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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1972, Page 1

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - January 26, 1972, Port Angeles, WashingtonFrom Hanoi and critics at Home Nixon peace offer gets Cool reception Washington a pres ident Nixon newly unveiled eight Point Vietnam peace offer Drew a Cool reception from North Vietnam today and found Little favor with his critics at the in a Surprise disclosed a proposal made secretly eight months ago for a pullout in Exchange for a prisoner and his broader eight Point offer made last the latter proposes that South Viet name president Nguyen Van Thieu step Down pending a new in a radio television address tuesday night Nixon disclosed he had dispatched his National Security Henry Kis to Paris a dozen times since for hush hush negotiations with top North vietnamese Hanoi negotiators rejected a offer last May for a pullout deadline in return for prisoner release and a he Nixon said the eight Point plan has not been but it has been a White House official said the first enemy response is Likely to be negative when negotiator William Porter presents the plan publicly at thursdays weekly Paris peace talks the official voiced Hope for a More favourable North vietnamese reaction but a main aim of Nixon 20 minute address was also to de fuse Domestic nine dead in Wake of brutal Winter storm by the associated press at least nine persons were known dead As the result of a brutal Winter storm that dumped More than 20 inches of Snow in parts of the causing Power outages and a Long list of cancellations and bringing traffic to a near stand five persons were killed in weather related traffic Acci including three persons in two crashes on the stretch of 12 Between Richland and and four elderly Seattle men collapsed and died of apparent heart attacks while shovelling the puget sound Power and Light reported numerous Power outages As Snow Laden tree braches bringing Down Power a portion of downtown Olympia was without Power for More than two hours tuesday night when a Section of circuit was knocked to the its rather said a Power company spokes we put a line up one minute and a tree goes through the line the next minute and were right Back where we the spokesman said All Avail Able equipment was being used to restore the National weather service reported 20 inches of Snow on the ground in Olympia and Snow was still falling late tuesday most schools and businesses in Seattle and Tacoma announced they would be closed for a second Day wednesday in the Wake an 11inch snowfall Power outages also were re ported in Tacoma and Crews worked to Clear drifts up to six feet deep from main arterial City manager Bill Don Aldson said the City was renting heavy equipment from con tractors to augment its own graders and Dock talks will resume monday san Francisco a resumption of negotiations in the West coast Dock strike is scheduled for next barring developments in Washington Federal mediator Edwin Scott said the first session since bargaining broke off 17 would be at 2 unless leaders of either Side were called to Washington testify at congressional hearings on president Nixon proposal for legislating an end to the walk Nixon asked Congress last week to act on his proposal by the end of this but hear Ings in the Senate and House committees had not begun tuesday when the scheduling of negotiations was the president has urged that Congress order an end to the strike and create a Threeman arbitration Board to Settle the dispute within 40 Days with Rul Ings that would be binding for 18 the strike of members of the International longshore mens and warehousemen Union at 24 ports in Oregon and California began last july 1 and lasted 100 Days before it was ended by a Taft Hartley the in Junction ran out Christmas but the walkout was not renewed until the Pacific maritime Assoc representing 122 West coast shipping and Steve doring appealed in a full Page newspaper advertisement today to the Public to make your voice heard and acquaint your elected representatives with the facts of this in its pm said it has offered the Iwu wage and Bene fit improvements of an hour in a contract expiring july including an increase in Basic hourly pay from to the impasse in bargaining reached last the pms was solely in a dispute Over How the guaranteed in come plan was to be the Iwu position would have added additional costs to an Al ready expensive the guaranteed income provision offered guaranteed 36 hours work a week or straight time pay in lieu thereof to class a regular pm meanwhile Iwu president Harry Bridges was seeking to reach separate agreements with Grain terminal operators in the three Curt president of Stockton which handles nearly 8 million bushels at elevators in san Sacramento and said his firm is studying Bridges Bridges apparently is now bypassing the pm and dealing with us Rocca various congressmen who have been attacking the administrations Vietnam policy were again democratic presidential candidate George Mcgovern said he does not think the new Nixon formula will chairman Fulbright of the Senate foreign relations committee said Nixon did not offer enough to gain Hanoi Jacob said the american National interest still requires Complete Nixon accused Hanoi of hav ing publicly denounced the United states for not making proposals which in fact had been made in the manner they wanted us to the North vietnamese thus induced Many americans in the press and the Congress into echoing their propaganda americans who could not know they were being falsely used by the enemy to stir up divisive Ness in this he one of the most prominent demands by Nixon political As voiced by the caucus of democratic senators wednesday and by nearly All democratic presidential con has been for a deadline for withdrawal of All conditioned upon release of american on May 1971 eight months at one of the secret meetings in Nixon we offered specifically to agree to a deadline for the withdrawal of All american forces in Exchange for the re lease of All prisoners of War and a at the next private on june the North Vietnam Ese rejected our they privately proposed instead their own nine Point plan which insisted that we overthrow the government of South calling his new offer one of which we can All agree and an Effort to break the deadlock at Nixon said some of our citizens have become accustomed to thinking that whatever our government says must be and what Ever our enemies say must be the record i have revealed tonight proves the con the White House account of the 2mj years of secret negotiations stressed that the North Are insisting on Thieu removal As part of any Nixon eight Point plan Fea tured a new presidential elec Tion in South Vietnam As the offer on this prime sticking Point in the Paris As the president summarized his proposal within six months of an agreement shall withdraw All and Allied forces from South shall Exchange All shall be a ceasefire throughout shall be n new presidential election in South Viet in a Saigon broadcast timed with Nixon thick said he agreed to the offer and that the Viet songs National liberation front could run candidates in the proposed under the Thieu and vice president Tran Van Huong would resign a month before the vote but could run for office if they communist negotiators have spurned past offers for elections on ground they would be rigged against the negotiators in turn claim that enemy proposals for a new Sai gon have been heavily weighted in favor of the t lie january 1972 241st Issue of 56th Yea poles 10 cents the work goes on Snow covered the olympic Peninsula today and More cold weather is but the daily tasks continue in spite of the cold and these itt pen ply workers worked in a Pond filled with Snow covered watching their footing very evening news photo Snow has really piled up Peninsula is digging out activity in the Region began to return to Normal today As traffic began to pick up on the highways and Pearl trial opens in Vancouver a one of three local men charged with conspiracy in the theft of 264 pounds of cultured pearls in Seattle has testified he knew the pearls were smuggled into Canada but did not know they had been stolen in the United Eugene is accused of conspiring with Barry and lawyer Martin Cham to possess pearls taken in a robbery at Seattle Tacoma International Airport the three men Are also accused of Possession of stolen although reports indicated compact Snow and ice on All school districts in the area were Back on operation today except Crescent consolidated District at Joyce is not port Angeles schools were Back in session As Well As those in the Cape flattery schools in Sequim were in but were running an hour behind schedule this in school began a half hour late and classes were to be dismissed a half hour Early this state Highway Road Crews were out throughout the night blowing roads As Snow continued to Callam county Road Crews remained on the Job until 9 or 10 they will continue blowing today and when the Snow quits falling will Start the state Highway depart ment reported compact Snow and ice on All highways throughout the discovery Bay and Sequim this morning both reported two inches of new Snow and the temperature at 20 the Elwha River had a Light Snow falling Early today with the temperature at one resident of that area reported 25 inches of Snow in his Hecklesmille had 30 inches of Snow on the ground this morning with the thermometer standing at 18 out at the temperature was 16 degrees with a Trace of new at least two Drivers who came in from that area tuesday reported about four inches of much less than in the areas East of along Highway 112 to the it was the same compact Snow and ice with a temperature of 26 a heart o the Hills resident reported the most he said 30 inches fell monday night and tuesday leaving a 48 Inch total in the a Light Snow fell throughout tuesday Clearing of the runway at William Fairchild International Airport continued the work began Randy Fairchild of Eagle airlines said it looked As if the runway would be open in time for the 3 flight to Taylor not saying much about probe clocks Bob Ross snug in his alaskan duds Complete with his walk around the Village mukluks with Bead trim streets almost deserted after dark Drivers unsure of streets with no guide lines showing puffed up Robin perched on a Bare surveying the eight witnesses testified tuesday and nine More Are scheduled to testify today in a secret fact finding probe into the 4 double murder of Sequim couple Ronald and Wanda other witnesses unable to trek to Callam county Superior court because of heavy snowfall will be questioned at a continuation of special inquiry next the conducted by a special inquiry was requested by the Callam county prosecutor to unravel the mystery still surrounding the brutal slayings of the Bucks at their country Home near be this special Type of inquiry was authorized by the last session to serve As an investigative it resembles a grand jury investigation in that the sessions Are prosecutor Brooke Taylor was tight lipped about the first Day of the probe and would Only say that eight witnesses testified and that nine More would take the stand in All 26 witnesses were subpoenaed to appear at the those unable to make it to court this week will be re subpoenaed for next wed Taylor asked to describe the scene behind the closed Taylor said he and Deputy prosecutor theadore Ripley asked questions of witnesses before Superior court judge Joseph Johnston and a court if a witness is in a Law enforcement officer is allowed inside the Taylor a witness May also have his or her attorney but Taylor said most witnesses so far Haven been represented by Legal the inquiry process itself is formal but not like an adversary proceeding such As a Taylor he indicated he has prepared but plays it by ear and also asks Impromptu before the Taylor refused to predict what it would he said it May Lead to filing a it May reveal a new witness we will Call to testify it May Lead i dont have any particular thing in looking he declined to elaborate on that prediction ill withhold any comment until were he Western Washington continued cold with a Chance of Snow showers mostly Friday and highs in the 20s and Low 30s except in the teens in the North Interior Friday and lows mostly in the teens except 5 to is in the North Interior Friday and world Roundup blast kills woman new York a a Young woman was killed and impresario sol Hurok was injured today As incendiary devices went off in the offices of two organizations that Book soviet nine die in fire Ohio a nine persons perished Early today in a fire that destroyed the Green Home for the aged at the North Edge of mayor James Lowery of suburban Lincoln Heights said three persons they were believed to be a a nurse and the operator of the fair employment Washington a in a showdown on fair employment the Senate voted today against providing for enforcement through the courts rather than by administrative an amendment by Peter to require court action instead of letting the equal employment Opportunity commission Issue cease and desist orders was rejected by a 4846 pay Board divided Washington i a a bitterly divided pay Board again has ignored its own wage this time conditionally approving a 10 per cent pay raise this year for Railroad but it is Uncertain whether the Falcio United transportation Union will Honor the Long delayed which contains streamlined work rules the Railroad Industry says will Speed service and eventually save Laird revives fear Washington a defense Secretary Melvin beseeching Congress for an extra million this has revived a 10 year old fear about soviet weapons the source of Laird said tuesday in testimony before the House armed services is electro magnetic which he described As potentially capable of paralysing Vietnam Saigon a South vietnamese fighter bombers knocked out four North vietnamese tanks today and tuesday along the Western Side of the Central military spokesmen besides the Points on withdrawal of All foreign forces from South Vietnam within six months of an agree the parallel prisoner re lease in this period and the elections to be held within six months of an the eight part Nixon plan proposes sides will respect the Geneva agreements for in Kochinas Independence and among the indochinese countries will be settled in Accord with these principles and All armed forces of the countries of Indochina must remain within their National Nixon rivals rejecting his new peace plan Washington a pres ident Nixon political rivals and foes with few sex rejecting the idea his newly disclosed peace plan is the Lon sought key to the com plex Puzzle of the Vietnam congressional reaction to Nixon tuesday night announcement from a declaration that the presidents disclosure of secret negotiations with Hanoi was his finest through doubts his offer would be to a charge he has been dealing in darkness to save his own face and that of a corrupt of the several democratic presidential contenders offering Only Henry m gave the presidents new initiatives Gen eral George d said he Doest believe the plan will and accused Nixon of running the War to suit his election timetable rather than considering the Mili moral and political issues the front running Edmund Muskie of said the initiatives obviously must be but said there is serious doubt As to whether the North vietnamese will accept Edward a Massachusetts Republican who has differed with the president at times on foreign and military he has no doubt the Nixon plan is a Gen Erous offer to break the dead lock and a major step in the right Vance a declared presidential contender and longtime War issued attack at what he called the presidents blatant abuse of the constitutional treat making the right of the Senate to advise and consent to inter National agreements is Hartke when the presi Dent turns to dealing in dark Ness to save his own face and that of a corrupt but Hartke acknowledged what Many Washington observers were that the presi dents speech May have under Cut the War Issue by adopting some of his opponents propos i cannot convey my anger and sorrow when i remember pleading with the president upon my return from Paris last april to accept Many of the same terms he produced tonight from his secret Hartke official Republican reaction was generally along the lines of that from Senate Republican Leader Hugh he praised Nixon diplomatic efforts As superhuman and said the onus for failure has been placed squarely on Kissinger role proves secrecy Washington a Henry Kissinger nearly Miles of Clandestine inter National travel for private Viet Nam peace talks has proven again that president Nixon and his closest aides can keep a be Nixon assistant for National Security was to face newsmen at the White House today to Tell How he made 13 separate trips to Paris during the past 30 months without so much As stirring a Rumor in this Rumo Happy Cap initial indications were that several of the Kissinger trips were made in government jets not part of the blues Edwhite presidential and that the talks with the North Vietnam Ese were conducted on the out skirts of Paris away from the Glare of the cites diplomatic the grading Kissin who Speaks with the accent of his native sandwiched his Paris trips around another that one produced the Bombshell announcement last summer that Nixon will travel to a visit arranged by Kissinger when he secretly conferred in peking with chinese As with his China announce Nixon and his spokesmen had subtly telegraphed the scope of the secret Vietnam talks which the chief executive disclosed in his National Tele Vised speech tuesday a Broad indication had come when in a nationally televised lbs interview said we have pursued every negotiating Channel we have made a number of offers in various channels when the total record is and it will be published in due time and at an appropriate time others will realize that we have gone the extra mile As far As pos Are i do not want to disclose any further details because negotiations Are under White House aides publicly discuss details of Kis singers Paris trips according to air mileage would total but they privately expressed Delight monday night that the journeys were accomplished without in observers at the peace conference often had suspected could never secret talks were taking they said there were any number of Sutof therway locations where the negotiations could have been held Nixon indicated High level French officials were in on the he said in his speech that i would like to take this Opportunity to thank president Georges Pompidou for his personal assistance in helping to make arrangements for these Viets say what is new Hong Kong a North Vietnam said today that presi Dent Nixon Vietnam peace proposals offer nothing when radio Hanoi said in a vietnamese Lan Guage broadcast it becomes Clear that the Basic plot and the stand has not changed in any the broadcast said the troop withdrawal offered by Nixon is Only a conditional troop withdrawal applying Only to it Means that Nixon plots to withdraw get Back the but continue the War of aggression through Vietnam Iza Tion and maintenance of the Lackey clique of Nguyen Van the broadcast said Nixon plan for South vietnamese elections was nothing but a repeat of the election farce of in which Thieu ran for re election

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