Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, December 2, 1925

ner ; inigytiesEDingaseingob-t./ice •eg-ant are ires ier, and in-ian-thelinesareitrol it of andirelytate*TWO ENGINEERS WITNESSES FOR BELL COMPANYTestimony Bears Out Claim of $45,000,000 Valua-' tion.James G. Wray, head of a Chicagofirm of consulting engineers, andCyrus G. Hill, an associate, appearedtoday as witnesses for the IndianaBell Telephone Company in its fig^tto resist reduction, by the public service commission, of present rates and to support its plea for increased tariffs.Wray and Hill were subjected to direct, examination by William H. Thompson, Bell attorney, and then cross-examined at length by Presiding Commissioner Samuel R. Art-man and Taylor E. Groningcr, the commission’s counsel. Testimony of the two, in the main, bore out 'terns on which the Bell’s claim cf a $45,000,000 valuation was based, and which would justify higher rates.Edward W. Bemis, special public service commission engineer, was to take the witness stand later to offer his estimate on the value of the company, using: average prices from 1916 to 1920, inclusive.Bemis’ testimony will mark close of the commission’s investigation of rates and services of the Bell, preparatory to instituting a new rate schedule throughout the State. Later this week th© Bell will present ^witnesses to fortify its claim for rate increases totaling more than 5600,000 a year. ♦