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Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, August 13, 1916

Iici ItttC IIV do j i j 11 t’i |Mtiuirn win nnv wan **u at ucnn^inw nnr imo i ui uu; mi u^ii, u i » * uai ua v/vcome as a complete surprise. jWe have her own word for it tfcat i she herself was surprised to discover that she had talent of this kind. As an artist on canvas, her career has , not been long, but her ability is unusual.Always gifted with the faculty of instantly choosing the salient featuresturned her efforts towards painting thisfaculty has again proved useful.Of Impressionistic SchoolMiss Crabtree is of the impressionistic ;school. Not the type that slaps a daub j lt;5f paint on canvas and calls it a pic- j ture, but of the type .that believes in i picking out a bit of landscape, whichnature onto canvas.The walls of her studio bear evidence that she has the necessary magic In brush and hand to picture the many beauteous spots nearby. Garden gates, fishing vessels, sunny coves, surf-clad rocks, flowers and little children all yield their beauties to her skillful andartistic touch.• *short-comings in talent.Miss Crabtree is as full of life as a debutante. She moves about as active-]y as a girl of lfi, and takes a lively interest in all of the affairs of the. day. In spite of advancing years, she : is still capable of taking an active part in her many business interests,but wishes to be rid of them.and wili keep tha our legislators an favorable action oHer EvenThe career of M stranger than fict York she went 1 About 2 years old.