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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1972, Page 1

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - January 9, 1972, Port Angeles, Washington no ill i ii for legislature stickier issues May be coming a just before every legislative like the special session starting Here a lot of sweat and Ink Are spilled explaining and outlining the is sues that will confront the representatives of the these Are the issues that normally loom Large on the Hori and they almost always include problems such As an antiquated tax a meager a creaking and fragmented administrative along with whatever social and political issues have made headlines since the last Are not always the issues which end up worrying legislators in for instance one of the most spectacular indeed a lobbying devel oped after the session hardly a soul would have guessed beforehand that some of the biggest headlines of the session would have entered around the immensely important Issue of How wine is sold outside state liquor in and to a greater extent in the Surprise Issue was in that the lobby was a vocal part of the constituency of when local authorities under pressure of attorney generals opinions on Bingo and Gam started cracking Down on local Bingo mostly in fraternal organizations or private clubs by older outcry was to some extent it was overlooked by legislators and observers who had their eyes on what they thought were bigger but not for when the questionnaires and letters started coming the Issue became with the pressures from the clubs and the lobby with the most to gain or pinball and natures Snow fantasy natures Handiwork which can this is some of be seen in the Hurricane Ridge ski area of olympic National longshoremen expected to renew bargaining san Francisco a president Harry Bridges and other top officials of the inter National longshoremen and warehousemen Union have returned from a we Klong trip to new York and Are expected to renew bargaining with West coast shippers due her monday is chief Federal mediator Curtis counts who earlier this month arranged an agreement under which the Dock workers would stay on the Job until at least counts took part in a contract settlement announced Friday for North Atlantic Dock workers who Are represented by the in launch pad would make a novel gift Washington a in what it Bills As the biggest Sale of this magnitude Ever offered to the the National aeronautics and space administration is offering two Gigan tic missile launch complexes at Cape included Are launch Complex scene of the Apollo space Gale warning flags on weather Tower hanging absolutely motionless Small blonde girl taking part in a front Lawn football game in which each team had two members Walter the Pigeon showing up for another handout male Driver slapping his leg in time with car radio music another male Driver breaking into Lane of traffic from parking space without Craft fire in which three Astro nauts were and Complex 37 from which the first spacecraft carrying three Apollo was launched on its Earth Orbital Mission of almost 11 the two which Cost about million to Are being offered As one lot the general services admin in charge of the offer said Nasa was making the Sale in a move to bring greater efficiency in manned launch a Nasa spokesman said the pads were kept in readiness for additional launches for some time after their usefulness end but maintenance has be come extremely the property being sold includes ranging in height from 240 to 381 feet and weighing about of feet of stain less steel and aluminium pipe and flexible about feet of 36inch water line and Ift Miles of cop per and stainless Piil motors and other Valu Able the complexes Are on the old air Force part of Cape Kenne none of the Lam is for Ter National longshoremen As an affiliate of the from which the Iwu was expelled in the three year Ila agree ment with six major East coast increases hourly pay from to and provides for the guaranteed annual wage to be negotiated separately As a local Issue at each the proposed Ila subject to membership ratification and approval of the pay enemy pressures allies Saigon a North Viet namese Riding the momentum of an Early Start in their annual offensive in maintained heavy pressure on government troops on two fronts saturday despite attacks by at the same Laos government reinforcements were sent to Northern Laos in an at tempt to reopen Highway which links the administrative with Luang the Royal Capi the Road was Cut by Patchet lao guerrillas several Days Only Light skirmishing was reported on the key the situation was reported much More precarious for lao Tian forces at Long the secret army base 78 Miles Northeast of and on the Bol ovens plateau in the Southern both of the latter areas Are considered vital by Long Cheng is the last important target North of the although military sources last week called it a ghost town Ripe for is expected to set a con tract pattern for All East and Gulf coast longshoremen who returned to work under a Taf Hartley injunction that runs out gambling on their hands and let the Public carry the the results were sometimes not without their aspects of dodging issues of poverty and budgetary worked Long and and waxed oratorical trying to pass a Bill that would allow Bingo in spite of constitutional prohibitions against it clearly spelled out in court if i could get some property tax Relief i might be a but i dont dare go Home without some kind of Bingo a key legislator said last the final answer still is awaiting a vote of the people next fall on a constitutional amendment knocking out the constitutional in 1972 the spectacle May very Well be entered around the action taken less than a year ago on regulating and taxing recreational last week at least two legislative aides in separate committees were sweating Over proposed changes in the 1971 snowmobile Law at the Behest of the Law charged owners a fee of for two years with the fees going to policing activities and providing both change proposals were the results of meetings of irate snowmobile owners who didst like parts or All of the and called in legislators to let them know about they had 150 people out for the and you cant get that Many people out for much of anything Down said an aide who had just been called by an Eastern Washington the senator had joked last year that he was going to take Home a picture of a bus to show his constituents what one was after he voted for an Urban mass transit there Are at least two Bills already profiled to repeal the 1971 Law which similarly regulates Al terrain those with Fourshee drives and most Trail others would alter or repeal the excise tax on campers and recreation also passed in previously they were subject to personal property but not All counties collected them because of the As a result some owners were being taxed while others were escaping the tax was an aim at if you could single out the three most unpopular Bills of the last it would have to be those an interim committee member when they Many legislators held the three Laws up As examples of Good hearings on them were attended by responsible recreation vehicle organizations who had minimal very in spite of limited growing Public indignation with legislative dawdling Over and far More pressing these three issues will get a Dis proportionate amount of legislative time and the Bills probably affect a minority of the people of the but like the Bingo they affect older people with Short they Are affluent enough to be Able to afford thousands of dollars Worth of have the time to be Able to play with and also to write angry letters when they think their particular of is being and aside from a handful of legislators from the poor areas of big there is hardly a one who will be Here monday who Doest think these Are the people he at least should port Angeles evening nexus january 1972 226th Issue of 56th year 22 pages 10 cents president reviews coast Job increases san a president end ing a six Day California visit received a set of election year suggestions on How to handle the vexing prob Lem of scientific and technological talks with japans prime minister behind the presi Dent met at the Oceanside West Ern White House with retired industrialist Fred who just completed a i month stint As a presidential consult ant seeking ways to Cut West coast Foy later told newsmen the governments actions during 1972 should result in More than jobs in the lagging Aero space and scientific industries from Seattle to san during his California Nixon announced two moves which Foy said he had recon of govern men subsidized contracts for shipbuilding in san Diego and the godhead for a space shuttle development officials say jobs have been lost because of the slow Down in the space program and in defense spending reductions resulting from the winding Down of the Vietnam asked whether he expected More presidential announce Sheik Rahman free asks recognition London a Sheik Fuji Bur tired but triumphant after emerging from the Shadow of a death sentence in West urged world Powers saturday to recognize his Bangladesh nation and admit it to the United the 51yearold East Bengali freed after More than nine months of arrived unexpectedly in London aboard a chartered pakistani Airliner from i cannot wait a single moment to return to to re turn to my people he de he called his new nation an unchallengeable real bengalis living in the British capital went wild with besieging the sheiks hotel and chanting Victory among his first appointments in London was a meeting with prime minister Edward government officials stressed their talks were personal and did not imply British recognition of formerly East one of the first questions asked of Mujib at a news con Ference was Why he had flown to London instead of i was a the Sheik it was the Pakistan governments not in presi Dent Zulfikar Ali Bhutto told re porters it was Mujib decision to Fly to adding i suppose he wants to see things from a distance for a few Days and then go firms expected to hold prices five arrested in hotel caper Case new York a with five men under arrest and in stolen jewels recon police and Fri agents say they have solved one of the big Gest and Slickest hotel robberies they cracked the week old Case of the multimillion Dollar hotel Pierre robbery Friday when 30 detectives and Federal agents raided a room at another Midtown hotel and seized two in men allegedly engaged Selling some of the after officers had nabbed a Man who had left the room before the raid and a fourth Man at another Midtown Deputy police commissioner Robert Daley the Pierre robbery is the on 61st Street and fifth overlooks Central Park and is occasional Home to the affluent and Washington a the Price commission says it expects 100 major companies to enlist in a flexible control sys tem which would hold their average Price increases this year to no More than 2 per thirty three firms already Are being regulated under the called term limiting pricing and announced by the commission on a commission spokesman said negotiations Are in Prog Ress to bring other companies into the plan which is designed to provide greater flexibility for both business and the govern ment if a company elects to be controlled under this it must agree to hold its annual average Price increase to 2 per cent or within that it May adjust prices of individual products to either exceed or fall be Low the agreed upon for those individual Price in it need not obtain prior commission approval As is the or the Case for major companies Der regular companies applying for top plan must prove Cost in creases justifying the 2 per cent or less average increase they and must establish a monitoring system enabling the government to determine com the spokesman ments in the months ahead similar to the space shuttle and shipbuilding Foy said i think there Are other things in the works at the present time that will be an when and How i cant Foy said he told Nixon during the 45minute meeting that he was dismayed by Congress refusal to authorize the develop ment of a supersonic i told him i thought it was one of the great Shames of this country that set work was halted and that he Hopes at some future time we would build the Nixon is expected to Greet his wife 59th birth at Andrewa or Force base near Washington when she returns from a we Klong much of the presidents week was occupied by inter National As he held a today Summit Confer ence with japanese prime min ister Eisaku when they concluded their talks they announced agreement to return Okinawa to japanese control on May a com Promise Date six weeks earlier than the United states wanted and six weeks later than Japan the two leaders reported sub Stantial Progress also on Trade and economic issues but made no specific they did to establish a hot line linking Washington and Tokyo to Speed the flow of High level communications be tween the two Pacific a former California Resi Dent who now lives in Pitts is a mired chair Man of the Koppers Sank joins ecology kick no longer Burns Money a time was when the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas had Money to not any its doing its bit for ecology Between million and million in worn returned by Banks throughout the South used to go up in smoke each week in the Banks base ment the Bills Are shredded to a Fine Gratis Green confetti which May wind up As part of the roofing on someones the Dallas Bank claims to be first among the nations 37 fed eral Reserve offices to destroy its notes this the one time Money now ends up with a waste paper supplier who mixes it with other waste and Sells it to a roof ing senior vice president Tony said plans Are being studied to Recycle the currency residue into other usable forms such As stationery and other paper the Destructor built by Sedberry of at a Cost of nearly is composed of four it sits behind a locked two men feed neatly bundled Bills of All denominations onto a conveyor which carries the packages of Money under High Speed cutting in seconds they Are pulverized and dropped through a tube to a second basement Down beside the no longer Iron in the finely beaten looking now like raw is passed through a perforated screen to ensure Noth ing recognizable As part of a Bill has escaped the whirling a funnel collector passes the chewed up residue into a baling where each 100 pounds of shredded material once representing something like units of paper Money is neatly bagged in plastic the average life Span of paper Money is Only 18 to 20 if recycled paper were it would be the Bank estimates the shredder can dispose of Money units per hour during the four hours of its daily that works out at nearly million in world Roundup Long step its a Long step from the Zambesi River in Africa to but a retired couple just made see Virginia meetings Story on Page taken two ways an examination of secret government papers reportedly relating to High level policy discussions on the India Pakistan War can Lead to two conflicting China recognition the United states seeks some continuing diplomatic Contact with communist China after president Nixon visit to a Mission Well Short of full diplomatic recognition is a Jackson gets jump Henry Jackson of Washington didst raise Many Goose bumps on the weathered arms of Rural North floridians last but he did get an important Start in his bid to head off George optimistic View Secretary of state William Rogers foresees a very Good possibility that there will be no world War during the rest of this mainly because of the destructiveness of nuclear War and the growing interdependence of no criticism the soviet Union has declared fallout War again on intellectuals who suggest there May be something wrong in the sad move families of British troops under orders to leave Malta begin arriving sadly in even As speculation about mediation is another idea George Mcgovern proposes the United states set a withdrawal Date in South Vietnam that would bring the prompt resignation of president Thieu and Lead to Early settlement with the North practical work the head of the atomic Energy commission says his reorganized Agency will concentrate on the practical in weapons and peaceful de emphasizing technology purely for the Sake of

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