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Port Angeles Daily News Newspaper Archives Sep 20 1976, Page 6

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Daily News, The (Newspaper) - September 20, 1976, Port Angeles, Washington Daily news port 1976 dear Abby image of dead twin haunts Mother by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby last when my husband went Back to his Hometown for his 50th High school he started up with an old sweetheart he haunt seen since Emie is 68 and and Shes a 67yearold widow with 11 grandchildren Ernie took 60 Polaroid pictures at the and this woman is in so of Shes has Orange hair and wore a tight knit dress with a plunging Hes called her Long distance several times she lives in san and in sure there corresponding the Way he Breaks his neck to get the mail Ernie told our children All about and Treyve been teasing he says its All in but in not maybe in handling it All but i told Ernie he could have his Freedom if hell give me 50 per cent of everything he i need some expert what should i do jealous at 65 dear jealous dont make Ernie any offers you dont intend to he just May Call your dear Abby i would like to pose an ethical problem faced by Many heres the scenario a husband phones to say that he has picked up a Case of gonorrhoea and fears he has infected his since the wife is coming in for a routine checkup he wants you to diagnose and treat her without telling her what she should the doctor refuse subterfuge and insist that the Guy level with his wife agree to test for and if the test is Tell the wife the whole Story go All out and even lie a Little to keep the philandering husband out of trouble Alabama dear under no circumstances would an ethical doctor treat a patient for a venereal disease without telling her what she she could conceivably infect and in the interest of Public instruct the source to Tell his you dear the letter in your column signed just floored me it was from a woman who had Given birth to twins 34 years and was told by her doctor that one twin had but never saw a birth certificate or a death Why do women lose weight by the associated press it int to attract improve their sex save a marriage or get a promotion that drives women to seek help in losing a recent Survey the real reason they want to lose weight is to feel better about explained Gloria Marshall of who has figure salons in 15 she became so intrigued with the reasons behind it All that she conducted a Survey of patrons of 100 of her on the questionnaire she prepared for she that the women image of the Ideal figure was different from that of fashion in the opinion of per cent of the women the classic 342434 is still the with the Glamour girl figure of 362436 registering approval with 38 per cent of the nine per cent voted for the sweater and Only per cent chose the super slender among the reasons cited for being per cent confessed they love to enough unhappy love marital problems and so on were not big and overweight women Arent usually the depressed individuals that Are depicted by some in women said they were Happy and Content and chose outgoing to describe Only 8 per cent thought of themselves As thirty three per cent of the women surveyed Are in the 18 to 30 year age thirty seven per cent were from 30 to 50 years and others ranged in age to miss Marshall explained that she was pleasingly plump As a teenager but she was conscious of teenager either learns to conquer it or stays that she began dancing and taught she recommends a Good eating plan As Well As exercise to her they Tell us the dress size they would like to we compute the number of visits they must make and the number of pounds they must lose within what period of time it can be 20 pounds in three the women fill out a form on which they Tell what they like to How Many meals a Day they eat and so and they get a personalized diet based on the material fed into the the diet Doest deviate from their natural eating people usually cant stay on diets because they dont like the foods they Are told to eat and when they must eat we suggest things that fit into their Normal eating if they dont eat we dont suggest if they eat six meals a we give them six meals a if they eat Spaghetti for they can do if a woman takes her lunch to she cant eat Grapefruit and so we tailor the lunch to her but All the daily eating programs Supply the proper vitamins and re haired miss a size believes exercise is essential to any reducing the two must work there is no Way really to have an attractive figure if you dont exercise at the same time you Are curtailing Muscles Are made to be she Don Young Man who will do a Good Job for Callam county elect Don Kirner for county commissioner 1st elect Don Kirner Debra treasurer Box 126 a certificate for the dead i had a similar my doctor told me i was carrying and i was i entered the Hospital on june and was examined by several interns and who told me that i would deliver i had a Long difficult so when Only one baby girl was presented to i was so relieved to have it Over with i didst fuss because i didst get the twins i had 34 years later while standing in the checkout line at the i nearly fainted when i noticed that the woman ahead of me was the image of my daughter who lives in California 1 she could have been her identical twin a sick feeling came Over but i was so numb and i bring myself to speak that incident has haunted me for several i have no idea How to Start searching for this but if i Ever see her you can bet i will think of something to say to wondering in Phoenix dear Abby i have a neighbor ill Call sue who h done More for me than vote for Dortha Dotty Paxson Callam county clerk a knowledgeable working county clerk 5 years As general Deputy clerk last 4 years As accounting and records Deputy clerk own sister sues kids Are the Ages of so she keeps my kids so i can go on the Road with my husband for a few she also chauffeurs my kids around with her own so i wont have sue has even done my marketing for Shes a very Handy Friend to have and i appreciate but heres the problem she runs in and out of my House just like its her if she sees that i have she comes right Over and joins she asks the most personal and i have no privacy Shes a Good but Shes a terrible How can i keep her from coming Over whenever she feels like it i dont want to end our Friendship because Shes been a Good but enough is too much of a Good thing dear too much by accepting favors from youve become obligated to if you want your you will have to quit accepting favors from if you cant do face it youve made a Deal and youre stuck with dance with us Square dance lessons 21 Earl West Square dance caller wheelin dealers Square dance club tide Ritins Hall 9 Miles West port Angeles Highway 101 vote for Andrew Andy Kruiswyk Democrat for a full time county commissioner 2nd District the question that must be answered by the citizens of Callam county do you want a full time commissioner if you want a full time commissioner vote Andy Kruiswyk hell get the Job done for you he has had experience in county government we support a candidate who supports Pio Lii Brad has shown he cares about people through his support of Community activities girls childrens Bowling boys cheerleaders mens mixed school senior card chamber of Shelton Mason county economic development Mason youth service Jerry Lawson Harvey weeks Jon Oster Joni Kropp Todd Raymond Jerry Cress Robert Henry Thomas Loving James Simpson Hudson Ruth Booth Carolyn Saeger Savunen James James Dorothy Anstey Grace Casey Darlene Depoe Bryan Dundas Bob Hart Man Dave Henry Jim Sheppard Gail econ Claude Keyzers Clinton Taylor Steve Hargens Russ Kadoun Kip Dudley Bob Frahman Beverly camber Debbie Nutt Jerry Straatman Schroeder Ray Haskell Deanna Schmitt Allan Kent Vivian Griggs Linda Woolford Dennis Gorman Joe Strom Sowers Ken Fosdick Merv Tibbits Pam blood Jenny Ann French Lori Challender Eileen Walker Roberta Zoller Holly Archer Vern Archer Mike Russel Charles Hatterman Joan Smith Walter Johnsen Hibler Johnsen Janice Daniels Jeanee Parsons Denise Martin Julance Wade Floyd Shimek Louise Valley Janet Campagna Terrie Thompson Karin Cooper Debby Robinson Jesse Asche Alice Miller Chris Schimschat Elsie Williams Butler Jess Ells Bill Gibson Clarence Madsen Myrtle Madsen David Krogh Joan Manke Ray Wheeler Martha Fisher Jacqueline Mckim Frank Michelle Robinson Carol Beatty Jim Harris Gerald Carlson Betty Beasley Celia Scott Jeffrey Moore Goldy Helen Booth Sterling Rhodes Robert Woodward Jean Bergstrom Laura Lee Watsom Ray Johnson Lee Dawson Allen Hickson Bob Lind Joyce Turner Frank Livingston Larry Harper Herman Shaver Larry Chamberlin Allan Adams Steve Howland Kevin Settle Gary r Heads Robert Osier Maurell Oliver Raymond Zoller Rick Anderson James Eaton Lee Rhodes Janice Rodgers Ernest Anderson Mike Smith Dan Medcalf Shirley Holtorf Sharon Austin Harry Spencer and Grapp Dave Howe Blain Burgess Betty Way Russell Horing Larry Haddock Marguerite Cook Jerry Schmidt Richard Zoller Paul Wittenberg Lori Ayers Sienna Howe Kelly Nutt Dan Oleary Liz Peterson Pam Maynard Dan Hood Nadine Rhodes Jim Waldrip Tom Myers Lynnea Healey Jeff Heinis Robert Osier Christine Champlin Andrea Rene Zelinsky Elmer Herrel Larry Bradley Joe Simpson Jeff Kieburtz Dave Walter Lee Geist Billy Evans de sloth Ole Olsen Marilee Matson Joe Eaton Susan Wilt Man Mike Bariekman Dorothy Cline Johanna Schmidt Don Tveit Lauren Moran Howard Schmidt Richard Schmidt Mary Hansen Sheila Sievert Nellie Cole Andrea Tibbits Gail Hines Michael Scott Mike Mccord de Grindle Barbara Holt Joe Brown Beverly Olen Jean Legarde Ted Russell Steve chapped Dale Armstrong Chris Thompson Mildred Bozarth Glen Jameran Candy Pauley Rodney Legarde Vera Lorenz Jesse Aldrich Carmen Ogg Kenneth Puderbaugh Robert Johnson Mary chapped Mary Relief Brad Owen state representative Democrat position 2 a Bright hew Hope for the 24th District Ted Wittenberg Leonard Speece Ella Karten Doug Shilman Joyce Mork Burton Tweed Dixie Aitken Mabel Jones Carol Cooper Kathy Twiddy Gus Twiddy Butch Dunbar Jack Powell Wallace Miljour Angela Ferrari Leonard Anderson Kathy Krumpols Mary Mccarty Eli Tomas Robert Mitchell Ken Smith Dan Sewele John Irwin Mary Westlund Joe Brooks Brooke James Linda Deyette Joann Cole Lorna Joslin Danny Stewart David Larsen Ladeana Elson Patricia Vancleave Terr Smith Rocky Nutt Edward Hibbert James Swindall Donald Putvin Marilyn Knutson Lonnie Knight we support a candidate who will work hard to bring government Back to the Brad will set up a 24 hour answering set up a District office at his own Send out questionnaires year not just at election support Sunset Laws to make commissions and programs support Zero based support full state funding of work to remove special interest influence from the paid for by citizens or Brod Georgia coordinator 918 Ellinor Terry Knight Wayne Whitney Les Joslin Frank Gilman Laverne Gilman Jerry Thurman Jan Thurman Gerald Bartles Kenneth Coots Dennis Combs Leroy Dale Carole Dale Roy Cook Ernest Booth Lori Huber Dick Baxter Janna Baxter Perry Huston Marty Rae and Hicks Beverly Thomason Carole Hanson Hanson David Hanson Nancy Owen Vickie Gonzales sue Maxwell Georgia Nelson Norma Hibler Harold Zangl Kay Sushak Ann Martin Fred Martin John Vassey Betty Vassey Pattie Singer Barbara Armstrong Dawn Dunbar Larry Dunbar Dick Bell Robert Erickson Kip Strandwold Frank Merrill Doug shilling Ralph Sollock Del Burks Edward Cooper Arland Brewer Michael Whaley Ronald Backlund Joann Zangl Jeanette Neva Harry Yanagimachi Pam Scott Peter Scott Rusty dooms Donna dooms Bob Aitken Rosena Howe Mark Ewing Barbara Skillman Larry Skillman Irma Diemert Sandra Stewart Jackie Cruickshank Ralph Aldrich Ruth Aldrich Don Start Well Mark Costa Dan Hartwell Robert Jackson John Wooldridge Harold Demmon Roger Hoff George Miller Gloria Schmidt Dave Clark Roxie Peck Frances waiters Kathleen Howard Sharalee Evans Carol Brown Jerry Munro Helen Wilson Daniel Irwin Betty Thompson David Nutt Willene Raymond Bruce Moorehead Linda Howe sue Mccoy Colleen Salisbury Doris Simpson Beverly Holland Harold Smith Andy Rinard William Menfield Bobbie Adair Debbie Williams Duncan Harkness Gene Ayers Patty Wilkinson Bari Bailey Sand i Bailey Mark Wilson Estelle Newman Harry Newman Mike Hall Lisa Hughes Ann Marshall Dena Settle Karla Howry Willis Campbell Terry Campbell Victor Strickland Tim Allen Jerry Obremski Tom Yorke Darlene Briggs Charles Dale Trudy Sobotka Earl Smith Vicki Lane Carol Jackson Carol Newsby Chester Newsby Linda Freeman Tony Freeman Jerry Goldsmith Mary Waldburger Gary Moore Richard Gates Janice Chaplin Joe Sevanson Stan Anthony Sannicandro Bob Boelk Gerald Brown Billie Rose Tom Baze Meridee Anderson Gerald Lester Harvey Hillman Janet Brown Joyce Arnold Keith Pronto Brian Kangas Robert Kangas Kenneth Sheppard Clyde Rains Leonard stolen Jeanette Schneider Henry Kepler Larry Glnn Willard Moffatt Janet Miller court Lantz Everett Nichols Lee Swayne Reggie Kelley Thomas a Hoy George Burnes Ray Henry Rebecca Robert Rose Kirby Barbara Griffey Cynthia Owen Theda Edmondson Rita Davis John Hurley Sheldon Roberts Lorrine Thompson Randy Jackstadt Ken Archer Ann Archer Max Mikkelsen Ron Howland Jerry Bell Curtis Heath Albert Jame Bob seller Nelda Flint Connie Fuller Denise Avery Ann Martin skip Martin Vern la Marsh Gallagher Ronald Cannon Chuck Brown Ken Carson Vernon Marshall Linda Clevenger Jean Edward Beverly Lyn Delph Antone Bisser Teresa Johnson Robin Morgan Mike Miljour David Waite Amy Hanna Cheryl Waite Geri Haddock Bob Barrett Ken Robinson Phyllis Smith Julie Clary Brett Remsberg Steve Rose Eric Johnson Bonnie Sims a Weaver Jean Petty Jack Webber Janice Rumsey Goldie Fosdick Richard Smith Starkey Donald Smith Patricia Starkey Terry Brown Guy Watson Connie Wilson John Cole

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