Politics Clipping from Tioga Eagle, Wed, Oct 7, 1840.

Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Wellsboro, Tioga Eagle , October 7, 1840

n». mlt;o*£ni^WeiMrtril Bible, tor ndao^lnB ^1 the bWt offices tp' the d people,:|o ;the exclaaion of ^iheis;. **ort competent ItN^;Our- correspondent bad batter. take;' baok| hu iuuondoea against lawyers and' speculators.-— . It is unkind ia him to abuaa his own profev-i, •»»* ••■.•';. ■■ I ..Our fair correspondent, Miss Mar; Emily Ja^cJt-9 ton, has enriched our columns tins week rirlth a poetical contribution from her talented pen. t£ may ha found on the first p age. j° -A, As we have frequently beard many of the jr j 4‘dissatisfied democrats*’ use har9h and un* t 1 gentlemanly language toward those gentlemen t! who composed the county delegation, atfserl* % \ iog that they were bought and so d, like q*ttte-a in the market, and shouting uintrigue ant .cor*D rupUon”.—“BOUGHT and SOLD fed wee ! publish for the “public eye” the manni!* in t which the delegates voted in the county tioit-s ! veniiun, which have to ue appearfed correbj* as* ' much m aa *rry convention we have everSfcen. t On the last ballot for Reprcsen^talire the Jiote- utood I \r* r-.8 . For Dickinson 3G“ A. Krinx 16i ;■* The delegates who voted for Dickinson y^re;1 John H. Hastings ami R. G. White of Deliuar;J. Baiife'and R, f-L Willem y of Morris; H. S igh r and David Kllis of Shippen; W. W, T a to* and- J. B. Beim of Gaines; J. Black and J. Leve*I good of Liberty; N. A.; Elliot and A. J. Wel-. ton of Covington; E, Clark and O. Elllt oi i Richmond; Jas. Gray of Sullivan; Benjsmin . Lawrence and H. Soper of Rutland; Najiijiati s Miller and Rowland Miles of Jackson;!'. 3li i McNittand C. O. Spencer of ,Union; Lev!»31-, Hot and R. Baily of Charleston; G. W. Pps„ and P. Taylor ofElkland; and one of the'del-egates from Farmington or Middlebury, i| 'The Delegates from. Lawrence, Deerlteld,. Brookfield, Westfield and Clint ham, who Were i instructed to vole for Dr, Parkhurst, voteij for A. Knox on every halloting. iThe Delegates from Elkland and Jacison , wera originally.in TavorofM. W. Stull; and after tba withdrawal of his name went for. Dick, inson. The Delegates who voted for Die ten-son and Gitcliell were, R. Daily. E. GlartJj O. Elliot, J»9. Gray. Jr., B. Lawrence, H. Scjipr; deduct these from Dickinson's vote aim tile could not have been nominated—22 beinjlrih-eessary to a choice. The delegates from Ljb-, eny, would have supported Gi(chel), hail lie consented to abide by the decision of the ($tn-veniiyn, an.l desirtd to be placed on the ticijfei;, and *o, as we have been informed, would lllie/ »l: delegates from Union, Morris, Shtppen,Garries , and Covington, after the withd rawal of l^jsfe-inson who was thp.ir first choice. But fitter the refusal of Gitcbell to abide hy the decision oithe Convention, ami after he had faken occasioiij to treat several of the delegates in'a very ungvtjile-( manly manner, what could thpy do? Dr. Parkikirst was til© next prominent candidate left, they tllUre* fore put him in nomination. We trust that thdhle. mocratic voters will reflect a little and not listcl to the patehed-uprBtoriea of a dissatisfied Jew, pijho. seem, by the coarse ihey are taking ready to satn~ fice political principle in order to carry their disorganizing meuau res.