Rocky Ami Antres commanding altitudes a a tied Flora altogether a Region of the utmost Charm and Beauty unspoiled by commercial development or by Trespas. A and predict that once it is opened up is a National Park. Quot it will prove eventually to be one of the Moat popular Scenic retorts in this country a a but there is something that Virginia and Tennessee and North Carolina must do before co Grue Wilt authorise the establishment of these two National Parks a remark the Bristol Herald courier a they must buy the Park areas and present them to the government since the government will spend no Money for the Purchase of land for Park purposes. There should be no ques lion that the Campaign to raise the perk funds will that this Prophesy is True seem to be borne out by the recent information it personally carried to Secretary of the Interior work by governor Harry f. Byrd of Virginia that i state had a trained $ 1,200,000 for the Purchase of acreage in the proposed Shenandoah National Park Quot according to the Lynchburg daily and Vance which declare that the a next step towards making the Park a reality is to secure the full $2,500, we which i necessary to Purchase a1 the acreage in the Park the Advance suggest that much of this balance will Quot lie raised in Ether sections of the East for a work is not solely a Virginia project but is a pm to for the Benefit of every state East of the Mississippi in regard to the proposed Smoky Mountain dark the Charlotte observer while not discounting at All the wonderful acidic beauties of that Region and the Benefit to the hate from the tour Sis that a in be attracted to its wilderness Charm. Still emphasise As of greater signify canc the fact that a regulation cd the Fink of the Rivers that Rise to the tire Smoky mountains of Western North Carolina or Are Ted by streams in these mountains will be Guai ameed by the creation of a nation i Park in that Section such regulation continues Tim observer a obviating is it w ii Tbs danger of floods during the Rainy Aea Sona Aud drought is a Prio Clevish asset to the communities that depend. Vigor and effective 4 a a a a a a Southern Farmer warned to desist from following one crop idea too Long Southern agriculture has lost its balance and forgot that the fundamental reason for living on a farm is to make a living. This is the pointed it Bement made by Edward Woodall of Dada a member of the executive committee of the Texas Safe farming association. He a Aid it in a warning pointing out the dangers of producing a Large Cotton crop without the proper proportion of food and feed crops. This warning came after it had been stated by the department of agriculture that world Cotton crop of 27,800,000 Bales for the year 1025 represented an increase of 12.1 per cent Over the Yesfir 1024. This statement was issued by the department on the basis of returns from the lending producing countries of he world. In the United state the yield was More than 10,000,000 Bales leaving a balance of 11,000,000 Bales As the record established by other Cotton growing countries. This member of the Texas state farming association reminded the Texas Farmer that we have the smallest number of hog in the South in forty year and the whole nation has 9.000.000 fewer cattle than in 1920, and More than one half this shortage is in the South. Furthermore he said that it has been estimated that the whole South imported inst year approximately one billion dollars of food and feed and Texas $240,000,000. In conclusion be said a can we keep this Money at Home and in the doing so rebuild oar impoverished soil and leave As a heritage to our children a Anil that will permit them to carry on. It is a condition that demand the serious consideration of All classes of our people for we must rely for a sound business and even sound political institutions on a like agriculture world crop of 27,000,000 Bales in 1920 May result in fifteen cent Cotton. Now Why should the people of the South the Cotton growing South invest a billion dollars every year in the foodstuffs of the Northern states when these foodstuffs and Fem stuff can lie grown Here at Home Why should Texas invest $240,0 10, too in foodstuffs and feedstuff when the state could produce sufficient or Home consumption and an enormous surplus or Sale in other states nod countries this for the Southern Farmer to make answer Ile is the master of his owe destiny. He should not Overlook the fact the fundamental Renson for living on a farm is to make a living. Wonder if chivalry will cause East Texas men to vote for woman candidate is Texas chivalry dead has it gone to join the Buffalo the wild horse and the Dodo min Margie Neal is a candidate for tile democratic nomination for state senator in the Panola District. She has been in the Field for some time on the principle that the Early Bird catches tile worm. Now Gary it. Sanford has announced his candidacy. Ile is going to do his Best to take the nomination away from i Neal. There Are five counties in this senatorial District. Rusk. Gregg Harrison Panola and Shelby miss Neal has a statewide reputation. She is a regular Democrat. That is she rotes the ticket end follows the Flag she a a District Delegate to the Sun Francisco convention in 1920, and saw James Al. Co walk away with the nomination. She never fluttered or shed s tear when the Flag of Mcadoo went Down and Thomas it. Love admitted like Bryan that his i hot was in the grave. To re is going to be a very interesting contest for the senator ship in this East Texas District. Now what Are the women democrats going to do Are they going to cast a solid vote for miss neat or Moat the cause of the Youthful Democrat who has a term to his credit in Fie lower House of the legislature the coldest place in the world Hopes soon to have 100,000 population Amarillo is another ambitions Texas City. It expects a population of a Hundred thousand on or Lief re 1935. It is away out in Hie Panhandle in the very Foothills of lie Rockies. Its Boomers claim for it list there Are reservoirs of natural Gas window it the Blue sky above it underground Lake of Petroleum for a Hundred and fifty mile around it cattle ranches and Stock farms galore deep snowstorms in the closing Days of March Mountain a Reeves in quid summer and a Fertility of soil that cannot be surpassed. And just the other Day it was u Little Hamlet on the Frontier and colonel Charles goodnight was the first gentleman of the Panhandle. It was just the other Day that the colonel and mrs. Goodnight Saver the Buffalo from extinction end Laid the ground Sills for an american civilisation. Is Texas on the map it is for those who read and think and were born with vision Why not use a Little judgment when we let folks buy shooting Irons another Man has been in a maniacal rag with a revolver lie was a California Man. Faced with a divorce from his wife he ran amuck. A has so frequently been the Case lately the ready gun want his . He went to a ranch awl shot his wife to death. He shot his wife sister to death. He returner to town and shot in attorneys wife to death. He topped into an automobile went to another town and shot a Farmer. Iii wife Aud daughter to death. To mated by officers in a wild flight through a Hail of bullets he finally shot himself to death a his ear plunged Over an embankment. It was a bloody Trail. Starting it a ranch House in one county the Trail extender through others with the Man who had become a maniac with ii gun the Central figure in the circus of blood. We allow guns to be manufactured and delivered into the hands of anybody. The Gunji always at the Elbow when people become enraged even insane. What Eue can lie extorted but a frequent reign of terror with armed a when in the leading ride its up to states now to co operate in hoovers a save your life plan Hoover s a whale your life conference is curled but its work has just lie gun. The next Steps lie with the Legislatures of 40 states Ami the people who live in them. A traffic cod has been drawn up. It will be interesting to watch what the state will do with it. There will in plenty of Battle Over this code plenty of political grubbing no oceans of talk. If they should Allim it at once and in its present form it would to the Surprise of the age. The thousand men and wetting of Tho states who toil the trip to Washington at great Persona expense and some inconveniences Are to let a thanker by their Home states and communities. They have tried to rid something Worth while. Representative opinion on these Rivers for their water Supply and the industries that find in the streams the ensure of their Hydro electric this a int of View is shared by the Norfolk Ledger dispatch which says a of the Rich arming sections of both a he Piedmont and Shenandoah valleys Are to lie preserved there must or found a Way to restrict the cutting of Timber from the headwaters of Stream in order that or Spring freshest May not sweep away crop after crop and Cut the land into until Lable Guinea a that the Campaign for funds in the state within whose boundaries the proposed Park lie is aroused state Pride even in parts most Remote from the areas being considered is shown by editorial comments such As the following from the Portsmouth Star a if there were no Prospect that a single tour would come from the mountains to the sea Portsmouth would still show her very real desire to do All in her Power to help the rest of the state and the equally unselfish remark of the i bul Hoke world news that even whee tourists Cor e originally to the Park alone a virginians must Sec to it that these people become interest cd in seeing the res of the % ship of the Pas i we if Tippet of Victor Hugo were alive we would hair More particular i about the French Pusl Colony at Devil Island and the convict ship that carries Jean is Leati there hut it is probable too that if Victor Hugo j were Alite he would him a of i writing in exile. Those who attack with the established institution of piety Are Seldom popular with government. And yet we More cautions Ilia rigor they to i Al compelled numeral of the trn Sporta of Tbs old world h government a the agent of society Are considerably i they once were it oui exercising their punitive towers. Of As probably they must. Hut a humanitarian age Harn reforms in tile treat Lieut of criminal and the horrors Ion St Stew a once practice by most of Hie countries Ive largely i a isred or at least Are no longer regarded with cynicism even in England and in Hie eighteenth Century a jail sentence might easily be a sentence of death. A sentence to tile hulks the prison ship that were floating jail a regarded a worse than a sentence of death. A sentence of transportation oct Tseu a the most desirable a convict could receive provided he survived the voyage. That was Likely to be a terrible experience but on the whole not worse than was the Fate Iii that age of emigrants of an Emigrant ship in the eighteenth Century and even into the nineteenth English jails on testimony of englishmen were seminaries of vice Aud Breeding places very frightful disease. When prisoner were brought into the old ten brought contagion with them Hal made victims Tutor end As May i rend in fiction and history to damned a prisoner to death frequently died himself a executed. Thus the picture Hie new dispatches e French convict ship la Muumuu for Guiana with Call an age Many had supposed to be in at Hie age term of Iii hulks of Dickens a great expectation a tacit. A discouraging survival it must he admitted i recorded a being o clue exposed to it driers it la arrayed i if up id in concern. He. I u honer u h the for Bailey for try of Bench Bur alike the Judy before the Sci give of than a hold full of of George a Aud of the of French Public t my the wretched cd has few Friend or defend Tut ions Sud its Fate i not in there should be no Lack of Wavelet Goth a in tray of Pic in dint Hearne Monitor i heed it a Kuia a of Reform Jet when farthest necessarily it lie Nee the Horn the Lineal Colon condemned Are it Tiu to be tem is any Ion when the Mal Cima dug t Cay from one that a of the co i to win int Likely t or the h ref r com Pahi their air City posed to t iterations a inst society i Corri Gidie Al e least Bartu la is the theory of no account Ltd the conv i hip Aud Iii tropical ten of we suppose Moat the o tried to their Island Oil cd to say whether hic to ii Tim Rosier ii theory of a vat Ful yet it Contin indeed that amt social inst i rim nit la. Hop Tut to the late mutation for life. It a welfare and it Colony. Rut if out let a in. The is Ugel liner siltation Myall no logy. Only by Harles i. M Euart news special writer Washington april 2. A Gen Lincoln c. Andrews assistant Ace rotary of the Treasury especially in charge of prohibition enforcement Lins been concentrating on Washington lately. This is on the strength of representations to him from wets and Drys alike that if he can clean up any place he ought to be Able to dry up the capital i own particular Bailiwick. Judging from the number of captures his men have made and the stills they be seized and the liquor and Mash they be destroyed it would seem us if he must he getting results. The significant fact remains however that Bootleg prices Haven to advanced locally which it seems As if they d have done if ten. Andrews had created n serious shortage. A a a the truth is. A considerable thinning out in the ranks of Washington bootleggers he at All to the disadvantage of those who did t hip pc to he included in the this Ning out process. Tipre arc More on the Job now than in make a living. Assistant United states disc let attorney David a. Hart who specializes on prosecuting Bootleg cases estimated their number it 5000. As one bootlegging acquaintance of mine remarked to me. A this Busine i exactly like Uny other. A dry goods merchant has no trouble getting dry goods. Ile has trouble getting customers. Just so Withes Bootlegger thus Gen. Andrews Neuritic Aren t regarded altogether with disapproval even in Bootleg circles except of course by the bootleggers he catches. Indeed he Linan t caught enough yet. As previously noted prices Are stationary. The value of Straw dolls on the prohibition question such As have been in Progress recently throughout the country is hotly disputed Between wet and dry congressmen. Net results of these polls having been distinctly wet the Drys naturally contend that they done to amount to much. The wets equally naturally speak of them As highly signify in tit. The Middle grounders a who Are prepared to vote either Way As they believe their constituents want them to vote frankly Are worried. They undoubtedly will try to soft pedal the Issue in tile coming elections. Happy the congressman whose District is so strongly one Way or the other that there in t any question about it. He can come right out in meeting and courageously declare which Side lie s on. A the wet Aren t Hanking very heavily on getting prohibition modified in the next Congress. True they d like to win but All they really hop for is a larger wet bloc than they Hare at present. Their theory is that this would scare the Middle grounders so badly that they could score a clean Cut Victory in 1928. A Gaiu of about 20 congressional votes next november will suit them. What they want is to sweep aside All other political questions and to elect wets As wets and heat Drys As Drys the sump policy reversed that the Drys have found so successful. A the Drys Contention that �?o2.75 per cent a in t the wet s real aim is Well founded generally speaking. I m convinced of it. From talking with a Good Tunny of them. They think the states should let a left to fix their own a alcoholic Hij stunt a a perhaps within some Federal limitations considerably higher than one half of i per cent however. The news crossword Puzzle la x a a a in c 4 7 a c to ii it in i so in 17 it veto ii ii a at 4 a a a arn1 Sty it to co 3� la a 35 14 35 ii or by 37 to m 4 41 41 a a a a a a Iii 4 4-4 44 44 47 44 Mcc co cock Wiz cd c-4 1. 5. 9. To. 12. Us in. 17. 19. 20. A by 23. 24. A. 27. 29. 30. 32. 33. 34. 37. 38. 43. 45. 4m. 48. 49. 51. 32. 53. 54. 8. In 14. La. I. 18. Lit i 21. 23. 25. 21. 29. 31. 35. A. 38. Up. 4b. 41. 42 44. 47. 49. Us. Horizontal Spring festival. First Day Iii the week. Three toed sloth. 8tried Camel s hair doth. Yellow hawaiian Bird. Man who pays the Billa. Graduated face of time piece. Mineral Spring. Alleged fore producing hypnotism. Another name fur easter hat. I correlative of either. You Aud j. Roue. Ventilating machine. To loiter. Portion. Altaj. Work of Genius. Age. Second not in scale. Third note Iii scale. Beach promenade. Head of College fat Unity. English Ora. Tick insect. Lien fruit Symbol of easter. 1 to Al lid. Two fives. Therefore. Merciful. Prep it i Init Vesterby is answer Sjol Fol i i Ibi he i 7 a eth a acid e s a a a a Fie i i 0 o or a is i e. My v Pis t 7 n e r s of i Man 0 a m o r 0 p to 6 i n i Iii t i a or k o p t i x i 4 a k e 5 m i n j l o a 3 e o1 a nov e d a of f Jujj h in ois t e s3 i x i Mill s la a a of a i s 5 t s be v be r la Mill. Settled by at marriage inn a in tune. If place. Ver i l Al to Settle an income sorrowful. Seventh note to Cuie. What so in our easter clothe auction. Negative. Property upon wife to Long. To forbid. Paid publicity. To a cramp Lait. Avenue or Road Abbrev italian River. Tendency. I hit Tom of a shoe. Small hard Brown skin to re a Money mid for a Jour microbe. \0ip your birthday sat Kray april a of of you Are handicapped with the great fault of not being True to yourself. You will not admit certain weaknesses in your character so you fail to Correct them. You have ability to Correct them. If you arc a woman you should fight la inc Liutti in to gossip about it thers Jund fail to notice your own fault. Flapper Fanny turn faster by garment male child tree. Sac to a lid eighth a to walk Knapsack. Seif. Beverage deity half an i rein an Nizio Chwa to i Usu or i m can their government he expected to n to say hut unt a Fine Comdr ? i Mill Ion sires sated Elevon million by the to Cut. Ail Auto tin Miro to last j longest j when it a on a neighbor car. Own Way.7 a. Stony of a girl of today sacrifice a a a of Mamie Mamie it a glad i am that your poor father is not alive today he would hate to see us nit starving to death a said my Mother ignoring theft it t that my father would probably be earning i eight or ten dollars n Day us a Mechanic of he were alive. A a a you must fell that woman Down at the shop Mamie him you must have a raise ii salary. Tell Lier i about poor Sis it the Hospital and if you must about torn making Auer i fool of himself. If she is nth ready j to a Al a few Dollar to your envelop each week. I think you should go 1 Doty to to Robertson department St it re i know they la give you More Hunt you re getting now Quot Yon can imagine. Julie How i Felt at that moment. I a Anre that never in All my life would i lie Able to sing. Ami then i hated myself for thinking of it while my instr Mother was in such trouble. A Maud i had been willing to give my body amt soul for a few music lessons. A i looked at my poor Mother streaming eyes at her worn Tai and hands and my soul seemed to Abri vet beside her care and grief. A a a i had a Rai get of ten dollars a week Mother. I was going to Tell you about it today a i lied. A until things straighten out to bit you can have it ail. Pii take an Apple for luncheon and walk Hack Ami Forth. Quot just to see my Mother s face glorified with Surprise Ami Joy ii fore she burst into tears xxx As Worth every sacrifice i would have to make. I determined then mid there Julie Tuat my Kotlier should Nexer suffer and worry Over finance again if i could help it. Quot there a not much sleep for me that might mid i hurried away Early the next morning As i had 25 Block to Wulk to the Simp. Strange a it May seem the # Wulk a the Best hang that could happen to me in my mixed up condition of mind. Quot Whan i got to the shop Madame Feria Guve me a letter from torten Tio. A it merely said mince the Senorita was Iii my studio yesterday i have Beati thinking about her voice and i have come to the conclusion that i can make of it something that xxx la bring me Fame if not Fortune. I a a on sequent la will give mime i Riley two lesson a week until she is ready to make her debut Utah metropolitan opera House knowing that after she in made her debut in j grand opera she will is generous a Well a just to the Man that in made her. A a a torten Lio. A i showed Tizie letter to Madame Serin am xxii somewhat muddled i j the smile Timmi her face. I dbl not know. However. Until lunch later xxx hut it might copyright. 1929, Nea service inc tomorrow a threat. Aunt Het a a a aimed to Charny hic napkins today but Cousin Jenny an her children is com in your health Vuoto slip ram Bibl Reading prepared or commission on Tkv Angellson of Federal Council of the churches of Christ in America Dally lenten and meditation Matu Day the burial of All Hope read Joti. 19 3142. Text 19 41. 42. La the Garden a new Tomb wherein a never Mutt Jet Laid. There. ,. They Laid Jesus. Meditation they had thrilled with tile Bop a Eliut it to would be he who Sii Ouid redeem Israel Quot but he w i dead there wit nothing left but the lifeless body of the Leader of the lost eau. Abject honest Ness possessed them. He bad declared that he must suffer Aud die hut they thought it Only one of i baffling parables the accompanying prophecy of Triumph Over they completely forgot. No Vigil was burning in the heart of Mary Magdalene the Road Way a Wilt with her tear. No one a waiting for the third Day. There Waun Dawn in their souls de Atli reigned Aud wickedness Ami Ropele a nes and no one was looking for the morning. Thera a nothing left hut to Comfort their breaking heart by the last office of burial. Prayer ail merciful father father of our lord Jesus Christ help ii j that our Faith fait not in the hour of ins or sorrow. By the Luqte-1 of those who mourned the buried Brist thou in taught us that we pass through the Valley Only to gain the loftier height beyond. Thereto in our Homes of darkness keep hum our Steps firm Aud our eyes Clear. Amen. By or Iii la s. I Ming surgeon general i. S. Public health ser ice. A mad dog is a dog which is suffering from a disease called Ruhie or hydrophobia the latter word Mealing Hie fear of Xenter. This disease a recognized and described some centuries before tile i Christian Era mid reference to it May be found Iii the work of Aristide Horace Virgil Ovid and Plutarch. It is an unusual disease. A a Rule one or two month Ellipse after the bile of til dog or other Rabid Anima before any Are no Tail in the victim. Violent and terrifying symptom and Extrema characterize it. Once the disease has developed it practically alway terminates for human beings. Some observer claim an occasional recovery in Anima in but so far apparently no oui has recorded u recovery in Man. Rahie is without doubt caused in a living germ though Tilia is some what More difficult to prove than ii most other germ do Calt s the Fern in conveyed in the saliva of the Rabii animal being inoculated at the Tim the victim in git Tex or it May h conveyed by the Tongue of the Ani Mal a in the Licking of the ban a ii which the it is a wound and the i in in happen even though la noun is a Mer Nim Aero Tell. There a Many popular opinion about mad dogs that an Ermalou it is commonly believed that the i ease i prevalent Only in aum Mer by there May he quite us much of Iii it no Ember a in August mad do la. Not pieces us Cliv r ii la w lid thou they May do so they do not Foa froth at the Mouth or carry the to Between hic legs a is popularly us to sell. Another mistaken idea. Really superstition i that a mudstone w prevent Hie development of rabies applied within a few hour after t bite. Mudstone you know Are St Mied to he obtained from the to Ach or Gall Widder of a White de or a Deer with seven Point to j Antler or something like that. Pungent paragraph food Bual Ess judgment marry a girl with curly hair to avoid permanent coat of the Rock Arkansas Democrat. Over in London they have Star a Campaign to # m-i1 by sound. J Here most of the Stenos Aire spell that Way a at All Sagil new courier. Home runs Little Joe when we a that a Man is a i sumo us figure we Tuny refer sin to that which represent i i its Lance Portland i wring Lipi of it look like a Blackbird i probably the filet i bin v the a bit Nous troit n Ewo. People i Spring i build not Oskui milk i la ily journal. F y he no Voo Goa a j thu Wdow Orfo Haiss to to Vooz. Jaw oot another difference Between Ami women smoking i hut no to enjoy it just a much win a Canton Dally the girl and save and potatoes done to a Rand j Aud Flower. Tile honeymoon end when if insurance agent begin. Be on tells to she is going to get married Iii summer eve if site has to go swimming every Day to do so some talks arc so stingy the Only Hung they give away Are themselves. Home men Are to Brave. Cd ice go doctor had three wive Aud hire goo wants to run for president of Mexico fifty rears ago germ Iii pm. Before that in the i race was less lib. A Rabbit in a i die with a dog on one sole a is v xxx the a Shotgun on the in Iulio ill Timet. Of you show Hie slightest Glit ing of common sense Abuja it fellow reformers think you be bought up Columbus Ohio journal. a i i Lead hip i in the Canning Industry. By and i Hoe a a a so called a a servants lure Moi they slight

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