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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1971, Page 2

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - October 04, 1971, Port Angeles, WashingtonOctober 1971 152nd Issue of the 56th year 10 pages 10 cents plans for hotel Are but its called a total loss scene of attempted breakthrough three inmates at Callam county jail were caught saturday trying to Chip through a cell Wall in a possible attempt at a jail the Hole located at the head of one of the bunks in the cell hardly appeared Large enough Tor f a mans body to go even if it was Large inmates trying to escape had another problem the Hole was below ground evening news photo by Grayson Callam county jail three caught frying of go through Wall three inmates at the Callam county jail were caught saturday trying to break through the South Wall of the facility Grimy maximum Security cell onto the courthouse the inmates were a Long Way from escaping because their dug through two layers of Brick and one layer of was below ground sheriff Harley Bishop Bishop indicated he would recommend charges of attempted escape be filed against the three whose names we rent the inmates were being held on unrelated offences one on a narcotics one on a second degree burglary charge and one for being awol from the inmates were discovered pounding away at the Wall with a handmade pick fashioned from a pipe torn from the cells exposed Bishop the Hole was perhaps two feet wide and less than a foot deep and was located at the head of one of the Metal bunks in the a sheriff Deputy coming on duty at went into the cell and caught the inmates after he heard the Chipping sound being made by the crude pick striking the he after discovering the All inmates in the jail were sealed off in the main cell Block and not allowed to enter the maximum Security cell through a barred hallway connecting the it was the second attempted jail break at the antiquated county jail since both incidents have involved inmates dismantling exposed plumbing to form instruments from Dock strike is now 96 Days old and counting the West coasts Dock strike became the longest in its his tory entering its 96th Day As mediators reported a modern Robin Brussels a a Man depicting himself As a modern Day Robin Hood demanded million today for East pakistani refugees in return for missing the love by 17th Century dutch master Jan the Brussels newspaper Lesoir said one of its Walter interviewed the Man at his request and saw the it was stolen last month from the Palace of Fine arts in the dutch state museum in which owns the valued it at up to Schwalden reported in Lesoir that following an Anonymous phone Call he met a masked Young Man in front of a Village he was then blindfolded and taken by car to View the some Progress in the Neotia talks in the East coast Dock which began re sume today in new York negotiators for striking soft Coal miners were to report to their members Curtis chief Federal mediator in the West coast Dock said in san fran Cisco were nearer a settlement that we were before and were still the talks Between the strik ing International longshore mens and warehousemen Union and the Pacific maritime association were recessed after four hours with another session set for the longest previous Dock strike on the West coast ended on Christmas eve in 1948 after 95 at Issue is a dispute Over off Dock handling of containers and Illus demands for Guaran teed pay for 40 hours a orld news Roun by the associated press Washington a the supreme court opens a new term with two vacancies delaying a vote on the constitutionality of the death penalty and other important ques no decisions will be announced during today opening session which has been set aside for tributes to justices Hugo Black and John who retired last Black died a week Harlan is in a Hospital with England a the opposition labor party spokesman on foreign affairs claimed today that British entry into the european common Market will spell a new devaluation of the a huge increase in prices and mass Washington a both houses of Congress will be considering today efforts to veto a major item in president Nixon economic House democrats pushed up a vote to veto Nixon proposal to delay a Federal pay raise after served notice he wait until wednesday when they wanted new York a inmate at Attica state prison says that a guards Chance misunderstanding of the actions of two prisoners practising football moves led directly to the bloody fou Day the new York times Vatican City a Pope Paul i was reported today to be suffering from a Light cold that prevented him from attending this fourth Days sessions of the world Synod of cause of blast has not been pinpointed the Olympus hotel building was declared a total loss today by owner Ken Owens following the massive explosion thursday night which through its ground floor and injured 38 one in serious condition today in Seattle Virginia Mason Hospital is Gene of 617 5th he was flown to Seattle saturday a Hospital spokesman said he is suffering from head and spinal injuries As Well As a collapsed thirteen persons Are still in olympic memorial Hospital today in satisfactory another Man is in satisfactory condition in University Hospital in everyone Ive talked to in engineering tells me the building will have to come Owens no precise estimate of the Dollar damage has been but Owens guessed the costs would run at least a million Well be Lucky if it is Only he taking into account possible injury Hague Woods restaurant and the Glamour Ella health housed in the were totally he said that costs would be prohibitive to repair the building which sustained sub Stantial structural i am looking Forward to what to do with the i have almost ruled out the possibility of putting another parking lot in the Owens Owens has a few ideas about erecting another building to serve the but said it was too Early to give any Over the Crews attempted to Salvage personal belongings and equipment from the debris strewn Owens said most of the salvageable belongings were taken out of the hotel rooms and returned to the he hoped to finish up not much was it was too dangerous to Salvage Owens some canned goods and a few liquor bottles were taken out of Hague Woods but Little equipment was found in Good Sam Hague Wood estimated his loss alone at damage to surrounding Busi Nesses was reported Light except in a few the first National Bank on the West Side received some damage to a basement Wall and had a problem with water flooding the downstairs on the other Gre bins gift shop suffered very Little though located next to the a double fire Wall protected the delicate China and glassware Glass shelves lined the West Wall in his but the explosion barely disturbed their another Lucky business was the Beltane hearing Aid office two doors East of the manager Phil Lopez said he had taken All his expensive and delicate electronic gear Home with him about an hour before the Lopez added the explosions Shock wave did Knock pictures off the Wall and knocked Over the majority of the businesses suffered mainly Glass breakage As the blasts concussion made its strange sound a half a Block East of the blast suffered major damage when the Shock wave buckled his showroom floor and knocked Down a retaining Wall in the unused owner Jerry Reed theorized the blast travelled underground up to his store by Way of the Alley and blew through the basement of his the erratic blast also knocked out the front window of a gift shop on Laurel Street and the windows of two stores on the South Side of first How and Why the blast trav eled in those directions is a matter of the real Miracle of the As any of the survivors will testify is that no one was believe boys sheriff considers foul play in Case Van Thieu reelected election rigged opposition says woman cutting husbands hair in Yard by the Highway sightseers in town to View the wreckage on front Street Large purple spot on supermarket floor families checking outgrown duds for coming ski Saigon a president Nguyen Van Thieu won reelection by a far greater margin that the 50 per cent vote of Confidence he South vietnamese election officials announced but even As the final vote tally was opposition politicians charged that the elec Tion was an election official in Saigon said he was or dered to replace anti Thieu bal lots with votes for the presi the National election Center claimed Only Candi per cent of the votes with per cent of the votes against they were unable to account for the remaining three per cent of the votes for the we cant say where they said government spokesman Vul maybe one election official said the discrepancy could be due in part to the fact that seven bal lot boxes were stolen in a the scene of bloody anti Thieu Street riots during the he added that some voters might have thrown away both the Thieu ballot and the voting envelope after having their Vot ing cards possibly accounting for More of the miss ing before the Thieu told voters he would step Down if he did not receive at least a 50 per cent of the Nguyen Van Thiel candidate no Progress is reported in the investigation into the cause of the blast which wrecked the Olympus according to port Angeles fire chief Ken we Are just getting organized Cameron he said As far As his department is the explosion was apparently a Gas he did not know on what basis a Gas company official thought the explosion was not a Gas everything at this Point is opinion and Cameron Charles Secretary of Western propane which owns the port Angeles natural Gas had said saturday there is a distinct possibility it the explosion is not a Gas Ken owner of the Olympus hotel also disagreed with the company is snatching at the offt Decuff opinion from most people is that leaking Gas in the area built up and caused the he the debris which covers the blast site will have to be taken out piece by chief Cameron we will be there to investigate As it is cleaned most of the state officials and explosion expert Jack Knisley have gone but plan to Cameron said something could weather five Day forecasts Western extended Outlook through Friday Chance of showers wednesday and partly Cloudy highs mostly in the 60s Cooling a few degrees lows in the be known this but added it will depend on How fast the origin of the blast is it is even possible we wont be Able to find out where it he which could delay a final deter complaints of possible Gas leaks and Low pressure have kept the natural Gas corporation Crews sales manager Ray Watson said to Only one complaint of Gas leak at Sandison insurance at 519 Lincoln was verified by the fire Watson said the company hoped to restore Gas service to first Street users Between Valley and Lincoln streets Over the Crews checked the pressure in the Gas lines throughout the area in accordance with established guidelines and safety Gas service to front Street users in the downtown area May have to wait until later in the Watson contacted this mayor Joseph Wolfe said he Felt everything was being done to insure the safety of the citizens and to Speed the investigation disaster victims need help a lot of people made homeless by the hotel Olympus disaster Are in they escaped with just what they had put on at the time and that not enough to see them through the Days the senior citizens drop in Center at second and Lincoln streets has been made the Clearing House for contributions by All wishing to director Leone Western says Many of these people had been cooking their meals in the Central Kitchen at the they lost All their cooking utensils As Well As their food and the list of articles especially needed by the people who have talked to Western ranges All the Way from the Little things to the big one of one Man feels very lost without his others have cherished articles they miss but anyone wanting to help could surely find plenty of takers for clothing of All and dont forget that Money is always says she Hopes to have contributions ready to give out by donations Are Welcome right if anyone has room to House any of these people this offer May be called to the office any the number is the possibility that the two believe boys who disappeared 26 near Agate Crescent Beach were victims of foul play again is receiving serious con Callam county sheriff Harley Bishop revealed but he branded As unbound farfetched and unreason Able the morbid rumours about the Fate of the boys that have circulated Here during the past any definite information about the boys will be Given from my Bishop the people Here will know if there Are any new Kevin and Mark disappeared after they wandered away from Agate Crescent Beach Park where their families were a massive fou Day land and water search failed to uncover a Trace of the we Are not drawing any con but in a Way we we Are looking seriously again at foul Bishop disclosed we have very Little to support that conclusion and Are asking the Public to Bishop said authorities dont have the identity of an individual they would like to question in connection with the boys mysterious the described As a Young Man driving a White and Brown panel truck with a Cali fornia was seen near the Agate Crescent Beach area by six persons the same Day the boys Bishop some witnesses said they saw the Young Man staring at another couple camping at deep located West of Agate Crescent said the Young mans unusual behaviour there gave them cause for concern for their Chil another witness reported to Bishop last week that he helped a Young Man unt rack his panel truck that was stuck on a dead end Road one mile East of the East twin in response to that Bishop ordered a Well briefed search unit to comb the area near the Deaden Road but without he said the problem in identify ing the individual is that the witnesses description of him vary Bishop although their descriptions of the truck he added that none of the witnesses recalls the trucks License plate and Fred parents of one of the missing were Here Over the Bishop and requested he make a Public Appeal through the news Media for information leading to a positive identification of the in Bishop said the Conners passed on to him information about the Young mans activities at deep he indicated the witnesses at deep Creek were friends of the right now foul play is uppermost in the Conners the sheriff we Are exploring the possibility of foul play not just because the Conners requested but because i think it is worthwhile to do but were at a loss without positive identification of the in Bishop the possibility of foul play arose during the massive search that ended at that time search efforts were based on the As sumption the boys either became lost in the Woods or fell Over Steep Cliffs and drowned in the air Hijack results in three shootings a three persons from ten including an alleged air pirate and his were shot to death today during the Hijack of a Plush private the Fri said the Hijacker apparently shot his wife and the Pilot before committing another passenger and the Copilot Fri agents on the scene when the plane landed at Jack said they shot out both tires and one to dodging a Hail of bullets from inside the the Turboprop aircraft was rented in for a flight to marijuana smokers wanted los Ange Ijes a wanted student volunteers for research assignment smoke and for the and in the Urcla student newspaper prompts about 100 Calls a week to the schools Neur psychiatric which is conducting a study of the lon term effects of marijuana the oneyear project headed by Thomas Ungerleider and Ira Frank will use about 120 volunteers before it is concluded next basically what were trying to says is Eval uate marijuana As a drug in the same Way any other drug would be we want to be As objective As possible apart from All the emotion and hysterics that Are usually associated with marijuana the financed by a Grant from the National Institute of mental uses marijuana provided by the Federal the volunteers must be males Over the age of with previous experience with marijuana ranging from none to heavy pay ranges from to for up to 30 Days of supervised marijuana

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