Politics Clipping from Indianapolis Indiana Democrat, Wed, Apr 24, 1839.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Indiana Democrat, April 24, 1839

VICTORY !!!DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK1,063.OFFICIAL CANVASS FOR MAYORMAYOR.Whole No.Bern.Fed.of votes.VarianClark.Jst Ward16106772 fid 11324613d “17436344 th •*237222Bill 2505122dlh23401717Ul *lt;3607276th “4300105!?lh «327156710th “2H79532lUh 22621006I2ib «13026013th “246043214th “2026166,15th «103176516th 11 -337012617th ‘t2673315Vote41,265'3,7392676Vurian’emajority 3063.Commoncouncil 12 wards .or 24out ofmembers.•— ■. H MSUihis in j lo\tiltcbuntuiCdhaI*mirhTlcobt;tic*iet!fiibtdi34Vwfrno:n. _ StECXVOmjiT.-GV.MAJORITY I-'OftIsaac L. Variun,(Democrak)1063. Common Council, 12 Wards or.584 out of 34M E RJ/tf E U S ! !✓Front tho'Slew York Evening Post.jfiREAT TIUUMFUQF^flE NEW YORK DEMOCRACY,The success of the democratic ticket in the c-lectiorf* which closed iasi evening, is great beyond' our most sanguine anticipations. 'We have carried our cun did ate for Mayor* and frrien AeronCtark by more than a thousand majorityIn only five wards has Clark obtained a major.uyTho probability H, that the democratic ticket for Common Council is carried in eleven and per* haps in twelve of the seventeen ward* of*the city.