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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Jan 2 1972, Page 1

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - January 02, 1972, Port Angeles, WashingtonPort Angeles evening news very Good year seen by Nixon january 1972 220nd Issue of 56th year 18 pages 10 cents Snow brilliance a Lone skier on the intermediate slope of Hurricane Ridge Friday made an interesting subject for evening news photographer Grayson skiers found a Trace of new Snow saturday and a 124inch chains or studded tires Are recommended for the last three Miles of the world Roundup air attacks continue Liberia gets president Liberia a winds of change Are sweeping this sultry West african where Liberia first new president in 27 years will be sworn into office monday with president Nixon wife in he is William Tolbert a heavyset Baptist preacher and his inauguration As 19th president of Africa oldest Republic promises a Radical break from Liberia autocratic More food Aid Washington a government food Aid to Low income families and needy school children is at a record High and will Rise even further Early in says the agriculture in the most recent month for food Stamps were being used by million persons who pay an average of about for coupons Worth at grocery the us a reported eyes to be on Asia Tokyo a Many eyes in Asia will focus next month on a meeting Between Richard Nixon and Chou no major results May come from the peking talks Between the american president and the chinese but the Mere fact they meet will represent a Milestone in inter National relations a new swing in the bitter feud Between peking and infant welcomed boisterous revelry gave Way to sober Resolution and football bowl games As Mankind welcomed an infant 1972 sounds like him the a the wife of an american Pilot shot Down and captured Over North Vietnam said saturday a tape of her husbands voice sounded very much like but he seemed to be Reading a prepared in 12th year of Indochina War Saigon a with a big troop Cut and heavy air the United states began Satur Day its 12th year of involvement in the Indochina an Allied new years cease fire passed with at least 18 re ported enemy Many that the reported action appeared no different from any other 24 hours in this stage of the warplanes struck More than 200 times at North Viet namese Supply trails in Laos and a military source the ceasefire applied Only to South american gunship helicopters and with infrared detection Are knocking out 50 to 75 trucks a night and sometimes As Many As military sources report electronic sensors dropped on the suppl Trail network indicate truck traffic is 50 to 75 per cent of what it was last Chevalier Dies of heart attack Many ushering in new year at private parties downtown virtually deserted saturday morning Blear eyed television viewers getting Back up for today contests steel headers hitting Rivers in Good numbers skiers enjoying big weekend on the Paris a Maurice Che the Debonair French showman with the twinkling eyes and Jovial died of a heart attack saturday in Necker he was the body of the Man who de lighted millions with such songs As Valentina and Louise was taken to his sub Urban Home to lie in Chevalier entered the Hospital 13 for treatment of a kid Ney during the last an artificial kidney kept Chevalier from slipping into a death but Necker Hospi Tal said cause of death was a heart at Chevaliers bedside was his longtime Secretary and Felix a Star for More than half a Chevaliers career carried him to Success in the music Halls of in revues in London and in Hollywood in the again in America after world War ii and finally on his Straw ready pouting lower Jaunty walk and a throaty voice were a hit with four year at this the sources but As Many As 500 move ments Are detected with troops widely dispersed in Cambodia and As Well As South the to Chi Minn Trail is especially important to the North vietnamese this their beefed up antiaircraft defences for Supply convoys were one reason for the Mas Sive air raids against the North in the week Between Christmas and new in Northern Hanoi 000to dry season offensive was reported threat ening the base of ported guerrillas at Long the Central intelligence Agency has pulled its elaborate electronic equipment out of Long and americans based there no longer spend the night but commute from Vien 78 Miles to the say informed sources in the laotian Vang commander of the Meo tribal set up a defense line about Halfway Between Long Cheng and the Plain of enemy Advance elements either pierced or skirted it wednesday and Cap tured Juong a town 13 Miles Southwest of Long the sources even with Supply problems through rugged the North vietnamese were said to outnumber Long Chengos de fenders two to weather Strait of Juan de Fuca Small Craft winds becoming southeasterly Chance of showers increasing Chance of rain late delayed reports on the pre Christmas Blitz with which the enemy took the Plain Lent some credence to Hanoi radio claims of heavy thai and Meo casualties in the four Days of laotian military men said Only 18 of 500 defenders at one base near the Plain and 60 of 270 at another escaped death or sources said the heavy loss plus delays in pay of up to three months have eroded morale among forces Loyal to the laotian near the laotian Border in South Vietnam Northwest Cor enemy gunners shot Down two helicopters the command it said two crewmen were killed and two that was one of More than a score of enemy violations of the Viet Cong ceasefire reported by the Allied South vietnamese spokesmen said enemy attacks since 1 Fri Day had killed eight including two and 19 attackers had Washington a the very Good year president Nixon has promised for the nations Economy began saturday amid still High forecasts of a Winter burst of inflation and a new hassle on the 15member pay Nixon and his economic officials Hope All these problems will be less pressing As Spring there banking on expectations that the Economy will pick up More steam to Cut into the jobless rate and the pos freeze surge of Price in creases will be administration economic and struggled with details of a new budget to Price posting begins Washington a government Price regulators think the nations retail stores will go beyond minimum Price posting rules and give Consumers More information than required on items they the reasons Competition and the Way the posting regulations Are under the posting regulations effective retail stores with revenues of Over annually will be required to Post freeze period ceiling prices on the bestselling 40 items in each department of their retail stores with annual revenues under that amount must simply Post the freeze period Price of the top 40 items throughout the consid ering it As one big we have some indicators that some big retailers Are go ing beyond the posting require said Jerry Deputy assistant commissioner for stabilization in the internal Revenue which is enforcing the its just Good Portney said in an interview that some retailers Are actually going to Post three prices on a Given item the freeze period which is required the Price which could be charged under government and the Price the store is which would be Low not Only could they claim patriotism in fighting but they could say they Are beating the currently authorized he but theres another reason for exceeding the the posted prices will be just As available to competitors As they Are a competitor easily could find out the top items that a store is internal Revenue service agents will be spot checking thousands of stores nationally monday to determine whether the posting requirements Are being the Price lists must be prominently it must be readily said it cant be in Side a managers beside a water Fountain in the Back of the store or in a Back top 10 stories the evening news editorial staff has selected the olympic Peninsulas top 10 news stories and presents a review of those stories Here Are the top 10 Olympus hotel Gas unexplained double murder in revaluation of Callam intensive summer search for Bellevue closure of fort Industrial Mills and treatment discrimination hearings in Callam Bay Neah Bay closure of the Callam county tragic fire at the Sisson egg turn to Page b for pictures and some views at end of stay australian student fit in go to Congress in a few weeks and with the annual economic report which will outline Nix on 1972 forecasts and resold the Success of the administrations wag Price machinery remained in doubt As a new controversy Over How the labor management Public pay Board is operating broke into the George president of the wrote a letter to Board chairman George Boldt and said the threat of the five business members to Challenge any scheduled pay increase Over 7 per cent threatens an Avalanche of appeals which could inundate the Meany asserted that the boards failure to set up Clear procedures seriously endangers its the pay which has approved Only two wage Settle goes Back to work tues Day to consider the firs year provisions of contracts in the aerospace reported to Call for a 12 per cent wage the Board has set a wage Standard designed to hold an Nual pay within a per cent it approved contracts in the Coal Industry and for rail Road signalman that were Well Over this explaining that it was partly due to catchup David Atkinson Sequim David rotary Exchange is returning Home to Warrack after a year in David has been in the senior class in Sequim High school and Active in school he played was in the senior and had the Lead in the operetta last As King Arthur in he has spent the year with four rotary families and George and Runar and Cooper and and by Ive had a fantastic time and this has been one of the Best years of my David asked to compare life Here and at he the differences Arent that great people Are mostly the australians and americans have a lot in and have much the same ideas that is Why i fit in so its a Friendly Community Why Ive enjoyed it so a poised and confident David has talked about Australia and showed color slides before numerous groups and he thinks living standards Are much the although there Are More material such As cars and to sets per person Here than in he said they get Many of the same television there is a decided difference in at Home they Are and while lots of emphasis is put on sports David says the academic standards Are much higher than in this students Wear uniforms in he Young people dress much As they do Here and parents have about the same ideas about Long last summer David had the Opportunity to travel through 40 of the he says he Learned a lot about politics and met Many different kinds of while Loath to criticize anything in this David says he does not like people who complain about How bad con wage the seven member Price kept up its Busy issuing new rent regulations while passing on new Price increase applications at a rapid the rent regulations generally carried out the commissions previous policy to try to hold rent boosts within a per cent plus additional amounts to cover property tax How Long Nixon economic at this time a year he said he didst in tend to last was still a subject of but Paul just before leaving his Job As chair Man of Nixon Council of eco nomic told newsmen there would have to be a continuing government role in the wag Price area even after the phase 2 program he said the rate of if entirely will tend to Rise at a rate that is faster than when Mccracken took the Job three years he held an opposite Mccracken said he supports Nixon decision to try to bal Ance the fiscal 1973 budget at full employment already conceding a big actual fiscal 1973 wants to hold spending within a full employment new year fakes various bows the new year of 1972 took its Bow saturday amid the head splitting echoes of boisterous the Din of violence and the quieter rhythms of peaceful reflection and the biggest bomb explosion in More than two years injured More than 20 persons in Northern Ireland on new years the statue of Liberty in Paris became a target for Antiwar French leftists who tried to set it unhappy new Nixon the United states began the new year with a population of after a smaller growth than in either of the two previous president Nixon returned from key to Welcome the new year quietly with his wife who left saturday Tor a nine Day official visit to the president spent the Day like millions of other watching football bowl games on traditional outdoor gatherings to ring in the new year in new York cites times Square and other american cities attracted smaller crowds this year As Endo year revellers seemed to prefer More intimate in More than persons turned out for the 38th annual Orange bowl thousands of Parade fans braved unusually Chilly weather in to Camp overnight for Good curbside seats at the 83rd annual tournament of Superior court judge Robert Wenke turned Down a for an injunction to allow a peace show at half tune of the Rose bowl the new year was a Little late reaching Trafalgar Square in but most of the celebrating thousands probably did not Stop to dead on the clock which runs on Greenwich mean time was stopped one tenth of a second to line it up exactly 10 seconds behind the More accurate inter National atomic the new year received an exuberant Welcome in where celebratory crawled and threw Beer cans and eggs at police and in furniture and pottery were thrown from windows for Good Luck and tons of fireworks quieter new years observances were held in where millions of japanese turned out in sunny weather to Day to pay traditional new years Day visits to leading shinto shrines and Buddhist Pope Paul i Knelt in prayer in his private Chapel in the apostolic while in new York Flowers were placed on a Church altar in the memories of president John Martin Luther King sen Robert Whitney Young and Malcolm another special column for paen editions people Here have so he and particularly on the East coast he found people who have enough Money to live but do he says they waste their they Are not Thrifty with a lot of David leaves next week for a few Days in will Fly from san Francisco 7 and be Home by he will go Back to school and graduate with his senior class and then plans to attend the University at another special contributor makes his Bow in today Issue of the evening he is John a native of Sequim now working on his doctorate in comparative literature at the University of Mcclurken will do a weekly Book called about it will be a regular feature every subjects for the reviews will be mainly usually Best Sellers or former bestsellers re issued in paperback form readily available in this his plans also he doing Brief essays on some presently ignored past writers such As Charles Dickens and reviews of old books such As one i recently discovered about life on the Peninsula in i have no particular axe to he except i believe in Good and honest Mcclurken is a i of Sequim High he took his bachelors degree at us in asian a qualification which he used when he did a stint in the the army sent him to language school and then to Korea As an he has just completed work on his masters and is starting on his at the Mcclurken is a son of and Alfred his father was Junior High school principal at Sequim for 23 years before retiring two years his is a daughter of and John Griffith of the Mcclurkins have two children a and a his first review of Bury my heart at wounded knee May be found on the editorial John Mcclurken

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