Mayor Ejects Police Board, pg 2

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, July 11, 1909

Winfred C. MacBrayne has the distinction of being the youngest police commissioner in the State. He is but 26 years of age and Is known as the closest personal friend Mayor Brown has in Lowell. He was manager of Mayor Brown’s campaign and had much to do in getting the policeman to run for office. He Is tho Low’ell correspondent for a Boston newspaper. Since Mayor Brown took office MacBrayne has been his private secretary at $1200 per annum. He resigned as secretary today.The salaries attached to the commissioners’ positions are $1200 for the chairman and $1000 per year for the othermembers.When seen tonight by a Post reporter, Chairman Harris said:“The new board is in absolute sympathy wdth Mayor Brown’s ideas of police reform. We haven’t outlined any definite policy yet, but there are going to be some radical changes.”Commissioner MacBrayne said:“The breweries have controlled the 94 licenses In the past. They are not going to control them any more. There are going to be a great many changes which will affect policemen all along the line. We are heart and soul witli Mayor Brown in his endeavor to reform the department. There does not seem to be the slightest doubt but that we are legally in office. I do not think that the courts, if the ex-commissioners carry out theirthreat!?, wdll sustain the contention thatMayor Brown has done anything illegal.’’ The new hoard met for organization tonight. Judge Lllley is expected home next week to become active in the reforms planned by tbe new board.