Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Indiana Democrat, September 19, 1838

Is-imIndianapolis, Ia»j Sept. UJCB. ttpt 12—39r-a-ern-ofid0{ important to physicians'S COUNTRY MERCHANTS OTHERS.JL. MOTHERS HEAD lias just re-. ceived and is now opening, a large and pplondid assortment ofDrnps, Medi-cined. Paints, Oils, and Dye Stuff's, winch in addition to his lormer stock, lonstitules oneol the mostsplendid collections over offered locale in the Western country among which may ho found all the new ,c and chemical preparations of the day, together with a variety of patent medicinesand other articles. .Any person wishing to purchase any thing in hia line would do well to call and e\amine for themselves, as he ts prepared and determined u sell low and on the mo#t accommodating terms. t. •No. 0, Washington Bireel, Union Row. ^N. II. Proscriptions compounded anlt; 1put up in Hie neatest style and greatest despatch-Indianapolis, SepMth, -835-eep £■—3Bihieerof