Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, January 2, 1925

0l-!* Prominent Political LeadersdAre Behind Measure to, 8 Restore Old-Time Conventions.n.ler-MEETING HERE JAN, 6ftc.i.3.itnieIsi-s.IS3-rtt Bill Being Drafted by Members of State Election a Board.a.r A movement to abolish the directn primary system in Indiana and toreturn to the convention system wasstarted today by prominent leadersof both ftiajor political parties. A letter was sent to several hundred political leaders in the State asking them to attend a meeting on the subject at the Claypool next Tuesday.A bill abolishing the direct primary is being drafted by Maurice Tennant and W. W. Spencer, members of the State election board. The bill will provide that delegates be elected to State, district, county and city conventions, and that these conventions name party candidates i'or office. This would affect virtually ali candidates now nominated in primaries.Similar measures have been defeated in previous Legislatures.The latter was signed by:- Winfield T. Durbin, Thomas R. Marshall and James P. Goodrich, former Governors. Thonias Taggart, Governor Emmett F. Branch, Mayor Samuel Lewis Shank, Mrs. Emma A. White, reporter of the Supreme Court; Fred A. Sims, Indianapolis attorney; Miss Gertrude F. McHugh, secretary of the Democratic State committee; A. H. Beardsley, Elkhart, former State Senator; Mrs. Beardsley, Mrs. Anne Studebaker Carlisle, South Bend; Charles O. Roemler, Indianapolis attorney; Charles W. Jewett, former mayor; Charles Martindale, Indianapolis attorney; Mrs. John W. Kern, widow of the Senator; John W. Kern, United States commissioner; W. W. Spencer, member of the election board; Charles A. Greathouse, secretary of the Democratic national committee; Joseph B. ,/KeaIing, Republican national committeeman; Mri Kealing, Ralph A. Lemcke, former county treasurer; Maurice E. Tennant, member of the election board; Bernard Korbly, former Democratic State chairman; William H. Thompson, Indianapolis attorney, and Frederick Van Nuys, former Democratic State chairman and former district attorney.sryeddr.o11si*eUds