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Port Angeles Evening News Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 3

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Port Angeles, WashingtonThe editorial Page letters to the editor the Conrad cartoon december 1965 Page 2 decay is catching until the dental profession believed that tooth decay was a five year study under a Federal Grant by a team of dental microbiologists leads to the discovery that tooth decay is a highly contagious dlsease4 Doran Zunner of the University of says that the work of the team of which he is the Leader is a Long step Forward to stopping tooth the research suggests that 98 per cent of All people have some form of tooth they result from four main types of distinguished by their slow or fast most people have slow acting Mouth if it is so highly tooth infection can be stopped by self restraint but no one expects that kissing will be even to save oneself from tooth the next Best thing is Protection with Fluor but even this runs into the opposition of people averse to mass treatment of water for the Public Here on the North olympic Peninsula Natur al fluorides in our water Are so scarce As to be practically Only in deep Wells East of the cascades Are fluorides sufficient in water to give Teeth natural Protection from the City of new York with All its boroughs has just adopted fluoridation for the water this will cover a population of million people an important advancement in better health for particularly among world today maugham going his Way by James Marlow associated press news analyst Washington a Somerset maugham at Ting too deaf to listen to music and too Blind from cataracts to began slipping toward death saturday in a Way that would have pleased he was in a Twenty seven years when he was 64 and beginning to look Down the Uncertain Ridor this English novel playwright and Short Story writer explained How he would like to he hoped he would not be aware of deaths he or undergo its he guessed wrong about the thought of growing he said it didst dismay it would be a very silly he who Drew the curtains and turned on the Light to shut out the Tranquility of the but at deaf and going he was saying i am sick of this Way of the Wea riness and sadness of old age make it in this spirit he approached the end of a Long writing career which no including considered he was a third Rater who made a Rich living out of he said he had been writing for Money since he was but he was a Good very always Clear As Clifton fad Man a professional offering Grade his Mark is neither passion nor it is Good maugham wrote 30 25 120 his Best Santa Claus to visit by Bob Poos plei South Viet Nam a Santa Claus will visit the vietnamese and montagnard kids in Plesku province if the Viet Cong Santa in this Case is a rugged lieutenant colonel of the army named Edward a native of Smith is senior adviser to the Plesku special sector and his work takes him to villages in the Central vietnamese Highlands that Are surrounded Viet Cong Early this fall he and the 15 other americans in his advisory group started getting letters from Home inquiring As to what they would like for Christmas we All talked about Smith and decided we didst really need but these kids we see All the time do need something to make them aware of the spirit of Smith wrote his wife in Kun and asked her to Send Over soap and other articles to distribute to the local Betty Smith enlisted the Aid of much of Killeen and the rounding army base of the More Smith thought about his project the More he liked it so he decided to he wrote a letter to a newspaper in where hence was and talked a Porter from who was touring Viet into writing a Short Story the publicity and Smiths efforts brought about a flood of we have already received 32 Large boxes of the articles we a Mlih and 132 More Are on the starting around 20 Well distribute the stuff to the kids by weve got a Santa Claus suit for one of the Guys and Well make a real thing of Smith and the men of his team such As Nishimoto Masami of los Angeles and mond wrinkle of will be risking their lives in their Christmas project be cause the area in which they work is dominated by several regiments of Viet Cong but Smith and his men figure that things like this will win the War Over so far Smith has been Lucky in his civic and Hes been Here about seven the Viet Cong killed his predecessor after he had been on the Job 10 alcohol Center a the first stat operated alcoholism treatment unit for women has been established at Central Islip state Hospital in Suffolk alcoholism units for male patients Are in operation at Cen trial Islip and Rochester state below Olympus by Interlandi some of the Glamour is lost knowing there orbiting the Earth in their work was is of human written in he thought it was his by the time he was in his with most of his work behind he said he had no illusions about his place in English literature and that Only two important British critics took him in the summing which he wrote in 1938 on his his and his he in my twenties the critics said i was brutal in my thirties they said i was flippant in my ties they said i was cynical in my fifties they said i was Patent and now in my sixties they say i am i look upon it As natural then that the world of letters should have attached no great importance to my maugham admitted his Ory was bad but he said his head was always full of ideas for he worked hard to improve considering simplicity not such an obvious Merit As he regretted that he didst have someone with Good sense to direct his Reading when he was but he travelled the world in search of experience for his he warned writers to seek expert not to wait for this was Why he condemned one of his by for standing at a in tellers of tales a collection of Short stories he edited he said James failed of being a Good writer because his experience was inadequate and his sympathies were in expressing Lack of illusion about the Merit of his called himself a Teller of tales round the world news in Brief by the associated press Moscow a Houari Boum Dienne arrived today on his first visit to a foreign try since he overthrew algerian president Ahmed Ben Bella last Boum Dienne came to discuss continuance of soviet Aid to al a number of economic facials accompanied Santo Domingo a less than 400 of the troops who joined the dominican rebels will be taken Back into the armed High officials rebel military chiefs listed 200 men they said were eligible to rejoin the regular forces under the inter american peace it was Learned that 349 of these were paid off missed As ineligible Over the the sources said that soon after joining the rebels last Many troops returned Unitarily to their others died in the some some were cashiered and a number had already retired from the regular the informants Jordan a Jordans military Power has creased sevenfold during the last 12 Premier Wasfi Tell have become so f us that it is we who will decide where and when the Battle with Israel should take the Premier told a rally on the Dan Rivers West Bank he did not give Bechuanaland a the British protectorate in Southern will become a Republic within the British Commonwealth on gaining its Independence next prime minister Seretse Khama said outlining the territory posed new Constitution to his Khama said the country would change its name to according to the last the territory has slightly More than Whites and nearly editors note the evading likes o Jour we tit vote my readers to submit but pm rom keep them we Reserve the right to save space on Long when please sign your name find Wei Welcome letters disagree with out editorial be cause of limited we May get More letters thin we Cui this makes it necessary to select the most timely Bock leaders evening news what i have to say in this Ter is directed entirely to re Fleet on the letter written on 6 by Call Yovu self an american i not that i am questioning your but we As americans should not shun or undermine our National instead we should strive to maintain if further our National spirit and Faith in our appointed in your letter you called the Viet Cong Freedom but in my opinion they Are no More than a pack of mindless sheep following a fanatic but who you disrespectfully compared to the father of our you the sooner we pull our Long nose out of other Peoples business the sooner we will have peace in the the aforementioned is a ridiculous statement re Mem nothing nothing Stan Mowre wrote what i thought was an excellent but apparently you did not approve of the material used in when you what was written in mowers article was the ugly truth must realize the youths of today Are the Lead ers of and we Are useless without formulated of such As were mentioned in mowers James Robinson 2 Box port Angeles 8 new terminal Boston a Eastern air lines plans an Pas Senger terminal at Logan inter National today in Washington by the associated press Washington a the atomic Energy commission is getting closer to a decision on where to locate its atom Fourman teams have completed special inspections of the 85 Sites still in the and Are turning their reports Over to the National Academy of the Academy is to recommend five or six of the Loca tons to the an dec spokesman said the Academy recommendations Arent expected before the end of Washington a John Moss says the Dent has set up an inter Agency committee to study the Federal use of polygraphs As lie the California chairman of the foreign tons and government information said the presidential action is in line with a recommendation earlier this year from the Moss said Moss a series of Ings and investigations by my subcommittee disclosed that there is no such thing As a Val id lie yet Federal agencies Are spending nearly million a year to operate the electronic Washington a West German Chancellor Ludwig hard says his country must be Given a share in control of the wests nuclear in a copyrighted interview in news world Erhard said Germany is presently threatened by al most soviet plus some new propelled rocket therefore we West germans must share in our own defense to a degree Matching the Ger we face and the share of the collective defense Burden that we Erhard will meet with Dent Johnson in this country next capital footnotes by the associated press the Pentagon says Jonas Platt has taken Mand of amphibious task forces fighting the Viet Cong in the Danang area of Viet the Pentagon says Marine Melvin Henderson has been relieved of command after becoming capital quotes by the associated press Maxwell fort Raer ambassador to South Viet Nam Issue is on the the problem is the Viet Cong apparatus in South Viet armed men who Are bandits and desperadoes attacking the Ern ment and attacking the interviewed on Abc vision radio program issues and Man and Superman Industry clashes tops news in business world by Sam Dawson a business news analyst new York a the clash of government with Industrial and financial leaders provided the Best business rules of the of the Stock Market at dizzy High Levels and record volume was a close the steady climb of the Economy in the Fields of profits and in comes made an if less in one mans Are the 10 top business and finance stories of the year showdown of the Johnson administration and monetary authorities on interest As Bankers the Federal Reserve Board raised interest saying this would head off the inflation it feared president Johnson deplored the saying easy Money was needed if the Economy were to grow crackdown by the ment on Price increases in selected steel labor negotiations were transferred from Pittsburgh to the White House to help keep wage and Price increases within govern ment the Power of the governments stockpiles was used to get aluminium and cop these Days per producers to rescind Price and to hold Down the ing Cost of record trading volume and wide Price swings in the Stock prices hit a Peak in dropped Rose to a still higher level in the and faltered turns in the Viet Nam talk of Rocky relations could Send volume soaring and prices into a spin and then into equally thing rising government spend ing and deficit from Viet War and the great Washington was pumping More Money into the Economy than planned and the Pace of Ness the Federal debt controls Over corporate and banking investments voluntary curbs on spending abroad were stiffened As the Dollar outflow Drain of Gold takes big government drive to trim deficit in balance of payments was partly but other especially turned in More dollars for treas Ury Gold than last Gress freed some Gold by rating Reserve requirements for Bank fantastic machinery by John Chamberlain Illinois if this columnist were Given to puffing automation advances into dire predictions of a world in which factories will have no need for human he would be projecting future unemployment curves through the roof on the basis of what he has seen certainly some of the experiments that Are being carried on by the machine tool makers of this astounding an hour West of portend vast changes in our Industrial prac for at the Ingersoll milling company you will be shown a machine that pares Metal from a shape destined to be a die intervention of a professional die responding with fantastic accuracy to taped the machines cutting and grinding Edge moves sideways and up or Down what this might do eventually to the die who Are the toc rats of the automobile manufacturing could be of great concern to the United automobile workers Walter then there is another Type of still in the lockup that will enable a manufacturing company to use automated production lines for Batch one such machine destined for a european would profitably adapt automation techniques to the making of As few As 20 or 30 identical products at a the will involve the use of computerized taped which can be shifted from Day to Day for various parts of the production of things work this particular development of automation will enable the Small manufacturer it Ogette Benefit of machines that Are now of important Labo saving value Only to the big mass it would be easy to be an alarmist about the prospects of jobs melting away As Rick Fords experiments conquer the world of factory but Rockford itself is an example of what the employment picture could be in the world of the it is a town suffering from a severe labor it takes Many men to design and make the machines that will put other men out of work and the opportunities for planning the production lines of the future for big manufacturers and Small All Over the world Promise to be virtually for a Long time to come and other places like should be Able to absorb each and every die maker who might lose his Job because of a die shaping machine that Rockford the old skills die and new skills Are Rockford is a remarkable Community in Many not so Long ago Secretary of labor Willard Wirtz offered to help solve Community labor wed be delighted to work with Rockford Indus he in developing ont Ejob training Rockford answer to Wirtz in to Tell him to go what Rockford needs now is not help in Job which is something the ies do for but a continuing Supply of what is Calls warm a new Chrys Ler Plant in a nearby town has intensified the regions acute labor the Barbe Colman for needs a steady sup ply of and it finds it preferable to Start recruits at letting new employees learn from the old and sending promising workers to adult eve Ning schools at the expense of the company to learn about advanced excise tax consumer spending was stimulated by elimination or reduction of some sales but Early Hopes for further Cut in income taxes Are All but killed by rising ment spending and bigger Treasury drop of the unemployment a booming Economy wished More jobs and created shortages in a number of skilled rash of railroads and Banks grabbed most of the headlines both with their plans for combining and with the position of government Agen particularly the antitrust division of the Justice depart but engagements were announced in Many industries and Many were some that went through linked such diverse companies that the visor dreamed up a new name since the old ones no longer fit the current feuds with de there were Washington and the French president didst see Eye to Eye on the Gold need for monetary Reform nor political and Trade relations with the communist the european common which Washington was All but stymied when France withdrew its Hopes for further Tariff which Washington Calls the Kennedy got nowhere while France feuded with its All in 1965 was a very prosperous year but full of surprises and problems and opinion Page this is the evening news opinion Page on this Page can be found editorials expressing the newspapers Point also appearing Here Are letters to the editor expressing the writers Opin ions and columnists and commentators explaining their the eve Ning news does not necessarily agree with every thing published on this Page but offers it As a responsibility of a free press to a free port Angeles evening news is published sunday through founded in 1886 As the Model is was incorporated and began publication As a daily in Charles Webster publisher Esther Webster editor George manager member associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for Republica Tion of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a p news All Aktar living Tiomir in part by fining including u ii pts fwd and May my few part it subscription rates by per by mail payable in in Callam and Jefferson coun ties for one for six for three Ebe where in and territories for one for six for periods less than per 10 port adj Washington

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