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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Daily News, The (Newspaper) - November 5, 1976, Port Angeles, Washington Daily news Porf 1976 optimism noted on Dixy Ray a Ian air of cautious optimism prevails in the Camps of various interest groups following the election of Dixy Lee Ray who will take Over As governor in there was some criticism during the Campaign that the governor elect was associating too much with old guard democrats such As former House speaker Len Sawyer and former Albert but one official in Olympia said thursday that miss Ray offers a fresh new face in he said at the same that he gets a bit nervous when he sees some of those old democratic cronies so far miss Ray has managed to interest both labor and she will be More in tune than Dan Evans with the business climate one business Leader he said miss Ray is most attractive to Many businessmen on environmental they see her As bringing some order out of state regulations so environmentalists cant use one Legal tactic after another to delay she seems to take a stand that says lets get an Early decision and once weve made lets get he he also said Many businessmen think miss Ray will be More inclined than Evans to live within a budget and be less anxious to Start new labor also has been impressed enough in most endorse the Lead of Meeds increases slightly by the associated press votes Are still being tallied in the unresolved 2nd District contest Between democratic Lloyd Meeds and Republican John Nance the officials May not be known for Meeds slim Lead increased by 323 votes thursday As Absentee ballots and 21 previously unreported precincts were in a Little More said in getting 56 per cent of the Absentee vote so if the trend its All democratic important to her they was her stand that she would support a balanced labor relations act and that she is not in sympathy with attempts to the change current workmen compensation system and allow private insurers into the state we expect to get very favourable one labor state employee organization leaders say they also Are encouraged by some of miss rays based on some of the comments Ive heard her i think there May be potential for achieving some of the things we have sought for some said one the employees want More pay and that could mean higher she has said it is going to take additional taxes to do the things that need to be done and she was the Only candidate to stand up there and say the employee representative a number of people said they Are encouraged that one party again controls both the governors office and the without partisan More May be they still a major is How Well miss Ray will get along with the there Are going to be Many new forces she Doest understand coming Down on top of her one legislative observer it will be interesting to see How she handles there will be different kinds of people and different kind of thinking for he a number of people predict the More conservative democrats in the Senate will have More influence with Ray than the in the area of one teacher organization official said it is Tough to predict what the new governor will he said Ray has placed school funding at the top of her priority list and that is very expressing less enthusiasm for the future was an official from an environmental the main reason environmentalists Are upset is that we know he she has a fixity approach to environmental problems and that is alien to what environmentalists rather than solve a problem she tries to counterbalance a he primary mulled j Seattle a the Oregon and Washington secretaries of state want adoption of a is Northwest regional presidential s preference primary says Clay Oregon secs rotary of Myers and Bruce 8 Washington Secretary of planned today to urge the Washington legislature to create a presidential preference i primary with the same general j rules and on the same Day As that would give s and Idaho the same presidential primary and a bigger voice in National 8 j says it would give considerably 8 More clout to this it is the Only Way the Northwest can compete with the More populous states that have gone to the primary system Myers it also would better test candidates vote getting bring More candidates into the improve the Northwest Economy and inject sanity into what has otherwise become s primary Myers if other states follow As the men a primary involving and 3 possibly Montana and Alaska could replace the current state state method of reflecting presidential said Sharon Chapmans research the presidential primaries of Idaho and Nevada 8 already fall on the fourth 3 tuesday in Washington s does not have such a but instead selects delegates to the National conventions by the party caucus Chapman has criticized that i system for involving Only per cent of Washington registered Vega owners seek to sue car maker a the attorney generals office reports it May take one of the largest corporate giants general motors to court Over alleged design defects in the engine of the Chevrolet disgruntled Vega owners brought the dear Abby matter to the attention of Slade Gorton a week ago while he was on a Campaign tour of Seattle and asked him to Force general motors to accept responsibility for their defective the Vega owners contend that the alleged defective design results in blown head excessive Oil consumption and eventual Oil its not As simple a Case As it might appear on the said John a knee Jerk reaction by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby i work with a Utility Crew after completing a Job on the outskirts of a Large the Foreman took us into a nearby seedy looking restaurant for a bite to in this place was a and there seated on a bar Stool was my cousins wife with a couple of characters admiring her Knees when she recognized she have been More embarrassed than i were All in our Early 30s and see each other when the family gets that night she phoned me in a half threatening manner and told me to keep my Mouth before she rang her tone and she said shed consider it a favor if i didst say anything and she would return the favor if i so what would you if you were a Man Illinois dear Illinois if i were a id Tell her she didst owe me any favors because i was also a she didst have to Tell me to keep my Mouth dear seven months ago i lost my first he was Only 6 weeks it left me in the last six five members of my husbands family have become and pregnancies have become the 1 topic at All our family i am very Happy for those but it also makes me feel very sad and uncomfortable to sit among five expectant it brings Back so Many painful memories i would rather 1 realize that these conversations we rent meant to depress but they i have tried hard to overcome my feelings of envy and but have decided that the Best thing to do is just stay away from these family my husband thinks in being childish and what do you think How can i solve my problem Raggedy Ann dear Ann your feelings of resentment and depression Are but Only by facing lifes disappointments and learning to Cope with them will you grow Strong enough to overcome you May need professional help As you turn the its Worth a dear Abby i am writing this letter hoping that your millions of readers parents and teenagers will read we Are Foster parents who care for infants who Are born out of Wedlock and need Homes until their adoptions go now we have a Beautiful 4weekold girl whose Mother changed her nastily married the baby father and decided to keep her both the Mother and father Are 15 years of the girls parents Are very much against their daughters so these 15yearolds Are getting an apartment and joining the welfare yesterday i met the Young parents and was they sat there giggling the whole time they visited their i wanted so much to if you really love this Little you will do what is Best for please let some mature couple adopt her and give her the Many advantages you cant offer i sat there feeling sorry for the child who was going to be raised by parents who were Only children i Pray that you will remind teenagers to think twice before having a sexual least until they Are old enough to accept the heartbroken Foster Mother dear Mother your letter is a powerful testimony to the Aims and purposes of planned most accidental pregnancies carry with them the seeds of human sexually Active people especially youngsters need to realize legalized abortion is a sad substitute for birth control or dear Abby seems like Many of your female readers Are fascinated with what Are they trying to prove i live in a City that thinks it needs to be they put up cheap buildings that make the City look but its still the same old its troubles Are in other bigger int necessarily a modest curve beneath a sweater remains and realness in personality and everything else is More appealing than admiring observer for Abby How to have a Lovely Send is to Abigail Van 132 Lasky Beverly please enclose a stamped 24c Tacoma livestock Market 18477567 Sale every thursday 313 receipts Date 11476 Market trend Slaughter cows 1 bulls feeders 600 Pound weight and above 2 300 to 500 Pound weight feeders Slaughter cattle Utility commercial to Conners Cutter to old Shelly fat grass cattle beef to fat grass Holstein to Best heavy to medium to common to Good Choice to feeders Best beef Type steers 28 to Best beef Type heifers to Holstein steers to Good Choice Light steer to Good Choice Light Heifer 24 to common to medium to death toll differs of Everett massacre a sixty years ago a Steamer carrying 200 members of the Industrial workers of the world Bent on protesting the working conditions in Shingle was met at the City docks by gun toting authorities led by the Snohomish county no one knows for sure How Many died in the gunfire that followed or drowned As the listing Steamer dumped wobbles into the harbours but at least one published account of the so called Everett massacre says five wobbles Lay dead or dying on Board and two sheriffs deputies also were the wounded wobbles totalled at least 27 while 20 deputies were the account no hard information is available As to who shot and wounded the sheriffs although 87year old John Leonard who was aboard the Steamer Verona that says some of the wobbles also were a memorial voyage of the Verona has been planned for saturday by area labor the ferry Klah Wya is scheduled to recreate the round trip from Seattle to Everett that the old unionists took on Millers Tongue and pen retain the fire that made him a car carrying member of the now he labors in Seattle Columbia editing the senior citizens newsletter in which he pens sentences like these must unite if fight to regain our status As firs class who organized his first strike at age 12 in Kentucky convincing a group of Strawberry picking chums to quit work until they doubled their wages from 25 cents to 50 cents a Day plied a number of trades before he found his Way to where angry organizers soon would travel the 30 Miles North by boat to support the striking Shingle it was an absolutely necessary thing to do and to be done at whatever sacrifice would be he says of the Day of we were there to deliver the message of the striking Shingle he higher better working safeguards on the you a Shingle weavers trademark was amputated its a wonder that any of them came out with hands at Miller makes no claim to objectivity about the but he sets the scene this Way before the the Seattle iwo sent speakers North to into the jurisdiction of Snohomish county sheriff Don a Tough Lawman with no time for rabble the speakers who went up individually or in Small groups were taken into the Woods and beaten with clubs or Cut Miller As an unsuccessful the iwo sent 41 including up to Everett by boat on they were hauled off and forced to run a Gauntlet of sawed off billiard Billy blackjacks and even pistol he beaten and the Seattle iwo vowed that larger numbers would confront Mcrae and on the fateful the wobbles bought up All available passenger space on the Verona for its regular trip up the puget sound coast from Seattle to it was decided that if we got ashore that we would defend but not with if we were not molested we would go to Hewitt and Wetmore a local we would hold our Street meeting and when it was Over we would Miller when the boat got to Miller says Mcrae appeared on the he held one hand in the air and i heard his words who your leaders a reply came from the were All leaders he you cant land Here and somebody the hell we cant Miller says the sheriff turned to face the Dock As though at a a single shot and then a Volley was fired at the people on the Forward deck rushed Fofe closes county to commercial fishing a Grays Harbor has been closed by the state fisheries department to All no Indian commercial Salmon net fishing until further fisheries director Donald Moos said the closure was made because non Indian fishermen have taken More than their 50 per cent share of Grays Harbor Salmon runs under terms of Federal court decisions granting indians half the state Salmon Over to the starboard Side to escape the causing the boat to list and Send several men Miller says he saw Only one Man make it Back he recalls going below and telling two wobbles to save their ammunition and concentrate on guarding the outer end of the but other wobbles had a better one of them trained his gun on the who was hiding behind the the nervous Man was ordered to Start the engines and the boat slowly backed away from the no one could Tell you How Long that shooting Miller probably the whole incident was Over in three to five have been a Long time or More of us would have been local authorities met the boat when it reached Seattle and the wobbles were taken to where they continued their Defiance by jumping up and Down in rhythm with arms locked to get better Seattle mayor finally ordered their grub 74 men were identified As leaders of the voyage and including were charged with first degree murder in the deaths of the two the wobbles elected for separate trials and Thomas Tracy was the first to go to the prosecution found itself in a position of making defending illegal actions All the Way along the Miller Thomas Tracy was found not the charges were dropped and Miller was released from jail on May he says the incident was a Victory for the Labouring weve moved downtown Western Auto so much More than on Auto Soforo 1st 4529751 former Marsh drug location show Leisure living Mobile Parks Juniper Mobile estate Brocket Road in downtown Sequim 6837650 Green acres Park Guster Road off Highway 101w 6836623 All approved houses Lazy acres Park Dryke Road off Highway 101 w 6836294 19761 4x70 expand 2 bar 1976 24x60 2 Call or write nut rend inc r ;