Politics Clipping from Indianapolis Indiana Democrat, Wed, Apr 24, 1839.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Indiana Democrat, April 24, 1839

ELECTION By the town council of Indianapolis, held April 13th-Jfarthal—James Vanblaricttm.Treaiurer—Charles B. Davie.Surveyor—R. Bar taw Hanna.Wc iff am ai/rr—Charles Williams.Cltrk uf eastern market——Warminghani..iuetior—A. G. Willard.The marshal baa also to perform the duties of supervisor, clerk of the western market, and.collector ol the revenue.Rabble Rovsisg. There are two way* to.play the Demagogue at present, very common among a certain kind of politiciane. One way is usually called grabble rousing, it consists tn endeavoring loexcite persous of the mobt abandoned character, by peculiar motive*, to oppose come imaginary evil. The whige resort to this expedient, m the large cities, where the very kennels of depravity can he hissed on by crying out 'executive uiurpo-tions”Andrew the let,” Martin the let/’•‘Panic*’ ••pressure” c. c. In this country very Imle ol tuis kind ol rabble-rousing id done—the great mass of the people are too intelligent to be made tools ol by any party, yet we often sea whigs attempt it by trying to gain the good will of those they lAmA-their interiors. We have frequently aeon candidates go to groceries aud pitch quoite, just to show I heir humility, and as coon a* elected they forget all their old acquaintances. The act of gaining the good will of rpeq in humble stations of liie for mere selfish purposes, is a kind of treachery; it is holding out the semblance of friendship while the heart is as corrupt as fraudulent deception can make it. We once happened to he walking with a whig candidate in a distant county of this state, he walked half way across the road to shake hands with a countryman; after a short salutation he returned to us saying that the A d fool thoughthe cured a great deal for him. This abominable 'and. barefaced .deception should be put down all: parties have demagogues in them, but the time has come whprinciple* not -personal fmudehip, either real or ftignedf should govern men.There id another species ol rabble, rousing, of the most barefaced kind—it is intended fora different sphere. Melt of wealth are excited, or attempted to be excited, tiy raising the ridiculous cry ofagmriap oylocofoco against the friends of the ad-roiftlfitratias- It is ineffable nonsense to oven talk ofyariattiam in this.ccuntry. And that edit-or must have little respect, for -the hi dee men t o