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Playground Daily News Newspaper Archives May 27 1990, Page 2

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Playground Daily News (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Fort Walton Beach, FloridaPeople in the news a Aspen Colo. A actor Don Johnson says he a satisfied after an arbitrator ruled that parts of his House were poorly built and the contractor was ordered to pay damages. Quot the people who did the actual work will finally be paid Quot Johnson said alter the hearing. The contractor Duddy Viele construction inc. Of Vau sued Johnson in november after he refused to make a final payment of $95,813 on the $604,085 Job. But the settlement requires Duddy Viele to pay Johnson and subcontractors nearly $112,000, said Johnson s publicist Elliot Mintz. A new York a one month after his s4th birthday supreme court Justice William Brennanjr. Says he has no plans to slow Down. Quot retirement for me is no consideration Quot the 33-year Veteran of the nation s highest court says in the june Issue of Irish America Magazine. A i would not know what to do with myself that would give me what i get and the satisfaction i get Here staying on the a Louisville by. A a Union group has sent a letter to polish Solidarity Leader Lech Walesa informing him that the award he received last month from Bellarmine Rouege comes from a school that uses nonunion labor. Quot we View the Bellarmine award As rank hypocrisy Quot said Jerry Hammond Secretary treasurer of the Kentucky state building and construction trades Chi Neil. Daily news Ymir for Lioom newspaper to a Tatum Why tor $96 per year Iby ito Northwest Florida daily news Assn my sax division try foot i new Pap it inc. P o to i 2949. 200 racer acc re n w. Pori Walton by Cut Florioa 32549 second Claas Poai Aga paid at port Waiton Bacr it Al postmaster Sand Addrana Changas to Iha Northwest Florida news p o Box 2949, fort wanon Baach Al 32549 Mamba olt tha audit Bureau of circulation management Labolt managing de Tlora Tom Conoard adware Lang circulation of tractor Darryl Watson production of tractor Roma co Wal Bua Noaa of tractor. Jun Bryan circulation h your Carriar Laila to Dalavai your daily Nawa. Or it you wait to atari or atop Dain Rary Oltha daily Nawa can our circulation a apartment Numar for prompt Dai vary Olha da4y Nawa. Pia aaa Nota tha Houra Opatow mail Aoa Cybart should Contact tha daily Nawa circuit Avion Dapa Mani circulation 8601212 monday Friday 6am -10 a m saturday 6 a m >10 a m sunday 6 a m-10 a m offic hours monday fonday 8 a m -5 Dalm Montca Cuc Malion 8601212 Craft Taw Olica circulation 682 5608 advertising Claa Ariada 8601111 monday Friday 0 a m -5 saturday 8am Noort Craft Taw Ciao Adrada 682 9471 monday Friday 8 a m -5 saturday a Toad rat Adada 8631111 monday Friday 8 a m -5 National Ada 904 8601111 monday Friday 8 a m -5 editorial to Ramon an Arror in a Rte i at pry. Pia aaa can 8601111 a Woan Iha Houra of 9 a m and 9 and ask Lor Iha Adi Torii Japan Mam Toraa a Oil a monday i ii Day Waaland Maalin Tottka editorial Craft Taw Kotfica editorial subscriptions by Carttar daily sunday daily Only sunday Only Singla c Opy Singla copy daily sunday by mail daily Only sunday Only 1 800-888 7823 863 1111 9am mind get 2pm Midnight 837 9179 837 9179 682 5606 682 5608 1 non in $6 $7 s3 50 25c 15f 1 Yanai $145 6 Monlai $74 3 Monma $37 1 month $15 1 Yea $10? 6 Donihi $54 3 month $27 1 month $11 1 Yaar $53 6 Montha $27 3 months $15 1 month $6 copyright notice tha an dirt Coni Anta Oltha non Waal Florida daily Nawa rect Udog Ila log Osypa Ara Lully pro Taccad by copyright and registry and cannot a a produced it a any lorm tor any Purpova without tha at Assad parm Aaion Ottha Nonh Waii Florida Nawi 4sth yet no. 110 briefs National world from daily news wire services top Gorbachev rival fails in election bid Moscow Radical reformer Boris n. Yeltsin failed saturday to win a majority in balloting for president of Russia the largest soviet Republic but said he a Start a new Campaign monday for another election. The Congress of the russian federation will take new nominations then and Yeltsin said he will stick to his platform of transferring economic and political decision making Power from Central authorities to the Republic a despite opposition from soviet president Mikhail s. Gorbachev Quot i am not going to change on matters of principle Quot he said As he strode through the Kremlin grounds after saturdays Runoff election in the parliament. Gorbachev who holds the posts of soviet president and general Secretary of the soviet communist party accused Yeltsin on wednesday of being anti socialist and said his demands for russian sovereignty would mean Quot the breakup of the soviet Moscow stores open Only to muscovites Moscow mayor Gavriil Popov said saturday he would temporarily allow Only muscovites to shop in the capitals stores for fear that continued mass panic buying would play into the hands of a conservative the consumer fever began thursday after soviet Premier Nikolai i. Ryzhkova announced an economic Reform plan that would triple bread prices july 1 and raise prices on most other goods in january. A was a direct result of the speech there has been a Gigantic explosion of demand for anything that can be bought Quot Popov told a news con Ference at the Moscow City Council. Canadian fears grow of Quebec secession Toronto three provincial leaders who reneged on an agreement to recognize French speaking Quebec As a distinct society have thrown the Federal government into crisis provoking new fears of secession by Quebec. Fat rime minister Brian Mulroney was spending the weekend in intense one on one conferences with the provincial premiers hoping to Salvage what is known As the Meech Lake agreement before the june 23 deadline. Quebec refused to sign Canada s 1982 Constitution. To win its support. Mulroney and All 10 premiers signed a five Point amendment at Meech Lake near Ottawa in 1987, and set a three year deadline for ratification by the provincial Legislatures. But the governments changed in three provinces Newfoundland Manitoba and new Brunswick and the new premiers walked. Of the five Points them it troublesome for Many opponents would define Quebec As a a distinct society from the rest of Canada As a Way to protect its French language and culture. Pro White forces rally in South Africa Pretoria South Africa tens of thousands of Flag waving Whites staged the largest pro apartheid Ray since president . De Klerk came to Power last year and cheered right Wing leaders pledge to defend White Power. Andries tre Umich Leader of the main opposition conservative party. Said Whites would resist any Effort to impose a Black majority government and called for Early elections to oust de Fork. Some 50,000 Whites including Many women and children attended the rally at the Voo trekker Monument a shrine to afrikaner nationalism. Organizers claimed 150,000 people attended. A stay White and a the struggle for a free state has tegun.,&Quot said mme of tic poster carried by protesters. Philippines labelled dangerous for travel Washington the state department on saturday warned that americans travelling in the Philippines face an increased risk of terrorism As the two countries prepare for a new set of negotiations on . Military bases in the Island nation. A during this period. Communist elements in the Philippines Are Likely to expand their current terrorism Cam sign beyond . Off vials and Active duty . Servicemen to include ret ii person ill and the places they frequent Quot the department said in a statement. American and philippine negotiators Are preparing to resume talks on whether to renew a lease on Clark air base Subic Bay naval base and four smaller installations. The leases expire in september 1991. Opposition to the bases is growing because Many filipinos View a the m As an my Rin gement on National sovereignty. Kal 747�?Ts engine Burns on Takeoff los Angeles a korean air Boeing 747 shut Down one of its four engines when flames shot out on Takeoff saturday and the Jet returned to los Angeles International Airport after dumping fuel officials said. Flight 17 to Seoul South Korea returned safely with its 384 Pas Ngere said . Park the airlines local passenger services manager. He knew Only that the engine was not working but had no details. The flames were observed by people on the ground As the Jet took off about 12 50 ., said Art Morrison a Federal aviation administration duty officer. The no. 1 engine the outside engine on the left Wing was shut Down and the plane circled Over the Ocean to dump fuel. It landed about 2 10 Talks break off in polish transport strike Warsaw Poland striking rail workers and government representatives broke off talks saturday after failing to Settle a walkout that has crippled transportation nationwide. The strike Over a wage dispute has tested the resolve of the government reformers who have imposed a strict program to Shock the Economy Back to life. The government has flatly rejected pay increases As an inflationary threat to the economic overhaul plan imposed on Jan. 1. Reservation reopened to regular traffic st. Regis Indian Reserva Tion . State police Are allowing non residents to enter this troubled Mohawk reservation for the first time in More than three weeks authorities said Friday. State police barred All nonresidents from entering the reservation May 1, after two indians died in gunfire Between anti and pro gambling Mohawk factions. Police in Ontario and Quebec also set up checkpoints restricting traffic on the Canadian Side of the reservation but have been allowing non residents in. A we feel its come to a Point where it is Safe to travel through for everybody a state police sgt. Michael Downs said in that the ban was lifted. Station admits taping illegal pit Bull fight Denver executives at a Denver television station have defended their staff a videotaping of an illegal pit Buu fight As Quot legitimate news gathering Roger Ogden general manager of Kunc to. On Friday said station employees attended such a fight in september but they did no to realize at the time that it was Legal. He also said the tape used in reporter Wendy Bergens four part series on illegal pit Bull fights came from a confidential source. The station and police agencies began an investigation this month after allegations were made by Anonymous sources that Kunc staged a fight Between two dogs for Bergens series. The sources also told competing news organizations the station paid for the fight. Police said the fight featured in Bergens report which aired april 30 through May 2, occurred on a Grassy area near the South Platte River in Sheridan a Denver suburb. Kunc to denied the allegations and Ogden ordered a comprehensive investigation. Incumbents Rake in most Pac monies Washington political action committees gave $63.5 million to congressional candidates in the first 15 months of the 1990 election Cycle targeting nearly 90 percent of the special interest Money to incumbents. The 4,517 pics registered with the Federal election commission began april with another $131 million on hand for the final six months of the election year the Fec said in a study released saturday. Weather weather Roundup by the Asso Oates press storms str la fit Dove a Broad actions of Oil nation s mid action saturday producing at Laatt Braa Toma Doaa m Oklahoma and a tan dog from tha ohm Vallay to tha East coast and naw England. At midday How cars and Shunda storms a landed Ovar souths Starn Kansas and South mantra Missouri. Nor Tham Arkansas Northa astern and a out cantral Oklahoma Northa astern Colorado a Outh Wattam and North Oan Trai Nabraska. North cantral and is Antral to xas., North astern and Southa Tatarn North Oai Kota and cantral my Nayota. Hari fan in pads of Oklahoma with Stonaha As big As Golf Baua at Barl Savilla. Tha Naiona Aathar Marvica said Hail almost an Inch in Dia Matar Naar Fay Attavina Ark Fra Thomaa in Caddo county. Okla. Wars daa Royad by Ona of at last Ihira Turman Douds that moved through cantral Oklahoma on saturday night. Officials said show ars and thunderstorms also Covard Southam Flonda ram and showers Anta dad from you than and cantral Indiana to Southam and trial ohm Notha Ayiam Kentucky Northam what Virginia Bastam Var Mia. Dalawari. Maryland Southam and Bastam Pann Sylvania. Naw Jabaay Youtha Tatarn naw York Stata and South Ami naw England. Ram also Lah Ovar not Hwasta Montana Northam Navada. Northam Cal forma and tha Northam. Coast of was Laiglon Stata. Haviar Rameau during tha six hours up to 2 Not in Udad 2.s Inch a at Chan la. Kan 1 08 Mchapa at Parkersburg w a. And t 52 Mchapa at Keutma. Tampa Aturya around tha Nahon at 3 . Not ranged from 47 Dagrava at ask Ordona National Park. Wyo. To 98 Dagrava at Sandar son Taxa saturday s Low Kex tha Lowar 48 states was 26 Dagrava at Butts. Mont the acc weather 70 forecast for noon sunday. May 27 urm show ngh st4non4ry 100 Eimo acc a min a it he Florida weather Vul Mia by v drawn Ham a 4>>uw Dawm and i a to Wal pm Sun it urls w pwmbta.? is almanac today m sunday. May 27. 1990. The 147th Day of tha Yaar with 210 Days remaining tha aun Wierm at 5 46 and sat at 7 41 tha Moon wan 11 percent disc local conditions for previous Day precipitation. .0.00 inches High wind gust. 21 mph High Tampa Atura. S4 Low Tampa Atura 68 National weather forecast ram and showers Ara predict and for tha Pacific Northwest and Northern Ca Tomia a band of Thundal reforms will Tratch from cantral Texas to West Virgiria with showers expected in the Northeast weather radio local Aathar into Marioni m a broadcast on Noaa Aathar radio Iraq Nancy 162 40 mag Ahartz m Pansacola and on Iraq Nancy 162 56 Nagaharu in Panama City Aathar information w supp Ltd to tha daily news by tha National Aathar Sarwa by Way of tha Alao Chalad Prada Clouds saturday s sat splits photo shows frontal Clouds from tha mid Atlanta Cost through tha on Vahay to tha cantral Plains showers is Sociats with a tropical apr Aaan Nara Asan Ovar South Florida scatter and Douds ahead of a frontal system Ara Saan Ovar parts of the was Tarn United states around tha state a Pansacola today Cloudy Early a comm partly Doudy with a 20 Par cant Chance of afternoon Thunder showers High m tha mid bos Southa Aat wind 5 to 10 or Wlada Par hour a Panama Chy today Cloudy Early a comm parity Doudy with a 20 Par cant Chance of afternoon Thunder showers High in tha mid Goa Southeast wind 5 to 10 Milas per hour. A Tahshaa aaa today partly Doudy with a 20 percent Chanca of afternoon thunderstorms h High near 90. Wind you Haast t o per hour. A Jackson Villa today partly Doudy with a 20 percent Chanca of aft Amoon thunderstorms High near 90 wind Southeast 10 Midas Par hour. A Ormendo today mostly Doudy a Chance of Manly afternoon thunderstorms High near 90 wind variable mostly Southeast to Cru lat Par hour. Ram Chance 40 Par cant a Tampa today mostly Doudy a Chance of Maidy afternoon thunderstorms High Naar 90 wind Var tabla mostly Southa Aat 10 Milas Par hour ram Chanca 40 Par cant a fort Myers today mostly Doudy a Good Chance of showers and a Law thunderstorms High in tha mid and Uppar-80s wind Var tabla Meatty what 10 Miles Par hour ram Chance 50 Par cant a Milami today mostly Doudy with ram it Kay and a slight Chance of a Hunda storm High m the mid and upper-60s wind Var tabla 10 Miles per hour ram Chance 60 Par cant a Kay what today mostly Doudy with ram Tikey and a Poa Qibla thunderstorm High in the mid to upper 80s wind becoming Southwest to West 10 to 15 Miles per hour ram Chance 60 percent forecasts today. Cloudy Early booming parity Cloudy with a 20 percent Chance of afternoon thundershowers High m the mid-80s Southeast wed 5 to 10 Miles per hour tonight fair with s Tow in the lower 70s memorial Day partly Doudy a nth a 30 percent Chance of Thunder showers. I High m the mid to upper oos extended tuesday and Wadna Aday partly Doudy with a Chance of thundershowers each i Day highs 90 m tha Manor mid to upper 80a i along tha coast lows m the mid-60s water conditions Martna forecast. Today and tonight mostly i South Wimda it near 10 knots. Seas. 1 to 3 Teal smooth m protected Waters Guif tides a Al of Kawaa Island Piar hug Hilda it 34 am Low tide 10 45 at Daam Bundga hug Hilda 107pm i Low tide 131am River stages 1 Apalachicola Rivar at Blountstown 4 Saturday 7 7 it today 7-0 it. 7-0 it flood stage 15 it Apalache Troia rival at Chatta Hoochew 4 Saturday 45.5 it today est it monday 45-40 it flood stage 07 5 it Choctaw Hatchie Rivar at Caryville 4 Saturday not available Chicago 64/55 Dallas 90/74 los Angeles 75/60 Miami Beach 80/73 new York 62/57 san Francisco 67/53 Washington . 72/62 Tampa natures National Tompar Aturya Day s High and not albany.. Alboy Marqua Amanno Anchorage a Hakim at Anu Atlantic City Austin ban mors by lungs Birmingham Bismarck Boston Brownsville Buttaro . Caspar 70 32 00 Honolulu 86 73 00 a 70 53 00 c 79 72 00 Houston 92 71 00 Providence 75 >50 .00 a 12 m �60 i Nodi Anatalia. 72 63 73 Ralaigh .06 62 00 c k 55 00 Jackson my. 91 65 00 rapid cd >09 45. 00 Cala Pravy a Cha yen is 71 .36 00 j aka Onvia 86 62 of Reno 65 49 .00 ii out Low to 8 Cicinnati 76 67 22 Juneau 66 43 00 Richmond 64 62 .25 Cleveland 70 56 46 Kanaka. City 71 63 00 Sac Ramanio 76 >52 00 Hilo pc 90 63 00 Las Vagas 69 71 00 st Louia 77 66 52 78 47 00 66 58 64 utile Rock 64 86 13 Salt Lake City 71 44 00 64 51 00 Concord a m 76 38 00 Louis itts 79 66 12 san Antony 95 75 00 84 57 00 of Yum 64 60 37 Lubbock 97 70 00 san Diego 65 61 00 66 49 00 Janvar 77 47 00 a Saplut 67 72 00 san r 90 75 00 01 00 x Oak Momas 71 59 00 Midland Odassa 96 71 00 Santa a 00 44 00 07 67 00 Patron 72 56 16 Mit Dauksa 63 48 06 a Sta Maria 74 43 00 60 54 08 Duluth 56 46 12 apis Lpaul 64 57 07 Salitte 67 45 00 93 74 00 Al Paar 93 69 00 a Avima 65 69 00 so Ravacon 09 70 00 73 00 1 14 Ewh Twwila 62 66 90 Nawor Laana 91 71 00 so us Fana 75 54 00 70 45 00 Fairbanks 70 57 00 62 60 06 Spokane 71 42 00 07 72 00 Fargo 61 53 64 North Platta 77 56 00 Syracuse 75 45 00 74 47 17 Flag Abaft 70 33 00 Oklahoma City 92 73 00 Topeka 76 63 01 69 51 00 grand rapids 73 52 01 Omaha 73 57 00 Tocan 96 61 00 67 50 26 q eat fails 61 42 03 Phil Adalenia 59 55 51 1 Tulsa 76 65 13 92 75 00 Rae Naborro n c 63 62 00 Pho Anim 97 70 00 Wichita 74 68 00 76 54 00 Hanford 74 46 00 Pittsburgh 66 57 Witika Barrs 61 5203 76 40 00 Halana 67 m 00 70 40 of Wilmington dal 59 59 93 ext High a 102 at Sanderson and Wichita Falls. Taxa Kitiona. From Man Ghl to on. Ira wyms Day Low a 26 at Bulla Mont i Athens stale Auckland it to in Bangkok apala Chota. 65 68 00 Barbados Daytona Baach 06 73 00 bailing it Laud Baach 0t 70 04 i Beirut fort Myara 15 73 00 1 Belgrade aids slime 92 68 00 Bermuda Jacka Onwe 86 62 00 1 Bogota Kay what 87 79 22 in Bane Lakeland 86 71 00 by Casaia Miami 63 73 32 Budapest Orlando 09 70 00 Bairoa a Nacota 85 70 00 Cairo Sarasota 91 73 00 Caracas Tah haases 91 66 00 copa Hagan Tampa 91 73 00 Dubkin Varo Baach 06 72 10 Frankfurt w Palm Baach 83 74 06 Tanava Quot harass work Havana Tampe Ratuis and Wal her Oon Helsinki a Midnight Hong Kong Istanbul Hilo to Burg 91 66 Kiev 66 61 Lima 90 77 Lisbon 86 77 London 92 61 Madrid 77 66 Manila 73 59 Mexico City 75 64 Moscow 63 45 Nairobi 61 55 Nassau 66 43 naw Delhi 73 52 Nicosia 61 50 Ohio 93 60 pans 84 60 re 59 45 Roma 61 41 san Juan 63 45 Santiago 61 55 Sao Paulo 75 45 Seoul 80 72 Singapore 54 43 Stockholm 72 60 7i> 00 61 37 73 57 73 03 79 00 04 45 01 so 93 77 06 12 03 40 75 57 70 71 107 62 95 66 59 37 66 43 79 61 77 00 91 75 59 37 55 54 75 55 90 77 46 43

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