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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - April 3, 1926, Port Arthur, Texas Page Wothe port Arthur news saturday. April i. 1926. I additions in revival Here Rev. Walker to speak on Christ a coming sunday eight addition to the Central Bap tint Church were made during the re Tiro i n prices yesterday at the Church conducted by evangelist Clarence Walker. The service Are increasing in attendance and interest according to Rev t. E. Canned pastor. The Young people Are Rice each evening is Ted by Walter Walker brother of the Era no Ells. Sunday morning evangelist walk or will speak on a the second com ing of the lord Jesus and at night on a a criminal set monday night he has Anno need As his subject. A the Valley of Ibe dead dry Donee. To i Sermon last night tie Walker in speaking of a the throne and the altar a said in part a always in the scripture where the throne of god is mentioned near by is to be found the altar. In the Sublime passage found in Isaiah 0 1-8, we notice these two objects prominently mentioned namely the throne and the altar. We recognise and see at once the action of these two object upon the soul of the Prophet a the throne of god la symbolical of the Law the Power the holiness righteousness Justice and glory of god. Beery Man on Earth is a count ate to Thia throne. It demand absolute and perfect obedience to Ita Law and decree. In fact it demands that every Man Lite a life of perfection just As Christ lived. A when the Prophet Law himself in the perfect Blate of Thia divine purity be cried out a i am undone a lie now saw himself standing in the presence of Jehovah s throne without any ability whatever to meet the claims of that throne. Ile a wholly carried away with one thought namely i own utter ruin. Ile Felt him a Elf a lost Man a helpless ruined and guilty Tinner. I want you to notice that he a concerned and moved not by Las acts nor i deeds but he was occupied with his condition in relation to the throne of the almighty. May god enable every sinner in port Arthur to see himself a he is and a he shall appear when he stand in the great judgment. A but by the throne is the altar. The altar la the Eros of our lord Jesus Brist. A we have been the Complete ruin of the sinner we eau now Abow him a Complete remedy. The Complete remedy is a fall precious All sufficient substitute taking the Tinner place not Only melting the demand of the throne but making with full ability an atonement for broken Law. When Isaiah trusted in the altar i guilt was gone not a spot remained. Salvation is of the lord. A since we have been the Complete ruin of a sinner and have recommended the Only Complete remedy let a assert you by the word to that the results Are likewise com plete. A Quot a will be forgiven. A new life in Christ lived among men. A heart aflame with love for your fellow Man and for your god in creation the International filiform Munday school lesson for april ii. God in 1 1-3, 2631, by we is. Gilroy u. In editor of the congregationalist from the studies in the gospel of John we turn during the coming Quarter far Back into the Story of creation and of to it Gnu legs in genesis. The jump however is not a great As it might seem for the theme of the gos Tel of John is closely related to the theme of this lesson. The Book of genesis and the gospel of John begin with the tame phrase a in the the great purpose of the gospel of John Baa been to reveal the meaning of creation the spiritual and significance of god creative will and the continuance of that process of creation until life itself is brought into Harmony with god. Probably we have inadequately appreciated the Christian perception of progressive creation. God life la a continuous process in which Man shares Aud the highest evidence of evolution is found in the Way in which Man becomes a Partaker of the divine nature. From the standpoint of this spiritual purpose of creation and the goal of human life in a salvation thru makes. God and Man one in Christ it a interesting to turn Back to consider the process from the beginning. Just a in the gospel of John we lie Gin with god a the word was with god and that was god a so Here the writer of the first chapter of genesis starts with god a in the beginning mystery of life can Man get far away from that Assumption of a creator of spiritual reality at the Center and soul of the universe it is True that it does not explain All that is to ire explained. The More one thinks of the mystery of life the Moro mysterious it becomes and one can think a Trout it in Circle Aud circles until the head fairly swims with the problem of the meaning of life How it came to be where it it going and All the questionings that quickly Alice even in a child a mind. Houses do not build themselves and Thia a where Paul comes very directly in his argument for the reality of god s existence and for his Concep lion of a spiritual being at the Center Aud Boul of the universe. A every House a he says a was builder by some Man. But be that built All things is youth shoots Man a for fun youth from Field Snipes motorists Keetion and suitable musical number will be presented by the choir and soloists. The Junior Christian to Denvres will hold their service in the sunday school at the la of clock hour also. The intermediate senior c. E. Society will have an unusually interesting Prog Niu in the sunday school at 0 30 p. In. The evening service hour is 7 30, at which time the pastor will reach on. A Peter s fall and restoration thursday afternoon at 2 30 of clock the woman a auxiliary will hold its monthly business meeting in the auxiliary room. Thursday. 7 30 p. In. The choir will meet in the Church for rehearsal. Text generis 11-8. 26 31 in the thinning god created the heaven and the Earth. And the Earth was without form and void and darkness was upon Tho face of the deep. And the spirit of god moved upon the face of the Waters. And god said let us make Man in our image after our likeness and let them have Dominion Over the fit a of Lim sen. And Over the fowl of the air. Aud Over the Cuttle and Over All the pm Thaud it or every creeping thing that Cree pet h upon the Earth. To god created Man in his own image in the image of god created Ile him male and female created he them. And god blessed them and god said unto them re fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth and subdue it Anil have Dominion Over the fit ii of the sea and Over the fowl of the air. And Over every living thing thai Loveth upon tile Earth. And god said. Behold i have Given you every Herb bearing seed. Which is upon the face of All the Eurth Ami every tree. In he which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat. And to every beast of the Earth Aud to every fowl of the Nir. And to everything that creep eth upon the North wherein there is life i have Given every Green Herb for meat and it we so. And god saw every thing that he had made and. Behold it was very Good and the evening and the morning were the sixth Day. Relist. Rev. Cain is one of the great est evangel St in the Church of a in retie and we Are looking Forward to u great revival. We invite you to attend our service Ami especially the falter program Given by the Munday school. Done to Fogt the Date of the revival and come and help us. It is in his own nature that Man a found tile need of a creator Ami tie evidence for a creator. And it is out of All that is Best in Man him self anti especially out of the a perfect Man Jesus Christ that Man bus do be Lojo de his Conception of god. This was the method of Jesus. Ile taught men to understand the fatherhood of god through All that a Good and great in their own fatherhood. It is in grasping these simple truths and the natural no the of approach to god that we Are Able to understand the great truth of the Bible. I hey come to us with a reality and satisfaction when grasped Iii Titis natural Way that they never tosses for us As Mere dogmas. God and Man in the Conception of this writer of genesis Hie distinctly linked from the very beginning for mull is made in the image and likeness of god. Do we fully grasp the pint ital daring of this Early Saint and seer who thus linked his own life and personality with Flint of the t Mentor it is one of the most Sublime things in All literature and in All human experience. Colusa. Cal., april 8 firing a 80-80 Caliper Rifle at passing motorists just to see if he could frighten them. Was the unusual practice which landed Titus Swobodi 20, in the county prison Here while Glenn Richardson of Rumsey was taken to a Hospital with a Bullet wound in the body. Stationed in a Field adjoining the Highway leading to Arbuckle. Swo Bodia is charged with sniping away merrily at a pasting machine occupied by Richardson and three companions. Ile reseed firing Only after one of the Bullet bad struck Richardson. A i bad a gun so i thought id just shoot As near them As i mar Ebodia told officer when he was arrested. A i wanted to see if i could frighten District attorney h la. Albery a i that pending the outcome of Richardson s wound he is undetermined whether to pres criminal charges against the youth or have him examined for sanity. Churches St. George s Stilwell and fifth Rev. Charles d. Atwell Rector. C. Ii. Comfort s. S. Superintendent. Sunrise Celebration of the holy communion at 6 a. In. A they came very Early in the morning while it was yet dark Quot the Church school with the children s easter offering from their mite boxes 9 90 a. In. A full choral Celebration of the holy communion with Sermon St la of clock. The subject will be a Why seek be the living among the dead a a splendid musical program has been prepared for this service. The Young people a service league will meet at it a p. In. There will be no evening service. Fatties monday holy communion ii a it. Faster tuesday. Holy communion. 9 a. In it to expected that every confirmed person will receive the holy com Mullion faster Day or within the faster octave. Done to forget to bring your envelope for your easter offering and have your name written upon it. The general Public is cordially invited to keen Thia great feast with to. We hate had a Good Lent. We should enjoy a glorious faster. Because of his health. While awaiting Rev. Kline a arrival the pulpit has been occupied eat ii sunday of the program will be presented to or. M. Crockett. By i thursday afternoon april 8. Out of town speaker ant the Church attendance has been up to the average. However at the Church services tomorrow an unusually Large crowd a expected to be on hand to Greet Rev. Anil or. Kline. The service for the Day will be 5 45 a. prayer meeting. 9 sunday school c. K ii bps. Taper intendant. 10 45 a. In inc ladies of the Church meet at the Homo of mrs. La Siebarth Aud mrs. J. Ii. Our Gingham will in the Leader of the missionary part of the program. First presbyterian lose 1 if the t Alvin Davis pastor sunday school 9 45. Special faster program will be rendered at this hour by the Junior department. Morning worship with in the main auditorium of the Church first methodist episcopal i Ake Shore and Stilwell William Ralph Ward minister. A special easter program will be Given at the sunday school hour. This begins promptly at 0 30. There Wilt he a christening service at this hour. Parent Are invited to bring their children for baptism at this time. The special faster offering of the sunday school will he applied on the world service quota of the sunday school. The tauter musical program is a Jiecai Nelv Fine and it is to begin promptly at the time set j0 45. It w h be a follows voluntary. A festival March Quot Teil in it. The cantata. A Calvn rvs i Quot father. Forgive Xen Railer Anil chorus. 2. Quot today thou Shalt be with me. A non under and chorus. A a woman. Behold thy son a miss Beth Palmer Aru chorus. 4 a a of a god. Who Hast thou for me Quot cml Rader and Chara. 5 a i mrs. Ruffner. Miss Lemaster. Veal Rader. R. A Nfn Glicr. Into the hands a Neal Rader. 7. A it to finished a miss master and Neal under. 8. Quot As it began to mrs. R. L. Drake. 9. Quot consider the chorus. 10. A Christ the i Ord. Is risen toys a chorus. Organ Offe tory a Benediction nuptial frysinger. Hymn a the lord is postlude Hatto the evening service will furnish the following numbers voluntary a processional March it for Singer. Anthem. Quot on wings of morning borne Miller. Offertory a Barca roller Offen Bach. Solo. Quot easter song a. Coerne. Mrs. Harry Westfall. Postlude Novello. Memo rial a Otist sixteenth and Shreveport ave j. F. Dobbs pastor sunday school at 9 45 f. T. Outlaw superintendent. Preaching at la a. In. Subject a a Jenna Sunbeam a and meeting 4 p. In. Mrs. J. G. Pm Hen conductor it. Y. P. C. Meeting to p. In. Rev. B. F Halbert general director. Preaching at 7 30 p. In. Subject a the unchangeable i it Lacobb meeting tuesday 7 p. In. Teachers meeting wednesday. J Church of the Nazarenus Cor. 12th St. And Waco ave. Rev. S. W. Hampton pastor. Sunday school 9 45 a. Iu., w. E. Nance superintendent. Preaching service la a. In Ami 7 30 p. Rn., by pastor. Junior and senior n. Y. I. S. Onsets in joint session at 0 30 p in. Prayer meeting every tuesday night at 7 30. Choir practice Friday nights at 7 30 o clock. Sixth St. Church of Christ the Friendly Church 1601 sixth Street Bible study classes for All age at 9 45 a. In. Preaching by a. S. Bandi at la a. M. And 7 15 p. In. Morning subject a events and me mortals evening subject. A the word of lord s supper observed at la 45 a. M. Mid week Bible study wednesday at 7 15 p. In. Lesson i Timothy i. Ladies Bible class meets at the Tabernacle thursday at 2 p. In. The Bible receives proper recognition in All of these services. We invite you. In Sermon by Rev Klin. Junior Leavor during Church Bour. 3 to 0 p. M a open House to be observed at the Home of Apt. And mrs la. Al. Fredrichsen fourth and Wood Worth Boulevard 0 15 p. In a intermediate Endeavor Pansy Ladron president 0 3o o senior Christianen Devor Dudley Vaught president. 7 3o p. evening worship to an a Tufa a Calvary Quot Sung by the choir under to i reef Loti of Palmer 7 30 p. In a wednesday Church night. At 11 o clock postlude Ami Procesa onal by orchestra under the direction of miss it ult. Anthem a faster hymn t Shelley. Min i tora Young no i choir. Anthem by a come be Faith full i Bruno Luh Sermon. A the Putter of Iii Scaur modern Span weakens Methuselah a i Itle grip Sacramento ca., april Methuselah the patriarch it Bih ical times Wigt a have lived for 909 wittiest year Tut modern science apparently entertains some serious doubts on the matter according to a statement by or William a Kerr acting head of Tbs medical department University of California who asserts people Are now living Lough a on be average than a at any Traue in known Aud accurate history. Or. Kerry conclusions issued in a bulletin by the state Board of health said the Arriage american s life ex-1 i pet Tan Ltd at birth i now approximate j i by 58 year whereas in 1901 it was i i Only a fraction above 49 year. Control of plague and infection disease will tend to lengthen the average life Span tremendously in the next half Century according to or. Kerr who quoted statisticians As pre dieting the increase Iii that period will be Ca great at 20 years first Baptist c Orner Hrh and Shreveport Clifton w. It nip. Pastor. Munday school. 9 30. Preaching service. 10 45. It. Y. F. I�?T., 0 of preaching service 7-39. The revival meeting which has been going on for the past three weeks will close Munday with or. Perry f. Evans evangelist bringing both the morning arid evening message. All members of the Church Anil Friend Are urged to be in the service sunday there have been approximately xxi addition during the revival Bible school will a Egin promptly at the Church an increased attendance is urged and All officer and teacher Are working to that end Good programs hav Peen planned for the ii. Y. I. I a. The Genera Aase Ablith will begin at 0 o clock All Young people of the City Are invited first Christian fifth and Beaumont Illarr ii. Kline. Foster. Rev hurry Byrd Kline has arrived Deo i i n Park Ciu full in Christ Cor. Ninth and Deq liven Billie study for All age to a. In preaching by a of kindle null ii in. And 7 15 p. In. Morning subject a old Faith restored evening subject a hell fire and Brimstone a these Are two subject that every. One should Bear and we pee Lilly in vile ail to worship with us. Anthem a Christ be lord is risen delay a or Mote Smith soloist in ter Solo Sung by mini Ethel King i at the la Oslo k a Nir those la iring i to litre their infants baptised will i please put a ent them evening wot hip a follow Christian endeavours meet at a Sermon to the Young people it 7 30 with installation of Cpl. Of of r the ensuing a in months. I them a easter Vesper Quot or c. I of Hall and Eho r spell number or the orchestra falter i the greatest do in the i Christian rhumb it a div for 1 thanksgiving and adoration to All of god children he found in their reaped a places of worship on this i glorious Dav. St Pai i Tuer a Missouri Synod san Antonio and Lith Street Laul c. Fifer pastor Hundal school at 9 a. In. German faster service with Cele 1 Bratina of the lords supper at to a. In. English faster services in the evening at 7 3<i. First congregational Cor Mobile and sixth or has. F Widner Minuter 0 15 a. school 11 0o a worship. At the falter i Crevice sunday morn ing the pastor will Endeavor to cry Calixe the thought of the Day in a Sermon on a the Way of a special musical program a been arranged for the hour. The Anthem. Quot Ile is risen will be Sung by the choir. A there i a Green Hill far 1, rn., conducted by or. F. T. Tut Law. Prayer meeting and Church con Ference wednesday 7 30 p. In. Trinity lutheran Missouri Synod fifth and St. Augustine f. W. Michel it pastor Munday school 9 a in. We merits superintendent. This sunday being easter Munday the Viny of Christ a resurrection this event will he fittingly celebrated with divine Ervi let As follows English 9 30 a. In Geri nun 10 80 a. In. Aud English at 7 30 p. In. The elders meet monday at 7 30 p. In. The ladies Aid meets thursday 2 p. In. In the basement of the Church mrs. We. Smith and or. F. W Ste Telila will be hostesses. The regular monthly meeting of the voting member takes place wednesday. April 14 at 7 80 it. In. Trinity extend a cordial Welcome to All. No verdict in bribery Case woman Days it of Alki in amp i n to e i my say so Quot too Many tilings Are being Iii ent cd. Improvements come so inst that perfectly Good article Are thrown into the discard in the human passion to have the newest. Said by former Secretary of War Newton let. Baker addressing a body of engine a. One More reason Why the la. C. Of l. Forbids babies but puts a radio with nil the super attachments in every american Home. Is handsome Young italian cavalry officer shoots himself because his suit of love is spurned by american girl. And the poet said. A to Jve is a woman s All a the tables Are turned a lit in this modern Day when woman combines a few other thing with her some men should learn the same valuable lesson # a Hollywood a Star Are eating Carrot instead of Oatmeal for breakfast a grated raw. Their press agents say that these tale of women dying from too much dieting have worried the screen girls ass mrs. Rose Garvey 113, died a Day or so ago. Three Bachelor son.-, aged 82, 74. And 70, buried her. They had vowed that not one of them would marry As Long As his Mother lived. One wonders if a woman who accepts so much can rent easy in her grave couple wants to wed twice complexities follow second attempt Cambridge 3-Eiizubeth Arnold. 3&Quot, and Lames w. Swindell 2, were married in fug land More than two years ago. When they Triel to do it All Over again Here they got themselves into ring of complexities. In applying for a marriage License the couple claimed to be single. City clerk Burke begun Bis customary checking up and discovered in the Cambridge City directory a or. And mrs. Lames w. when the clerk questioned the couple the woman told the following Story Jim and i met in our town in eur gland in he urn Mer of 1923. We married in the Harvest time and i a i been trying for two years to come to the states. Quot i got my passport to sail five Days before my wedding i had been twice disappointed in the Emigrant quota so what a i to do a if i changed my passport to my new name it would have taken More time and ref tape so sailed As miss Elisabeth Arnold. Jim joined me Here and of course we lived As Man and wife. A then we started up for our naturalization papers. Our passports named us As single so we thought we d get a spliced All Over mrs Swir Vdell show an English marriage certificate to prove Lier Story but clerk Burke would not allow then to marry again until he further investigated their Story. Kansas sex governors jury May deadlock Topeka kan., april 3.�?after having been locked up for the night the jury in the Jonathan m. Davis Case will resume deliberation this morning on the evidence charging the former governor of Kansas Aud Ilia son Russell with conspiring to accept $1,25u for the Pardon of Fred w. Pullman banker in the closing Day of the Davis administration. At the end of the seven hour reviewing of evidence yesterday the Bailiff was told by members of in e jury that they were Quot a Long Way from a it is understood this morning that the judge will probably dismiss the jury if a verdict is not reached by tonight. There were no intimations i rom the jury Chambers As to what he onetime it of the jurors is. Conviction would mean Tine it from $200 to $1,000 Aud jail sentence at hard labor of from one to seven years or both. It instructing the jury judge Blun Gate ordered that us less the two defendants were found to have conspired to accept the bribe they were to be acquitted Aud but they wire to be acquitted if it was unit they bad accepted Money Zepur Steij. They were also instructed to take into consideration the value of the testimony of the state s chief witness. Fred in Pullman an sex convict. There is nothing to prevent the jury arriving at a decision during the time they Are locked up but decision cd Quot be announced until later in the Day. Rooks and authors the moral is. Say some that literary gentlemen should he More eau Tiou than to marry literary wives thin because of Marie halt us recently published life of her famous husband Man of letters called a red Gar Saltus the critics soy that a her Imok u truthful to the verge of one Way of Quot getting even in speaking of wives who writ husbands lives tier is Jessie Conrad a Joseph Conrud As i knew him a in gentle. Loving vein. The Haiti Book will doubtless tie the better seller albeit Conrad is the letter known Man than Saltus. Woman s Beauty a if on looks for grooming and a Well dressed appearance the american woman a a whole is far us fiercer to the women abroad even French women. But if a gone looks for distinction and individuality the european woman is More Beautiful this from the Ruby a it a of Greta Garbo. Swedish movie Star. 29-year-old claim involves Texas Stock new York april 3.�?th# court were today called upon to my up the Validity of a 29-year-old claim put Forth by the estate of Julius a. Holm on 7<m� share of Houston a Texas railway company Stock now in Possession of til committee of stockholders of the defunct Union Bank of Brooklyn. Kohn s executors claim the Stock in question was pledged for a loan in 1897 and later was transferred to the Union bunk of Brooklyn when that institution bought the asset of the mechanics and traders Bank whore the Stock was deposited. World o fashion you Don t need to 1 pm a cold this Spring to flaunt a Man s hand kerchief Aore lot size menus Inonu chop re Are the Only kind that a us girls Quot will carry with our Maii Aish tailored us to and la Peled Topeat this Spring. Rather in rent Nostis though to find Kern of Wispy Chiffon no Georgette in the City to take Over the is storage away Gounod will a Sung a a of the first Christian Church Here a u by met Fadden mrs. Trek Rev. Klin come highly recommended both As a Matt Aud a minister Ile i succeed Rev. R. A Yelderman. Who was forced to leave port Arthur and or luit Foseid also an offertory Solo Buxie Peoria hymn. O. J. Los Iff Essen. Throughout the service the instrumental Phu a first f Hurth of to Irish St if list sen re Sui Day it a in subject a Sun reality. Sunda it school 9 3a s in. Wednesday evening testimonial meeting 8 of clock. A rending room i open St the sme locution every do except holidays and sundays from i to 4 39 p m. Tie Public i cordially invited 1# attend the service and visit the read i pro Sruti Rian fifth Sud Richmond re Frank Vav i a Ighani pay tor. A cordial inv tat Ion la extended to All service sunday Quot Hook. All departments Greet St 0 43 a in at the la of clock morning service we will have a our special guests the port Arthur commander noun ter 73. Knights Templar in keeping with this faster service a specs ally prepared program # timing sponsored by the kits rat Templar the pastor will preach on the subject a Resur it. Joh Vuk English la thakran 2701 sixth Street f. C. Ii. Schoux pastor. Graded sunday school and adult Hilda Cia 9 30 a. In. J. J. Salvert superintendent. M a ring service with easter Sermon 10 45. Evening service 7 80. Church Council Raecia in the Church n monday evening at 7 o clock. A Cord is invitation is extended to j nil to worship with us. The Church with a Welcome. Air stunts As Aid to deaf is new idea Toronto Pili 3.�?tor Oil to this summer a have a Sera clinic for the deaf in which sufferer will have their hearing restored to them 1 Brough the is lock of a a Loop the ii pm a spinning nose dive or some other of the repertoire of Stu Tiou a a a tui iut known to experience airmen. The advocate of such a clinic is capt. K. It. Kerr. A the sensation of a spiral d in. For instance is so thrilling that weak nerves dormant or inactive for years a frequently brought into play a Kerr declares a in some Case speech also a been restored in the Amu Ila of seeking permission from the Canadian air Board to establish such a clinic to lie operated in Clos conjunction with a number of nerve spacial Isis. World gastronomic Only certain food should be eaten for certain mood milk Toast and baked Norde when you Are tired fresh fruit Toast and coff when grief stricken grape fruit and Pinach when worried cold water and Cream soup when acre. All Fri from id Rader Allen new Hook called your fools and swindler makes offer of s50.000 for wife Toledo Ohio. April that the Only thing standing Between him and $0,000,000 was the need of a wife a smooth swindler is Saki to have preyed upon several Toledo store worker. A soon a the matter in presented to Homer f. Fry manager of the better business Bureau an order for the swindler arrest was a d. But tie no Quot i Bud depart i tie it a j 1.� i it a it Quot i a but to Canadian l in a. 1 the Banff. Hgt Rte a Region. Ii void some of the land for Tim pm leg of of i i fee it reported but his most appealing for id j w the a a a a a. Need Quot of a Quot Ife ,1 july or a would to Btl to the estate. La is said to have offered As much a $50,1 00 for a wife. withdrawals totalling $12.253,70121. Were the largest in til history of the stat tras Ary a. In Gore Hatcher treasurer has announced the largest $0,078.-520 59, a paid out of the available school fund. For clean Home cooked food try fifth Street cafeteria Dickey old reliable Eye water relieve Sun and wind burned eyes. Does t Burt. All druggists 25c�? Aile. Prompt accurate reasonable guaranty abstract company a a a a fifth a Hon 4t7 Stock drug company services satian action motorcycle Speed service phones 33-21 448 Procter St. Memorial Mission sunday school to a. In m. D. Boyd superintendent. I reaching at la a. In. And 7 p. In. We invite All who do not attend new Here. Of r name on your Prescript Ion i Athel mean l l Al i \ and it it Kim Union drug co. Umm Houston ave in Loii 25jm free quirk delivery mall order Frump ily killed m pariahs an faster program will be rendered by the sunday school at 7 30 p. M. Be Ial music every sunday night. Revival meeting starts april Lith continues to 25th, i tic Al is re Rev. W. Ilain of a Hita Kum Ais eran la t Aku of thanks we take this Means of thanking oui Many friends and neighbors for their kind Estes and sympathy extended us d a ring the lines and death it our husband and father Eugene ii. Robinson we also thank tar the Beautiful Floral offerings Mem. E. La. Robinson my and muh. F. W. Robinson i today Bob Reeves in fighting Luck it to i rip roaring Good Western and comedy a scandal Hunters today 3 30�?7 30�?9 p in. Tom Attaway and his red Bird revue present a Jessie James it a funny also Richard Talmadge in a laughing at danger and comedy a a j i i i i ii last Day to see Conway Tearle a supported by Dorothy Mackaill in ii tue dances Parise she in coming scintillating captivating in her Alice Blue gown the same Irene who captured Broadway hearts for two years. All her smile. All her Guiles. All her Wiles. Irene who Korea crashing in and out of jobs betting fashions for the mob. Dressed like a Queen for the biggest comedy spree of her career. And a your gang comedy a Monkey business attn Wallace Beery Raymond Hatton Mary Brian also comedy and news Aiu. Am or. W. A Fohl i cd. J v with the world biggest fashion show. Tbs screen s first style pageant in natural Coloni. A treat for those who Wear dresses and those who pay for them. Four Day Only starting tomorrow at your

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