Rothschild daughter marries Henry Fitzroy, member of Parliament - 1839

Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Wellsboro, Tioga Eagle , July 3, 1839

a r:cj heiress.dal , 0ae of, the .daughters of Rotbarhild, has the k0CO?eD f wlfe of Henry Fitzroy.a mem*ibe antf' haa bled adoptedbas ^ ChnetiaD Religion. The bridegmaar *aa , ’ dajtf'*fter his marriage,' add }0.'-18 8a,lt;J ,i° he a man of fash ion. 'The Lir* -h. eifpaol correspondent of the New York Jj Star says: ; * , .. ‘pe , fate ftaroo c e Rothschild left two ea nm8^T3' 1* iad a fortune of £150,ad Iw’h •» Pt*°n lfle con88nl of their. ',, ther’ Bar?rt kwnel do Rothschild, ati*. 5 *, mamaire to Monifiore,. Iate Sheriff of a , t0’ aj Hebrew gentleman of great b{ wealth and respeetaMlity. The Rotlichiidser fn°,V® 10 lk very firat circles in London „ and thus A*1S8 Rothschild became ac^uainti J ed with young Fitzroy. He was formerly : f in the army. Wher. her father was alive, '•e ®J®an^Au3trian oo^eman, Private Secre- i If ?7u , lP°e E®terhazy,'proposed for her: 'r but her father declared she should marr*0 D0^; 006 °f the Jewish 'faith, s m ®£ Mif Hothechild determined to Jmarry Mr. Fitzroy, ahe- went to see the t a “fChb^hop of Canterbury and , told him a we wished to become a Christian. His C ( fence inquired into the particulars, and J f ’then very properly told her he did not con- ”1 8! fr,a 1?ve affair sufficient reason for her s t fband°n*ng fcy religion, ' She’ is said to s } nave assured him lha. iPhad long been her Pmtenjjonto becotaei a Christian, and that r* her fapfily were aware of it. rOn this, the si t Archbishop said that, if it ap jeared/her 'P sincere desire to become aC.r stian/from rlt; conviction, he had no alternative bat to IT accept and baptise her. He communica- L ted with her family, and it appears that she had informed them of henm^ ion. Themarriage was private, and unat:endlt;?d bv‘ „ any of the family, t er brot icr has the power of withholding the for.unk left to C® her by her father, it is not expected that he- ?r wtll do more than to have it so settled op IZl on herself and her chi dren, as to prevent tb her husband - from squandering it. It is anexpected, also, that her family will shortly th. receive hep, Should she become a British peeress, as is likely in the course of time* shi she .will be the first Jewess w io lias ever .•been in a like situation. ‘