Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, August 29, 1915

in from his little shop. He remained long enough to be Introduced and then bounced out again.“We couldn’t stand It here in quiet Middleboro if we didn’t have our little store, declared the countess. “We must keep on the jump. I don’t mind being quiet during the day but when night comes I want to be doing something. I suppose it is my life.My life has been wonderful In many ways. I have seen women progress to an Independent state. And now It seems that before my time comes 1 shall be able to vote with the rest of my sisters.“Every big movement has been started by women. Take prohibition for instance. When woman first began talking temperance she was laughed at. When women urged better treatment for convicts there was a big hue and cry waa raised.“What wonderful people T have met! Mrs. Abraham Lincoln was the most interesting. She received me at the White House and was graciousness personified.Opposed to Long CourtshipsThe countess is a member of the Daughters of the Revolution and Order of the Eastern Star. She has had a larger boulder moved on to her front