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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - January 21, 1972, Port Angeles, WashingtonThe Campaign year is Ridge Road slide an on employee walked on Concrete like Snow 20 feet above what was once the Hurricane Ridge covered by a massive slide thursday evening news photo by Grayson Board of equalization Rumor about state action is now fact Bygar Conkling Rumor became fact today As the director of the state department of Revenue said that Agency will take the unprecedented step of intervening in actions taken by the Callam county Board of George Kinnear declined to specify what action his department will but said whatever it is it wont come until after the current session of the state legislature controversy has swirled around the Board of equalization since it made wholesale adjustments to the majority of the property assessments appealed to chopping off million from the county 1971 assessed Kinnear said he made a decision on the basis of a report handed him last Friday which provided sufficient evidence of abuse of authority by the Board of he gave these specifics record of the boards hearings indicates valuations were changed without any evidence for or against the change being record also shows that other valuation changes were made when evidence was presented but on a More personal Kinnear i feel quite critical of a government Board providing benefits to them selves As a result of their own this is a reference to downward adjustments the fou member Board made on their own Board members were Thomas Les John Griffith and Leonard who has since Kinnear said he was not in a position to talk about what action might be nor would he say what options were being he pointed to two sections of the Washington administrative code that outline the Broad Powers the department of Revenue has Over county boards of equalize the wording of the Law suggests the department of Revenue has the Power to direct and to order any county Board of equalization to raise or lower the valuation of any taxable the department also is empowered to reconvene the county Board of equalization so its order can be carried if a Board of equalization fails or refuses to follow the the department apparently has the Power to make changes in property assessments itself or to seek court action forcing Public officials to make the crush of legislative activity affecting the depart ment is the reason for the delay before any action is Kinnear but he added the delay will not be detrimental to the county Revenue picture because any Impact will be on the up Humours about possible state intervention began almost immediately after the rest of the county Board of equalization deliberations were made Public last suspense heightened when the depart ment said it was conducting an the investigation grew out of complaints from Urban area residents who claimed the Board of equalization undid what revaluation of Rural lands sought to accomplish equalize the tax Board said revalued property assess ments threatened to drive Farmers off their they also said they found countless errors in the revaluation program resulting from mass appraisal of land by private appraisal firms unfamiliar with the boards of which Convene each Are designed to hear complaints from landowners who say their assessments inaccurately reflect their property True and fair Market artful speech by Nixon Washington a pres ident in an artful keynote to his reelection has lectured the democrats on partisanship while offering the nation a catalogue of his own political he took his from former president Harry whose Call for cooperation from a Republican con Gress later gave Way to a re election Campaign in which that same Congress was the chief something like that could happen in the 92nd con Gress is dominated by demo Nixon democratic Chal Lenger is Likely to come from the and there is no Chance Congress will enact in this Campaign year All the things Nixon said it there were few new propos als in his state of the Union message but Nixon called for enactment of More than 90 leftover administration he guaranteed a time consuming Senate Battle by recommending an increase of perhaps billion in defense and he said he would propose later in the year a program to overhaul the financing of Public schools and ease the Burden on property that would be a major Politi Cal and even Senate re publican Leader Hugh Scott said he doubted such a measure could pass Congress this Nixon is known to favor the idea of a value added form of National sales to ease the property tax Liberal democrats Are certain to resist such a Nixon has said he will not make Public partisan appear ances before when the Republican National convention by that proxy campaigners could be casting him As the president who tried to do something about soaring property taxes Only to 1 january 1972 237th Issue of 56th year 10 pages 10 cents Ridge Road closed by huge slide Symik Archbold a massive Snow slide on the Hurricane Ridge Road thursday described by olympic National Park employees As the largest in 13 was Only one of numerous hazards created As rain and warming tempera Tures took their toll on area hardest hit was the county West end As minor slides and flooding closed some roads temporarily and created hazardous the state Highway depart ment issued an order restricting heavy Load travel both on High Way 112 and 101 from the Piedmont Road West of port on Road Crews began this morning Clearing an 800foot wide slide which covered the Hurricane Ridge Road to a depth of 20 feet about nine Miles above the heart o the Hills the which scoured the Hills on both sides of the toppled Trees and hardened die Snow mass like making Clearing operations it began a mile above the Road on the Snow choked Klah Anie Ridge and swooped Down from two areas before converging on the it must have really been moving when it came said on Road Foreman Bill who was at the scene this one Park employee estimated the winds created by a slide that Large May have reached 200 in front of the crushing Heckman said that though the area was classed As an Avalanche no slides had hit the area since the roads looking Back the evening news resumes a feature on Page 4 today it carried in previous looking Back takes the Reader Back to 25 and 40 years ago As reported in the pages of the evening were you around in 1947 or 1932 what were you and your friends doing at that time try looking Back you might revive some fond county Resolution for second judge adopted two crows giving Battle to flock of seagulls Over Titbit in Street at second and Valley morning sky Bright and Clear in the dark and menacing in the West ducks happily dunking themselves in numerous puddles along the a Resolution calling for a second Superior court judge in the Callam Jefferson judicial District was adopted by Callam county commissioners thurs adoption of the Resolution came after Paul con or Dag new and Charles Savage Shelton filed a Bill this week in the state legislature to create a second judgeship Conner termed an expression of approval by county com missioners in the judicial District As crucial to the Bills Jefferson county com missioners adopted a similar Resolution Callam county commission ers acted thursday after conferring with Superior court judge Joseph Johnston who said statistics show he presides Over one of the heaviest trial caseloads in the commissioners told Johnston they would talk with him later about the financial Impact a second Superior court judge would in other com missioners prosecutor Brooke Taylor to outline the Legal Steps necessary to implement the county services which allows counties to construct and operate sewage treatment the first step under the act is formation of a review com Mittee in this will inspect preliminary plans for separate sewage treatment facilities in Cla Fiam Bay and a suggestion that the county turn Over All its Parks to the state Parks and recreation commission because of the expense involved and because no county tourists use them More than county the suggestion was made by Harold Sisson who said the state Agency is set up to manage if the state ran the we need a Park he Sissons recommendation Fol Lowed announcement that James a former Park official in Colwitz was appointed to the position of Park director Here at a salary of per a letter from the 4seasons maintenance com Mission indicating no Legal action would be taken until final platting approval is granted to William Elton for his 54site Morse Creek Mobile Home the letter said 4 seasons ranch residents will oppose any Steps toward final approval of the controversial Crews hoped to get a one Way Road open today and it was estimated it May take two or three Days to Clear the Heckman said some three feet of Snow had fallen in the area since monday and with the warming temperatures it Doest take much to Start a state Highway Engineer Newton Baker reported a number of Small slides just West of Callam Bay which had clogged culverts causing water to run on the Highway 112 through the pasht Valley was covered with two feet of water thursday closing the but it is now Baker he cautioned motorists to watch for water in the the West end is in pretty rough shape but both Highway 101 and 112 Are open to he the East end of the county escaped any major Rivers throughout the county Are running High with the Hoko reported Only two feet below its Banks on the sol Duck is also High but Baker said it posed no problem for in port City engineers reported Only a few minor specifically on Cedar the itt Raynier Access Road and Tumwater City Engineer Paul Reed said they were Lucky enough to keep All the culverts skiers wondering whether the Ridge will open this weekend should Contact on head quarters at 4529235 for the latest Rivers up flood Waters from the Che Halis River have left Many Resi dents of Western Lewis county stranded and led a number of Rural families to take shelter in a civil defense official predicts serious trouble if the water rises an other the National weather service forecast major floods Friday in the Chehalis River but by Friday morning heavy Rains had eased Over Western Washington and the weather service predicted that most Rivers would stay within their world Roundup Winona a part of City the coast guard Cutter Winona is scheduled for decommissioning March some of the officers and men of the Cutter will be glad to get other duty others will be sad to leave port Angeles and the Mike Archbold Story appears today on Page legislative report the 24th District legislative delegation now in Olympia is divided on some area but in general agreement on statewide special correspondent Conni Blosser reports from Olympia on Page Dock legislation key a president Nixon sent Congress emergency legislation today that would provide for arbitration of a West coast Dock dispute and an immediate halt to the strike at Pacific in a message to Nixon said he wanted the measure passed by the end of next economic report Washington a the nations Economy closed out a sluggish 1971 on a Strong growing at a per cent rate in the fourth but the Cost of living surged in the government reported the Commerce department and the labor department released separate reports on the state of the Economy and they showed markedly parallel demos strike Back Washington a congressional democrats struck Back at president Nixon charging his administration has failed to end the Vietnam War while starving financially the programs aimed at relieving Domestic they made in a nationally televised and radio broadcast response to Nixon state of the Union speech a Day there will be no political truce in 1972 Between the democratic Congress and the Republican chief air Force Cadet probe air Force a air Force Academy officials say they expect Many More resignations in addition to the 16 cadets who have already quit in a probe of academic cheating and other violations of the schools Honor Albert Academy said thursday night the cadets themselves Are conducting the investigation and Are checking a list of about 75 of which 23 Are seriously Olympia alternatives to Gas tax moving a at least one alternative to the Extension of the sales tax to Gaso line to pay for Dan Evans jobs now and Washington futures an additional gasoline tax started its Way through the legislative legislators in both parties have said they think the re publican governors Public Hir ing program and million capital outlay Washington future plans Are but disagree with the gasoline tax Extension one of these is Nat chair Man of the Senate transportation committee and though a quiet and considerate something of a Maverick in the upper he May be some thing less of a Maverick with his alternate Money program to pay for the governors pro Grams or ones much like the governor has said Hes willing to listen to any alternative to his sales tax Extension to so Public and legislative response to that has been less than enthusiastic and he May Well have to end up listening to Washington or something much like Washington plan is relatively he would also extend the sales but instead to personal things As lawyer Barber accountant and similar to name a be blocked by an opposition said he was not presenting Congress with proposals which have attractive labels but no Hope of Pas he said he was propos ing vital programs Congress could and added that they should be beyond partisan under the pressures of an election it would be easy to look upon the legislative pro Gram merely As a political de vice and not As a serious he we must re Sist this temptation let us join in making sure that legislation the nation needs does not become hostage to the political interest of any party or any Edward r in praising May have offered the Best Summa Tion of the presidents political thrust the president put the cat on the Back of the democratic led the written Mes Sage Nixon delivered along with his speech is Likely to provide Republican campaigners with a sort of Advance gop it recites administration programs and proposals for the the the for the Nixon began his televised speech by recalling that 25 years ago he sat As a freshman congressman from California and heard Truman Call on con Gress to put aside partisan considerations for the National in it was and what Truman said was this men who differ can still work together sincerely for the common we shall be Ris King the nations safety and destroying our opportunities for Progress if we do not Settle any disagreements in this without thought of partisan and for the next Campaign was a year in he spent it whistle stopping the denouncing that do 80th Republican con he won in an for the Campaign year is sports fishery is at an All time Low now a excessive Canadian net Lack of food for Salmon and alleged mismanagement by the state department of fish eries Are reasons for poor sports catches in puget a legislative hearing has been sports fishery is at an All time Low in the Frank a fisheries department told the hearing he said studies show the condition is partly because sea bound Salmon Are being caught in record numbers in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and off Van Couver Island by Canadian net negotiations Are about to be Gin with the canadians to Dis cuss the Haw but meanwhile the department will look for a fish species that wont Migrate from the Chuck an official of the Northwest said Salmon leave puget sound be cause theres a Lack of food herring and the sound has been almost stripped of bait so the Salmon go elsewhere to few come Voss spit breached this is the Way the Dungeness spit appeared at High tide last week when heavy seas broke through the narrow Sand the coast guard Lighthouse and other facilities Are now on an coast guard

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