Politics Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Feb 10, 1895.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, February 10, 1895

The First to Form Part of Any Legislative Body.LADY LAW MAKERS IN COLORADO.Useful and Diligent Members in Commit tee and on the Floor—Rapidly Learning Politics—Were Timid at First, but Can 15e Depended Upon Not to Enter Into Any “Deals.”DENVER, Col., Feb. 9.-Colorado’s Legislature is the first legislative body to contain women representatives.The three women legislators of Colorado are essentially womanly women, and do not at all correspond to the usual description of the class of women suffragists.The session of the Legislature had hardly settled down into working order before it became apparent that the advent lt;fshops, a business he has always been engaged in.“Soon after we were married my father and my husband went off to the war. Father was killed before Vicksburg, leaving mother and three children, of whom I was the eldest. My husband followed Sherman to the sea, and came home when the war was over. During the war I took an active interest in the sanitary commission, sending supplies from Fon hu Lac to the Chicago headquarters.”Mrs. Carrie Holly of Pueblo is a woman of middle age, a brunette, of nervous temperament, and altogether pleasing in appearance. She is a native of New York City, but lived mostly in Stamford, Conn., where her education was had under private tutors. Her father, William W. Holt, a lawyer by profession, made a snug fortune in New York City early in his business life and then retired to pass his days in ease.Mrs. Holly is the eldest of seven children. Five years ago, after her marriage, the family moved to Pueblo and engaged in fruit culture near the city. Her husband is Judge Holly, who was appointed to the Territorial Supreme Court by Abraham Lincoln on the very day of his assassination.Judge Holly attends the sessions faithfully, and is a valuable counsellor for his wife.Mrs. Clara Cressingham, the youngest ofthe women had a marked effect upon the Iconduct of affairs. “I doubted the expedi- j the trio, has a sunny face, is impulsive in,this departure,” said Mrs. Klock, { manner, very lively and business-like, and.ency of member of our of lack performfrom Arapahoe, “partly because inexperience and partly because of ability to justly and properly the duties entrusted to us: but after two weeks of actual experience I am now fully convinced that in legislative assembles women have a position where they can do a grest deal for humanity. There are but three of us here, but next time there will be more. Three can do something—if necessary, we can protest, but, anyway, we can assist, so far as we are able, to legislate in the best interests of the Commonwealth.”“Well, I can frankly say that I did ^possesses no end of zeal for the work. She is constantly on the alert, does not hesitate to take the floor in debate or to make an inquiry, and goes about the House with the utmost freedom, neverMRS. CARRIE HOLLY.