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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Jan 19 1972, Page 1

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - January 19, 1972, Port Angeles, WashingtonJobs now program million in projects for area by Dave Workman Specia i correspondent the jobs now part of the economic recovery legislation now being considered by the state could bring extensive Public works projects to Jefferson and Mason if passed into the valued at would be involved with water Supply and water pollution the data for the projects comes from the department of social health and the inter Agency committee for outdoor the department of Commerce and economic development and the county Road administration approved As possible works projects under the jobs now program were three Callam county pud water Supply projects totalling a Shelton water Supply project totalling and separate sewage treatment projects for sequin Bay state two nah state Park and Forks would be in line for a treatment Plant while Twanoh would get for lift and outfall Sequim Bay state Park would get for outfall and interceptor these projects would be ready to go in 90 to 180 Days provided the jobs now program is and the projects Are two of the Callam water systems will be aimed at Rural water Supply while the third is a Community water according to a Cost breakdown from the governors All figures Are total projected costs and require local Matching the pollution control projects would require 52 to 55 per cent local Matching and the water Supply systems project would need 50 per cent mat Ching funds or less depending on Federal funding now being considered by the jobs now program would fund million dollars of projects if an estimated jobs would be including jobs from Public facilities and transportation plus about people who would receive direct employment additional economic benefits in jobs will be realized from the promotion of increased tourist according to the governor Dan Evans has urged the passage of the jobs now program in order to provide jobs and stimulate the while providing the Means to develop the Overall economic recovery Evans in personal sea and sky Winter brings a Beautiful combination of surging seas and Clou Laden skies to the olympic the Strait of Juan de Fuca is seen from just East of the Elwha River looking East to observation Grayson evening news photo by plea for package Boft Angeles he Enilla a Dan Evans has made a rare appearance before a legislative committee to make a personal plea for approval of his multimillion Dollar plans for economic we can literally have our cake and eat it Evans told a hearing on his jobs now Washington future programs making the in vestment May be but it will bring enormous rewards and ultimately will Cost less than doing the twin recovery package received generally favourable with several detractors saying they like the pro but not a proposal to fund them by extending the sales tax to endorsements came during the 3vfe hour hearing from the Highway Seattle City associations rep resenting cities counties and and More than 50 people presented testimony during the joint meeting of the House state government committee and the Senate Industrial development we Are in a situation where the Choice is doing something by Way of investment and doing nothing and facing a severe financial Cost As Well As a per Sonal and individual crisis for Many of our Evans told the audience crowded onto the House floor and in the Gal the governor said the Cost of failure to act would be Over billion by the end of the dec that Evans said the state needs to provide jobs immediately and another by the end of the decade to keep up with the growing labor Force and to bring unemployment the governor has called the recovery plans his most important request since becoming his appearance on behalf of the Bills marked Only the second time he has testified before a legislative committee As chief although testimony ran heavily in favor of the High Way commission endorsement came As the biggest pleasant said committee Bill for second judge is filed a Bill providing for a second Superior court judge in the Callam Jefferson judicial District was introduced in the House of representatives tues the Bill was authored by Paul Conner Dag new and Charles Savage d both of the 24th legislative District which includes Callam and Jefferson state Gordon Sandison port Angeles also has indicated his support for the addition of a second judge to this judicial the if would authorize the appointment of a second judge at a time depending on the two county governments ability to pay one half on his Conner said in an interview he added the Bill contains no emergency clause which Means a judge be appointed any sooner than in the Bill providing for a second judge follows the recommendation of the state court Albert Bise recommended that if the Callam Jefferson judicial District has two judges they be required to Supply an average of two weeks per month of visiting judge time Between them to other judicial Superior court judge Joseph Johnston requested the addition of a second judge to help him handle what he termed one of the heaviest trial Case loads in the chairman Alan who favors the plans commission chairman Baker Furguson said enthusiasm for the twin programs is greater than for the proposed Means of he said the major Ity of the commissioners would support the plans even if the Gas sales tax is adopted As the financial the jobs now program would finance Public works including local utilities develop ment and transportation pro including local and Federal nearly million would be available in this the Washington future pro a series of Bond mean about billion for social and health a waste water Public roads and King county executive John Spellman struck a common theme when he referred to the Bills As Bootstrap legislation which combines meaningful Public works jobs and creation of an atmosphere for Lon term improvement of the employ ment another James a demo noted bipartisan support for the Public works but said he would offer Amend ments to make it More quickly Renton mayor a very head of the association of Washington and Jack Rogers of the Washington association of said their organizations endorse the pro one of the few opponents of the governors Patrick hallsted of the Washington state Good roads said his group is not opposed to the just the Extension of the sales tax to pay for representatives of the socialist workers party and the Seattle rank and file labor committee criticized the proposals and said an end to involvement in Southeast Asia would free Money to help the states economic january 1972 235th Issue of 56th year 2 sections 20 pages 10 cents mom and pop some rents Price controls lifted is Baron von los Angeles a is Baron von red dog an unsafe Load was John Miller denied a jury trial unfairly will the 37yearold electronic technician be Able to take his German Shepherd Riding again on a freeway on his motorcycle these questions now Are under consideration by three judges in Superior it started june 26 on the san Bernardino freeway when Miller was cited for carrying an unsafe the dog wore a helmet and and was perched on the Back of Millers motorcycle with his Hind legs on the front legs on his masters shoulders and Tongue waving in the Alhambra municipal judge Lothrop Smith convicted Miller on the traffic charge 23 and fined him after denying a jury trial on grounds it involved an infraction and not a appealing his Case Miller declared the classification of a crime As an infraction is a recent invention of the legislature for the clearly stated purpose of denying trial by Miller he didst decide on Barons Riding von red dog himself picked out the Tai Down manner As the most comfortable he the dog did not constitute an unsafe be i sides a jury should have determined the Issue and not a judge i f v alone i w we la i Miller said his Only regret thursday was the three Superior court judges themselves meet Hes so smart that i sometimes let him take the controls of my own Little Miller was quoted As there was no word when the judges might make a world Roundup single family housing Callam county commissioners have agreed to support action to Widen the narrow band of eligibility for federally subsidized single family housing in port but final say in the matter belongs to the county housing authority which sets income ceilings for Public Gary Conkling report appears on Page Tollefson testifies a former Tacoma mayor Harold Tollefson is expected to resume testimony for the defense today in the million fee splitting suit against san Francisco mayor Joseph Alioto and two former Washington state Senate opens doors a the state Senate opens its Long secret rules committee to Public scrutiny but also acts to throw some of the responsibility for killing Bills to regular standing see Page Yogi and Early elected new York a Sandy eligible for the first and longtime contenders Yogi Berra and Early Wynn advanced to baseballs Hall of Fame today in the first multiple election of players since Bering sea stalemate Alaska a two soviet fishing seized for alleged violation of territorial and a Lone coast guard icebreaker remained stalemated in the North Bering sea wednesday after the russians refused to be taken into an american the coast guard armed boarding parties were put aboard the russian vessels before the soviet ships refused to sail under escort to the naval station at Adak in the 600 Miles to the the coast guard Enterprise planes in Vietnam Saigon a bolstered by 75 planes from the nuclear powered aircraft Carrier the air Campaign against the to Chi Minh Trail in Laos continued the Enterprise had been dispatched to the Indian Ocean last month during the India Pakistan b52 bombers also made heavy strikes for the third Day along the Border in South Vietnam Central where an estimated North vietnamese troops Are reported possibly for an offensive during the tet Celebration next month and during president Nixon visit to Viet air War Jet shoots Mig fighter Washington a the Cost of living Council today exempted Small retail firms with annual sales of less than 000 from Price controls and about 45 per cent of All rental units from rent the Council announced that it accepted the recommendation of the Price commission that Small mom and pop retail firms should be exempt from Price the exemption applies to about 15 per cent of All retail sales and covers about 75 per cent of All retail companies in the exempted from rent controls were single family rental dwell Ings rented for longer than month month periods where the landlord owns four units or apartment units renting for a month or and owner occupied dwellings of four or fewer units having longer than a on month rental the exemptions will remove from controls about 10 million of the million renter occupied housing units in the the Council noted that about two thirds of All renter occupied dwellings Are of four units or the Council said the exemptions would remove much of the Burden of enforcing pres ident Nixon wag Price controls in areas that tend not to be for in the rent sex the Council said the exemptions will permit the manpower of the program to be concentrated on those areas that have the greatest potential for the Council said exempting Small companies from Price controls applies Only to retail not Small service firms such As a laundry or dry clean ing a a television repair service or a Yard and Garden care service these retail stores Are generally Small family owned and operated Gro Ceries and other mom and pop Type of neighbourhood and Small Community retail the Council said in a there Are about two million retail firms the Council of which about million Are under in Gross business May Speed Federal action military cargo to be refused by Para an unsafe Saigon a a Navy phantom Jet shot Down a fast mig21 in a blazing air Duel of Jet fighters today deep inside North the com Mand it was the third encounter be tween migs and jets in the past five Days of intensified Aerial in the two pre Vious migs and jets fired missiles at each other but migs have been trying to harass american planes striking at the to Chi Minh Supply Trail in air blows Are de signed to Check the flow of sup plies believed intended for a new enemy offensive in South the migs had tried to avoid american the last Mig shot Down was on March during today at least five american planes were fired on by eight surface to air missiles and antiaircraft the command re the planes were from the Carrier she was joined by the nuclear powered Carrier Enterprise earlier in the Day in the Gulf of the Enterprise was diverted to the Indian Ocean last month As a gesture of support for Pakistan in its War with one of the constellations planes suffered minor damage but All aircraft returned safely to their the com Mand the fighters returned the fire and one of an sustained minor Obrien four minutes a Navy f4 phantom engaged and shot Down an mig21 with air mis Siles in the Quang Lang the Enterprise sent her 75 planes to join in the Aerial Campaign against the to Chi Minh Trail in san Francisco a the Pacific maritime association has announced that its member shipping firms will re fuse to handle military cargo at House puts off action on Aid Bill Washington a the House postponed final action on a foreign Aid Bill to Day and a key Leader said he does not want to act on presi Dent Nixon foreign Aid Over haul plan until after the no vember we could have a new presi Dent said House foreign affairs chairman Thomas and he might want something the House had been scheduled to take final artion today on the Bill extending the present foreign Aid program but morgans committee said it was put off until next Morgan had indicated he was concerned about taking the vote this week because too Many foreign Aid supporters might be out of House approval of the Bill would nearly Complete con Gress revival of foreign Aid after weeks of House Senate mane vering and deadlock since the Senate struck Down the program last weather Strait of Juan de Fuca Small Craft Westerly winds 1525 knots becoming Easterly periods of struck West coast ports after this the decision tuesday would Cut off an important source of income to striking Dock workers and affect about 75 per cent of military shipments for South East the decision May also hasten the congressional action that is expected As the government seeks to end the per haps by imposing a legislated the striking International longshoremen and warehousemen Union pays no strike benefits to its and striking dockers picked up As much As two Days work a week on strip keep tempted military cargo in the 100 Days before a Taf Hartley injunction sent them Back to work the Union renewed its walk out monday after the injunction had expired and new talks failed to reach a Union officials could not be reached for comment on the associations the announcement of the decision by the executive com Mittee of the 120member association came As seven Western whose states were hard hit by the previous walk sought new Federal inter Tom Mccall of acting As spokesman for Gover nors of Montana and Cali flew to Washington tuesday and conferred with top White House the White House said director George Shultz of the office of management and budget and undersecretary of labor Lau rence Silberman assured Mccall that the administration was giving top priority consideration to ways of halting the including legislative Senate majority Leader Mike has pledged that priority will be Given any legislation the presi Dent sends to Robert chief operations officer for the Mili tary sea lift command in Oak said the Navy is exploring alternate ways of moving car before negotiations broke Down agreement had been reached on a per cent firs year wage increase of 72 cents to an Union Leader Harry Bridges said negotiations reached an impasse on How Dock workers would Benefit from a a ton Royalty that the shippers agreed to pay on cargo containers not worked by Iwu the Pussy Willows Blooming West Side of town Detour sign go left at Chase and front giving sudden notice with no prior warning Black Cocker Pup per forming tricks perfectly until Given a bite of meat which he gobbled up instead of delivering As

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