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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1971, Page 1

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - September 15, 1971, Port Angeles, Washington Dock strike Nixon puts chief mediator on to help Speed talks san Francisco a president Nixon has ordered the chief Federal mediator to so Francisco in an attempt to Speed settlement of the 76 Day old Dock strike that has tied up wet coast ports from Seattle to san negotiators for both sides said talks Are but they declined to comment on Nixon action As they have re fused by Mutual agreement to speak publicly about Secretary of labor James Hodgson announced tuesday in Washington that the president personally ordered Curtis director of the Federal mediation and conciliation to participate in the meetings Between the Pacific maritime association and inter National longshoremen and warehousemen Hodgson said Nixon told counts to go to the West coast to facilitate the Pace of the bargaining is simply unacceptably Hodgson we thought it was time to Send in our top Hodgson said Nixon was extremely concerned about the Adverse economic Impact of the strike by Iwu members and a number of teamster Union waterfront the walkout has idled about 175 ships in 24 West coast the Iwu is negotiating with the pm Over fringe benefits and jurisdiction Over of Dock handling of containerized the who also claim of Dock Container Juris have offered to submit the dispute to mediation if binding the Iwu has made no Public the Iwu seeks a per cent wage increase Over two years to per a guaranteed 40hour work week for regulars an 32 hours for Casu and improved asked Why the administration had involved emergency Taf Hartley act provisions to halt the strike at least Tempo Hodgson said Only we have no plans ahead of this time to do Hodgson read a statement which said with the warehouses and silos through out the West bulging with in shipped with the Pacific harbours glutted with in Active and with shortages developing in the states of a Alaska and it flock of Canadian geese heading due Low Over Eden Valley everyone at Hegg Hegg enjoying Chat with John Wayne on his Stop for 24 crabs Labrador watching delivery of butter and milk to porch across Lincoln Street going Over and bringing the butter to his is time for the parties to re double their efforts to reach an Early the japanese Post office has stopped accepting sea parcels for the United states because of the West coast Dock strike and the threat of one on the East coast beginning the japanese Post and Tele communications ministry said the canadians had rejected its proposal to deliver the Esti mated parcels a year through in steamship and Stevedore firms were facing a judges deadline to show cause by today Why containers and bulk cargo unloaded there be fore the strike should not be the Iwu has offered to re move All such cargo from struck but the pm re saying the Iwu was try ing to predetermine the out come of its jurisdictional Dis Pute Over Container in san major air lines Are reporting a substantial Rise in their freight volume since the Dock strike began july pan which flies no strictly Domestic reported freight volume for july and August Between the West coast and Pacific Points had risen 100 per cent Over a year no exceptions on property tax deadline hopeful persons who filed applications for property tax exemptions after the 1 deadline Are in for a according to the state attorney generals Deputy Philip aus in a letter to state Elmer tuesday said the 1971 enacting Law clearly stipulates the deadline and no exceptions Are expressed within this nor anywhere else in other statutes governing payment of property taxes in this a group of state legislators had urged county assessors to accept and process new school buildings to be discussed members of the school Board of District 21 Are calling a meeting at 8 Oclock 22 in the Library of Roosevelt Junior High to gather the Community concern on the needs of school the invitation is open to everyone in the District to actively discuss the the Board Hopes to get help in the pre planning invitations have been sent to school Board the citizens advisory group steering representatives of the port Angeles education Pat officers and other interested Community port Angeles evening hews september 1971 136th of 56th year 18 pages 10 cents the Ron Bucks unobtrusive Home near Sequim double murder scene now peaceful reminder of deaths abruptness Callam county no longer sheltered Sequim tragedy Bygar Conkling enough of a fall chill had settled into the Sequim Dungeness Valley to convince Ron Buck he should prepare for a fire in the front room the fire will do Well to warm these old he thought to As he gathered pieces of Wood and carried them to the his thoughts flashed Back to pleasant moments that brightened his 67yearold a life full of satisfying a prosperous a Rich family an Active Buck allowed himself the excusable boast that he had realized the age old american dream of Success through hard clean living and but there was no Way for him to guess that he and his also had earned the senselessness of a modern Day american authorities say they cant explain Why the Bucks were murdered in their unobtrusive country Home at the end of a private gravel Road leading from Highway 101 near the Dungeness Bucks Wallet is authorities they he never carried More than at a Buck counselled people with but they were mostly people attending the same people who regard her As a woman of great Wisdom and human All anyone can say positively is that Callam county As Remote As it is is no longer sheltered from the wave of violent crime sweeping this not even steadfast citizens Are immune from such there is no sense in advertising your because there is no Market for wrote Buck shortly before her what we we the lord is the strength of my their murders lifted the no substantial leads have been turned up so far this week in the investigation into the double murder of Sequim Ron and Wanda results of investigations to Date were forwarded today to the Federal Bureau of investigation Laboratory in sheriff deputies continued to interview local Trace Down possible clues and run checks on potential including a transient reported in the area at the approximate time of the though were still about in the same place we sheriff Bishop there has been some i feel were a Little closer Bucks out of a life Many might consider materially at peace with the Bucks were Able to do what they they were Busy not idling their time one Friend a Mechanic by Buck had worked Many hours to construct a picturesque family Park on the Bank of the it was his number one a Friend he and his wife liked to have people a fastidious Buck occupied her time Reading the Bible and she could go out and Garden and never soil her but the one thing that dominated their lives together was their Devotion to a Christian they attended the Sequim Assembly of god but the Albert Anderson insists they were More than that word is too Anderson they were not merely they were Christ entered people who served the lord with they had a Day byway personal relationship with Buck taught a sunday school class and frequently was asked to present devotionals at various Church group meet City Council candidates today port Angeles voters will be asked to choose two candidates for each of the four positions open on the port Angeles City Council at the 21 primary those in the running for the election Are position 1 Darrell William Charles Chuck Kenneth Needham and Neil position 2 Vernon Mary Anne Melvin James Oboyle and Bill position 3 Dean George John and Richard position 4 Sam to inform the voters in port the evening news sent a questionnaire to All candidates asking them to answer three questions what Are the problems of the How can they be solved and Why does the candidate feel he is qualified to be a City a look at the five candidates seeking City Council position 1 can be found on Page who regularly attended Church and sunday school with his publicly confessed his Faith and was baptized Only i performed their Anderson exactly five months to the Day after Ron was their House remains As an Emblem of the organization in the Bucks his work gloves were stacked neatly beside the door he entered from his workshop in the rear of the breakfast dishes were rinsed and placed on the Edge of the sink ready to the House also stands As a reminder of the abruptness of their the Iron left out to a Check Book still open on his bedroom a pot roast sitting on a Kitchen a Hal written note from Buck to an answered letter from we Haven heard from you for so please let us know when you plan on coming up Here for a trip that impossible Edith still a threat and moving hard by the associated press tropical storm which killed 23 people in Central America when she passed through As a Hurricane last threatened to reach Hurricane Force again today As she bore Down on the already drenched Texas Gulf the National Hurricane Cen Ter issued a Hurricane watch for the area from Brownsville to in Pennsylvania searchers had recovered the bodies of nine persons drowned in Flash floods Only take the stairs in an emergency space Needle top Seattle tourist Stop Seattle a even its admirers admit it looks like an 80ton hamburger balanced on three but the 607 foot High space Needle has become this cites 1 tourist attraction in the nine years since it was built for the Seattle worlds the restaurant at the 500foot which on a Clear Day features a spectacular View of puget the olympic and Cascade mountains and the entire has been visited by millions of tourists including the Shah of Iran and Prince Philip of the Needle is a favorite for publicity such As Pat Boone who hit a Golf Ball from a 6 by 12 foot platform on the roof to advertise a Golf on another occasion a Steeple Jack climbed the outside of a Skinny Metal Structure and George manager of the remembers Only too Well the time a chinese group Hung a 200foot Long string of firecrackers Down the Side to celebrate chinese new we were cleaning up for two weeks recalls Harold Lloyd once reenacted his famous movie scene of hanging onto the hands of an outdoor clock by hanging Over the Edge of the and during the 1962 worlds a German High wire circus act Rode a motor Bike across a steel Cable Strung from a building to a Point 376 feet up the a Parachute club showed up in full jump since the Needle is too Low to permit a Chute to open on the Way the jumpers took the elevator Down like everyone there has never been a suicide attempt from the Johnson at least six weddings and hundreds of engagements have taken place there since the Needle opened in weve delivered rings in on cakes and in the meat said souvenir Hunters have carted off tables from the ground level lobby and Johnson estimates they go through six mens room signs a the Needles lifeline is its Center Core housing the electrical wires and water plus 832 Johnsons Warren walked to work and claimed his average time was just Over nine minutes for a one Way now even employees Are discouraged from using the except in if they were to be said John it might be a Long time before anyone passed them on the the Needle trembled a Little during a 1965 earthquake that registered on the Richter and the elevators were shut Down during a 1962 storm when Hurricane Force winds swept through the but the Only thing that has kept the Needle closed has been the pipes the ton Tower is anchored 30 feet below the ground surface in tons of Otis elevator designed three special Glass front Eleva tors that carry 3035 passengers whipping up the Center of the Needle at 800 feet per one elevator moves at half that Speed and is used primarily to haul supplies to the restaurant and observation so said anything needed for the restaurant has been Small enough to fit into the but if something big like an air conditioner had to be there might be i suppose wed ferry it in by but i dont know where it would he the elevators have become stuck with passengers Only three or four times since the Needle said when this happens a safety door can be opened in the Back and passengers can walk up or Down the whichever is the the which seats revolves once an hour on a bal bearing track driven by a one horsepower smaller than the motor in most Home sometimes the combined with the makes visitors a Little Johnson but most people lose their nervousness after the first round of a fiefs killed hostages in prison revolt a state corrections commissioner rus sell Oswald has confirmed that the hostages slain in the Attica state prison revolt died of gunshot but the source of the wounds remained officially unexplained the death toll from the four Days of rebellion Rose to 42 to Day when officials at a Buffalo Hospital confirmed that a critically wounded Attica inmate had the total includes 10 guards and prison employees and 32 reaction among guards at some other new York state prisons grew into dissension to correction officers at great Meadow prison in North Eastern new York have voted to Call for Oswalds state police said troopers had been called in to patrol the Walls at Clinton prison in Dan autopsies contradicted earlier official reports that inmates had Slit the throats of hostages As police began an assault Mon Day on the rebel held areas of the maximum Security Attica but Hollis president of a Union local that represents corrections officers at the Pris insisted that the original Story was Correct and that the hostages throats had been he said officials had photo graphs showing the bodies with Cut blast rocks night club in Saigon Saigon a a bomb wrecked the popular to do night club inflicting heavy an hour after the blast South vietnamese officials said 10 persons had been killed and 20 three americans were listed among the the club was on Busy to do Street a Block from the Cara Velle hotel where George winding up his visit to was pre paring for the bomb exploded with a Roar heard throughout Down town Saigon at when crowds were at their Peak on this several passersby were in a statement to newsmen late Oswald said one question was How any of the hostages could have been killed by the most important and obvious answer is the fact that the inmates had dressed All hostages in prison garb to in sure difficulty of identification Between inmate and he hostages could very Well have been used As Shields or forced Forward into gunfire he released a list of weapons found in the prison after the rebellious inmates were the list included gasoline sharpened met al straight razors and spiked baseball no he declined to answer questions from the commissioners state ment came several hours after disclosure by John de Monroe county medical that the hostages All died of gunshot wounds and that none had had his Throat there were no Cut throats or any kind of de land said after examining eight bodies of All eight cases died of gunshot orld news Roun Washington a a crucial vote on tabling the draft Extension Bill is expected and Pentagon chiefs and armed services committee members Are trying to con Vince senators that continued Lack of draft authority will create a military manpower Saigon a Saigon City officials have claimed that George Mcgovern was unknowingly meeting with a Viet Cong terrorist group when he was endangered by a Rock and firebomb barrage against a Sai gon Church London a the United states came under increased pressure today to devalue the Dollar As 10 of the worlds Lead ing Industrial nations gathered for monetary space Needle Seattle top attraction some Call it an 80ton hamburger on straws

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