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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1971, Page 5

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - September 15, 1971, Port Angeles, Washington Editorial views Malibu can teach us a lesson on beaches if there is Solace in Callam county residents upset with the disappearance of Public Beach areas might focus their attention on a classic confrontation Over on californian famed Malibu los Angeles county the equivalent of our county have authorized construction of Public walkways to Malibu Beach walkways which in Many cases will Border some of the most exclusive residences in the walkways will be constructed on rights Otway deeded to los Angeles county by a land Developer in the because nothing was done earlier to provide Public Access to the private homeowners gradually did All they could to obscure the presence of the one Homeowner built a shuffleboard court and a Patio on a others tacked up no trespassing but last week the shrubs and signs put up by homeowners to Block Public Access were ordered Down by county in the heat of the meeting in which the order one supervisor criticized Malibu Beach homeowners for displaying a Brazen show of another charged them with flagrant violations of homeowners countered by saying they would lose their land without compensation by the Public claiming users rights after trespassing on it for More than five the most significant remark was this one from a supervisor representing an Urban los Angeles area if the poor people of my District would do youd Malibu homeowners have the police and the sheriff and everyone else out there to tear Down their translated into political it Means the homeowners have the Power and the but the Large mass of the Public living in crowded Urban surroundings has the it is clearly a struggle that will increase and not go a struggle that not Only affects Malibu Beach but All the beaches on the West including those along the Strait of Juan de what can be done there is much to say about the right of an individual to own to do with it what he but there is increasingly More to say about the right of the general Public to use the natural resources which Are theirs by even if they dont have the wherewithal to acquire a portion of them the example of Malibu shows the Inadequacy of developing land that is publicly coveted As an inserting narrow strips of Public such development practices Lead to Dingru Nelement for the landowner and the what is needed is a broader concept of land one that meets the needs of both landowners and the the most Likely basis for such a concept is a policy of Wise land use using land for what it is Best suited and will be the most beneficial to the most if the Best use of land is for Public it should be reserved for that not All land is Best suited for Public but surely naturally Scenic attractions like Malibu Beach comes the thaw our readers write head Start is for All one of the most successful programs to grow out of the War on poverty was operation head which provided preschool training and schooling for youngsters from poor it prompted the Federal government to examine the idea of Triay care who want to Rel c i ust training Why not make it available to All youngsters it was apparent to the that existing daycare centers Are not doing an adequate such centers can handle less than yet the Cevious Bureau reports there Are million working mothers with children under five years of last week the Senate responded to the need by 49 to a Bill which provides for an extensive National system of daycare facilities and nutritional and social services for preschool and school age the services would be available to All youngsters from poor families would receive them families with incomes above the poverty level would pay on a sliding scale based on family two out of every three dollars Are required to be spent for poverty level or the so called working the senates version authorizes million this year for head Start and million for planning and training for new child development the Bill now goes to the where similar legislation is being sponsored by a bipartisan head Start has demonstrated that catching youngsters Early and educating them has a profound influence on their performance in school it has Given equal footing to children who otherwise might go through school lagging behind More economically fortunate in a nation that so firmly believes in equal it seems Only fair that the concept be extended to child editorial Page of port an Cut care and the legislation now before the House benefits All children and not Only deserves bipartisan but a vigorous bipartisan push to enact it into Law the he gov seas War on nerves for years the russian and american navies have made a contest of determination and tenacity out of shadowing one another activities on the High the result has been More than 100 some of them involving near planes have buzzed russian As both nations have spread their naval activities the number of incidents has the Navy now reports about one a Wiser Heads have decided to get some talks started with the russians to at least take the danger out of this business of monitoring one another the first meeting is to be held in Moscow the two navies have not been playing a game of hide and seek just to have something to the two nations Are potential foes and it has been considered essential for each to keep close track of what the other is they cannot be expected to give up this intense interest in each others naval this will not be the intent of the talks in what is needed Are simply safety precautions ways for vessels of each Navy to warn other vessels when there is danger of a this is merely common something that we Are seeing More of these in International Adele Ferguson Hal Boyle its in How you say the thing new York to conclusions you can Tell a persons character by his taste in for if his favorite Flower is the he probably is prosaic and hides his Money in a mattress or a Hole in the Back on the other if his favorite Flower is the he probably is chivalrous and Hast saved any Money at its All in How you say a few men like to be praised for their but All like to be admired for the strength of their which has plumbed Many of the mysteries of bacteria and Stellar still cant Tell us Why a woman stifles a Yawn with the Back of her a Man with his if i could do Only one thing to improve the lot of what id like to be Able to do most is to find a new pleasure that people Over 40 could still not lose a Good nights people grumble that most of our modern fron to television Wear Oft before they but at least two of mans tools have resisted this trend toward planned obsolescence and last about As Long As they Ever they Are the toothpick and the old fashioned Fly a woman is vexed if she gets a run in one of her but somehow to the average Man this Only makes her look unexpectedly accessible and but if she usually has a run in her he reacts the other Way and dismisses her As youre bound to live a longer and More cheerful life if you make it a policy never to accept any invitations you get by Telephone after a bread and butter note is what you write to a hostess for a dinner at which nothing else on the table was Worth the happiest people Are those whose ladder of Success has one final rung just beyond their they never get a Bride becomes a wife when she loses the conviction that it is his friends who Are keeping her husband out late and begins to suspect it is he who is leading them this Day in history today is the 258th Day of there Are 107 Days left in the today highlight in history on this Date in Konrad Adenauer became the first Chancellor of West on this Date in the polish aristocrat count Casimir Pulaski was commissioned a major general in the american revolutionary in the department of foreign affairs changed its name to the department of business Mirror Christmas taxes and vacations by John Cunniff new York a now is the time to be thinking of Christmas income taxes and you but it int if you count your dollars and your the person who does his Christmas shopping now instead of in december will avoid crowds in the wont have to worry about Catalo ordered goods arriving late and Well might avoid higher this is just one of the techniques used by a minority of americans who plan reducing in the process the surprises and tensions of Las minute moves but easing the Strain on pulse and right now some stores Are Selling Golf clubs at reduced same for summer clothing and other seasonal in Many stores you can obtain Low prices on appliances and television sets because of Model but try getting the same prices next january when the football bowl games and festivals Are being a season for vacations who says the season ends on labor Day certainly not whose Equinox int reached until Many vacation areas drop their prices sharply immediately after labor which Means that parents whose children Are grown and parents whose kids Arent of school age can enjoy themselves peace fully and and taxes the Way to reduce taxes is to increase and the Way to raise deductions is by taking losses on investments or incurring added preferably through planned millions of stockholders wait until december to review their portfolios and Cut out the dried husks of stocks that never their intention is to reduce their april 15 tax in waiting until the final few Days or weeks to get rid of stocks that have had a bad time of it and which Arent Likely to Rise for a they Are almost assuring themselves of even larger losses than they need to instead of Why not determine which stocks show Little Prospect of rising from their depressed level and sell now wait until december and the Selling pressure from people with similar motives might push the Price Down even it generally and one other suggestion Why wait until 1 to make your new years resolutions resolve now to plan Pluck the plums that go to the Man who lives by a different lets stay Well Back problems painful but can be controlled by Eugene a few months ago i started to have a Back id have pain Down my right leg and sometimes be Bent Over if i did anything where i had to Jerk myself i try to get As much bed rest As possible when this but it usually takes a few Days until it gets its really i first went to one doctor and he told me it was one although the x rays didst prove then i went to another doctor and he said it was something and the third doctor said a third none of them could prove what they and none of them had any real treatment for except one recommended an operation which i ran from like a what can you do about a Back like this Short of surgery Back problems Are so individual that i have not written about them often although they can usually be controlled quite a doctor really needs to examine a person to see whats going on before he can give a diagnosis and Back problems Are also really Tough to diagnose at the proof of that is that you had three different doctors Tell you three different at this it certainly seems to me that surgery is not in order and i dont blame you for running like a i believe too Many doctors today like to operate too on the other you take your Back for once you do have a problem with chances Are till always be though youll notice it a lot less if you take care of How do you do that certain exercises can strengthen the Muscles though be careful not to slow but sure is the another helpful device where backs Are concerned is a Brace or support Belt it be worn All the because then the Muscles get weak again when you do feel that your Back is beginning to bother a support Belt can be very deep heat and a Massage once in a if you can afford will also relieve a spasm and nip some bad Back trouble in the Short of a heating pad and lying prone for a half hour just a couple of times a Day when your Back Doest feel quite right can do once your Back does go of Days bed rest before it really gets port an Cut Euen agnews governor Dan wants to go to prison port Washington 1 port Washington f t f Ned Thomas editor and associate publisher Erland Hansen advertising manager Allen Matthews circulation manager Donald Paxson managing editor Helene Phifer controller Wesley Snelgrove mechanical superintendent Esther Webster associate editor 1971 Dan Evans apparently is going to go through with his Promise to prison employees to visit those institutions even though the Man charged with his Protection would prefer that he didst there int much he can state patrol chief Baldy Furseth if his Boss decides he wants to take a stroll inside the maximum Security area at the Walla Walla state if he wants to i dont think i can Stop Furseth said i would be Alert to any problems and so advise but in not familiar enough with the he would have to Confer with prison officials and rely on their judgment As to what to he there int any great enthusiasm on anybody part for such a visit by the governor or other political notables like Martin the Issaquah Democrat also has promised to meet with the prisoners but his advisers likewise frown on any eyeball to eyeball mingling with the More hardened who better to grab off As a hostage in an escape attempt than a governor or a candidate for and that hostage would probably be left for they they dont forget that judge in California who was kidnapped from his courtroom and shot dead when his kidnappers were Durkan Hast set a Date for his visit but Evans says hell go in the next couple of hell probably do it too Hes completely which Doest make the patrol so Happy they Admire his but would prefer a higher blending of Whan Evans does it will be with no fanfare therell be no press entourage or television hell slip in and slip out As he did on that recent tour of the hop Fields outside Yakima when he spent several hours looking things looking like any other casual visitor in there was some speculation of the patrol infiltrating the prison population at Walla Walla in Advance in order to be in on the know As to anything that might be or just to have extra men available in Case of that would be kind of hard to you cant hide a Bunch of six footers with Crew cuts and no sideburns among Walla Wallas Carefree and hirsute one would also Hope that the governor would be alerted to How prisons Are run so he make the same Booboo his acting head of institutions reportedly did tie Way the Story is being Tom Pinnock went to the Shelton correctional institution on a kind of Good will visit to explain recent reforms and gentle Down the correctional it was a sweaty and when it finally Pinnock wasted no time in getting As he passed the major control Point to reach the free he observed to his i never heard such a mess of from such a Bunch of stupid i he was not aware that theres a High Power microphone at that location and that it is always turned his offt Decuff remarks were broadcast to most of the guard stations in the turning his Goodwill visit into even More of a debacle than it appeared on the after All the years of use evening news i was As amazed As everyone else around Here when i heard the Access to the a wildlife had been purchased from Mellus by Glen and he is now charging admission after All these years of free Public then i was even More amazed to read m the Sequim last november Mellus offered to sell to the fish and wildlife service a corridor sufficient for a Trail and Access to the Public portion of the spit and include the Beach on the Western Side of menus what kind of officials do we who apparently have done nothing about acquiring this Access to so valuable a natural resource As the spit i think it iat fortunate that unlike or is willing to so lets see some action on the part of the wildlife come to think of i cant imagine a wildlife which even includes a Lighthouse on the end of the without an Access owned by the Florence Enns route 3 Box log truck Drivers evening news this is in answer to Dorothy Phillips letter of come lady if it we rent for logs and log port Angeles from childhood one is taught not to judge everyone so All truck Drivers Are dogs because you got squeezed a bit did it Ever occur to you to Slack off and let them so your children wont be terrified we live by Highway 101 and have seen trucks laying rubber and ditching to avoid 20 Mph tourists or Drivers who were there first and own the Road in we owe our daughters life to a fast reflex truck Driver who did his darn est to avoid her shying horse and ditched his truck a Public Ken if the state patrol want necessary it would be just but theres no More Welcome sight than a red Bubble Gummer when you need obviously you Haven for the in not a truck Drivers was raised on an Island and never saw anything bigger than a cattle but am not scared of log respect pm and their yes Charles Singhose route Box port some did Salute evening news in answer to a letter in your 12 Issue written by warder he was referring to the people of port Angeles not showing patriotism and respect for the United states flags that passed by in the recent Salmon Derby he stated that he was standing directly across from the watching the Parade and not one person showed respect by saluting the if he had looked Down a Little further to the left of him where the Parade was coming from in front of the senior citizens very close to our he would have observed the senior citizens who were seated there stand and Salute every Flag that some of these people even use canes to we have Nice people in port last year i stood in front of the Washington school while the Salmon Derby passed by and the people there saluted our perhaps his letter will do some Good to encourage others to Salute the Flag when it passes by in a one Little girl i know was very upset because she said that her doctor had Given her a shot in her pledge of allegiance she want very old but she knew How to Salute our i am proud of the senior citizens who stood and saluted every Flag that and there were Many Alex Darnell 612 Peabody port below Olympus by Interlandi i theres some Guy out there pounding on the Pearly Gates with his shoe

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