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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Jan 3 1972, Page 1

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - January 3, 1972, Port Angeles, Washington First lady brings applause with embrace Liberia a a packed Hall burst into applause today when Pat Nixon gave William Tolbert Nixon grandson of an american a Cheek Tochek embrace to Mark his Swearingin As Liber is 19th Nixon stepped up to give the traditional warm greeting after Tolbert took the oath of office from his state Frank and kissed a Wellborn family Tolbert said in his inaugural address that Nixon pres ence As head of the Dele gation bears mute testimony to the Solidarity and permanence of a special relationship Between the United states and he called president Nixon our great and True Friend and announced plans to give Nixon Liberia highest order of the cordon of the a Champagne reception tuesday the visiting first lady had a seat of Honor near Tolbert along with the presidents of Mauritania and Ivory coast for the 90minute oat taking Cere monies at the Centennial me Morial cannons from historic oceanfront Norris boomed a 21 gun Salute heard throughout this humid capital exactly at noon to Mark the new presi dents official on inaugural capping a 12hour first Day in Nixon sat Down sunday night for a private talk with Tolbert that she said would be aides did not disclose what they talked about during their half hour session in the executive heading the delegation to the looked a bit wilted after a Day in which she was Given 19gun welcoming waved at thousands on an hour Long motorcade from the Airport into met liberian officialdom at a Champagne recep held a Coffee session with the press and went to a crowded 80minute afternoon Church service that launched the inaugural evangelist Billy a member of the was among the participants in the ecumenical service in the whitewashed Stone first Providence Baptist Graham in a prayer of thanksgiving said Liberia May never become an economic or military but he prayed that under its new Leader the country will become a spiritual superpower that will show nations of the world the Way to peace and Prosperity is through the transformation of the human the weather was torrid in the West african and Nixon changed from the White and Blue print she arrived in to a Long sleeved yellow and White Linen for the crowds stood around the eight Story presidential with its huge Oval courtyard and Blu tiled la where much of the activity was along with Tolbertus in Liberia is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its founding in 1822 by freed Amer he is sworn she was the first to use and pronounced it absolutely Beautiful and the View of the sea impress she had no trouble Fielding a question from one reporter who recalled a photo of the Nixon with Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek and asked her How she Nixon in Liberia she called her Welcome fab from the crowds to the native they All seemed so she com its really a treat to see unloving Monrovia was on a Holiday with banners Welcom ing Nixon and congratulating the new ican the new president is a 58 year old Baptist minister who was president William Tubman vice president for 19 Tubman died last july after 27 years in Nixon was occupying the presidential suite on the top floor that will be Tolbertus after viewed president Nixon trip to peking next we Haven turned our Back on our that for she she noted that the United states didst vote to expel nationalist China from the United nations although other coun tries Slick gang pulls off big heist new York a police say a Slick gang of who used a sleek Black limousine to Lull Security guards and gain Entrance to the ele Gant hotel May have made off with More than million in Cash and jewelry from 47 Safe Deposit detectives said one whom they did not had satisfied them that he had lost jewelry and Money Worth chief of detectives Al Bert Seedman indicated that the Early sunday robbery might turn out to be the biggest hotel heist Ever pulled the one of the nations most luxurious is located on fifth Avenue at 61st overlooking Central about half of its units Are cooperative apartments that sell for to to keep out the hotel locks its doors Between 1 and but a secur Ity guard is posted inside to admit it was just after 4 Sun Day when the sleek limousine pulled up to the 61st Street in two Well dressed men got omit and carried their bags to the door they told the guard they had a when he unlocked the they walked in and the startled guard saw they were carrying guns and one was wearing a rubber two other gang members apparently the gang quickly rounded up 16 three Bell hops and and herded them into the executive using 14 sets of Handcuffs and a Supply of Adhe Sive they bound the Cap Tives and made them lie on the at one Point a Saelio a lawyer from Rio de telephoned the desk to find out Why he could not get an a gunman donned an operators jacket and went to the but when he make the car go he dropped his disguise and took his wife and his Mother inlaw to the executive offices with the other at the gang packed its haul in the suitcases and port Angeles evening january 1972 221st Issue of 56th year 14 pages 10 cents world Roundup Sheik is released Rawalpindi a president Zulfikar Ali Bhutto announced today the release of Sheik Mujibur radio Pakistan Sheik Mujib was the dominant political Leader of East Pakistan before his arrest in rebels there have proclaimed him president of on Bhutto nationalized most of Pakistan heavy Bhutto said that the nationalization does not apply to foreign investments and foreign the government took Over the management of 20 firms with assets of at least Gandhi urges United Force new Delhi a prime minister Indira Gandhi urged asian countries today to build a Strong and United Force in their Region and end domination by Rich and big the leaders of the asian countries should realize that the big Powers do not want asian nations to become stronger and Are trying to weaken them Gandhi told a rally during a tour of Indian Border Viet Cong retaliates Saigon a the Viet after threatening to retaliate for air attacks on North shelled the Danang air base Early today for the first time in three months and made a mortar attack along the demilitarized the attack on Danang came less than an hour after a 72 hour Viet Cong ceasefire for new years four 100 Pound rockets hit the base wounding one american and damaging three support planes and some ground equipment the command Nixon on ballot a petitions were filed today to get president Nixon name on the ballot for new Hampshire Republican presidential preference primary March so dynamite Sticks a police explosives experts say about 50 Sticks of dynamite were used to fabricate a bomb that rocked the russian Peoples a Community Hall in Eastend the which exploded on a Balcony just inside the buildings main went off just 85 minutes after 500 guests at a new years eve dance had left the mind Over machine London a the British general Post office declared today that Worth of machines were a failure because people Are Twenty machines were designed to Cope with 200 million Telephone Calls a year from customers calling information to ask for Telephone they were Given a years trial and failed to Cope with the officials said the old fashioned operators were far More Ben chief telecommunications said the girls were quicker at finding the a Post office official explained that an operator just had to push a Button and the machine was supposed to do the selecting the required number from the microfilmed directory and flashing it onto a screen so the operator could give it to the Washington a Hin Ting broadly he will seek re election with Spiro Agnew As his running president Nixon has Given americans a glimpse at a Campai Nyear platform built on his moves for peace abroad and a healthier Economy at in an hour Long nationally televised interview sunday Nixon said he will announce by 14 his decision on running for another and added he sees no reason at present to break up a winning combination by dumping vice president responding to questions of lbs correspondent Dan rather As they sat before a crackling fire in the White House Oval Nixon said rate of withdrawing troops from Vietnam will continue at perhaps in Early but he indicated that a residual Force of to americans would stay until Jack Little poised dangerously on swivel hanging new Calendar snowmen dwindling to snowball size kids having own bowl game with new Christmas football dinner menus getting Back to More usual with Low prisoners of War Are will Cut drastically the coverage of his Wager Icerene controls this year if they continue to succeed in trimming the rate of but some controls May be needed beyond 1972 to keep the Economy the nation moves from War to peace in the year we Are going to bring the unemployment rate below the average of the non War years in the decade of the will not allow the communists to gain any bargain ing advantage due to my desire to affect our election Campaign when he travels to peking and Moscow for election year Summit soviet Union has Esca lated arms shipments to Egypt and we will not allow the military balance in the Mideast to be shifted against which is seeking More phantom still Are under Way at various Levels to free Vietnam this will be discussed when he goes to peking and and recent chinese release of two Ameri cans offers one slightly Hope Ful after disclosing he will make his reelection plans known by time for the new Hampshire added whatever my decision i will engage in no Public partisan activities until after the Republican the problems of the presidency Are so great that it will not be possible to take time off for partisan when rather noted that polls show half of those interviewed say Nixon fails to inspire Confidence and lacks personal the president said my Strong Point is not Rhetor if successful to Nixon and Agnew in 72 no reason to break up a winning team reduce controls a rare Day olympic National Parks Hurricane Ridge was top of the intermediate evening news photo by Grayson bathed in Sunshine most of the weekend and Snow players took advantage of the Holiday to swarm the this shot is from the it int it int big things that create the Glamor and excitement that people Call Charisma and my Strong Point is per i always do More than i i always produce More than i As for Nixon said the vice president has handled his difficult assignments with with he at been a Man of con but when a Man has done a Good Job in a when he has been part of a winning i believe that he should stay on the skiers hit Ridge Over weekend More than people were tallied in the Hurricane Ridge ski area Over the the olympic National Park report indicated weather and Snow conditions Over the two Days ranged from poor to sunday 650 people visited the Ridge even though Snow fell Early in the the weather cleared later but the tempera Ture was around the 16 degree out of the visitor 242 skiers tried the slopes and 50 Snow players used sleds and other devices to enjoy the the Spectator count was with the temperatures in the upper saturday visitors experienced fog and heavy Snow on the toward the end of the Day the weather the count was 450 142 100 Snow players and 250 the weekend ended the Christmas Holiday season on the facilities now will be open on weekends Only except for any holidays Between now and the Road was open this morning to the but chains or studded tires were recommended for the last three the temperature was 22 degrees and visibility visitors May go up but no facilities will be open or in operation until the 446 killed on highways by the associated press traffic accidents killed 446 persons Over the new years Holiday the count extended from 6 thursday through sunday a 78hour period embracing the three Day Obser Vance of the new year the National safety Council had estimated before the holi Day period started that the death toll might run Between 400 and weather Western night and morning fog with slight Chance of showers wednesday and in creasing Chance of showers Fri highs mostly in lower lows in Washington a pres ident Nixon says he will drastically reduce the coverage of his Wager Icerene controls this year if they prove successful in cutting the rate of but Nixon acknowledged in a nationally televised interview sunday night that some form of although reduced in still could be necessary beyond he also pledged to Cut the National unemployment rate be Low per but went no further on How far or when that would be the jobless rate is now 6 per Nixon echoed his chief eco nomic Herbert in saying it May be possible to free the Economy gradually As Progress is made this year against we will keep controls on Only As Long As we need and we Are going to decontrol just As fast As we As the inflation psychology runs its Nixon said in the lbs interview with newsman Dan Nixon had been asked to re Spond to a forecast by his just resigned chief economic and Paul that some Type of controls would still have to be in place beyond Nixon except that if the program of controls is As Success Ful As we would Hope that it would the amount of controls that we have towards the end May be far less than the statement by chairman Mccracken i see the decontrol coming perhaps at a faster but we will keep them on if they Are Nixon interviewed on abcs issues and said there is certainly a possibility that the wag Price controls could end before the no vember on Nixon said the jobless rate Rose from per cent when he took office to the current 6 per cent be cause of his decision to wind Down the Viet bombings were a Success Washington a say ing he soon May order a Spee Dup in troop president Nixon has indicated he is aiming to get Down to a residual Force of to men in Vietnam Well before the november Nixon hint of a residual Force of that size was the first time any senior official had used such figures in although plans in that Range were reported unofficially More than two years the president linked the possibility of a St Pup in the troop withdrawal rate to what he said were the very effective results of last weeks bombings of selected military targets and Supply buildup areas in North Well before the first of february i will make another withdrawal Nixon said in a lbs interview sunday our withdrawal will continue on at least at the present possibly at some what a larger last Nixon or dered another men brought Home during december and to reduce the to Tal troop commitment in Vietnam to about by at the wars there were american service men if the december january average withdrawal rate of men is maintained or increased in the months the Reid Ual Force level indicated by Nixon could be reached by Early pn8 announces new manager Pacific Northwest Bell has announced changes in personnel in its port Angeles Nancy Bulaich will replace Harry Grandstrom As a native of mis started her career in the communications Industry in 1953 when she joined the Pacific Nancy Bulaich Telephone and Telegraph in she undertook a number of assignments including that of chief service observer in the commercial in 1966 she was transferred to and appointed business office super Bulaich took Over As manager she will be responsible for customer services throughout the port Angeles Exchange which includes Sequim and port in this Bulaich will be the first woman manager for pub in port who has been manager Here for the past two and a half is returning to Seattle to undertake a new staff assignment in the company commercial Grandstrom is on the Board of directors and is an officer of the port Angeles chamber of he has been an Active member of the rotary club and vice president of United Good he and his wife will make the move to Seattle at the beginning of Jan

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