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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1972, Page 1

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - January 20, 1972, Port Angeles, WashingtonDungeness Bay Small boat Basin ecology problems halt ports project by Scooter Chapman in the word ecology didst mean very but its 1972 and the threat of environmental problems has All but killed the proposed Dungeness Small boat the port of port Angeles commission Learned the sad news at its meeting word came from senator Henry he received a report from the army corps of engineers which stated the environmental problems have not been overcome by proposed modifications and the study will be were not dead newly elected commission president Cliff Swain but it Doest look the corps of engineers report from Munson of Seattle traced the history of the project from 1987 to the present in August of that the port of port Angeles requested the District engineers to initiate studies for a Small boat Basin at the port owned new Dungeness the consultants report showed economic justification for general navigation facilities based on an evaluation of needs and desires of local another report was submitted to a higher authority on april recommending further detailed study and the corps of engineers was authorized to conduct detailed studies and prepare a project that was started in a preliminary plan incorporating the desires of the port was completed in 1969 and mailed in october of that year by Don Paxson the Callam county Hospital District ii Board of com missioners approved an in crease in Hospital room rates and seated a new commissioner during their meeting at olympic memorial Hospital wednesday according to the action taken by the the increase adds about three dollars to the general room Jerry port Angeles insurance took his place at the table As a new he was elected As the representative from commissioner District 1 last District 1 covers the East end of the with the seating of the new Board the com missioners elected Ray Taylor was named chairman of the Board and David Woodruff was elected who has headed the Board succeeds Burnis Bernie who was not a candidate for reelection last while the commissioners were considering the request for an increase in administrator Clyde Wagar explained the private room Cost would go to per the and the four bed per increasing costs were cited As the reason for boosting Wagar noted the new unemployment compensation Law will require the Hospital to set aside about during the the increase in payroll will add another to Wagar he said the Hospital really should have a six Dollar raise to meet but because of current regulations woman escapes serious injury an elderly woman escaped serious injury wednesday afternoon after she was hit by a car and run Over while crossing Lincoln Street on the South Side of first Micheline of 1105 first was taken to olympic memorial Hospital by am but was later released after rays were a Hospital spokesman Feola said this morning she was feeling better but said it happened so i dont know yet what happened except i was crossing the Street in the according to the port Angeles police Patrick Wayne of 238 10th was driving East on first Street and attempted to make a right turn onto Lincoln he apparently did not see Feola crossing the Street and struck knocking her into the before running Over said investigating patrolman Charles three dollars is the highest the Board can go and that action is subject to the Hospital is getting a break on one of its National automatic sprinkler of the firm which had the contract to install a Complete sprinkler system in the Hospital for fire went the firms bonding company has taken Over the project and is asking for bids to Complete the Taylor said with the project getting started again the unsightly holes in the ceiling in various places in the building will soon be in other the commissioners the bid of cents per gallon for ps300 fuel Oil from Peninsula fuel accepted the bid of the physio control of Seattle to install a Complete coronary care unit in a four bed Ward at the the installation will provide the Hospital with the latest equipment to care for patients with heart sending the assistant director of nurses to the sixth and final session of a special course in nursing administration to be held in the Seattle the earlier sessions of the course were federally funded and were held at the University of Oregon school of nursing at the attendance of the director of nurses at the 26 meeting of the director of nurses service meeting at subject of the session will be drug fac finding probe into Buck murders Bygar Conkling a closed courtroom fac find ing inquiry into the unsolved brutal murders of a retired Sequim couple 4 has been delayed until next the special investigative requested by the Callam county originally was scheduled wednesday to interrogate a single material witness about the double slaying of Ronald and Wanda prosecutor Brooke Taylor said the inquiry was set Back because it had been expanded to include 26 witnesses who will be subpoenaed to appear behind closed courtroom doors and Tell what they know about the double names of All but one of the 26 witnesses will be kept Taylor the name of the first witness subpoenaed was disclosed when it was announced earlier this month the inquiry would be the clocks huge German police dog completely filling Back of Small foreign car traffic coming to screeching halt As suddenly visible tiny with pop bottle and note in hand crossed to store at 8th and Cherry last night store mannequin with upraised arms wearing severed hand tucked in Blouse goal of the inquiry is to unravel the mystery surrounding the gunshot deaths of the Bucks in their peaceful country Home along the Dungeness River near attempts so far to locate the killer or killers have been in the format of the inquiry closely resembles a grand jury instead of a there is a special inquiry unlike a grand the inquiry judge int empowered to Lay the proceeding was authorized by the last session of the state the inquiry is intended solely As an investigative according to we wont be trying to prove a Case in the we will be listening to testimony hoping facts come to Light about the murder we dont already he Taylor added it was impossible to predict the outcome of the its impossible to it May Lead to filing of a it May reveal a new witness we will Call to testify it May Lead he i dont have any particular thing in looking a cloak of secrecy sur rounds the inquiry As it does grand Taylor the Public wont know much before and it wont know much after the Taylor is to eliminate pressure on encouraging them to testify freely certain their testimony will remain con to facilitate the inquiry investigative washing ton Law provides for granting immunity in certain Circum stances when a witness expresses a desire to withhold potentially incriminating but is ordered by the court to give the special inquiry will begin at in Callam county Superior court and is expected to conclude by the end of the Taylor judge Joseph Johnston will act As the special inquiry Premier witness at the in Quiry will be the first witness subpoenaed Joseph John Lalak currently is in custody at port Angeles jail in lieu of Lalak was brought Here to testify from whatcom county where he is charged with unlawful Possession of a firearm that is linked to the Buck when the subpoena for Lalak was the prosecutor emphasized Lalak want being charged Here with any crime connected with the Buck Mur we believe he has in formation that would be helpful in solving the Buck said Deputy prosecutor through this Type of proceeding we Hope to compel him to give us that in hold Back taxes a declaring themselves conscientious objectors to a state program of subsidizing therapeutic abortions for welfare a Lancaster couple says they will withhold part of their income tax however violates our and Mark Gallagher wrote in a letter to their state repro Harold the roman Cath Olics and social have two inviting Agency review and comment on the wildlife and water pollution aspects of the the general navigation facilities considered at that time provided for Protection and Access to an eight acre berthing area capable of handling 380 the plan included dredging some cubic Yards of material from the berthing and Channel an estimated cubic Yards of this material was to be used for Landfill and the remaining cubic Yards would have been wasted on the dryland disposal area on graveyard testimony at a Public meeting in Sequim was generally in favor of the proposed however some concern for possible Adverse environmental Impact was comments of the Bureau of sport fisheries and wildlife were com covering possible loss of shellfish through vessel pollution and dredge caused loss of important eel grass Beds from dredging the Entrance possible changes in erosion and sedimentation patterns caused by construction and Lack of planning consideration of alternative Sites were some of the similar comments were received from state and Federal environmental agencies and individuals interested in the development at the each problem of environment appeared to be resolvable by project throughout the port worked to modify the project to meet ecology included were such things As disposing of Landfill in deep water to enhance naturally eroding land in the spit area and mitigation measures for shellfish and a circulation Channel through the breakwater for tidal another meeting was held in late 1970 and the port met with environmental agencies for further but the environmentalists objected to the plan irrespective of the modifications for environmental an Allday workshop was held last october and alternative Sites were looked but it All boils Down to the fact that the objections of Federal and state agencies to the development of the proposed boat Basin do appear at least to he did say that if the port can resolve the environmental problems at the site or at another they May petition the Seattle District Engineer for a new the Dungeness Marina project for the if youll excuse the dead in the Hospital room Rote increase approved january 1972 236th Issue of 56th year 12 pages 10 cents state of the Union message Nixon asks Congress for a new technology program Washington a pres ident Nixon urged a democratic Congress today to reject the intense pressures of a political year and enact an array of stalled administration Meas an enlarged defense budget and a new technology pro Gram to promote research and create in a state of the Union prepared for de Peninsula graduates found jobs most of last years graduates in vocational programs at Peninsula College have found jobs in their an excellent record in Light of the current Job College trustees Learned wednesday Leonard vocational education reported the following figures at the boards monthly meeting Forest technology of 12 graduates and four who left school before 13 Are fully fisheries technology of eight four have jobs in the Field others have found work As mismanagement of nine four have licensed practical nursing 24 All passed state Board examinations with High 19 have secretarial nine eight pm engineering technology nine three pm Auto mechanics fourteen three heavy duty diesel mechanics 14 seven president John Maier re ported enrolment in Winter which opened is 800 Day students As compared with 776 a year evening student enrolment now is 430 but is expected to exceed 700 last year it was dormitory he re began the Quarter at 101 and is now an even or full fall Quarter occupancy was trustees also accepted Low bid of by Osborne construction for portable office building of Square feet to accommodate staffers hired under new Federal hired three instructors for federally financed program of training clerical workers and building maintenance people at Neah they Are Thomas Counselor Wayne maintenance and Patricia secretarial in hired two additions to under Federal emergency employment act Jerry and Ladd biological Spicer has a masters from University of Livingston a from University of approved new rental schedule for College buildings with increased Western Washington extended Outlook saturday through monday is for periods of highs in the upper tows 35 to livery at a live broadcast joint Nixon said he and con Gress should close ranks in making sure that legislation the nation needs does not become hostage to the political interest of any party or the an announced candidate for a second said he wants a bigger defense budget and a new technology program to encourage re create jobs and make american Industry More competitive he promised to unveil later in the year a plan to finance Public schools without burdening the property tax Nixon delivery of the Mes Sage coincided with the begin Ning of his fourth year in Nixon said Little about new initiatives but stressed instead that Congress should act on More than 90 world Roundup Bills Are constitutional a the Bills passed after Midnight on the final scheduled Day of the 1971 legislative session Are the state supreme court ruled 8 to 0 the court held that the constitutional 60day limit on the length of legislative sessions applies Only to regular pm reverses stand san Francisco a the Pacific maritime association has reversed its decision against handling military cargo at West coast ports struck by the Pentagon told the pm its original plan was contrary to the Best interests of National in another development the pm and the striking International longshoremen and warehousemen Union agreed to resume negotiations no later than contract talks were broken off Paris peace talks Paris a the United states asked Hanoi today for information about 14 missing american airmen that Washington says Are known to have landed or been captured alive in North Vietnam but never officially listed As demos to answer Washington a congressional democrats plan to answer president Nixon state of the Union speech with a live televised phone in program Friday featuring five House members and four Thomas will serve As Anchorman on the Alioto fee trial a an aide to one of the defendants in the fee splitting suit against san Francisco mayor Joseph Alioto says he told a reporter that Legal fees would exceed but the reporter says he Doest remember the political differences a partisan political differences intensify As congressional redistricting legislation moves to the floor of the Washington House of Jaycee award is Given Hendricks port of port Angeles project Engineer Jerry Hendricks was presented a distinguished service award As the port Angeles Jaycees Young Man of the year during the annual Dsa banquet wednesday night at according to the citation which went along with the Hendricks was honoured for his work As a member and president of the steering com Mittee of the citizens advisory group for he was head of the committee last year when the District voters approved a special school tax other nominees for the Honor were Callam county prosecuting attorney Brooke Taylor and gun drive chairman Ron former port Angeles mayor Joseph Wolfe was the main he recalled the Days of the Early 1950s when the cites system of government was changed and noted Jaycees worked on a number of Community improvement programs Over the looking to the he said it will be the Young men who step out in front to he cited the example of a Jaycee chapter in the state heading an initiative drive for tax he again praised the Jaycees for their work and said they will be the leaders in solving future problems in the Tony Barrett was the master of ceremonies and presented the Dsa award to the Jaycees honoured individuals and businesses with presentations of certificates of they went to Jack King of Black Ball transport and Cecil Thomas of the Flagstone Motel radio Kong and the evening a life membership in the Jaycees was presented to Ralph Schmitt of port during his years in the or he held state and National Jaycee president Bob Garling presented the Jaycee of the month award to James Frank Jaycee director from Renton and Bunker a state Jaycee vice president from Poulsbo represented the National and state Levels at the major administration propos als such As welfare government reorganization and Revenue sharing that have been hanging fire for a year or Long in a companion written state of the Union Docu the chief executive War med Over his past arguments on behalf of the pending in his written Nixon said his planned visits this year to communist China and the soviet Union will mean not that our differences have disappeared or will disappear in the near the important he is that we talk about these differences rather than fight about it would be a serious mis he to say that nothing can come of our expanded communications with peking and but it would also be a mistake to expect too much too discussing Home front reaction to the Vietnam Nixon wrote there has been a tendency among some to swing from one extreme to the other in the Wake of from wanting to do too much in the world to wan Ting to do too we must resist this temptation to for the United states to with draw from International responsibilities would be to make a dangerous he if anyone had doubts the political season is at Nixon erased them at the outset of his speech for the joint at a time when at least 10 members of Congress Are vying for Nixon he said there Are More candidates for the presidency in this Cham Ber today than there probably have been at any one time in the whole history of the re pub i know the political pres sures in this session of the con Gress will be great there is an honest division of not Only Between the parties but within the on some issues of foreign policy and Domestic policy As there Are great National problems that Are so vital they transcend partisan let us have our let us have our honest differ but let us join in keeping the National interest let us join in making sure that legislation the nation needs does not become hostage to the political interest of any party or any in explaining the scant num Ber of fresh ideas he was sub Nixon there is ample in this elec Tion for me to present you with a huge list of new propos knowing full Well that there could be no possibility that they could be enacted even if you worked night and Nixon in Brief Washington a Here at a glance is what president Nixon told Congress today in his state of the Union address politics because of next novembers Congress will face political pressures but must resist these and show High statesmanship in acting on vital technology a Federal partnership in research and development is needed to and Vance create jobs and make american Industry More competitive in world schools and taxes the president later this year will propose a plan to finance Public schools and ease the Burden of local property defense the new Federal budget due monday will Call for development of new weapons systems and higher defense sum Mitry Nixon will go to peking and Moscow with no illusions but hopeful despite it will be possible to find ways to talk about disputes instead of fighting about Economy statistics Are encouraging but unemployment is too High our goal is full employment in peacetime and we intend to meet that appreciative Jerry expresses his appreciation to the port Angeles Jaycees after being named Man of the in the background Are master of ceremonies Tony Barrett and Jaycee president Robert evening news

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