Politics Clipping from Indianapolis Indiana Jewish Post, Fri, Oct 14, 1955.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Indiana Jewish Post, October 14, 1955

DYNAMITE IN THE MIDDLEEAST, by Khalil Totah, $3.75(Philosophical).This glorification of the Arab countries, with its unwarranted denigration of Israel, is appropriately prefaced by Millar Burrows, who ascribes to the author a passion for the democratic ideals of Americahe “was deeply wounded when these ideals, with every Christian instinct of justice, were violated by his adopted country in its treatment of his native land.” This thought is carried through ad nauseum; Totah too is still furious that a handful of Jews defeated his unscrupulous, marauding, 40 million Arab invaders. And of course, Arabs become communists just to spite Britain (which actually helped in their war). America, and theUnited Nations. Putrid stuff.A. BURSTEIN