Politics Clipping from Indianapolis Indiana Democrat, Wed, Mar 13, 1839.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Indiana Democrat, March 13, 1839

THE NATIONAL HOAD.Our corJipouifcnt ww n^til in bin suggestion some time since, thul the. Whig members from Ohio and •Indiana vroitfd defeat ttfic annual appropriation for this great. jiad'arraf thorough/are, .It will bo bccd hy out correspondent, tlul they ha^e succeeded in lUeir nefarious designs; Wainp-. 'bor\Mason, iIUjt speaking it, w be supposed, todeath; ran wy frdm hi# po*t sad Buflored it vote 3 d‘»wn by persons reridlog in other p’arta of the Union, who of course cared nothing about it, if the immediate ‘ rep rest null vcs along the road did noU liov* long are the people to submit to the evils of whig malice and ambuiorf!. Ohio Statesman,.