Politics Clipping from Indianapolis Fiery Cross, Fri, Feb 6, 1925.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Fiery Cross, February 6, 1925

A System of Despotism and ExpediencyARTICLE ONEA MERICA, and in fact, practically all the world is today viewing and suffering those twooutstanding features of ihe Roman Catholic: hierarchy which have been used by the P1.0-man power from the first to extend and hold its power. Despotism and expediency have gone hand in hand down through thlt;* annals of Roman Catholic history, and expediency is now being thrown to the fore in America as never before* Expediency has been practiced by the Roman hierarchy to such an extent that it is even put to use in small communities in the United States, Local priests will profess to favor this or that, because of the feeling in his particular community, while it is being denounced by another priest, a bishopor a cardinal, in another stadi Aso----------------an illustration of the expodtetny ofthe Homan ecclesiastical empire itma be pointed out th.if In Am-ri' ,the church declares that ii floes not iclleve its the union ot chutch ond state—despite the fart That it betnsr taught front ir* textbooks* in thiscountry—-ond at the v.-t v .lt;m»» tin *Ihts same Roman Cuihoiic chin h is attempting to force the union of .tliurch and state in France,I * •Favoring (?) Education.JN AMKR1CA. the Roman chun h be Heves it expedient to profess Ih-it1 hr hierarchy favor* odu- rtion. wliil#It is omrnon knowledge Unu no pm*, tii al syst-ms of edu .t' .on »-xts: \vI• • • the Roman Cath‘ill* populat he* |i--dominates*. Thif: phe.^e lt;*t ilie \;n difney practiced hy_ the itornin clt;‘ 'le.siasiieal emplr* will 1m ’ lL« i up at length in a future ;irTIt howvr. Should the Roman lt;'iiurcti cmt pro* laminate **r dominate Ameri ourslt; hool systems u. well .vs tiir p i*oi hlal Fyntemft f teaching W'lt;ul.i -•rumble into virtual nothintrn* *s?« witb In a few years. This assertion v, ill he fully substantiated and pr ived a-the arlh I s tilifoldCardinal Richelieu r»f Fran in The eaily part of the S*a ^nU'^i h * -’ti tury. presents, possibly, the most vivid plcturc of the despotism, bro Tallty md * xpedi-ncy of rh. Human hierarchy Richelieu, who erushed alt who stood m his path. hr thf-n t 4C 111* nikbl*^ liT ill il'Wn linrlr l-i• liff• * i th--n. that *?od was not aslt;‘i\ dl7.» d tlo»n .■« He is i w ‘ The teaching of fhe U» man Catholic re lmi“n : tlur ; h- pope is Hod's direct repr* s taiiv* on earth and possesseswisdom lt;1 ir‘• r from Heaven. Why. then should th* first pope. whom the Roman «\atholic lt;hurch declares ro h‘ive been s.tinf Peter, here lacked u isdor r * bristly at it Unit etf? If Roman »' lt;M.'i *- wish to Itfdieve thatSaint r-';r*f was the firs' pope, that is iJn it prlvlh But this privilegeInesnt -iijnhiai* the fact that thc-popc .v; is i l‘ n ■ ► r a n t of Lhe shape ofth» woj Id th *n or th* !’• resent pope tPiMfi n a know the correct shape of our world.All of this. However has little to i.b' with our jaeseni div*. R cities hW«'ver urtv- t'i one an jnsinhi of’ H* v. : Uitv; ; joe lioTisan i *a.! Jedn y.v^T* n ■ 't : 1 '• i -1y attempting in Hiimi i'n-i-'HMi' a „ ainsT i*rotestant in irs % 11 i11 4.1 roam v/nrlfl wide supi * nialt; ‘ drmditior. All dupes ofila* pone tre not Uoiae.n t’atho^-sTl'i!’e are those Protest a fits who. un-o* r- | lie tl'i.Itri*- vpr-ll of the frlih tonjjues and ffie-nj p-ais uf tin ■ tuis^ ries t?'»■-’ iiiM’M'iit svsL-'tn i-ond**nin other14i lt;aestfints v. ho are mvako *o the tnaf ■ Ii in a * ions oj i ftp systeja and • ijd tu:l ] P Keep «.tf the shackles *•5 this -enturies aid in*'nn.ro. One of Koine •% greatest weapons is to create i* fitiiil atimt»g her onponcnts.^ ^ien t hlt; Ivti Ivlux Klan u asformed ilnnu- paid little In e/j' to Jt1‘S:tt is I ion a did not si art th*‘ lipatedanai _ n Sa r i i inti nln-, , i !i • * 11 • i.hur'n«Mi and robbed in all parts of th*j eounJiy and traitors placed within tlie K1 iri rmks despire The efforts of tin Ivlan • '^ini7,ation to keep them out. Plots have been manufactured in an ffon ilt; lay at the door of theKlan horrible r*urapes, A galaxy of speiiicors have heen turned loose jn all parts of tie i our.try t-‘ deliver nd ,ij-, * out,lining unfounded charfreF against the Klan and newspapers have I'O’ii used to print slanderous stories ('harues that the Klan U Intolerant and is founded on hatred have beeneraliiej to ihe world. The Knightsof Columbus have attempted to fra-ternlze with the Masons, and to a certain extent hav* succeedc'il Protest r.nt niinj»ters mislead by Roman propaganda, have said bitter things atrainst the ivlan.,\il of ihese tiling^ and many more have been u*ed by the marliine in its elfurt to dKnipt and destroy the Klan. For. with the Klan destroyed, does tfonie have any fear I hat it ran not handle Ihe Protect ants who are so hlluri as ^fn condemn an organization of their own people? With many Americans) believing those things which Roman Catholic dignitaries say for publication In the newspapers, ami iltose things which Roman Catholic information bureaus print for public consumption, instead of believing those things which the Roman hierarchy teaches in Its textbooks, Rome can but feel secure—if the Knights of the Hu Klux Klan were dead.• » *Rome Feels Secure.