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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 5

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Port Angeles, WashingtonMorning after firemen continued to pour water this morning into the burned out Hulk of what was the Aldwell building before fire gutted it sunday evening news photo Ivans Bucks one suggestion Seattle a Dan Evans says he believes the state personnel director should to Lune to be appointed by the state personnel Board on the basis of competitive Examina he has thus disagreed with a recommendation of his Council for reorganization of state Ern ment that the director be pointed by the governor and the Board be merely the governor outlined his views in a letter to state John chairman of the legislative councils committee on state the committee held a hearing Here saturday on changes pro posed by the reorganization Council in the state civil service Evans said in his letter that he thinks the system has worked exceptionally Obrien said the committee will take up other phases of the reorganization report in later with gemini 6 astros look to rendezvous notes comments at the scene sunday nights fire in Down town port was accompanied by Little incidents and re Marks from observers which if not always at least a few breathing spells from the tense incredulity that gripped the Many persons watching the two men were seen on the roof of the Toggery desperately trying to regain control of a Hose after a pressure surge knocked them off their feet and sent them skittering across the area firemen on the same getting generous Spray of water splattered on them and shouted Tell those Guys to hold it Down a bit a Reserve Deputy was having trouble East of the fire trying to hold Back the spectators who wanted a better View a Man close to the scene asked a do you have a match and heard among the Large crowd of spectators on the Bluff High above the fire there goes your desk Art Harris to his Jug some people will do anything to get out of a dental my cuckoo clock do you suppose it will be alright my i haunt picked up the pictures of the kids and de spite the tremendous Job the firemen were one person responded to a remark in that vein that what there paid Many Little acts of kindness bordering on heroism also accompanied the several High school just Dur ing the Early hours of the pitched in to help Lewie Filion get As much of his Stock out of his establishment As possible while time coast Clad in Asbestos tried to enter the blazing but heat was too intense personnel from the base responded immediately when Calledo fire chief Kenneth Cameron said that the port Angeles fire dept and the coast guard base has a working agreement on Dis asters of this most of the personnel from the base were Clad Only in jackets and which became water soaked in rapid High school students and oth ers pitched in to help where they they Learned a few Les sons about fire fighting during the Long the Lee hotel and toilers Florist opened telephones for radio announcers and photog Bill chief Engineer at radio directed the radio making on the scene he had to race Back to the station to help put the auxiliary Power Supply on when City Power was Cut news wire services were kept abreast of the Baize and Komo to had reports on late other radio stations in the area were calling port Angeles for direct Lee president of Aldwell building was in the which he also at noon he then returned to his Home in be he was informed of the fire shortly after but the re port he heard at that time was that there was just a lot of he heard further reports on television late he left Seattle at 5 today and arrived on the scene at 8 Oclocco Many persons were on scene helping Charles Raab remove equipment and dr0 Donald Bettger and others helped Raab move his Able equipment to betters of fice across the he ported this morning that Raab will operated with him until another location can be Bill owner of mels sporting helped others move the Stock of Illions jew Elers to his build Ngo he re ported a regular brigade of per sons carrying watches up the Dillons was moving to the Arcade building this where they Hope to be open for business by Ronald Thompson a aerospace writer space gemini 7 still vigorous and tally Alert in the ninth Day of the Marathon space hurtled on toward new endur Ance records today and looked Forward eagerly to a Day rendezvous with gemini Frank Borman and James Lovell have shown no evidence of weariness despite the grinding exposure to their strange world of Owen a flight said they Wake up he respond quickly to ground and make no errors in copying information relayed to them from Earth they knew what they had to and they Are going to do we expect them to be As Good to the gemini 7 entered its 133rd bit at 10 an air Force tenant and a Navy woke up this morning after a period of Light sleep and soon began asking questions about the Progress of efforts at Cape Kennedy to pre pare the gemini 6 spacecraft for a wednesday they were told an abbreviated would be started tuesday morning and prospects were Good for a wednesday ing at the biggest of All space Devous of orbiting if the gemini 6 flight is again the problem of ing the two spacecraft Down on the same Day could no 7 now is scheduled to splash Down saturday after 14 in we dont want to bring them Down on the same but we will if we have a Man if this an Effort would be made to land them one orbit but it could be done on Hie same revolution if there were no other Borman arid the endurance Cham pions of space sped on Ward dressed the Only Way to in their Cotton this is gemini your Friendly target standing Borman messaged Earth after the sunday space spectacular stalled in a Cloud of rocket the gemini 6 Navy Walter Schurra and air Force Thomas saw their space Hunt and rendezvous with gemini 7 foiled before they left the launch pad at Cape a false signal shut off the launch rockets already tired launch Crews worked around the clock today to ready gemini 6 for another Pursuit try at est it can be fired As late As Borman and Lovell got orders to conserve fuel to insure them enough Power to maintain their spacecrafts attitude toward the end of their space this meant an abbreviated ment schedule and much ing Light conversation flowed tween the spacecraft and Earth As ground controllers attempted to boost the spacemen spirits after the sudden scrub of the gemini 6 a spacecraft radio was tuned to sunday afternoon Al football if it had not been for split second decisions by Schirra and Stafford in the face of potential danger and maybe death the Chance at a repeat attempt would have there cleared for Mission control advised gemini passing overhead shortly fore the 954 liftoff control told Schurra and right on schedule the count Down exhaust boiled from beneath the mighty but the rocket didst announced Sion control with scarcely a by this under these Schurra and Stafford were close to making a decision to eject and be thrown Clear of the soldering live with but they just gripped their ejection then the fuel pressure started slowly decreasing the crisis had they ejected much like pilots do from Jet aircraft the damage to the capsule and seats might have been too severe to repair before the end of the gemini 7 port nexus Angeles evening 3 gop faces jobs problem claimed dead first Snow of the Washington a top republicans grapple today with the question of what if thing to do about the John Birch if they dont formally repudiate the conservative one party chieftain they will be accused of the showdown comes at a session of the publican coordinating created to draft party poll Barry a key Man peace March stirs argument Walla a Whitman College students taking part in a peace March got an argument sunday noon from a Young woman who said her husband was fighting in Viet the who did not tiny approached leaders of the group after they had walked from the College Campus to the Walla Walla county House and held a Brief she asked Why they were against the troops in Viet Nam and said such demonstrations As theirs help the Viet Cong and increase the potential for a third world eighty one students and George professor of took part in the the Edward Hinckley of Pauls episcopal led the marchers in a prayer for the demonstrators carried United states and United nations flags and signs calling for negotiated cease fire and peace through the Dick Lilly of a for majoring in said the demonstrators supported president Johnson in his avowed quest for peace but Felt they must present their views to sure a continued discussion of the he said they favored a Cessa Tion of bombings As a step toward a cease an end to military Aid by both got nations with the National liberation front Viet Cong and putting the Viet Nam Issue fore the in Security another group of College Stu dents who had been granted a Parade permit for a demonstration failed to pick up their pamper dogs a Jim a pet shop says people like to pamper their Best especially at one she would be satisfied with nothing less than a red Chiffon Negligee trimmed in feathers for her White now my poodle can lounge around in the customer another customer requested a Cashmere coat for her peking Ese a beige one to match his and furrier Paul Swigert recently measured a great Dane for a Mink costing in the controversy Over How to handle the Birch society will not be on his wife is hospitalized in after undergoing a spokesman said Waters position on the Birch society will be presented by John Idaho Robert Smylie has called for passage of Lution disassociating the publican party interests and activities from those of the John Birch society and similar themist failure of the committee to pass such a Smylie told National chairman Ray would be interpreted by the press and the Public As an act of equivocation by the leadership of our Pennsylvania Hugh once a National chairman has called for tee action on a repudiation he proposed to the party 1964 a suspects sought in Forks Case tonal it was when mingle rejected by Gates who chose Goldwater to be the gop presidential key words in the Scott postal we repudiate the efforts of irresponsible extremist such As the the Kun flux the John Birch society and to discredit our party by their efforts to filtrate positions of responsibility in the party or to attach themselves to its Raylie is a member of the committee Scott is As a presidential Goldwater repeatedly refused to repudiate the support of people who belong to the Birch but he did denounce its Robert Welch the Man who called former president Dwight Eisenhower a tool of comm look inside pc losses figured High South Viet Nam task Force of marines and vietnamese teamed against the Viet Cong in a Battle South of a estimated today ground and air strikes have killed about of the red action was Marine moving through Hills in the que son found a guerrilla training area and some warehouses full of Gray and Black obviously designed for manufacture of the Flimsy pyjamas Many Viet Cong use As the claim about enemy casualties was not broken Down As to direct artillery fire and Aerial whether it would be borne out by body count remained to be major ground fighting else where also briefing officers said the Viet Cong May be pulling Back to their Jungle mde outs to with partially Clearing warplanes resumed raids on Ortli Viet Nam after a two Day Lull blamed on bad air Force f105 thunderchief and f4c phantom jets blasted two Bridges Northeast of Dien Bien set a five building military Complex in the same area aflame and cratered the approaches to another Bridge on a main Highway 130 Miles West of a Man Navy pilots claimed another two storage areas and four antiaircraft Sites 14 Miles Northwest of the coastal town of Dong he in the Battle area South of a marines and South vietnamese troops hunted a Viet Cong regiment on the sixth Day of operation Harvest Moon but the foe refused to show him since the fighting began around a Valley 20 Miles South of a the leathernecks counted 198 Viet Cong 76 captured and 287 suspects de Marine spokesmen officers regarded the Lull i dont think the major fighting has said the Marine commander in Viet Lewis officials took consid Erable satisfaction at the sur Render of a Viet Cong with 11 to men of the 173rd airborne brigade at to 60 Miles Northeast of they coun Ted the defection As a major Acle element for Intelli gence and psychological fare experts and vietnamese National police who negotiated the it was described As the Gest Viet Cong defection in Many in the Marine the leathernecks took Over the High ground near the Rice Hamlet of three suspects were being sought for questioning in the reported rape and Kidnap of a Forks girl sunday the sheriffs office is investigating the incident further this no details were Avail comics p13 dear p6 editorial p Forks p 8 Sequim p 8 sports p10 tide table p13 p14 special feature zab Bazara bus 5 president returns for talks by Frank Cormier Washington a Dent Johnson returned to the White House Early today for an intensive round of conferences with foreign final preparations for the new budget and More discussion of Viet Johnson had been at his lbs ranch near Johnson for 24 Days rating from ids 8 operation and holding a series of top level policy talks on the whole Range of governmental press Secretary Bill Moy ers said staff work would by much of the presidents time Johnson had to make final preparations for the arrival tuesday of president hammed Ayub Khan of Stan for two Days of Ayub arrived in new York prime minister Harold Wilson of great who has been trying to promote Viet peace will be at the White House West German Chancellor Lud wig who wants for his country a role in the nuclear defense of Western will arrive saturday for two or three Days of conferences with the president and son Are expected to return to the ranch a few Days before Christmas for a Holiday stay that May continue into while in Johnson also will have to oversee final preparation of the Federal Bud decisions on How sharply to curb funds for great society programs enacted this officials closed Friday that curbs have been ordered to help offset Pec Ted outlays in Viet in the president faces new decisions on Viet Nam and that subject is certain to take up much of his there will be Holiday too the lighting of the National Christmas tree behind the White House on Friday Vernoon and a presidential party that night for White House pm on interest rates Martin claims stand will help Cloudy fire door Tyler Moffett stands in front of the fire door Between the East and West Wing of building on the upper when closed Early in the it prevented flames from engulfing the entire West the fire worked its Way through the floor under the door and spread to the ceiling above the Moffett office was completely by Edmond Lebreton Washington a Ham Mcchesney Martin chairman of the Federal re serve said today its Teres raising action will help the Economy and any Lay would probably have required stronger Martin also told the House economic committee that is Independent Agency had kept president Johnsons administration continuously in there has been a continuing Frank Exchange of views tween the Federal Reserve and administration both fore and after the boards he the taken by the Board a week raised by on half of one per cent the count rate that determines the Cost of borrowing it was deplored by president John son and others and there was special criticism of the timing of the since Federal it information will be available in just about a some of the Federal Reserve Board members who voted against the interest in a joined in the but Martin said he thinks that instead of dampening the eco nomic the boards Sions to raise the permissible rate of both interest charge and interest paid on time deposits should help to sustain Progress in raising output and ment by averting monetary overstimulation of the Martin listed several tons he said pointed toward Flatiron in recent the committee opened Ings on the boards raising the interest Rusk cads on French Leader at nato meet by Tom Ocie trek Paris a Secretary of state Dean Rusk called on French Premier Georges Pidoux today As foreign and Fease ministers of the Atlantic Alliance gathered to discuss an integrated nuclear Force and Frances part in the Husk told newsmen on his Val he did not expect any tiling surprising to emerge from the ministers meeting opening Day at Headquarters of the North Atlantic treaty but in calling on Pompidou and minister Maurice be was putting into practice another serv Atlon that i think my stay in Paris will be discuss with other ministers the questions in our the question uppermost in rusks mind As he talked with the French officials by was president Charles de Oaul Lea opposition to nato ii foreign Secretary Michael Stewart of Britain was stricken by an infection in London and will be unable to attend the nato ministers a foreign office spokesman said defense Secretary Denise Hea lev will act for que air Force b52s from Guam pummelled the suspected Lair of a communist regiment in the 350 Miles Northeast of for the second time since the operation began last Walt said the attempt to encircle and wipe out the Force of hardcore communist troops had been launched to forestall an attack on the Marine beachhead at Chu 52 Miles Southeast of a the Viet Cong were planning to attack we Felt we should attack first and destroy their he the Viet Cong struck first and inflicted heavy casualties on two South namese battalions before the marines got into the As the Elgh engine bombers roared Back toward More than Miles the marines pushed Forward to sess the results of the saturation bombing but made Only Light Contact with the Viet officers some Leatherneck units moved up the hillsides ing the Valley in which the communists were believed a report from the ground said a South vietnamese unit had found 200 Viet Cong bodies and a weapons but it was not immediately Ter mined How they had died nor was the site earlier the marines announced they had killed 122 and that the total had been confirmed by body Walt said one Marine unit took moderate losses but added that Marine casualties since the Start of the fight were Light while the Viet Cong to figure runs into the in the go Cong area 40 Miles South of a today tie Between the communists and vietnamese troops ended sunday night in a rout of the Viet a military spokesman he reported 181 Viet Cong killed and 10 hired in contrast to Light Ern ment More than 100 communists were reported killed in other scattered encounters with Ern ment some right on Saigon these eluded a vietnamese battalion smoked out an undetermined number of Viet Cong in Mekong River Delta Rice paddies 75 Miles Southwest of Saigon and killed 106 after a brisk the government forces also captured nine russian two Light machine mines and vietnamese patrol Ijac off a Dawn ambush 15 Miles South Southwest of ing one Viet capturing three and detaining eight More suspects without any Young women its threw a grenade into a police station at Gia on the Northern outskirts of the injuring two one one of the wounded men emptied his pistol at the attackers and killed raided a Pagoda in the Village of Tan 35 Miles South Southwest of killing 23 persons in their sleep and wounding seven

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