Bagels and Minx protest

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Indiana Jewish Post, October 3, 1952

THE NATIONAL JEWISH POSTFriday, October 3, 1952e-asi3-hebidink-alisrealffjiltv,e-idleb-LSynagogueNeiderbach, who Is known as “The Button King,” submitted aCALLS IT ’FILTHY, CHEAP. BURLESQUE ..Man Quits New Yor’Over Bagels-Minx’ SponsorshipBy GOLDIE ALSTOCK SEIFERNational Jewish Post CorrespondentNEW YORK—A dispute over congregational sponsorship of “Bagels and Minx of 1953” was expected to erupt this week when the Board of Directors of the Jewish Center of Forest Hills West meets to consider action on the resignation of Jack Neiderbach over the issue.At the same time, Neiderbach’s charges against the congregation are scheduled to be reviewed at the next meeting of the Committee on Congregational Standards of the United Synagogue of America, Conservative lay body.-—■-*-*Neiderbach, button and buckle ^rations from supporting such been aware of Neiderbach’s ob-magnate, indicated to The Post hows in the future. jections last year, adding, how-that if neither of these bodies WANTS HIGH STANDARDS ever, that “I never saw the mantakes action which he regards as Jewish center shouldn’t during my seven years of activesuitable, he will picket the thea- want to make easy money,” he membership in the congrega-tre on November 8, the schedul- declared,” but must make money tion.”ed date of the theater party. in a dignified way.” He pointed^FILTHY, CHEAP . . . ' out that the Yiddish theatre is Basing his criticism on the as- dying because of lack of inter- copy of his resignation to thesumption that “Bagels and Minx *®tp maintaining in his letter of United Synagogue of Americaof 1953” will follow the pattern resignation that “Our Center is with an accompanying letterof its predecessor, “Bagels and supposed to perpetuate Jewish asking them to “investigate whoYox,” the theater party selection life according to our high, cul- is responsible.”of his congregation last year, tural standards ... A Jewish life Dr. Simon Greenberg, execu-Neiderbach characterized them is n°t complete without a Yid- tive director of USA,' in a letterin his letter of resignation as lt;M*h newspaper, a Yiddish book, dated September 23, assured Nei-fllthy, cheap, burlesque type and a Yiddish theater.** derbach that he would “bringshows which make lun of Yid- Rabbi Samuel Geffen, spiritual your letter to tho Committee on “ dish life and traditions and are ]eader of the congregation, could Congregational Standards, add-’ filled with sexy bedtime jokes.” not be reached for comment, and lng ,hat wlU ** UP t0 their He added that he agreed with the Philip Brass, president of the ^ decide what action to take”_ Yiddish press, which “declared it congregation, was out of town.a shame and disgrace that Jew- CHOSE SHOWs*1 ish Centers . . . should sponsor11 shows of that type.” dent, and fund raising chairmanNeiderbach, a member of the °f Center, told The* Post,congregation for 13 years, told however, that she was responsi-The Post that he felt forced to f°r the choice of show,resign, since the board disre* adding that no one on the board that Jt may ** postponed. He as-garded assurances made to him had indicated to her that it s°ned’ however, that no publiclast year that there would be no might provoke controversy.repetition of the theatre party She questioned Neiderbach’sheld at “that tvpe of show.” prejudgment of “Bagels and parten« and it consists of four* He explained that he had brought Minx” before its opening, and ^ur rabbis. Green-ld charges against the congrega- disagreed with his condemnation b^g said who1* affair shouldn’ tion to the United Synagogue of “of Bagels and Yox,” declaring America, hoping that their decis- his opinion a minority one. Mrs. ion would prevent other cong^re- Brass cited the widespread sueDr. Greenberg asked Neiderbach to reconsider his resignation andMrs. Brass, wife of the presi- reTT*ain within the ranks. *MEETING SCHEDULEDDr. Greenberg told The Post that the Committee had a meeting scheduled for October 6, butstatement would be made. The Committee chairman is StanleyKorff of Congregation Kehilalh Jacob, Dorchester, Mass., and cast.Rabbi Baruch Korflf, of New York. The latter was co-chair-man of the Political Action Committee for Palestine, a Revision-that the Jewish community is not aware of the existence ofcess of the show, noting that her machinery to settle disputes in-brother-in-law is a member of ternally.Asked about the powers of ac-CRIED FROM LAUGHINGtion of the Committee on Con-gregational Standards, Dr. Gix?en-^The majority of people had stated that they work infun last year, she added. *We direct contact with the leadersist front group, and figured in she laughed till the tears came, the international news in 1947 She wouldn’t have stood for*? the show and of congregations.He stated that situations likewhen he was arrested in Paris filth.this arise because of the tend'make decisions for a congregation. He said he regarded thisfor an alleged plot to “bomb*1 Mrs. Brass explained that the enc.3, *0„r *wo or thrr~ people toLondon with Jew ish-under- show was selected because it of-ground pamphlets. fered the best conditions for a fln-- nancially successful affair: a as an administrative issue.”preview, a Saturday night, the OTHERS DO ITIrwin Sieincrni entire theatre, and a good dis- Harold Strauss, member of thlt;?* count MOur center needs a new board of directors and attorneySuCCItrobS di 58 building; we have to try to 1m- *or ^en^cr» called The PostNEW YORK—Irwin Steingut. Provc conditions in whatever to say'that a statementt on theminority leader of the New York w*y Wf“ clt;ln'' shc declared, hoard metState Assembly of which he alt;Win£ that a successful evening irg as soon as the board metwas Speaker in 1935, died after a would net tiie congregation close this week. Asked whether they heart attack last week at 58. *° ^ree thousand dollars.MADE HER BLUSHhadn’t met since the resignation had been submitted September 6,hida^ember'of thestate Commenting on Neidertoach's he explained that action hadlegislature for thirty years, be- esP°usal °f ,he Yiddish theater, been deferred,lieved to be the longest record of the fund chairman con- He attributed Neiderbach’sservice in the state He is sur- tended that its moral tone was stand to his devotion to the Yid-vived tw his widow his mother not ^yono reproach. Recalling dish theatre, adding that “everya son a daughter and four the appearance of Jennie Gold- theatre from here to Westchestergrandsons.stein, Yiddish actress, at the sis- iS sponsoring similar affairs.” terhood donor luncheon, Mrs.Brass said “She told a couple of Jokes that made even me blush.”Mrs. Brass said she had con-Daughter Born to L. 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