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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1965, Page 3

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - March 10, 1965, Port Angeles, Washington I got one of just As she almost made it Back to the Church these Days the editorial Page news March 1965 Page 2 new High president Johnson has hit on something new at least seemingly new for we Are accustomed to hearing him lauded by his admirers As a practical Politi to hear that he is profoundly interested in the natural Beauty of the cities and towns across the country he Heads is almost Start except that natural Beauty could be a political before he has stepped Down from the presi his determination to improve the appear Ance of America May affect us already his followers Are talking about the new it is a kind of conservation directed at places where we Small open places in big cities and big open places in Little towns Are a part of this on the olympic Peninsula he would favor port Townsend Fountain and terraced Lawn leading from the waterfront level to the upper and the magnificent Flowers surrounding the Brilliant patches of yellow crocuses in Seq ulms Wayside Pioneer Park on Highway 101 is an example of initiative and color brighten ing a before this session of Congress adjourns possibly in August Bills probably will be passed to build Small Parks within Large to Plant Trees at the approaches of Small to landscape to clean up Rivers and streams and the air we the president is also a foe of that american the junkyard or the Yard with this news out of the nations Capitol comes just in time for the Spring planting sea already it is encouraging to note a county resident is asking the county commissioners to get rid of a junkyard or Yard with and we have Many particularly adjacent to our main highways and through the idea of cleaning such places up and planting Flowers have to come from the president of the United but so much the better if it nor should our summer visitors have to wait until Victoria to see Trees and flow ers Blooming in every port Angeles residents did an outstanding cleanup Job for Seattle worlds fair with the president to spark up Beauty Flea port Angeles should get underway and come up with a real professional landscaping and tree planting from outsider Cage fans draw some criticism editors note the port Geles senior High school Ball fans have drawn criticism this past season for their duct at basketball this letter to principal George Ellis from a port Orchard Man gives some idea of How one outsider sees the situation let me congratulate you on your basketball which is the representative of the seamount olympic league in the regional they did an outstandingly since the services of son and Shamp were since your school is setting the there Are some things that you should be very careful about during these since these opposing teams and their student bodies will judge All of us by your these Are some of the things that were very noticeable at the games you played against West High and South Kitsa High schools on consecutive nights at Silverdale please show respect for the Flag by remaining quiet until the Flag has been carried off the Pep club started screaming As soon As the last word of the Star led Banner was and your cheerleaders broke ran to the Side of the floor and started doing the school while the cheerleaders of the opposing school marched in a quiet and orderly manner off the floor behind the during the starting lineup at least have the Courtesy to remain quiet while the members of the rival team Are being the West High and the South Kitsap High school cheerleaders applauded each of your players when his name was when their lineups were your Pep club and Bers of the student body chanted disparaging remarks behind each players i have found no one who can remember Ever hearing any school do so on this Point you have hit a new Low in Courtesy and bad please dont do such a thing at any please do not Start stamping and Yelling suits at members of the ing team when they Are on f Ense you did this so much at Silverdale that you caused a few members of the other Dent bodies to do the same in do not allow your leaders to take part in the above mentioned their resp Oiw Sibl Lity is to guide the Pep club and students in cheer ing for your but always keeping these cheers on a High level and in the interest of Good there has been a Good Deal of comment from the student ies of schools in the olympic As Well As adult tutors at your regular season games about your so i think you have Good reason to take a Good look at yourselves and become the kind of student body that deserves a team like your team members de like gentlemen you owe it to your school and selves to do Arnold Carraway Salmon treaty urged a a i a Strong request for Early renegotiation of the North Cilc Salmon treaty has been made by representative Lloyd Meeds in a speech prepared for delivery to the House of it is simply ludicrous to put Effort and Money into preserving increasing Salmon runs for the As it works of the fishing Industry of another Meeds stated in urging the establishment of a new abstention line 10 degrees farther out to citing widespread support for this idea among All aspects of the fishing Meeds i join with them in calling for Early renegotiation of the abstention line of the North Pacific treaty to 175 degrees East the speech also contained the text of a Washington state sen ate Resolution that petitioned the Congress to consider with greatest care the value of our Salmon fisheries to to the Pacific Northwest and the nation As a whole and to take All appropriate action necessary to preserve this Meeds had participated in hearings called by senator War Ren Magnuson a month we cannot stand by and watch this natural resource depleted with some vague Hope that we get around to rebuilding at a later once it is it is gone for Meeds will be too Murphy hits target with speech below Olympus by Interlandi by John Chamberlain King features los Angeles the Day of the shrinking Violet freshman senator is apparently Democrat Bobby Kennedy of new Vork hardly waited to be de before issuing a broadside calling for the inclusion of a few new York Hill counties in the Appalachia this piece of contentiousness annoyed Republican governor but it marked by Down As a real defender of his the same pattern has been followed by the new Republican senator George Murphy of he plunged into congressional Battle with a serious and devastating Maiden speech which should have curled the hair of Secretary of labor Willard Wirtz for Ifor la Farmers of their tonal source of the called braceros from ing this piece of contentiousness annoyed democratic governor Pat but it marked George Murphy Down As a real defender of his the Murphy speech has great local significance for Florida and other states that have Pended on seasonal importation of foreign labor to Harvest such such perishable and died crops As and All of which require special but beyond the significance to agriculture senator Murphys speech constituted an attack on the whole idea of trying to solve any and All National problems along preconceived ideological the speech was a reprimand to knee Jerk and the truly encouraging thing is that it did not originate in a Jerk Ator Murphy shows Promise of being a really free the banishment of the Bra Eros from the California and Arizona agricultural and of Caribbean workers from proceeded from the knee Jerk liberals abstract de sire to make jobs for unemployed in California it seemed just a matter of getting some of the local unemployed out on the land to replace the legislative scene by Gordon Sandison state 24th a Bill which would strike at the shown to be existent in some charitable has the backing of most of the Bers of the legislature this this which is now in the Senate awaiting final declares its purpose is to pre vent deception in the solicitation of funds in the name of it defines what a Charity and a charitable organization requires All charitable tons to file with the attorney generals office information As to their requires All professional fund raisers and professional solicitors to file with the attorney general and have on hand at All times certain Legal information concerning the charitable the professional fund Raiser would also be required to file a surety Bond in the amount and his per Mission to conduct charitable drives would be subject to cancellation at All the Bill would also prohibit any person from using the name of any other person for the pose of soliciting contributions without the written consent of such other under the the attorney general would be authorized to enter into cipro Al agreements with other states for the purpose of changing information and would make it unlawful for any son to engage in any activity for which registration is required without having a current this legislation is a part of a National pattern of state Isla Tures to control the fraudulent Charity Racket that has been so particularly in the it was found by both the United states attorney general and eral state legislative groups that the costs involved in solicitation in some charitable drives were As High As 94 per cent of the amount and that Many charitable drives Are made for nonexistent childrens or Bene Volent Homes or the Bill exempts religious educational inst licensed and fraternal and patriotic a Bill passed by the coauthored by senator Bailey of Grays Harbor county and my should succeed in cutting a lot of red tape from Small land cleaners and construction As the Law presently after the 15th Day of March and until the 15th Day of a permit is required in order to Burn inflammable material in any county of the state where there is a Warden or a Ranger during these statutory an exception has been made in the opinion of the supervisor the department of natural suitable de vices Are used to prevent fire from this Bill would authorize the supervisor to designate certain areas where burning would be permitted without the statutory these areas would generally be those where there is primarily cleared land or an area devoid of it has worked a hardship on Many citizens who have Ted to do a Small amount of burning and have found it Pessary to locate a Warden or Ranger to obtain a quo Vadis Washington i the 1965 legislature has a challenging Opportunity to solve Many urgent and Long Range problems confronting the state of Many of the problems have been Long others Are new but each one must be solved for the Best interest of the if ton is to take its rightful place in the National the Prosperity of the Sula area in particular and All areas in general depends largely upon the movement of people from one area to another for pleasure As Well As for one cannot expect any area to develop and expand its local Economy if ties to that area Are slow and the North Peninsula Gion is without question one of the most desirable growth areas in the entire United states yet it has fallen far behind less Tractive areas because the Cess ability is too we should exert every Effort As a Community to reduce the Cost of transportation to this through whatever Means will get the quickest and Best areas Remote from Large Dustral unless they have Strong political must wait for major High Way improvements until the larger Industrial centers have been taken care at present the Highway ners Are being heavily pressured by King county beings and industrialists to improve Highway conditions in South i by Donald Corlett beings suggests they May have to Transfer some of their new projects elsewhere unless the traffic situation is this will draw More Money out of the general Highway fund leaving less for Remote areas like the olympic Many european tries having Long foreseen that centralized Industrial plexus were have moved much of their lighter dust Les into Rural Industrial Parks where land is less pensive and labor More these companies build hospitals and schools when necessary and in general produce a thriving Community without the disadvantages of a Large if the Peninsula area is to grow and Prosper As it every Community organization and every citizen must exert maximum Effort to develop stronger representation in Olympia and Back them with solid and continuous tourism alone will not provide adequate financial port to existing business nor invite new our once thriving Dairy try now scarcely provides enough raw milk to sustain the one and Only Creamery now a rating in this one by one old and Long to abolished businesses Are closing their our Young people must seek jobs must this go on and on until Pic Peninsula becomes nothing but a summer Colony think about it where there is a will there is a cans who have been harvesting dates in the Coachella Lemons in Ventura and lettuce where water from the Colorado River makes the Ert Bloom with some of the most magnificent greenery that one has Ever since the state employment agencies had had plenty of ing about the crackdown on the governor Brown till rated Little threat to for Las billion agricultural As things turned out the pieces of the ale didst match when the rogues tried to put them Ogeth at Tulare in the san Joaquin Valley a year of recruitment did turn up enough Domestic zen workers to end dependence on the braceros for Harvest ing the Citrus but in Ventura close to the metropolitan ments of los it has proved extremely difficult to hold native the result is that Ventura has been lagging Way behind on harvesting its Lem on around Palm desert in the Coachella where Ike Eisenhower has been communing Between Golf matches with Ray Bliss in Hopes of Date har vesters and experts in Date Palm some Cit bred workers were recruited for Date Palm and they quit after a single when governor Pat Brown visited Coachella he discovered the reason Date Palm ing and hand pollination take place fifty feet from the the worker has to be adept at climbing ladders and ing at a dizzy height in a suns watching governor Brown said in his delightful Way that it made him feel More in secure than he is now taking senator Murphys Side of the much to the Royance of congressman Jimmy who Doest need the Date Palm growers vote in his fight to become mayor of los the ironies attendant upon the whole fight against knee Jerk liberalism to save California agriculture Are almost too Erous to by banishing mexican labor and letting the crops the jobs of members of the teamsters Union who transport California fruits and vegetables Are meanwhile the mexicans have recently planted seven million competitive Orange Trees in the state of Nuevo and big packing panties Campbell Del minute Tropi Cana have been building ing plants in thus ing precious dollars and jobs out of the senator George Murphy really has grasped something import ant by the and Lyndon John who is neither a Liberal nor a knee Jerk conservative is certainly bound to Callam reflections 40 years ago Eric Anderson and son of port Angeles announces that he has secured the contract for erection of a Concrete office building for Keeler on Washington who lives ten Miles up the Elwha River from the covered is staying at the commercial hotel ing his first visit to town in 10 10 years ago televisions emmy awards for Best actor and actress go to Danny Thomas and Lorretta what was thought to be a human hand discovered burled at gales addition turns out to be a bears port Angeles evening news is published sunday through founded in 1886 As the Model it was incorporated and began publication As a daily in Charles Esther George manager member associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for Republica Tion of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well As subscription rates by per by mail payable in in Callam and Jefferson coun ties for one for six for three elsewhere in and territories for one for periods lets than above per 120 Washington theres no marching allowed in this state just Shuffi ing school questions and answers editors note school District 21 welcomes questions about the operation and policy of the please address any questions to the evening news and they will be answered in this column question How Many speech correction lists Are employed in the port Angeles schools and what Are their duties answer two Are these individuals Are headquartered in the but they Only work in the local schools thirds of the the balance is spent in the other county school their chief duties Are nose and provide speech therapy for the children who have speech impediments and financially the speech correctly lists services Are directly supported by the state handicapped program which is administered by the state department of Public in question who finances the athletic program at the port Angeles senior High school answer generally speaking the students pay for the support of the District does provide the coaches question How Many local teachers attend summer school and what Are the state require ments regarding this answer forty one teachers attended summer school in this number represents about 17 per cent of the total ing with regard to cer All teachers in Wash in order to be fully must have completed five years of College train question could we have a longer school year in port an Geles answer an extended i m k radio school term could be if sufficient funds were Avail today in history by the associated press today is March the 69th Day of there Are 296 Days left in the today highlight in history on this Date in the first intelligible sentence was fitted by on this Date in t h o m a s Jefferson was made minister to in Ulysses Grant was made commander in chief of the Union in 29 earthquakes in a 24hour period Shook the coast of Southern in president Franklin Roosevelt signed the lend lease in super fortresses dumped tons of firebombs on ten years ago president Dwight Eisenhower said the United states would keep troops in Europe if the Paris agree ments granting sovereignty to and providing for the rearming of West Germany should be Rati five years Eisenhower accepted the Resigna Tion of John Doerfer As head of the Federal communications one year ago a air Force rb66 plane was shot Down by soviet fighters Over East Germany when it entered the area through a navigation Kong 1450 11 farm news music for moderns news sport scope school menus hotcakes question coast guard weather Jimmie Fidler local news music for modems Home Handy Man Dow Jones average weather Eye local news music for moderns the almanac take 5 to laugh Jimmie Fidler club news keep current news music for moderns links talk time keep current news family health forum wed Tell it to Beverly air Raie Fidler Market Morvent of thought sport scope trading Post music for moderns current news Fidler for moderns Handyman for moderns current news Fidler reports current news menus for moderns current news guard weather music for moderns off saturday for moderns time swing time news for moderns for off v sunday on news for moderns Organ music off no Vav b on i it Mojuk Kong

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