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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1965, Page 1

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - March 10, 1965, Port Angeles, Washington I one Marine officer blistering Battle kills 82 by Malcolm Browne South Viet Nam a a blistering Battle near the Mountain town of 285 Miles Northeast of claimed the jives of a Marine 18 vietnamese soldiers and More than 63 Viet american military spokesmen reported another Marine officer received a gunshot injury in the right Cheek in the Battle tues Day and was evacuated to a Field Hospital at Nha the dead Marine officer was the 302nd american to die in rejects talks on combat in Viet Nam since Cember communist guerrillas ran three outposts duts de Moal before vietnamese Marine reinforcements sent to the area encountered the Viet Cong about half a mile from the and fighting raged for two the marines finally drove their Way into the Viet Cong forces also attacked several installations within five Miles of Saigon Early an outpost assigned to protect a suburban textile Plant was Over the Plant was not three of the outposts defenders Are air Force ers at Danang 360 Miles North of made another raid apparently against communist positions in the f100 and f105 jets re turned to Danang late this Vernoon with bombs and rockets there was no official comment on the and it was not Learned if any aircraft were american have been flying sorties regularly against the laotian trails along which the communists have been moving men and civil violence broke out at Danang today As Buddhist youths burned four roman Catholic a vietnamese cer backed up by soldiers dered a Buddhist crowd to Dis Perse and threatened to open the crowd broke the latest eruption of religious feuding was the outgrowth of a card game among soldiers during which a Catholic Soldier reportedly stabbed a Buddhist Soldier to sources feared the gloss problem might be used by communist agents to stir up trouble and turn feeling against the Force of marines that arrived at Danang earlier this three marines were felled by heat prostration today As to Felt units moved to the top of the High ground commanding Danang the three were identified As Robert Huegel of Cincin Ohio David bark of and Richard Ussery of Viet Nam by Carl Leubsdorf Washington a the state department has brushed aside a new Effort by Sec Retar general u Thant to pro Mote negotiations aimed at settling the vietnamese it reaffirmed tuesday that any decision to open talks on a Viet Nam peace agreement must be delayed until the communists indicate they Are prepared to Stop their aggression against South Viet we have told the Secretary general that we appreciate his suggestions and we Hope that All channels will be held department press officer mar shall Wright Thant proposed talks among the major Powers involved in the vietnamese still hoping for a peaceful we also still await some indication that the aggressors Are prepared to talk about stopping the Wright this brought questioning Over whether the United states has changed its position and is prepared to talk if it gets some indication the aggression might be within the hour Wright summoned newsmen again and told them that his statement had been revised to read that the United states is still awaiting some indication that the aggressors Are prepared to Stop the eliminating the phrase prepared to talk in referring to ending Wright emphasized that his statement represented no change in american from other sources it was Learned that the United states was prepared to conduct exploratory talks through diplomatic channels if the communists gave any indication of Readi Ness to halt their but officials insist that the United states has no intention of engaging in actual negotiations without Advance evidence that the talks would produce an agreement acceptable to the United states regarding South Viet Wright said the United states had received suggestions at Var ious times from Thant about procedures for exploring possibilities of a peaceful solution of the but neither from this source nor any do we have any indication whatever the the Hanoi regime is prepared to Stop trying to take Over South Viet Nam by Vio Wright appraisers face end Olympia a Dan Evans plan to eliminate most estate a patronage was approved by the House 88 5 tuesday As an amendment to another the Bill was held How and it was not certain whether it would be acted upon before the wednesday Midnight deadline for the house1 to Sider Senate approved March 1965 282nd Issue of 49th year 16 pages 10 cents member associated press legislative pensions stir bitter fight missing Man Norman missing since a ski diving venture in is reported alive and working under the name of Clay hoi Lister on a ranch near Chey picture was made when Briggs attended a War photo it students stage port Townsend some 55 to 60 port Townsend High school mostly staged a a letdown strike tuesday afternoon in an attempt to have one of their fellow students rein stated after he had been sex the youths were out of class for two periods before meeting with the administration a resolving the the incident occurred As the result of the expulsion of a senior boy whose identity was not revealed for what was termed by the improper although the youth had been expelled for the remainder of the he appeared be fore principal Neil Potthoff to give an the boys apology was his own idea and was not a consideration for Potthoff he was not rein upon learning this the students protested this by literally sitting Down in the at the request of the administration they moved into the auditorium where they appointed a committee to meet with the the Stu Dent committee asked the administration to reconsider rein statement of the expelled we told them that it would be Potthoff Potthoff said further that he met with the boys parents this the youth will be reinstated if he follows certain the conditions were not its up to him the expelled youth although the protesting Stu dents were Back in class by the end of the Day their committee is still they asked that they be informed of the re sult of our reconsideration and they will Potthoff no disciplinary action will be taken against the by Leroy Kittle Olympia a better pen Sions for legislators was Given top priority on the Senate Calen Dar the next to the last Day of the regular session of the 39th it was the last Day for the Senate to consider Bills passed by the House and for the House to act on Bills approved by the the session ends thursday and a special session opens Mon the Bill to boost legislators was put at the top of wednesdays Calendar after it touched off one of the an Griest debates of the session despite the delay caused by the bitter the upper chamber passed 52 House Bills in tuesday afternoon and night sending 44 to the gov and returning 8 to the House for concurrence in sen ate the House approved 48 Meas with All but two of them going to the scores of other Bills were expected to get the required sen ate or House approval wednes Day s6 can be sent to the the pension which passed the House 6029 with virtually no debate would raise legislators retirement benefits by computing each lawmakers ser vice at three times what it actually and by Basing pensions on a salary of a year in Stead of the they actually a House member who had served 10 terms and was 60 years of age would have his pen Sion boosted from to a a three Wermers pen Sion would be increased from to a John me Steilacoom said the proposal was not out of in was Long he said the state employees retire ment system could Bear any additional but shouting and waving his Finger at other called it the damnedest steal Ever put Over on other members of the ment i am Rasmussen that the members of this Senate in their greed Are pro posing it is the Rotten est Deal Ive Ever David said he was passed the Senate it also would provide pay raises of six per cent every two years during the next 10 increase Hunting and fishing licenses the he which passed would in crease the combination License from to and either fishing or Hunting Only from to it would give the game department an additional 000 a year for its prevent employers from giving lie Detector tests in hiring or firing the he passed it would not apply to Law enforcement Agen cies or defense guarantee teachers an uninterrupted 30mlnute lunch break with no students under their sup Nobel Winner joins negro leaders at Selma Martin Luther King joins hands with other negro leaders while singing we shall overcome at a Church from James the Fred unidentified the Ralph the James a wire photo during beatings minister describes hate the passed truck gets in damages a truck trailer combination received an estimated damage when it Jack knifed on Highway 112 the Walter Han sen of 527 3rd suffered cuts and bruises in the Hansen was eastbound 28 Miles West of port when he pulled the Rig to the right for oncoming the Tor got onto the shoulder of the causing the two trailers to Jack knife and pile into according to the investigating state damage to the tractor was estimated at and at to the front trailer by the state pleads guilty Robert american born air Force vet is pictured As he talked with newsmen outside Federal court in new York after plead ing guilty to peddling Mil itary secrets during six years As a paid spy for i was he told a War photo three rescued today shocked at Rasmussen re he said it was neither honorable nor ethical for the Tacoma Democrat to impugn me Cutcheon other senators also Rose to Mccutcheons Rasmussen said he had no in Tention of impugning anyone motives and if he he apolo despite the delay in debating the the Senate passed other Bills which would boost the Basic motor vehicle License fee to a new High of raise million a year for 150 new state patrolmen by of and 15 a year after through the three persons were landed at olympic memorial Hospital by coast guard helicopter about 11 after their boat capsized in Dungeness at coast guard spokesman said the unidentified persons were rescued from the water by another boat and taken to the Dungeness Light a helicopter from Ediz Hook was dispatched to bring the Vic Tims to port they were suffering from the coast guard further details of the mishap were not known this look inside dear editorial port tide special features planning court redistricting Battle Seattle a a District court three judge panel tuesday brought to an end Al most three years of court and legislative battling Over Legisla Tive reapportionment in Washington when it approved the states new redistricting the court dismissed the tax payer suit filed in at the request of the state and the league of women voters which had intervened on behalf of the speaking for the presid ing judge William Beeks called the states redistricting Bill a monumental step for Ward in assuring the people of this state equal but he also agreed with state attorney general John Ocon Nell who admitted the new Law has some flaws and added we have Faith that the legs lature will recognize its continuing responsibility and following the 1970 census will achieve greater Equality of represent in 1962 the same panel held a previous Washington reapportionment act was unconstitutional and insidiously disc Lina tory1 and last october ordered the legislature to redistrict it self in line with the supreme court1 vote Rule no other Laws could be passed until this was pact Colombo Ceylon a a Fourman soviet delegation is seeking an agreement with the Ceylon government giving so Viet fishing vessels specialities in Cey Lonese the agreement is sought As part of a soviet Gram to Aid Ceylon fishing in by Ross Hagen a i am extremely sorry there Are people in this country who have As much hate As i saw in their this was How the Clark Olson of de scribed his reaction to the beat Ings Given him and two fellow White clergymen by five White men in tuesday Selma Public safety director Wilson Baker says he is invest and the James and the Orloff both of had come to Selma earlier in sup port of a negro right Tovote Reeb was listed in critical condition in a Birmingham hos Pital the other ministers were not Hurt Washington state joins Olympia a the state House of representatives tues Day urged president Johnson to immediate action to project minority groups in the state of the passed by voice also urged the presi Dent to Aid minority groups in their drive for voting it called for an end to the blatant abuse of police Power by the state of Sam d the Only negro in the brought up Alabama in another context when he said he planned a no holds barred1 drive to get a state civil rights Bill out of the House rules com the Bill would prohibit real estate agents from discriminating in the Sale or rental of hous Smith said Alabama negroes were fighting for the right to vote and in Washington for equal Job and housing Jaycees will sponsor rally for riders everyone is invited to participate in the Roughrider Good Luck thursday to be held on the port fill in downtown port Jim chairman of the port Angeles Jaycee said the rally will Start at 7 wed like to get every one in town to support the rough As there really giving the town something to shout the port Angeles senior High under the direction of de Grier will the rally squad will be on As will coach Bob Klock and All the Roughrider the roughriders meet Olympia Friday night in View in the first game of the regional this is the first time port Angeles has been represented in the state tourney since Olson said attackers jumped them after they had eaten in a negro cafe in Down town four or five White men shouted at us from across the one of them you Nigger so one of them hit Reeb and knocked him to the or Loff fell to the another Man pummelled i dont recall what happened but when we regained our senses we simply went on and walked a couple of blocks to asked Why he came to Olson replied i came because i As most everyone a feeling of revulsion against the brutal police attacks last Sun Olson said he Felt sure that his congregation at the Berkeley Fellowship of would have wanted me to Miller described the scene much As Olson he said Reeb was hit from behind with a homemade club three or four feet it felled Miller after the we picked ourselves Miller Jim was incoherent but seemed to be fairly Well we order half to marching by Kelso Sturgeon a Selma Public safety director ordered a halt today to rights demonstrations in this tense area where a massive right Tovote March was followed by Vio a new March was planned Wilson the chief Law enforcement issued his ultimatum order after a March tuesday by about including hundreds of the nations and the night beating of three White ministers who had joined the the decision to Stop the demonstrations was arrived at after discussions with mayor Joseph Baker we Are going to Stop any it is too risky under the present Circum stances taking under consideration the facts As they now affect the he Baker sent word of the Deci Sion to negro leaders who had said they would stage a March on the Dallas county court there was no immediate response from the it was decided by the mayor walked two and on half blocks to the Sulc Southern Christian leadership conference jims head cleared a Little and he became coherent but he was in terrible he was groan ing and his head was we were taken to Burwell infirmary where a doctor gave him treatment but realized that this was much too serious to handle we left Selma in an Amu but the vehicle developed a Flat tire and we had to Call for another while we waited along the several cars loaded with Whites drove by and looked at the Dallas county sheriffs office sent a they surrounded us and flashed flashlights into the ambulance to try to see who was a Deputy opened the door and demanded to know who the injured Man i was scared to use the cites emergency police Powers to Stop stations at this Baker we intend to Stop the decision meant that City policemen would take Over the task of handling the marches which often in the seven week negro voter drive have brought clashes Between marchers and state and county senior succumbing to Sequim Sunshine and skipping on Way to school local residents watching with program on Channel 9 last night in which sity students showed Minia Model City of port Geles High school students moaning and groaning with aches of Muscles newly used alter first Spring turnouts dog raiding supplies of picnickers at Ediz Hook Ter Day Library Board ing at brochures for copy Chines interested parents listening to Eleanor Naddy and John Driscoll give tons of Washington lege test scores night store capital Roundup no test Olympia a one of organized labors major legislative goals of the current session a Bill to allow collective bar gaining by Public employees passed its first test in the Bouse but final passage is the Bills democratic support ers knocked Down five Republican attempts to Amend but the measure still failed to get the required two turds vote to suspend the rules so it could be put to an immediate final it was thus sent Back to the rules committee to be rescheduled for final floor democratic leaders said one party sponsored amendment to include employees of Public hospitals May endanger the Bill since it would have to go Back to the Senate for backers of the measure fear that move May run up against the close of the regular session two Bills Olympia a the House highways committee tuesday approved two Bills already passed by the one would require fences or Hedges around junkyards where Ever the other allows Franklin and dams coun ties to Issue million in Bonds to build farm Market the Bond would be paid with the counties share of state gasoline Olympia a the lature has voted to create a new state commission to License and regulate Well the Senate passed the Bill tuesday night and sent it on to the despite a charge it was an attempt by the Well drillers association to set up a monopoly and keep out compe front equipment Olympia a a Bill to make it easier to convict per sons who fall to return rented cars or farm equipment passed the Senate tuesday the approved 3015 and sent to the would put a presumption of larceny on anyone who wilfully failed to bring Back a vehicle or valued at More than alter being dry zone Olympia a the sen ate voted 409 tuesday night to retain the dry zone around the University of Washington Cam it rejected an Effort to tack onto a Bill an amendment per mitting liquor sales in the the Bill was one providing jail terms of up to six months and fines up to for minors attempting to buy it was passed 490 and sent to Dan Berkeley has new Campus crisis a the Berkeley Campus of the University of California was plunged into a new crisis today following the sudden and unexplained resignations of presi Dent Kerr and acting Chancellor Martin the two men handed out printed announcements tuesday to newsmen invited to kerrs seventh Story neither gave his reasons for resigning nor his plans for the they refused further there was no mention of the free speech movement that rent the Campus late last but fam Leader Mario Savio said tuesday night in that mass demonstrations would be held again on Campus if the resignations meant suppression of student political Salvo dropped out of the University last became president of the Nin Campus statewide University in the 42yearold Meyerson was appointed acting Chancellor exactly one month after a student Satin the administration building that ended with nearly 800 the effective March 25 at the next meeting of the University Board of regents in took some of to regents by but Board chairman a dam Carter of los Angeles fused to add to a prepared statement or to say whether he was 8pa project really inf a Large contract for Neville Power project announced monday turns out to be for supplies and apparently use of the term project was inaccurate in mondays the contract to Alcoa is supplies and materials spa line to be construe Fairmount to port the aluminium Clad forced steel conductors and Essory equipment will be stored in Sequim for use of the general contractor on the Seattle spa officials said in response to even in news a pole Yard and for the construction plated this year is planned for location on the Palo Alto r

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