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Pittsfield Berkshire Evening Eagle Newspaper Archives Aug 6 1949, Page 1

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Berkshire Evening Eagle, The (Newspaper) - August 6, 1949, Pittsfield, MassachusettsSuspicion democrats Welcome bus Issue As valuable political asset 12 the Berkshire evening Eagle City edition entered m second clan matter. Post office Pittfield Haw volume 67 Pittsfield Massachusetts. Saturday August 6, 1949. 20 d four rages delivered 25c per week czechs to join russian Side in any War pledge Given by satellite defense minister Prague Czechoslovakia up Czechoslovakia served notice today that if needed it will fight on the Side of Russia in any War. The official c z e c h o slovak news Agency said the pledge was Given by defense minister Gen. Ludvik Svoboda in a speech at an army Parade marking the conclusion of Maneu vers in Slovakia. Soviets Are Model he said Czechoslovakia is Model ing its army training program on that of the soviet army by whose Side we had the Honor to fight in the second world War and by whose Side in Case of need we would fight in the meanwhile a Catholic priest who the communists reported had been excommunicated said to Day that he is still taking orders from his archbishop and jul continue to do so. Although he admitted member ship in the government sponsored Catholic action movement for. Jindrich Volny of Jar Omerice Moravia denied the communist news paper rude Pravdo s charge that he had been excommunicated by archbishop Josef Matocha. The communist newspaper had used the Story of the alleged excommunication As the basis for a bitter attack on the archbishop. For. Volny told the United press by Telephone from his Parish that he had been a member of the regional Catholic action committee since it started. Wants written notice although a Vatican decree automatically excommunicated All czechoslovak priests who belong to the Catholic action movement Volny said he would not consider himself excommunicated unless he received written notice of it. If archbishop Matocha sends him such a notice he said he would obey it because he is my Superior and i cannot do Volny said the archbishop did Call him to his office and in a Friendly Way showed him the vat ican s excommunication decree. But lie said the archbishop mid not use a personal Exco Munica the communist newspaper be Pedelski Novtny claimed today that 1700 czechoslovak priests have defied the excommunication decree and remained members of the Catholic action movement. The paper called upon czech catholics to place the cause of the Church in the hands of these Cour Ageous the government previously announced that 2500 priests were members of Catholic action Indi Cating that 800 had quit after the excommunication decree was is sued. Brockton Man named head of state Al Boston j. Brides of Brockton a business agent for the International ladies garment workers Union today took Over the duties of president of the re Massachusetts federation of labor. Brides who succeeds John l. Delmonte. The present state labor commissioner was chosen after a hotly contested election Battle at the closing session 01 the federa 81oo.ooo Haze firemen battled for iwo hours this morning a stubborn fire in the town Hall at Adams which caused extensive damage to the second floor and roof of the 67-year-old Mclure. Fire damages town Hall in Adams new offices auditorium Are destroyed by flames 67-year-old town Hall on Park Street was partly destroyed in a fire Early this morning. After the Blaze was discovered at 5.45 by an unidentified boy passing along Park Street firemen battled the flames for two hours before the All out signal was sounded. Before members of the Alert Volunteer Hose company could bring the stubborn fire under control flames had destroyed most of the second floor of the 24-Story Brick building where six new town offices were being constructed at a Cost of the fire gained much headway through the second floor and roof before it was discovered leading town officials to believe it started sometime during the night. When firemen arrived on the scene flames Ivere shooting through the roof and smoke poured from windows throughout the building. Rubber coverings were used to protect records in the offices of the Board of selectmen tax collector Board of assessors the Adams fire and North Ern Berkshire registry of deeds. The flames were checked As they reached the juvenile court room on the first floor. Youngster gives alarm the unidentified boy who saw the flames shooting out of the roof ran to the police Headquarters in the rear of the building Umpire s peace efforts result in his own death John Ray Lynch of Chicopee killed As he intervenes in sons handled legion games Here John Ray Lynch sr., 49. Umpire nine of the Pittsfield american legion Junior baseball team s play off games on its Way to the Massachusetts murdered in Chicopee title was Early this morning when he attempted to act As peacemaker in a quarrel be tween two of his sons police of that City said. Police Captain Frank a. Kaveny revealed that was shot to death by his son. James 2-j. A Navy Veteran and that another son Everett 22, was critically wounded after a Row Over use of the family car. James was held on an open charge. The screams of mrs. Lynch and three daughters awakened neigh Bors shortly after 3 am Captain Kaveny said the father died trying to Patch up a quarrel. Two hours earlier he disclosed police the Home on a disturbance com plaint. According to the police report James and Eveiett had been arguing Over the car and the father arose from bed to inter Vene. The elder Lynch told them i can handle this Captain Kaveny said that after police left the boys started Bick ering father shot in Chest he added that the father again1 got out of bed and was shot n the i Chest. Then Evriett was shot Ihen greek guerrillas said ready to ask . Aid to peace Trieste free territory the italian news Agency a trn said today thai communist Cuer derided to Appel to the 1 in Ted to halt the Ivor in Greece a tra the Cirri inn was Reich in a in an Irv hireling of Seails i Ozior la after the greek. Girnt launched a Luc in the mount it Immo a Ini a tra claimed that Ehica ail to the guerrillas now is concen Tateo in Albania and Bulgaria mid following Yugo Java s or pact Aiva and for specified purpose. Leagues i Central leation Vrsic a the american a is stiff were Aid to have med a de Greo of centralization of command or Rwy Ned Denmark objected a Pait it was said Boliau a the doubled tie of weakening j h fire to fires. For example to he p Italy and Portugal. At the same time however a Hawaii docks will be seized by government 98-Day-old strike brings Law giving Power to take Over and notified desk officer Stanley Captain said. The father was dead lion s 63d night. Annual convention last Kenneth j. Kelley was re elected without opposition to the Post As legislative agent. J. Zelazo who in turn pulled the alarm for the fire department. Later in the morning members of the Board of selectmen called a special meeting and declared a state of emergency to enable the town to incur liabilities before definite action on replacement is taken. The building and contents of the various offices Are insured under a Blanket policy. The regular session of the Adams District court was transferred to the second floor of police head quarters. This morning s fire from on arrival at Springfield Hospital. A doctor Mother and was called for the the Thiee girls who were sobbing hysterically As officers took James into custody. Captain Kaveny said that James told police he had been out drink ing with his brother and did t re member the shooting. He said according to the police officer that he was hazy about the James was held without bail for judge Norman Snow ordered a j pleas of innocence entered for him. Little Hope for school Bill be seen 3irs. For Spellman Call off dispute on Braden measure Washington up chances for passage of an Aid to education Bill appeared slim today despite a hearing aug. 17 after District move by Francis Cardinal spell Ryan and mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt to Call off their feud Over the Honolulu Hawal legislature overwhelmingly Compromise Dock seizure strike vering the Bill today declaring a Public u emergency and empowering. Participating in the talks were territorial government to seize the to have agreed that there should be regional commands under the Over All staff. These might b3 Scandinavia the Brussels pact area and the Mediterranean Steve doring Industry for a Maxi mum of 180 Days. Several lawmakers predicted the measure would the left Wing International longshoremen s the last Anund of talks began this Anci warehousemen s Union if it in the c s Here. The Poilu use pm cos of staff Sti 1 it in in the conference loom when in Unsinn Ufie invited in to ask quorums. The took no part in the Piet a Coneie ice How Ever except they say that the ques Tion of Spain s ultimate admission to Atlantic Alliance trussed was not Dis standpoint of a financial the youth drawn faced and a the Pear Ink on the Edge of hysterics tie most serious in Adams since april is 1915 the Collins Block on Center Street was destroyed. Is lid not speak in the courtroom. Fraulein to marry sex i without Selling either Eye new York by ago when he entered her Den Bockmann. A pretty 27-Yenr-om Tim s office in Germany. Captain Kaveny said James wept hysterically when told that his father was dead. He told us How a and his father served in the Navy together in the last War. He said what Bud Dies they were and How much his father did for Eny said. Captain Nav it was reported the instrument the weary lawmakers cast their final votes at 2.30 am not before nearly empty galleries in which neither management nor the Union was represented. The Senate unanimously passed the Bill first and the House gave its approval 24 to 6. Governor in Gram Stainback May sign the measure tomorrow enabling the territory to seize the strike bound companies on monday. The Bill provides that Stainback May seize the companies but also states that if the companies de Mand fair rental for use of equip most congressional sources Felt Albuquerque. N m. A j instead of seizure the gov t was too late in the session to medical expert will examine two Hope for final congressional action new Mexico patients monday to two Njal patients to be checked for bubonic plague continued its Fly Day old strike and ii fused to work for the govern of death was a War Bine. On the measure now. They thought the legislation would have a better Chance if they let it die for the time being and revived it next year. In joint statements last night Cardinal Spellman and mrs Roose velt re stated their positions on spending Federal tax Money for souvenir car-1 parochial and other private schools German dentist arrived by plane Kulay to marry n disabled sergeant from Fresno. Cal who offered to soil one of his eyes to i her trip. Miss Beckmann pert in a. Laven Der dress and red jacket said she never thought she would be Able to overcome All the difficulties and Cut All the red tape which had sep we fell in she said look ing fondly at a Diamond engage ment Rint she wore to a traditional Geiman Gold one. In t no Middle of last year he contracted tuberculosis and was sent Home to the United Stales. I tried to come Here last year but the i Bride act expired before 1 could make the miss Beckmann said she had Al Xci ther retreated from previous a the father and another son John stands but their att.-1 p determine whether they Are bubonic plague victims. A Public health service official said or. Vernon b. Link was asked to diagnose the new Mexico cases because bubonic plague is not easy to or. James r. Scott state health director said there is no certainty the two our unique in an Al by Ray jr., were Well known As a a tude indicated they ther son Umpire team. They the Pittsfield Easthampton legion series opener at Wahe Onah Park tuesday july 19. Officiated Here the elder Lynch officiated in this City six times in the last three weeks. He was known through Lut Western Massachusetts As both rated her from Charles Eller 29, Mac j1qu Ai for the past year. Most Given up Hope of and football official. So she said i Charles before he died or we Serveul As first base of can t until saturday separated by red tape Ina in the Concill Lomg game the when Charles and i will to mar Riv when president Truman signed a state Cham n Kre no. M5 Only disappointment new my allowing Tiance a. Of is non shop a week ago today at som 2. That i will to wait until gis to enter the country again s a Evenin a he Din to Aid be received her visa june Ner m 1lie res err miss Beckmann a Petite Brunette age and a s500 Bond for her ent a that he exp clod receive the As irom Darmstadt had Offert i to sell Gas and civilians even where Slement As the Massachusetts Tim to end a which their spread. Said. Mrs Scott asked the surgeon general _ were anxious or Aid Whell the two Susie Coleci religious Jases Vivere reported. Link was As dispute had helped 31gned. The actl0n followed Dis closure by the health department that Federal technicians have Iso lated plague bearing fleas from wild rodents at several Points in new Mexico. The Public health service officials said both squirrels and gophers had been found to carry the Dis ease bearing fleas at times. Link is from the Western plague Laboratory in san Francisco. He is a specialist in communicable Dis in his statement the new York archbishop said his Church seeks Public funds solely for auxiliary services of parochial schools. We axe not asking for general support of religious he Roosevelt whom the Nal had called anti Catholic for mrs. Roosevelt continued on second Pace her to raise passage when she Learned that Eller had offered one of his. She said she met him three forecast u. S. Weather Bureau Mats fled fair and moderately warm to algal with lowest temperature about tomorrow sunny and warmer near Massachusetts sunny. Pleas ant Veat Farr Toda and sunday Wilh com fort Allt Low humidity. The highest tem in the Low near the and la Tiar so s Inland. Fair and Toni Chat with toe lowest tempera Tun in the Middle Uccat variable Bee minx moderate onshore Dar int afternoon. U Block gentle rare wimp today and tonight. Becoming moderate onshore during this fair weather with Rood tall Otreal to and Low visibility Oft cd Tab morn uni. Raised the Money for the Bond but the passage Money still had to be she said. I did not think Pire in the regional championship tournament at Augusta me., Start ing a week from tomorrow. Lynch was a letter Carrier at the Chicopee Post office president of the he also was Chicopee City i could make the sept. 21 deadline for permission to leave Germany when the radio program under to wrote Rry fare. Then John Meehan. Feaseba11 a United press correspondent n my 1 _ Germany arranged the flight. Biko Yalta forms Bastille at Royalston Zita of Aust a Hungary and her Allied commanders ask loan to save West Berlin Economy Berlin american sources disclosed today that the three Western Berlin commandants have recommended a Mark 5136.500.000 Long term loan to West Berlin from economic the ural weather report m Pao second the com. Chaos. S said s for j v. T. American Bunsh and French Mill Fresno planned a have from new tar thee Davs but coming Celebration for the to away a couple of vet been acted upon and the american legion is Spon-1 restful weeks at Bastille the sum Are revolted Soring the Vve dding the Home of York society to snid the Berlin mus drawing full or partial a employ town of Mcfarland cai., offered Matron mrs. Calvin Bullock. An american official said part of the requested loan might come from european recovery program funds in Western Germany or from u s. Appropriations for govern ment and Relief in occupied he said the new West German Republic also would be asked to Supply credits to West Berlin. Of West Berlin s popu lation 209.000 workers now Are miss Beckmann rent free housing the ruler of a by gone Day was and office equipment if she would practice dentistry there. The town does not have a dentist. Dell Louft Tiew of the but shirt Hilb. Moderate Eai Loter. East Street. Tel. In Fox. Accompanied by a son. Archduke Charles Ludwig. Her Laidy in wait ing. Countess Kassenbrock. Two maids a Secretary and chauffeur another son Archduke a eau remers expected to join the party later i tries which lost so per cent of their tools and equipment during the War required immediate Long term credits if they Are to survive. The sources said the amount asked was Only tentative and final Relief. Counting in dependents this jobless bloc totals persons. The commandants now Are seek ing statements from All Industrial managements in West Berlin on probably would be the amount of financial help each or nor must Grant the request. Pro strike wages Stainback is empowered to hire Union or non Union workers at pre strike wages and employers would get the profits minus one Quarter of one per cent fee for the government s trouble. Lawmakers pointed out that if the Union refuses to work for the territory it will be losing Money while employers will be getting a Large share of their profits. The strikers have already voted not to work for the territory if it seized the companies or entered the Steve doring business. The measure also demands non communist affidavits from alien government stevedores and loyalty oaths from citizens. It specifies that Stainback must return the property to the companies when they indicate they Are in a position to resume Normal operations. The Bill is close to what the governor requested originally except that he advocated permanent seizure Powers while the Promise measure is tailored Only for the current strike. Meanwhile Federal conciliator George Hillenbrand said today he would step into Hawaii s Long Shore strike if the Iwu and the Steve doring Don t show some immediate indication of re suming redo ski to Check milk Price fixing of Berkshire dealers Boston As instant at Torney general h. William red Owski has been to in charges thai Berkshire milk dozers ate conspiring to fix retail milk prices. And Kermit Gordon of Williams College wrote attorney general Francis e. Kelly that the nor Thern Berkshire milk dealers association meets periodically to fix retail prices. Declared in their letter this conspiracy to deprive the Community of benefits of free Competition has doubly unfortunate consequences in a period when unemployment in this area is o widespread. The activities of the nor Thern Berkshire milk dealers association Are clearly in violation of the Commonwealth Kelly assigned redo ski to in the charges yesterday. President Quirino to visit Truman Manila Elpi Dio Quirino set out by plane today to make an official visit to presi Dent Truman in Washington. I am not going to the United states to ask or he told a crowd of filipinos gathered at the Airport but i am going in Honor and dignity to express As your spokesman the gratitude o the filipino people to the United t however it was believed in Manila that some time during the stay m Washington he would Broad the subject of More military Anc economic Aid to the Philippines a a bulwark against communism. Entire Range Andes said collapsing Gambato Center of textile Industry two thirds destroyed Quito Ecuador up at East 500 persons died in an earthquake which destroyed 70 per cent of the Homes in am Bato Ecuador yesterday and thousands were injured there and in surrounding towns during a series of Sharp tremors that shattered at least a dozen popu Lous Mountain cities and towns during the afternoon. Die in Church the City of Gambato 70 Miles South of Quito in the Center of the quake area was two thirds destroyed. Officials reported 500 killed in Gambato alone 60 in one Church that collapsed. The first tremor struck at 2.02 a yesterday and was followed by 14 other Long slow Earth Waves according to the Quito Observatory. Experts said it was presumed that an entire Range of the Andes mountains was collapsing. The shocks destroyed sections of he pan american Highway South of. Quito hindering Rescue work and caused a serious interruption n communications. The earthquake struck in a densely populated agricultural Region. It was the second in the Andes within two months. A quake in Chile killed 65 persons last june. Or. Alfonso Moscoso minister Counselor at the ecuadorian embassy in Washington gave this account today based on the bulletin received by radio Gambato a Small City of 50.000 population which is the Center of the textile Industry in the High lands of Ecuador suffered great est damage in the quake that struck a number of Mountain cities and towns yesterday. Five Hundred persons died in Gambato alone. Seventy per cent of its Homes were destroyed and the remaining 30 per cent were mad uninhabitable. The governor of Chimborazo province reported numerous dead and Many injured in the provincial capital Rio Bamba. The City with a population of is 100 Miles South of Quito. Resort town hit most seriously damaged City next to Gambato was the summer resort town of Latac Unga 50 Miles South of Quito. Twenty seven were reported killed there. The towers of three churches collapsed and Many houses were destroyed. Latac Unga with a population of lies at the base of Cotopaxi Volcano. Another town in the same general area guano was re ported in Complete ruin with streets blocked by rubble. President Galo Plaza Lasso and his minister of defense Manuel Diaz Granados left for the disaster area by air plane last night. Government planes also carried first Aid Crews to the area. Other planes were readied to Fly in medical sup plies and food today. The broadcasting station of the Shell Oil company in Gambato said the terror stricken population had fled to the open country. This re port said the City was almost entirely in ruins. Four years after Hiroshima prays for peace in world Nosey tribute los Angeles City of roses has paid tribute to the City of noses. Portland which prides itself on its Sweet scented Oregon air yesterday sent to smog bound los an Geles the Home of unhappy nostrils by air clothes pin four feet Long. The gift bore a tag to fumes suffering referring to the extra acrid doors which hit the City two Days ago. It was naturally a gesture from one chamber of Commerce to another. Hiroshima Japan the City which four years ago this morning became a Martyr of modern warfare appealed to president Truman today for a stronger United nations a world government which will insure peace for All. Three Hundred thousand persons stood in bowed silence at 9.15 am the exact moment the atomic bomb dropped death on Hiroshima on aug. 6, 1945. Then the silence broke and a Bell tolled. It was a ringing plea for peace among men and it Cama from the City which More than any other on Earth knows what a third world War would be like. Perhaps the confirmed pacifists of Hiroshima were told in a message from it. Gen. H. C. H. Robertson perhaps the atomic bomb which almost blasted this City to oblivion will in the end make a great contribution to the cause of determined it May Well the British occupation commander said that the very blow which struck the City will make the peace Loving people of the world so determined to prevent similar blows that they will Check the Rise of any aggressor before he can gain sufficient Power to plunge the world again into a message from Gen. Douglas Macarthur the supreme Allied commander expressed Hopes that the excellent Progress of the rehabilitation of the City of will continue it. Gen. Walton h. Walker com Mander of american ground forces n Japan predicted in his message hat the world will be impressed by Hiroshima s dedication to peace and other nations will learn and profit by your in their petition to or. Truman he citizens of Hiroshima asked the president to take the Lead in making the . A More effective organization. A Bill passed by parliament started funds flowing toward Hiroshima today. To rebuild the City As a shrine to peace. They won t forget the War Here. They Hope no one will. Offerings to buyers setter male wire fencing 70 feet Gas Range new Maple crib excl. Condo. Metal lathe 16" swing for unusual bargains read the Eagle classified Section. To insert an and merely dial 7311 and ask for one of our Friendly and taken. For the Bride and croon the Ideal flt is Luggage. 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