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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1968, Page 11

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - February 4, 1968, Port Angeles, Washington Pert Angeles evening february 1968poge 7 George Rains Speaks out vote no on the school Levy i am a Oneman financial and against the school i am working against a tax supported so my tax Money is working against i am not using unorthodox badgering of school Chil Dren in sending them Home in tears to Force an i have offered no Coffee party to gain votes against the there is no one actively engaged in the Field to influence votes to my Side of the i am not try ing to persuade an organization or business with whom i do business to vote against the just because a Man or two in an organization supports the it is no indication the whole organization supports it As school District 21 officials would like to have you if i were a Rich Man i should conduct this Issue like the politician in he counted the number of bought As Many pairs of sending one to each with instructions that if the election went Well and As they would get the other now lets get Down to the More serious Side of the Levy i have been doing a lot of listening and think ing and i am going into the Issue quite and pre sent a lot of facts and when this country was founded people came Here for Many to get away from oppressive to have religious to find a new Way of life in which personal initiative and hard work would bring great accomplishments in our private Enterprise great strides were made and we emerged one of the greatest Powers on we have a National Constitution and a Bill of rights that Are second to none in the entire to keep our nation Strong we must abide very resource fully to every condition of those two great to deviate in any direction from their guidelines Only invites major our Constitution and Bill of rights were drawn up and signed by very intelligent misinterpretation and wilful misinterpretation of our Constitution and Bill of rights have led to a gradual de Cay of the once powerful nation we knew some thirty five or forty years we were the envy of the world for honest dealing and great today we have More enemies in the world than today we Are engaged in a great conflict within our this conflict is psychological people in Power and minority groups persist in trying to make you believe what is wrong is if this theory is persecuted far enough and Long you actually accept it As fact although it is still psychology can provide Only a limited amount of on the other it is the most destructive Force in the world next to nuclear War which is Complete psychological warfare is what is known As War in the fourth it is All around you and its devas Tating effect is invisible to the naked Only by Analuz study and deep thinking Are you Able to comprehend what is taking place in your own the roman Empire and great nations of the world have fallen to psychological it has been used in All great major it is being used by Russia and Many Iron curtain countries against the rest of the free and All the minority has to do is convince the majority that wrong is today in our great psychological warfare is being used against the and the people As a whole by our own Federal the states Are using that same Force against the and counties and the the counties against the and the cities against the resulting in a Chain reaction Down the a few examples of psychological warfare at the Federal level Between july 1946 and june our governments elected officials gave away abroad this is billion More than the total assessed valuation of americas 50 largest we cannot buy Friendship in this manner and it was wrong yet it has been accepted by Many As and still it was done without your the United states supreme court has gotten into the habit of rendering supreme court decisions on the trend of the times instead of the constitutional Law of the this is wrong but they want us to accept it As our elected representatives in Washington Are mis appropriating Federal funds to operate seven Hundred Large corporations at the taxpayers this mat Ter involves some 60 billion dollars All Are losing this is wrong but our Public servants want you to think it is personal incentive is private Enterprise is suffering from Competition with their own tax and the country is going farther in debt year after there Are about 3 bankruptcies in this country a one half Are the result of poor business the other half Are the result of too much restriction and control and leaving the business nothing to survive a National debt of three dred fifty with an annual interest debt of fifteen billion is All some Day people Are going to expect to get their Money Back which they loaned our Federal to pay one Man not to Plant his land and another a subsidy above the Market value of his product is All to tax the majority of the people into submission and let the Large Oil companies and foundations off tax free is to cancel millions in taxes of big corporations and railroads is there Are a thousand wrongs being imposed at the Federal level that Are not throttling of our constitutional right at All Levels of government is wrong private Enterprise Freedom of the private property rights Federal monopoly is at the state level we have excessive state Competition to private infringe ment on private property All Are yet you Are expected to believe it is at the county level we also have excessive infringement on private property these same conditions prevail in cities and All Are our country is economically and morally sick from one end to the Many drastic changes Are going to have to be made if we Are going to get Well and save our Economy bankruptcies a year in this country has me concerned and you All should half of these bankruptcies Are directly attributable to too much political control at All government and not enough margin of profit left to according to the september report of the National federation of Independent the annual rate of Job losses by marginal Subr marginal workers has now reached due to the new wage hour Law with the rate of attrition not showing any sign of leveling when mandatory wage hour Laws affect businesses that Are not making that kind of this is the end result loss of i feel our whole country is being systematically indoctrinated to a policy of also rented it pears that we should stick to our fundamental principles of Good government and Good old fashioned educational i feel that resentment shown by school juvenile and a lot of the lawlessness in our Are results of Many people dissatisfied with our sick Many people react in Many different the pressure and harassment is too great for Many of one Bright Side of the picture is that Many would be dropouts from school have become great successes in the business now i want to show you How psychological warfare works in its most destructive form at the state and local the most powerful lobby in Olympia today is their sole interest is not necessarily school and it is the Dollar race for their own lobbying is the influencing of state to gain for minority groups More than their share of any whether it be or whatever is gained is at the expense of i want to give you the breakdown on the Dollar percentage Wise of your tax dollars from the state general for All uses july 1967 to july All two year per one seventeen seven Hundred Slot five seven Hundred seventy eight Public per Twenty million health and mental per ninety nine million one Hundred thousand corrective per fort seven million general per fort five million l7 per Twenty eight million natural resources and per thirty million Revenue collected and returned to cities and per thirty seven million there is something drastically wrong with our so Clety when we have to spend for Edu when we wind up with expenses of for for health and mental hos and for correctional we have a sick society that needs a lot of our society is systematically and methodically stroll no us through excessive loss of property loss of personal initiative to a com and other minority groups Are at tempting to enslave the our servants Are doing a Good Job at becoming our to prove another Point in this method of psychological warfare against the school District 21 is trying to get a school Levy of some on february and on the other hand a school Bond is going to be on the ballot at the state level for seventy million this the school lobbying Force is playing both ends against the Middle at the taxpayers also slated for the fall election is a Bond Issue for inst is a sick society with systematically indoctrinated policies of also rented thinking causing us to have the we Are having in our state and country today i sincerely believe it lobbying should be abolished from All government Levels under severe penalty by psychological warfare should Kew de be abolished from All government level under penalty by now to the local school District 21 and my first questions to Sleeper and Ellis How did you manage to keep in the invest ment for the 19671968 Cut the educational program Down so much that you no longer had the accreditation program you talked and got yourselves and All school teachers a 7 per cent raise in pay All of this you did in a year when there was no Levy for additional Are you not trying to use psychology in the wrong direction Are you not trying to blame the taxpayer for not providing enough funds to give the schools the accreditation rating you Are talking when in tall to you used that Money for a 7 per cent increase in pay to thus cutting the kids out of much of their educational program by using the excuse of a mandatory pay raise granted by the state legislature of 7 per cent for the 19671968 and a 5 per cent increase for the 196 8196 9 year you took away from the and took for yourselves and the rest of the school blaming the payer for not providing the funds needed for a proper accredited school Doest your conscience bother just a Little bit with the 7 per cent increase for 1968 your salary reflects a very Large your 19661967 salary was around plus a 7 per cent increase making do you not feel this wage increase for one year was taken away from the childrens education program by yourself if i am i believe you Are to get a 5 per cent increase on the salary next your 19671968 salary appears to be your 19661967 salary was some a 7 per Cen increase gave you for do you not feel your wage increase was taken away from the childrens education program for the 8 year with your 7 per cent increase for 1967 1988 your salary is your 19661967 Sal Ary was some do you not feel that this Ary increase of was taken away from the childrens educational program in the year i am going to list Many of the salaries going to and teachers in school District the figures will floor six Cen trial service to a Dally to special education curriculum Dally summer principals Dally Dally Dally Dally daily Dally Dally Dally Dally Dally one half time principal daily one these salaries Are based on nine 180 these principals do no teaching what do they do for this kind of Money secretarial salaries 2 at 1 at 1 at to per several part total Cost salaries teachers 9 months or 180 Days senior High 43 3 part time teachers Jun Lor High 49 10 part time teachers Elemen tary 91 8 part time eight teachers fort three teachers a 00 sixty Jour teachers Twenty one teachers Twenty eight teachers Twenty one teachers fourteen time teachers three 1x3 time teachers two time teachers year one 7 time teacher summer school Driver training contract changes sub for sick handicapped 9 180 Days six teachers at total for secretaries and at no Way to determine what department wages Are for or the Dally wage rate on part time Library salaries 9 180 Days one at a one at two at a53 one Viz time at one time at one part time at 273 salaries and attendants not listed what Counselor 9 months 180 Days one at yearly one at one time at one time at one time at one part time at total counselling on 19671968 budget 291 extra curricular no Way to determine wage 341 salaries psychological service 9 180 Days one at one at one at one at one part time at no Way to determine total psychological service head Start questionable waste of time and Money bus buses and custodian building maintenance main equipment warehouse and distribution All seem to be in Good this article is not Only being written against the school but was written to show you so and moral deterioration that is taking place in our country More taxes now can Only add More deterioration to an already ment at All Levels is riddled with lawlessness what can we expect from the rest of society political science and political economics when pro Perly applied can help us resolve a great Many of so and economic but if applied wrong can Hurt i will present figures to show How this Levy would effect your a Home with a fair Market value of would have an assessed value of the tax rate on the assessed value would be per thousand with no with the Levy your rate would be per your actual tax now without the Levy on the of assessed value is if you vote for the and it goes your actual tax on your Home would be the Levy would cause your tax to jump on a if your Home is Worth your tax would be twice or Bear in mind that this is in addition to the property tax you already i am sure the majority of you cannot afford to have your taxes raised any they Are now at the Al Statory you cannot afford to take from your lowering your Standard of and raising those who Are already getting More than their at your by school District 21s own 75 per cent to 80 per cent of the Levy is earmarked for i cannot see approximately going for in creased with the kind of wages school teachers and All employees of school District 21 Are getting i am not against Good properly run and dedicated to principles of Good i am sure we have a great Many dedicated hard working teachers in school District Many of these teachers Are being dragged along in the vacuum of a political Force that is detrimental to and the Munty As a we would have far better Public re Latsons Ullh the schools if they would stick to their fundamental Job of that is what they Are being paid and the Job does not belong in the Middle of a political the Best interest of the taxpayer can be served by removing control of finances from the school they have shown through inf fluency and Lack of proper what a mess we can get into when politics enter the we want no one in this country to lose his Perty and Home through excessive yet some government departments or agencies always Are trying to Force you into that taxation has reached the saturation there is no room for any More in our sick economic we want no class system in this but that is the direction you Are headed in or than you the Middle class had better Wake up or one of these Days you will Wake up to find yourself a Peon or a protect your property and your property rights with every Legal Means at your Many people Are becoming aware of the dangers confronting themselves and our economic in news and world dated oct Cipr w w on Page the heading is tax revolt brewing across the i voters increasingly Are turning thumbs Down on Bond for new spending pro even those for voters Defeated 275 Bond is sues for a total of 840 million dollars in the second Quarter of the approval rate on Bond and Levy issues dropped to the lowest level in 11 a los Angeles tax protest group gathered signatures to put a Lam it on property More than san franciscans crowded into the civic auditorium last month to test confiscatory levies on authorities nearly everywhere report More and More taxpayers Are objecting to their tax Bills and Are appealing to the single biggest local complaint property tax As feeding the resentment is the heaviest tax Burden in Seldom if Ever before have authorities piled tax on tax with such a heavy taxes at All Levels of government this year will Siphon off billion dollars equal to 28 cents of each Dollar of total output of goods and services in the Twenty years ago the tax take was billion new and increased state and local taxes Are build ing up a rebellious mood among taxpayers even before the outbreak at the National there is More resistance to school tax increases or Bond issues than for some the taxpayer is feeling the Pinch of higher taxes and higher living it is increasingly difficult to educate the taxpayer to the need of asked for an increase in its school tax Selling three times in less than two with the voters falling each time to school authorities in some places Are attempting to Stem the taxpayer revolt by threatening to scale Down fire teachers and close one school Board member in a Michigan City this is about the Only Chance the average Guy has left to pro test rising so he votes no regardless of the merits of the schools Are right up to jails in Public Disfavour when it comes to Bond letters to Wilbur chairman of the House ways and Means have been pouring in from All Over the nation at the rate of 200 to 300 a earlier they were around a a the Over whelming majority of the estimated by Mills staff at about 99 per Are against proposed tax in nearly All Call for big cuts in government spend you dont have to have a guilty conscience if you vote against the school it looks like a lot of other people Are fed up with excessive let school officials and school Board members in school District 21 do some trimming and get some semblance of order in our school there Are Many ways to save Money in school District 21 and trim Down first get the idea out of their head that any extra Money has to find its Way into school employees administration Cost cuts should be made mandatory along with any other Cost the budget should be provided in More detail in Stead of lumping a multitude of expense the Bud get should be completely torn apart and reassembled by the school Board accounting for every ten Dollar Mil instead we get a school Board rubber stamp of Proval on a budget which they Are not familiar the result is a lot of waste and inf fluency in school management an Economy measure that is going to have to be put into practice sooner or later is utilization of school buildings More hours a and More months of the this practice is working out very Well at Simon Frazer University in and extensively in Call we Are going to have to eliminate the expensive construction of More acres of one Story school i have discussed the introduction of a Bill with Paul Conner to eliminate the per cent sales tax on material and services in tax supported Public school this would my school building and should be filed in and when new construction is Neces sary any school District should be Able to go to olym Pla to select plans to be in All counties and cities of the i am there Are Many hundreds of new plans to choose a certified building inspector could be hired to see that Good Quality material and work Mansilp went into the bad judgment was used by the school Board and others for not having established a Trade or vocational training school Here Long the old Junior College would have filled the Bill the educators concept that most All work is being done by using your head is not we have Many skilled jobs that can he performed right Here in port Angeles with your but we Lack the facilities to we have a migrating graduating school Force of about 98 per cent leaving town to find employment under food Why does the 19071968 budget reflect an amount of total food service of when the school lunch program was abolished the school District will not Tell you the school lunch program will be resumed if the Levy Why wont they ask do you know that in when Washington to came a an enabling act was arranged to euro for Public grades 1 sections 1c and m in All under slate were so aside to care for our school income from tic grazing in All these sections wore to go into a permanent school at the present time there Are Over in our state for this acres of Lnu her land and acres of grazing we have in that Public school fund in to Over in if h has not been spent for something ask if you Are in doubt about these Check with your state after carefully analysing the 19671968 tear ing it apart and putting 11 Back i sincerely be Lleve it is possible to Cut from the this does not include teachers salaries where non essential no useful subjects Are being taught that could be eliminated with a further Cut of or advanced classes which Are actually part of your College work should not be part of our High school Paul you Are very act vein your port of the school you own the olympic paper Selling janitorial school and paper do you do considerable business with school District 21 there Are Many private occupied residences and much land in school District 21 on which no pro Perty tax is being these same occupants enjoy All the benefits arid Public services the rest of us have to pay i am sure Many of you taxpayers would like to be in this same in i own a number of parcels of land in school District 21 that could be directly affected by this i cannot vote on the Levy because i do not live in school District i am a victim of Atlon without which is one of the major reasons the american revolution was my Home is in the Fairview school District and does not come under the Levy in port i am not going to All this work and expense for the Money i could save on Rny property tax in school tract my motive is not for personal gain trying to defeat the information is being made available to the taxpaying Public that they should have known a Long time other reasons Are to expose the psychological tactics being used against and taxation without representation against Wake up before you have no Home or country conditions Are extremely bad when disillusioned people you meet Tell i am ashamed to admit i am an you cannot defeat the Levy merely by staying Home and not so please go the the polls and make your vote count by voting against the paid advertisement by George Rains route Box 2370 port Washington 98362

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