sportsmans hall 28 parkrow

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, January 16, 1898

In -ha winter of IS48 Pill Wilson and Jim Htnwart fought. but th* day* »-r-not Ion* *noue-h. They mm'v two trial*, durkner* stopping tlx. nr*t. On th* second VVilBon wn deo. nod th* winner, after *3 round* In HO minute*. The** two pugilistic oaporlmrnU took place In Connecticut.In U4T. th* r*eb!l*et1on In th* public mind of the fatal result of th* Lilly and McCoy fight having been mitigated. Yankee Sullivan ti*gan to forest hu promise not to act «» a principal In a prli* light. Aft*r showing off a* a g-ueat at Sportsman* Hall, then at J* Park Row. New Y*rk. and other well-known Buum of public r**ort. Sullivan had oprn-d a crib of hi* own *t V Chatham atreet. Bob C*unt. th* brother of Hen Count, who had previously vl-lted tlil* country, and u fomou* a* a competitor for th* championship of England, being then In New York. Bulllvan'* friend* pitched upon Bob a* a suitable match for Yank** Ther* waa. In fact, but llttla comparl-on between Bob Caunt and Yanke* Bulllvan a* fighting tn*n, but Bob had on* qualification which mad* him especially desirable for th* peculiar Idea* of Sullivan’* friend*; thl* iiuallllcatlon Uy In th* fart that Bob wa* , an Englishman. Among Bully'* ex-lublc friend* thl* w*» “reaion enough. and to Iwat th* Kngll*hm*n wa* thrralor* glory enough In lh*lr mind*. They omitted no opportunity of l*nt»'.li*tlon betwc«n Boh | and Bull - Bully and llob-to *tt th* anl-. inal* up.Th* nlcknamo o» ''Tank** (which hud j been given to Bulllvan whan h* icught Hammer Lane In Rnglandl aleo helped to fiivor lb* popularity of Bully about tho** i day*. The match had been arranged In January. 11*7. Th* fight 'am. ofT on May II In Lowdan county. Va.. n«*r Harper* Ferry, at tho foot of ou* of th* Blue fllilg* mountain*, and In convenient proximity to th* territory of Maryland In ca*o a retreat might b« needtd. An inner and an out*r ring ware *.t up |n proper alyl* Ther* wer* about *p*c. tator* from all parts of th* United Btal**, and about MO of th* neighboring country people.Bulllvan weighed MO pound* and waa attended by Tom O'Donnell and Johnny Ling. Caunt w*!gh*d 1*4 poanda, *nd ho had lb* aMlatanc* of Jam** Sanford and Maaon UannetL Bulllvan'* color* war* a bright gr**a. whll* Caunt .ported a blu* acarf with whit* b*tt*r *pot*Th* dgbt W*n at • 10 a m„ and Bol-llvan won th* Oral blood and first foil la th* fm round. From th* cominsnce-m*nt, and *v*t bofor* th* fight, th* bating had b*oo MMBa Bulhvaa Th*correctue»* of public opinion wa* now verified, and at the and of the *ceond round !«0 to 10 .rood i»evnlling odd*. We need nut encumber our reader* nlth the particulars of tho remaining round*, I*j-cau** It wa* clearly a Jug-h*n«!le fight; •even round* In Iwelv* minute*, giving the victory to Bulllvan.Gn tho fi How hi lt;Tup* lay (May HI J m Johnson mid William Edward*, local aspirant* for fUtlo recognition, fought at th* coal mine* near fit. L-ule. Mo., for S10 a aide. From *11 account* It w*a * •avag* affair, without regard to th* rules of thu prlxe ring. Th* r**ult wa* auhae-quantly fatal to Edward*, and further (articular* are not to b* obtained.Matter* pugilistic remained quiet after thl* till Oct 11. when Orvlll* Gardner and Allan McPm fought near Spuyten Duyvol Creek. North River, for a *'de. By a.I account* thl* fight •*• very ably contested on both side*. After il sever* rounds In minute*. Gardner won hailed a* the *lnner. Some account* may It round* in at mlnutea Boms *ay that ihe flgr.t took place on the Fallaad** on the New Jersey elde of th* Hudson, opposite Spuyten Duyv*l Creek. Bom* spoil MeIV* n* M'Phos. Such are *om* of themy.terl.* of puglll*m. b*for* w* had oompcttilon among sporting newspapers. Oarduer'* fighting weight at that tlniu wa* about 1M pound*.YANKEE SULLIVAN AND TOM HYBR.After Bulllvan'* defest of Bob Caunt. tho friend* of th* firmer grow somewhat noisy In their talk about th* Ir.vlni Ibll-Ity of th* Bonorablo gentleman from Cork. Th* KnglLbmin having been disposed of. Young America stood n-it for ch»*tl»em*nl from th* man with a head like a Connemara ram. Bulllvan’* couhlrymen might well b* proud of him. for »JI hi. wrlght was fight, every Inch of him wa* pluck, nnd every h»lr he had sprouted enduranc- New York w.v* not large enough for lllbernlun pugnacity and much of II overflowed In a military form, aiding to cany our glorious Hag on to victory in Mexico, or acqulriug wealth Id California.However, w* had plenty mor* left of tb* wun* sort l'ark row and Chatham aquor* also had field* of glory. Whll* our Hibernian friend* aco»unt*d Bulllvan a* oock of th* walk.” natlim con*ld*r*d Torn Hy*r a fair ap*ctm*n of tbac *ort of American *agl* who can male* aommon buxmrd* g*t out of hUway.Such Influence* and dlacuaaton* usually acquire an accumulative fore*. As betw**n Bulllvan and Caunt. *o go-between. busied tb*m»elv** roiw*en Sullivan and Hy*r, B*r«onally. they w«r* m*n *mln*ntly adapts for mutual r*-■peat and in.ud^d*. Bug sport matbe had. snd the eon*icquenlt;-* wa* that 1 Bulllvan could not meet Hy*r In the 1 street or *rywhere without going ihrough n serlc* of gamecock pantomime. Hy«r never exhibited any r»»h perturbation, hut gently hinted (and the go-between* ucr- i.lwuy. r-ady to carry the new*, that he lul no obl-'tlor. to a regular ring fight, provided ih» flakes were *uOI-clent to make It an object of Interest. ]In t'.ls siato of affair*, on* evening In April, IMK Bulllvan entered a well-known restaurant on the corner of Broadway and l’ark plar*. where Hyer wa. ilttlng. aftor having Indulged *oms-whgt freely |n stimulant*. Bulllvan wa* Ju*t anough under ■*•!«.'m to h* qunr-reUom* and unreasonable. II* wantonly Inaultol Hyer. and th* change he got wa* sufficient to b. at Bulllvan Insensible.In short, the conqueror of Hammer Lano received mor* than h* bargained for. Of 1 coune. * ring fight waa Inevitable.The fame of Bulllvan a* th* conqueror of Hammer Lano imparted a greater re-fi*x fame upon llyer n tlia conqueror of Sullivan, altho « ,i then only In a casual turn-up. Now York w-« in a itat* of Intctuo excitement. and *.me fatol encounter* with deadly weapons wer* fully expected. Hy Jun* 1. IMS Jam** Sullivan published a sort of card or *d- ' vcrtUemcnt In th* New York Herald, concluding with: As for llyer, I can flax him out' without any *xvrtlon. This woe promptly responded to In th* : next morning'* l--u* of tae sajno paper by llyer. cuticludlng with: •'Mr. Sullivan |) will find mo ninny* much readier to meet 1 him anywhere thun In the newspapers; any aliero. however, I nm M* master. 1During th* ftr-t week In August a 1 friend of SuUlvnn'i succeeded In makliq; 1 n barroom bintor of CO with llyer that 1 the latter dared not make a match 1 with Bulllvan. llyer Immediately put up 1 the l?, and * meeting was appointed for Monday, Aug. 7. at Ford’s Tavern. 2» JDrk 1 tow. to arrange preliminaries. Hyer won I hi- »»• b*iiter by offering to fight Bultl- • van for BOi0 a side, and Immediately put * d..wn *140 na a temporary forfait. Thrse 1 wars tather big figures for Sullivan'* * friend*, but the match was that night 1 agreed on. the place* of rweelpt for the 1 Instalment* of th* stake* appointed ami • th* day of fighting **t for not latar than • six month* from that data Th* deposit* 1 alternated between » l'ark row ajid » • Chatham *lr*at.During th* last w**k In 8*p‘*mb*r, « Bulllvan gav* an exhibition at tb* Bhak- I ■p*r* Hotel. About ■» person* were • present Hyer waa la th* room, and hi* I trainer. 0*or«* Thompson lt;l’*t*r Craw- lt;l*y* Novlc*. and a tmJn*r for Hy*r). t had a fin* *.t-to wlib flulllvwi when thalr turn cam* In th* progr. run* Oeuntry q MoCluaky. fr**h fraa* tba Maalaaa wag. lt;