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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1972, Page 1

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - January 17, 1972, Port Angeles, Washington West coast ports closed again longshoremen Back on the picket line cleaning up Oil a Navy Seaman rakes up part of a so gallon Oil spill from the broken ship that broke her Tow and washed ashore South Cape a january 1972 233rd Issue of 56th year 12 pages 10 cents lives of 694 May depend on court ruling Washington a the supreme court was asked today to abolish the death penalty on grounds that it is cruel and unusual it was the first time the court has heard arguments on a constitutional Challenge to capital the lives of 694 men and women awaiting exe cution in 34 states May depend on the courts decision to be handed Down before the term ends in the death penalty is virtually repudiated and condemned by the conscience of contemporary attorney Anthony Amsterdam argued in one of the four cases that served As a vehicle to bring the Issue before the Amsterdam rep resents a Man condemned for murder in the challenges came under the eighth amendment which bars cruel and unusual punish but Ronald Deputy attorney general of Cali said that the Basic Issue is whether there Are specific provisions in the Federal Constitution barring the people of California through their elected representatives from making the death penalty he called the penalty a form of punishment old As Man All punishment is George putting a Man behind bars is the test is whether it is unnecessarily the question through All four appeals is a simple but far reaching one does the imposition and carrying out of the death penalty in this Case constitute cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the 8th and 14th amendments it is the first time the court has allowed a Challenge to Capi Tal punishment itself As a constitutional previous cases have dealt with individuals and procedural today the death penalty in any form is inconsistent with the self respect of a civilized attorney Anthony Amsterdam argued in a a professor of Law at Stanford rep resented Earnest James Aikens condemned for murder in and William Henry sentenced to die for murder in the death Amster dam is a freakish Aber a random and extreme status report act of visibly arbitrary and penalty reserved for unusual application because if it were usually it would affront universally shared standards of Public such but no place in a demo cratic it is a cruel and unusual for Bidden by the 8th the two men condemned for rape Are Elmer Branch of Texas and Lucious Jackson of Branch was represented by Melvyn Carson Bru Der of Dallas Jackson by Jack Green arg of new a Law yer for the a act Legal de sense and educational there has been no execution in the United states since Colo Rado put Louis Jean Monge to death in june Many states held while their death rows awaiting the High courts the capital punishment mat Ter was considered so important that the justices planned to hear it at the Start of the term in then delayed until the court was at full strength again with the addition of Lewis Powell and William should the justices decide capital punishment is Union 41 states and the District of Columbia would have to abolish the death the nine other states no longer permit world Roundup Price posting crackdown Washington a today is the last Day the nations big shopkeepers can get by without posting freeze level prices where customers can see the internal Revenue service begins a crackdown tuesday to enforce a Legal technically in Force since that retailers Post such prices Hughes asked for loan new York a Clifford author of a purported autobiography of Howard quotes the billionaire Recluse As saying that former Secretary of defense Clark Clifford asked him for a loan for Richard Nixon who served in the Johnson denied any connection with the it is a Complete he said when contacted sunday at his Washington Spain has student outbreak Spain a mounted riot police swarmed onto the Madrid University Campus clubbing and chasing striking medical students in the worst outbreak of violence since the students began a protest against academic conditions seven weeks several students were injured and arrested after fighting Back with blocking traffic and smashing police declined to give details but confirmed there had been a number of Dallas is super new Orleans a the Dallas cowboys finally won the biggest game of super behind the passing of Roger the running of Duane Walt Garrison and Calvin Hill and their vaunted doomsday the cowboys Lassord the Miami dolphins 243 sunday in super bowl i for the championship of professional see Page chilean elections Chile a president Salvador Allende suffered a stunning setback in two special congressional elections but his leftist popular Unity government called the results Only a transitory sky marshal cutback Washington a amid reports the sky marshal program will be Cut Back in fiscal the customs Bureau says the Force is a powerful deterrent to citing 539 arrests and the seizure of thousands of weapons in its first year of missile fire Saigon a american fighter planes exchanged missiles with North vietnamese antiaircraft defences along the laotian Border today and sunday and were believed to have destroyed two of the command it said the american planes were not san Francisco a longshoremen resumed a seeks to have Nixon intervene a said he would press again Mon Day for action on his proposed memorial asking president Nixon and Congress to intervene in the West coast Dock the memorial is in the rules Pardini moved to have it brought up for floor action but democrats re fused to provide the necessary two thirds vote to lift a Rule limiting final action to redistricting arson not ruled out in Blaze fire levelled the Wood Structure housing the children of the Valley of life commune located in the lower Elwha Valley Early apparently injuring none of its cause of the fire is Callam county sheriff Harley Bishop said he int ruling out the possibility of there were High feelings in that Community about the Bishop knowing no facts at All about the but knowing what i already i Rule out the sheriff said he based his opinion on a number of implied threats against the commune and its members that reached him from various its possible the fire resulted from a faulty Chimney or Bishop but at 5 most fires Are usually burned Warren chief of the dry Creek fire department which responded to the said the Structure was completely destroyed by the time they arrived around there were no apparent clues indicating How the fire Eacrett but Eacrett said that Norman the acknowledged head of the told him the fire was set on Brooks and other members of the commune be located for comment this Bishop said commune members haunt filed a formal complaint with his thus no investigation had been the Structure itself belonged to Harry who said it was of Little the Struc Ture contained no insulation or electrical he but was heated by a Wood strike at 24 West coast ports to Day after negotiators failed to reach a negotiation sessions broke off but the Union said they would be resumed lat the first orders to resume picketing came at san fran Cisco and los Angel Slong Beach harbours after an 8 Post deadline Harry president of the International longshore mens and warehousemen emerged from bargaining sessions that had run through the night to announce the strike officially resumed at 8 this although we exerted All efforts we could at this time to try to Settle Bridges said the talks had been broken off but would be resumed he did not say when that might pickets appeared almost simultaneously shortly after 8 at piers on the san fran Cisco waterfront after the chief dispatcher at Iwu local 10 told some 300 men in a hiring Hall to resume picketing and tie it in Iwu pickets were dispatched to docks at 8 and a Stop work meeting was scheduled for the said Shaun president of Iwu local pickets also were dispatched in Tacoma longshore leaders said men were not being sent to jobs and spokesman for the Everett local said members officially were on strike although there were no ships in about the John pan head of the big member Iwu local in los an Geles and Long Beach was say ing As far As were con the strike is were dispatching pickets the Nixon administration has warned it would ask Congress to intervene and direct a Settle ment of any renewal of the walkout that shut ports for 100 Days last negotiators for the employ ers Pacific maritime association and the International longshoremen and warehousemen association met jointly with Federal mediator Curtis counts prior to Midnight sunday and then went into sep Arate sessions which continued into the Early morning a major obstacle in the negotiations has been a conflict be tween the Iwu and the team sters Union Over handling cargo longshoremen maintain that loading and unloading the containers traditionally is their but the teamsters have contracts for handling containers at of Dock wage issues Are also involved in the 92nd Congress set for political year Washington a the 92nd Congress reconvenes tuesday to wage election year Battles Over programs of the Republican administration while a corps of democratic senators campaigns for nomination to Challenge president the contest for the White House will and May the work of a Senate and House controlled by atop the Agenda of Domestic issues Are measures for welfare sharing Federal reve Nues with cities and and improvement in health care and Nixon sent Congress his Blue print for action in All three areas a year and the White House has forecast passage in democratic leaders seek action on the but the congressional majority May overhaul them to put its own stamp on whatever final products i believe a considerable Effort will be made by democrats to take the initiative away from the said Senate re publican Leader Hugh the majority party is seeking identification with most of these old whatever Congress does in the coming session will be Over Hung by the drama of a presidential said demo cratic Leader Mike insofar As the Senate leadership is the Public interest will not be Short changed for partisan five democratic Edmund Muskie of Hubert Humphrey of min George Mcgovern of South Henry Jack son of Washington and Vance Hartke of Are campaigning for the presidential a Edward Kennedy of ranks High in the opinion polls although he has said repeatedly he will not in the two Republican Paul Mccloskey of California and John Ash Brook of Are contesting president Nixon renomination in the presidential 300acre Complex Cedar Park area is site of big project a Californi abased develop ment firm has announced plans for a 300acre residential and commercial Complex located East of port Angeles near Morse construction on the first phase of the which includes a Motel and shopping Center 60 residential Sites and a 136space Mobile Home is scheduled to begin in the next 90 to 120 development of More residential 52 a club with an enclosed by Sandison and Savage open meetings Are supported by Dave Workman special correspondent Olympia As the second special session of the 42nd legislature convened in Olympia last one of the first items on the House Agenda was the controversial open meetings Resolution hcr5 which has drawn support from two area senator Gordon Sandson d port Angeles and Charles Savage Shelton expressed pleasure that the Bill had passed the House on tuesday and optimism it would get through the i think the open meeting will Stop a lot of said a critic of close door committee Savage said that the closed meeting enabled Many legislators to forget the problems of the unemployed and retired people in the he charged that some lawmakers fear exposure to the Public for their favouritism toward special interest and Power a Veteran legislator and member of the Revenue committee for 12 said he had avoided duty on the rules committee because he didst like making its the Wheeler dealers who like to get on the rules com he Savage said that the open meetings if made into will have a tendency to let people know More about How their legislators Are fun he added that it would help him looking Forward to discussion of the Bill on the Senate favors open meetings in but Felt that there should be some whenever were talking about a particular person in regard to an said the meeting should be he also favored exclusion of the rules because that body determines which Bills come up on the and in what the Senate passed a similar Bill during the last and it included the rules committee regarding Savages remarks that closed meetings were vehicles by which legislators could ignore demands of older Sandison agreed that they should have a and said they i think there will be More attention paid these he but not simply because of the Sandison said that retired people Are gaining More Power nation and that their Power is beginning to be in Sandison was optimistic that the Bill would easily pass the i would be surprised to see a he both lawmakers agreed that the Bill will halt a great Deal of behind Hestenes special session in second week a Here is the status of major legislation As the special session of the 42nd Washington legislature enters its second week budget House and Senate appropriations committees begin hearings this week on Dan evans1 supplemental budget calling for More than million in new general fund the House must act on it department of transportation no action economic recovery the House state government and Senate manufacturing committees will hold a joint hear ing at tuesday on the governors Washington future and jobs now election Reform the House elections committee is expected to approve a Bill calling for annual general elec the committee will hold a hearing at thurs Day on a Bill to require reporting of Campaign legislative Reform the House has opened its committees to the Public and the first open meeting of the rules committee will be at the House also passed joint rules which would require open meetings in both the which has a limited open meeting Rule excluding the rules is expected to make some liquor there has been no action on a proposal which would reduce taxes for most buyers but increase costs to class h or on the governors plan to withhold licenses from racially exclusive pensions the governor proposed restoring the million for teachers pensions which he vetoed last a constitutional amendment to make pension funding Man which he is in the Senate pensions redistricting the House elections committee will meet at on congressional negotiations on legislative redistricting Midnight sunday is the deadline under a Rule adopted by both which could be lifted by two thirds tax revision proposals by the committee for a new tax policy and the Washington state both calling for a graduated net income tax and Relief from other Are set for introduction Early this a Public hearing is set for unemployment compensation a democratic Bill to Grant an extra two weeks of jobless pay to those who have exhausted it failed to come to a vote when the Senate rejected a rules suspension to allow action on a similar Bill is in the House labor swimming Pool and a Golf course and another Small com Mercial area will follow when the develop ers estimate the entire Complex will House and service a Popula Tion nearing the development firm is ador funding and development a wholly owned subsidiary of Bono development the president and chairman of both corporations is Laurence Bono of san near san fran chief architect and manager of the project is Alfred Gene also from the Bay the development firm has operated principally in Cali but currently is applying for papers to operate in in an Riggs said the development firm chose Callam county because it is the last spot on the West where to enjoy both Bono and myself enjoy outdoor sportsmen activities and eventually intend to live in your Fine Riggs he also said they chose this area because two prominent local people Are members of the Board of ador funding and development one of the two people is George from whom the corporation purchased the land for the a spokes Man for Rains said the firm bought All his land holdings in the Morse Creek and Cedar Park first phase plans Call for construction of a 165unit Motel and adjacent shopping Center near the existing Cedar Park tracts subdivision East of Morse Creek and North of Highway Riggs the Motel will be operated by a National Chain Riggs the Square foot shopping Center will in clude a medical Center and lab a grocery drug variety store and sport shop and will have enclosed the first phase also includes development of 60 residential Sites in the Cedar Park area which will be reserved for custom built Homes and 136unit Mobile Home Riggs the Mobile Home Park will be located in the Morse Creek Valley South of Highway Riggs and will be developed by a Mobile Home manufacturing tentative plans Call for the Sale of lots in the he later development will in clude construction of townhouses and a Small com Mercial area also in the Morse Creek Riggs townhouses will be two Story in construction and include two and three bedroom living units priced Between and Riggs the last phase of develop ment will be construction of More 96 residential and the club Sites East of Cedar Riggs indicated no final engineering and architectural plans have been drawn for the but said there was no question the development would become a he also hinted the firm was involved in other development plans in the according to has developed Large townhouse residential areas in three Cali fornia his own architectural experience includes drawing plans for cities in West Pakistan and it takes the financial ability of an outside corporation to do a proper Job of developing an Riggs we dont intend to rape the then we consider this a life time Young father with blankets Over Arm arriving at Hospital to bring baby Home Snow coming and going Man looking for Long Johns in a bag he lost somewhere Winter vacationers picking up debris left in Yard by heavy winds while they were

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