Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Fiery Cross, May 2, 1924

M;nor t»iiMi»ts to I’strnd? li l.Iue hi llnrrh l»n«—n't Pais Nenrei Than a IU«rk o» Koinnn I hurrli(•rciil Mi-rtlnc Is ilrltl 11li 20,(KK)\isitms PrfsfMil 'lanlirrs |{e-iihr Trt*mrndtiii V m» la ii’si* ;n 'IIIi*5 Pass Tliroiiuh Si re el** s»--cral llundrnd I nil Tilled.(ISy a SlaJT Correspondent) LOOCOOTKK. 1ml., April 28.— The town authorities of Lou-gootee set the stage Saturdayfor a repetition of the Lilly,l'a . aifair. when a Klan paradewas attacked by a mob and two or three men wore killed by thealien dement of Lilly a fewweeks ago. The Loogooteestreet lights were turned oft just as was done at Lilly, and probably llie only thing that prevented a repetition of the Lilly mob violence was the fact that so many hundreds of Klansmen were present that the 80 per vent of Roman resi dents of Loogootee were awed and afraid to start troubl *.