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Port Angeles Daily News Newspaper Archives Mar 26 1975, Page 12

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Daily News, The (Newspaper) - March 26, 1975, Port Angeles, Washington The daily port March 1975 Hare and Tortoise getting warmed up for the april 12 hike Bike for retarded citizens Are Vince first to finish last years hike Bike in Only three and on half and Jan who peddled nine hours to get to the finish Carrie recruiting holds the hike Bike trophy and a watch As she gets ready to time the two Roosevelt photo by Robbie aaa tooth dear Abby marriage rules from jewish Law by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby with reference to the reason an aunt cannot marry her but an Uncle can marry his Niece it originated in jewish the principle of consanguinity close blood relationships forbids sexual relationships Between very near an aunt would be in close blood ties with ones therefore a sex relationship would be forbidden according to this on the other a Niece is a step Down in the blood and therefore not As sex with her would be this is Why a Man May not marry his but he May marry his Niece while Judaism is a patriarchal All blood lines go through the for in an the religion of the offspring is determined by the religion of the in All blood line the closeness of the woman determines the when i was at the Seminary we used to remember the Law through the following it is Well known that often couples quarrel and a Man May be moved to strike his if he hit his it is not so How would it look if he hit his aunt rabbi Bernard Rask us dear rabbi thank you for the i dont think it would look any better for a Man to hit his Niece than it would to hit his and with women lib gaining a Man who hits any female had better look out for dear Abby i have waited for too Long to write this but i am finally going to get this off my i am sick of listening to people complain about plumbers no other professional earns his Money working in such unsanitary and uncomfortable a plumber has no set he works from Early morning until late at and when he finally does get his clothes Are his boots Are soaking and he smells like a a plumber is called upon to Unstot stopped up Greasy and he has to crawl under houses where spiders and rodents Why does everyone think that a plumber is overpaid plumbers wife dear wife after Reading your in going to give my plumber a Bonus next time i see dear Abby the letter in your column about the woman who prepared so Well for her husbands death that she ended up with a Lover while her husband continued to reminded me of something that happened Over 50 years i knew the people a woman we knew Well became very the doctor said she possibly so her husband gave away All her she bought All new clothes and outlived her husband by 20 True Story dear Story theres a common moral in both those stories if you dont want it to carry an easter sunday smorgasbord 12 noon All you can eat roast Tom Turkey with Sage dressing roast beef salad bar adults 10 under breakwater mile West of Callam boy an open letter to the Washington state legislature dear members of the fort fourth legislature we would like to bring to your attention the fact that the 1974 Forest practices act is right now 1 creating chaos in the logging and related industries denying land owners control of private property adversely affecting Many important segments of the Washington state on february fourteen 14 Washington state senators introduced Senate Bill Call ing for repeal of the Forest practices it is our opinion that this was a Wise decision on the part of those senators and they should be commended for their we the undersigned citizens of Washington urge you but to do everything in your Power to repeal the 1 974 Forest practices act and to refrain from passing any further land use concerned citizens of the olympic Peninsula Gene Seton Marilyn Seton Ray Allen Pat Allen John Brown Sandra Brown Pat Handley Bruce Seton Gary Van Pat Van Trojan Elmer Seton Don Seton Gladys Seton Harvey Kilmer Maggie Kilmer Richard Porsch Rod Culp Deeta Culp Laurel Wood Howard Byrne Joan Gloor Dwight Bell Harley Davidson Ruth Davidson Cromwell Harold Bangel Walter Sorensen Emanuel Lyndgren Una Lyndgren John Gilbert Charles Sniegocki Vickie Meyer Glen Meyer Margaret Meyer Renalta Meyer Tammy Meyer Ernest Dean Brett Burfoot Hendrickson Stanley cuban Warren Welch James Lemon Herbert Smith Forest Price Bill Bates Benson Mel Overgard Dan Mahoney Robert Estep Beth Estep Joe Pike Valier Stoican Myrl Hancock Jack Mcc Lapp Robinson Reagan Marjorie Pearson Herman Pearson Gail Wilson Deanna Russ Jim Whitworth Pearson Eric William Kusi David Lee Gau Steve Marggraf Duane Marggraf Wardall Bruce Stout Phyllis Stout Robert French Nancy Smith John Agner William Rhodes Dana Mcclelland Norm Berger Edward Stringer Ralph Berdine Jim Branham von Mueller Lloyd Canaday Janet Meyer Jack Blank Harold Maddox Julia Campen Orum Medsker Joseph Campen Harvey Meyer Gary Rue Steve Vacon Victor Talvi Maxine Carroll Johnny Jones Bettyjo Stanton Thomas Stanton James Roy Stanton Evelyn Bunn Manous Mark Matriotti Diane Abbott Brian Demaree George Pease chartier Howard Herrett George Laird Bill Booth Jacque Booth Thornton Eleanor Thornton Kenneth Harris Darlene Harris Gene Grace Nita Grace Ronald Diamond Florence Norton Marke Becker de Hultenschmid Dennis Janssen Eugene Helle Leona Stratton Dennis Kettel Elmo lined Dave Herzog Louise Irish Bernice Bishop Larry Southmayd Ray Pedro George Forker Edna Forker James Laird Glenn meet Sharon neet Baumunk Virginia Baumunk Ernest Coulter Lerose Coulter Lois Coulter Janet Higdon Warren Higdon Fred Sindars Helen Sindars Schmuck Eleanor Roden Robert shall Jack Daniels Orrett Olson Carl Olson Dona Nason Barbara Sparks Mary Noble Debra Cadero Thomas Cadero George Brown Walley Pederson Frances Watson Frank Fletcher Ruth Dahlquist win Dahlquist Larry Monahan Jolene Monahan Lucille Fenner George Sparks Patsy Cadero Carl Fenner Guy Nason Sandra Brown Francis Tyler Larry Williams invalid Rundquist Ray Clark Alice Clark Robert Garten William Neville Henrietta neet Daniel Kitchen Bruce Seton John Pruss Ernest Farris Raymond Sather Jack Trask Mil Morgensen Harold Blessing John Boulton John Werner Leona Ackerman Patti Carter David Ward Helen Sean Ward Mabel Werner Lois Gebhart Sharp Robert Garten Walter Fairman Evelyn Weixel Phillip Weixel Robert couture Myrtle couture Susan Wenzel John Wenzel Randall Oreme by Fott Arvle Smith David Johnston Irma Johnston Frances Mclean Debra Chapman William Walrath Marilyn Hassell Everett Hassell Idy Eberle Gary Blevins Kenneth Huether Elmer Kelly Thelma Kovach Mary Kay roads Sam Rhodefer Robert Brownlee Dona Brownlee Leo Shipley Claude Andrew Donna Andrew Thor Clevenger Dave Bekkevar Jens Miller Audrey Wittmann Jerry Brownfield Betty Johnson Ralph Desmond Sievers Charlotte Bidstrup Paul Watts Robert Pearce Carl Holmberg Cecil Dawley Frederick Babcock Thomas Skillman Winifred Skillman Pat Brady Jeff Brody John Weiler Lillian Weiler Jerry Angiull Billy Ray Rowland Stephens James Hymer Larraine Hymer Stan Viele Gordon Davis Linda Coleman Bobby Coleman Juel Simonson Gary Jackson Norman Houck Vern Yaple Lloyd Palmgren Lydell Clevenger Philip Roche Ray c Lora i Charles Thompson Helen Lynn Cathy Carlile Elaine Werner Fred regal Edward Blake Lucille Martens Cherl Olsberg Raymond Mcdonald Iris Marshall Carman Winifred Carman Thomas Mahan Jana Smuck Anthony Stroeder Hilson Leonard Mcdaniel Mae Beuter Melburn Beuter Delmont Martinson goalie Martinson Judy door Feln Martin Peterson Cassle Simonson Randy Klemann Richard Schaeffer Virginia Raplee Darleen beverage Ingrid Clevenger Viola Anderson Ethel Larkin John Eacrett Cynthia Eacrett John Wharton Julie Strebe Lester Harding Jacqulyn Penley Jack Dickinson William Wells Gary Manous Bill Sullivan Allen Page Wagner Lisle Tom Cantrall Valerie Cantrall Mccoy Smith Tom Markley Burt Reid Williamson George Morris Wayne Mcclelland Maurice King Margaret Gilkison Colleen Cameron Brad Brown Renee Adams Amos Cameron Beatrice Michelsen Julia Rogers paddock Germeau Neva Pease Lilly Olson George Olson Mary Block Robert Bearden Randall Thomas Eric Davis John Brown Larry Lammers Juanita Lammers Harry Minaker Evelyn Minaker Richard Bekkevar Walter Almaden Melvln Baker Shirley Baker George Rains George Rains Colleen Palmer Richard Wilkle Kenneth Lauderback m w Hoover my graces James Miles James Miles Muller Alan Hawley Marion Heath Joe Morris Thomas Fatherson Katherine Hooper Wittmann Robinson Meyer Dale Erickson Charles Huey Andy Gangle Anne Gangle Charles Freeburn Leslie Ward Ronald Meyer Charles Gunstone Niles Pease Gaye Dennis Robert Abbott Scott Abbott Howard Hant Herbert Limmel Erv Anderson Marshall Burfitt Marilynn Barrett Barrett Freeburn Ward Rex Mantle Wallace Miller Charles Dennis Bill Schmidt Wayne King Michael Gunter Michael Kitchen Energy Brown Floyd Sukert Robert Allen Charles Williams Levi cays Dawn cays Donald Kitchen Garst Phyllis Trieweiler Donald Kitchen Iii William Rogers Robert Baublits Robert Boyd James Laurenson Theodore Burr Melvine Payne Louis Spath Spath Donald Bostrom Morris Quinn Richard Werner Ellen Brewer Lucille Brown Connie Matthes Donald Mattson Mattson Stollman Brown Anna Bye Daniel Taylor Evelyn Lyle Charles Lyle Charles Bostwick Thomas Ball Otis Johnson John Andrew Elsie Andrew Walter Moa Kirk Cooper Danny Thompson Aubrey Taylor Clarence Brown Juanita Brown Eva Taylor Elmer majors Lavelle majors Lynne Morrow Robert Fowler Michael Morrow James Andrew Walter Moble Margaret Noble Mildred Northup Chester Northup Wally Bowman Louise Bowman James Hughes Frances Hughes Shirley Burbridge Robert Clouse Wayne Martin Morris Bond Jim Minn Barris Clayton Kenneth Austin Fred Marggraf Jim Christopher Karl Erickson Burrel Cheadle Michael Ward Robert Deason Edwin telling Al Hubert Don Minklen Wright Littrell Thelma costal Bob Benoit Samuel Marthaller Gebhart Carla Johnston Ben Mcnair Don Johnson Eleanor Scalf Carl Lopeman Otas Watney James Thompson Myrl Woodward Albert Scalf Samuel Lund Wallace Smith Carolyn Lopeman Thomas Johnston Lee Swanson Leatha Smith Laurence Daggett William Eldridge Harvey Mann than Vicki Minnihan Creston Raines Hugh Locke Claude Pray Elmer Lefert Jannah Edwards Helga Logue Ronald Deleo Vernon Mason Ace Bulter William Butler Nyola Raines Marilyn Thompson Gerry Anderson Robert Anderson Miriam Washburn Wilma Dee Johnson William Skewis Gary Lemasters David Knotek Steven Strid Bonnie Schoeneman Joyce Boyce Bessie Sullivan Douglas Morton Conley Zletz Gary Ellis James Crowell Craig Richbourg Larry Page Tim Doda Larry Covell Merlyn Albert Paul Albert Grace Albert Ada Lee Charles Lee Albert Sullivan Jim Bower Marie Gregor Louis Gregor George Bailey Walter Yommer Alice Yommer David Ennes Richard Stroble John Andis Donald Gregor Lorraine Almaden Earl Blair Lorna Blair Virginia Bailey Calvin Kuykendall Marjorie Henderson Lloyd Matthes Harry Fulkerson Carl Miller Bruce Lomax Grace Ervin Bernelda Thomas Willie Fox Ronald reidel Sharon reidel Betty Belfield Don Belfield Charles Thompson Gary Foster Brian Bettger Leo Richmond Richard Burkhardt Donna Thompson Charles Stroup Gale Maullon Raymond Sandum Rita Sandum Bonny Dokken Oletta mattock Richey Ellen Hunley Velma Mccarthey Roy Mccarthey Ted Kroh Richard Stapleton Mary Brown Lawrence James Burk Nick Light David Perry Chris Clementz Rex Lesemann Willis Johnston Jay Cadwell Richard Finnerty Woodrow Johnson Hutchison Raymond Ross Patsy Dennis Lucille Tiemersma John Thompson Paul stretch Norma Anderson Jerrold Ross Ray Bamer Raymond Katke Evan Waldron Pete Shields Keith Lingvall Gerdo Peyton Gaul Elisabeth Haubrick Royal Harris Kathleen Morgan Sharon Leonard Bettylow Nickles Sally Lee Gregor Rolf Stahlbaum Sheila Stark Melene Wilhelm Bob Hicks Carl Anderson Michael Parks Stephen Wilhelm Dennis Wilhelm Cherryl Jameson Donna Mathison Janet Tiller Wayne Tiller Darlene Amundson Kenneth Amundson James Critchfield Tom Schmidt Gary Roaf Robert Stewart Gordon Windels Floyd Matthews Chuck Schramn Gary Brock Donald Goralsky Richard Kent Belfield Keith Erickson Clifford Smith Dorothy Erickson Paula Smith Nancy Crozier Karen Marvin Lila Winters Emery Winters Helen Eacrett Wayne Wilhelm Helen Ricard Kenneth Moa Elliott Samuel Marthaller Gerald Frey Lyle Brown Melvin Sanders George Debey Jeanelle Nungesser Yvonne Brock Robert Pederson Roger Nix Sandy Strait Herrel Throop Needham Jones Thomas Marvin James Johnstad Kenneth Wilcox Michael Jameson Larry Mathison Melvin Johnson Nancy Owens Lois to Wilhelm Fred Miletich Janet Wilcox Rose Wilhelm Tom Young Darrell Kreider Oscar Domrude Howard Hutt Barbara Domrude Gail Shamp James Sisson Kepler Anna Kepler Marvin Byrd Fred Ricard Mike Frazer Steve Crozier orman Bieber Paul Stene Tom Taylor Leroy Jagger James Silves Franklin Eyl Irv Joslin Willis Sisson Gregory Ulin Ken Bourm Jack Helpenstell Marion Playter Playter Bradley Strouf Alfred Waldron Robert West Ron Pedersen Leonard Honeycutt Marvin Henneke Ann Sinnema Kenneth Swearingen Mike Stites Clyde Goakey Phil Brower Arline Goakey Peter Michelsen Kenneth Bryson Glen Mcdaniel Walter Fuhrman Wendell Avant David Anderson Jack Banner Craig Fletcher Wayne Gilmore Donald Westerlund Gordon Decker Emmet Treichel Earl Hidgon James Holen Marls Wally Johnston Ron Clarke Robert Ellis Ray blankets help Ron Wilson Jesse parrs Jeff Parris Karl Holmquist James Rich help save your private property attend Public hearing in Senate chamber on the repeal of the Forest practices March in Olympia senator Gordon Sandison office phone 17537646 write Senate office Washington 98504 Paul Conner office phone 7537892 write House of Washington 98504 for More information write Seton Box 312 port Washington 98368 3850213 or 3852159 evenings Tom Cantrel Washington 98324 phone 6836409 Craig Fletcher Mansfield addition Washington 98331 phone 3745627 Home or 3745148 off ice paid for by concerned citizens for the olympic chairman

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