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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner (Newspaper) - September 6, 1862, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaLiev. David my Kinney editor and proprietor terms in Adan c e. Jis it in Suapao Ripsom. $1.60 s Cut b9. 1.25 my bred in sneer of a he Oliwee. 8.00 for two do Eliks to will Send by mail seroogy Ntim Bor my luf one Duelar thirty three ,<ilnguatwb.nty and upwards will to Ireby Lui Eiloo to a paper without Churgo. a prompt a Little before the year expires Semi payments by Safe hands or by mail Pii metall Lett Orato 11?, David my Linnet Pittsburgh a daughter just entering womanhood thou Art going up to s Way a i am going Down the Orcas thou Haat not lifted yet i am near Tny Crown. Satoe ii Aat thou tasted earthly Joys 1 have drank yet thirst nor grief nor sorrow stirs thy heart mine is nigh to Hurst. Friends Ore thronging round thy path Mino mostly Are in heaven love yet is in the Bud for thee its fruit to me is Given. There slight mud Beauty on thy brow mine is Dull and sear health Hope and courage gird thee now i am weary weary Here. Life opens fair and Bright to thee like the sunny Spring heaven seems brighter far to me and Earth is vanishing. Soon i shall stand where Angels sing glad on yonder Shore. And fold my spirits tired Wing besting evermore. There i will wait for thee my Ohi id storing my hearts full love god guard and guide thee safely on. Joining our lives above. A Tae Mother and her Korfe. For lib Pfab Tennu and falsities about religion. By j. F. My Laken. The refutation of Calum Nious statements although a work of Justice and Benevolence is not always a pleasant work. Like a surgical operation however it is sometimes absolutely necessary. Though the libellous allegations May do More harm to their authors than they do to religion nay because they do the impulse of Christian Benevo Lepe prompts to their exposure. Besides their unchecked our Enoy May give them credit and the Power to annoy and injure unwary souls. They commonly assume Odrae taking and convenient form for More ready a Odog men in the popular mind j Ana they acquire by Long use a Slakish lubricity for slipping through the hands of those who seize them and thus they go about startling the timid with their Hiss and rattle and inserting the venom of their bite into the veins of the weak and unwary. I propose to notice several of the amp be popular fallacies and falsities that have from to ibo immemorial haunted men minds prejudicing them against religion and which probably were never More on the lips and in. The ears of people than at the present time. 1. The number and rivalry of. Secis is alleged As a proof of the uncertainty and insufficiency of the evidences of christianity. A a agree among yourselves what True doctrine and then i will consider the claims of your this looks very formidable and has undoubtedly done much mischief among those who think Little or who thin s under the leading of a hostile prejudice. But the diversity of religious belief is not proportionate to the number of denominations. National and other accidental of Roustan Ces have Given Tise to difference of organization and name while there was no real diversity of belief or order. For example there Are several branches of the presbyterian Church holding the same Faith. Some have sprung from Holland some from Germany some from Scotland whence they have brought some peculiarities of Mode and order but their Faith same. It is As unreasonable to Call these different religions As it would be to assign to different species or Genera the plants that have though confessedly of the same kind been slightly affected by variety of climate soil or culture. Moreover it must be observed that under the name of Christian denominations a re commonly included some that have no just title to that name. This of course swells the number and increases the variety and gives a More incongruous aspect to nominal Christendom. But it is unfair to include unchristian and anti Chris tip a a organizations under the Nam e of Christian. All subjects of human thought and interest As Well As re Ligija would have their character endangered if they were treated in this style and held responsible for the vagaries of visionary fanatical and foolish claimants of their name. Bat who brands mechanical philosophy or chemist by with disgrace because of speculations concerning perpetual motion and the philosophers Stone ? Tuthi is not responsible for the aberrations of Fofiu and she should not suffer for faults against which she earnestly and honestly protests.45ut,. Again the nature of the human mind is bests represented by some variety of opinion. On this As on other subjects of moral evidence know not the time or place where All Pepple if they thought at All thought exactly alike on the subject of politics. There Are always two parties and usually a number More for the a com Mode Tion of mental oddities and to Oehr Trio ties this odour a on a subject less Complex and comprehensive than religion. What speeches in legislative Bahs what stump orations what Veteran columns in newspapers ate perpetually discussing the political theme 1 and yet men Are Noti brought to uniformity of views. The nature of the human mind does not admit of it. Now what judge sent should the infidel Caviler form on this state of affairs f Why he should pronounce All political a hence a Humbug he Shou maintain at All politicians and Sta team a Are the subjects of delusion or the agents of deception he should deny tie patriotism of every party and of every Man. He should. Say to the Jeffersons thei Adames the Jao sons and the clays a gentlemen agree among yourselves Beo Taip Harmodio Ous in your opinions and United in your organization and then a will consider the claims of your political a and until they did so he should All allegiance to the country disown it o on Titu Tion and despise its Loyal citizens. But he is guilty of no such injustice and stupidity on any subject but religion. And let it further be observed that Quot the a Central and essential Sprine spies on which evangelical christians Are agreed Are specially offensive to him even while he is railing and ranting about it their diversities. It is really not the difference but the agreement among them that disturbs him. The depravity of Man the atonement justification by Grace the retributive Justice to s hot Tim Tol. A. No. 51. Pittsburgh saturday september 6, 1862. Whole no. 519. Tee Presb Stemn Banster Prebi cation Ofhie make tab Buiji bins 84 it fun Bitts Vogh a. a Octja West Cor. Of 7tb Aub tax sufi amp to advertisements. Of god the obligation to holiness Are precisely the articles of their common Creed which he regards with the greatest repugnance. And he attributes their concurrence in these to eco a la sigh or to Blind unthinking submission to educational influence or clerical authority. This sneering enemy of religion indulging his hostility at one time on the differences and again on the agreement of its friends demonstrates nothing after All so clearly As this that his opposition to it arises not Trofil convict Ion but from Blind prejudice. At the same time the facts of the ease Are in perfect accordance with the wholesome and free working of the human mind while the diversity of opinion on some Points and the Earnest concurrence on others afford proof of the honesty of the convictions resulting from personal investigation. The real Unity of the go Neh there is Soa reely anything that illustrates with greater Beauty and Power the real Unity of the of Huron than the fact that the same songs Are to a great extent Sung by every denomination of christians. Many hymns Are the property of All believers of every name. You hear them wherever you go to worship and see them no matter what Book of Psalmody you open. Cowper and Newton were both members of the Church of England and or. Watts was a nonconformist divine but How often great heart of the Universal Church borne up to heaven on the wings of their verse i that Beautiful hymn of Cowper a a there is a Fountain �11 with blood a How arrogant would it be for any one denomination to claim Lias air song when truthfully expressing the emotions of every pious heart men of every possible Shade of theological belief Sindt when even fierce theological combatants seek to express their pious emotions in peo try the fact is quite noteworthy that they oftentimes utter substantially the same views of truth. Top lady and Wesley belonged to this class indeed our heart sickens As we read even the the polemic pamphlets that through the press these Good men hurled at each other. As the hyper calvinist top lady could see nothing Good in Wesley nor As a thorough Artinian could Wesley tolerate the Creed of top lady. And great reproach did the Church in their Day suffer from their Mutual acrimony. But both of these men were poets and have made to the songs of Zion valuable . And in these How perfectly alike do we see they were at heart it who wrote that Beautiful hymn a a Book of Ages Cleft for me. Let Ime bide myself in and John Wesley that one so like it in sentiment a a Jesus thy blood Aud righteousness my Beauty Are my glorious examining Soma time since the excellent supp ement-.of--the-0 Church psalmist a and observing two hymns so similar in. Sentiment As for that reason to be especially marked and to be placed in immediate connexion what was our Surprise upon turning to the Index to find that John Wesley wrote one and Augustus top lady another a the first Sang a a fixed on this Bock will i remain when heart shall fail and flesh decay a Bock which shall my soul sustain. When Earth a foundations melt the last a a my name from the Palms of his hands eternity will not erase impressed on his heart it remains in Marks of indelible Grace a behold How a we being Many Are one bread loaf and one body a top lady and we Sivey quarrelling All their lives upon the question whether a Christian can fall from Grace singing the praises of god As harmoniously upon this very Point As if they were twin Angels a a in. Presbyl amp Rian. Kwesi Ieti a stanza declares the writers purpose. It of Llama what lie will do and is hence armenian. A a a a fixed on this Book will i remain a a stanza declares a Confidence in the divine purpose a a in Marks of inde twi it is he Hoe Oal mistic. But there is truth and piety in both. The Christian can sing the one a when a humbly and reverently expressing his devoted Ness to god and the other when declaring the Assurance of his Hope As fixed on the Saviours unchanging . Hooking to spare. A a i have found nothing to spare a plea of sordid reluctance. But a far different sentiment will be formed anti d the scenes of the last Day. Men now persuade themselves that they have nothing to spare till they can support a certain style of luxury and have provided for the establishment of children. But in the awful hour when you and i and All Pagan nations shall be called from our Graves to stand a before the bar of Christ what comparison will these objects Bear to the salvation of a single soul ? eternal mercy i let not the blood of Heathen millions be found in our skirt standing As i now do in the sight of a Disbo iving universe beholding the dead arise the world in flames the heavens , All nations convulsed with terror. Or wapt in the vision of the Lamb i pro Nufice the Eon version of a single Pagan of More value than All the wealth omnipotence Ever a a produced. Of Sinoh a awful subject it Bedoniel me to speak with Cau Tion but i solemnly avow that were there but Quot one Heatherf in a the world and he in the remotest Corner of Asia in a no greater duty confined us Atiba me it would be Worth the pains of All the people of Anie Rioa to embark together to cd Fri tiie gospel to him place your soul in is souls Stead or rather a consent for a moment to change condition with the Savages on our Borders. Wore you posting on to the judgment of the great Day in the d Reno and pollution of Pagan idolatry and were they living in wealth in this very District of the Church How hard would it seem for your neighbors to neglect your misery when you should open your eyes in the eternal world and discover the ruin m which they had suffered you to remain How would you re proach them Shat they did not even sell their a possessions if no other Means were sufficient to Send hip go Apel toys a a my flesh trembles at the Prospect 1 but they Shau not reproach it shall be known in heaven that we a our a pity it our Brethren we will Send them All the Relief in our Power and will enjoy the luxury of reflecting what happiness we May entail on generations yet . D. . Gabaldi and his altitudes anxiety at Turing la the French emperor in the plot of a what mean eth it a British merchants a a contraband of her a and Federal see term so lord Russel in sympathizing a his counsel calmness and fairness i history Adams and Russel a painful Story if True the Waldenses and Rolond Beek Wilho a a Friend in need departed Demon Strati of at the Crystal a Ataee the Odd Fellows and the Temperance men parliament prorogued a the dispatch boxy the closing scene a s. and the Canterbury a stand dlr a canons and cathedrals versus a a the gospel to the poor a agrarian murder bailiffs and agents murderers sheltered postscript. London August 9, 1862. A Kibaldi has been and is still in Sicily delivering also very violent harangues against the emperor of the French As the grand obstruction in the path of full Freedom for Italy. He summons the youth to arms everywhere and amongst the ranks of a Young Italy there has been a great stir and secret enlistments even at Tyirin have been going Forward. The italian government is alarmed and anxious for if Garibaldi makes an attempt on the Boman territory with a handful of Brave but undisciplined youth it is hardly to be expected that he will be Able to say As he virtually could say when almost alone he entered Naples and put to flight the bourbons a i came i saw i but the special danger is that the austrians May either find their own territory invaded or discover a sufficient excuse in any trespass of the papal territories for a Rush across the frontiers with an Over relining Force and then As the natural consequence an attempt to recover lost ground in Lombardy and so to inaugurate a crisis the Issue of which might be a most disastrous to the nascent liberties of the italian kingdom. The English press without an exception including the morning Star which is Ultra with Garibaldi. The a Vries with its accustomed Power draws a parallel be a tween him and the Earl of Warwick a the a a King maker a of England a history a a with a facility almost miraculous he plucked Down from his seat the feeble heir of the House of Lancaster and placed in his Stead the valiant and Youthful Sovereign his companion in arms and his it trusted Friend and ally. Growing discontented with the very state of things he had created he of Fang Down with the same wonderful ease the King whom he had made. But he was unable to maintain his Victory. The the policy of Warwick and he perished i gloriously leaving behind him the name of a great military chief but of a fickle and unsound when Garibaldi has appeared in his place in the italian parliament he has been like Samson shorn of the looks which were the source of his strength. The ardent spirit was still there but the administrative and legislative faculties were utterly wanting. A vehement outburst of pent up emotions in what could not be called a speech but which was damaging to hit was the Issue and Wise men sadly looked on As after that whirlwind of passion a he left the. Chamber. Not to any one Man does god impart a Universal Genius. Our own great Warrior Duke was a poor orator and rather a bigoted and Pur Blind politicians although of Ronnei by his agitation opened both his eyes and those of Peel to the urgent danger of civil War unless roman Catholic emancipation were granted. There Are first class Gene Rab both in Amer-1 a and England at this moment As Well As in every country in Europe who Are emphatically him of act for and great As such but to whom it would be most unsafe to commit As to proper legislators a country a destinies or to expect them to name the time for and uprising against a common foe us ohm is it with Garibaldi. A a no one says the Timm a a whatever the Hen a fits he May rave conferred has acquired a right to ruin the people upon whom he has conferred them. We therefore Are glad to see that the King of Italy though we do not doubt with the most sincere reluctance has issued a proclamation warning the Young not to be carried away by illusion not to forget the duty of. Gratitude to those who have been the Best allies of Italy and not to make the name of. Rome the desire of All the signal for War. The King will speak when the hour arrives. Every other summons says the proclamation is that of rebellion and civil War the responsibility and the rigor of the Law Wib fall upon those who will not listen the this it is a mistake to suppose that the French emperor is in collusion with Garib Ami. This movement gives him the greatest uneasiness at the Baths of Vichy where he is being treated for the restoration of his health. It is bios Sisic it May he overruled for hastening the withdraw meet of the French troops from Rome and that this is Garibaldi a .dign., it to surmised by some that it is not Italy hut Hungary and Servia that Are Likely to be the scene of insurrection and it is affirmed that the hungarian leaders Are a a on. The Wing a passing to and fro. A Short time will show what 18 meant. Certainly the Pope and Antonelli Are As obstinate As Ever and the Jesuit doctors at Rome Are disgusting Europe afre h by lecture the the r of which la in substance that romanism and. Resist Anoe to modern Progress , Are the True conservators of real Liberty. A French Liberal paper advises Garibaldi to extricate himself from the Anta Gourm Ere Ted be tween him and Victor Emmanuel. By an expedition to the Turki h province on the Adriatic. Cee Iain Briti h merchant have written to lord Russel. The foreign Secretary complaining that while the Queen s proo-1 m Tion has announced our neutrality and forbidden the Supply of arms to either South or North that practically the fed or is get All they want and the t their ves Seis take out supplies to new York while other Federal Vesel Lut Roep All supple on the w y to Charleston one ship stops Contr band of War the other carries it a United states Clipper loads in our ports with rifles and Gunpowder while a Federal ingate hover about the offing ready to pounce upon any such org consigned to southerner in this service the Federal officers Are exceedingly Active and the Mer charts who write to lord Ruel declare that their goods Are not Safe from Sere in British Bottoms sailing from one British port to another they also Oom Plain that if the Ameno n Price court should condemn the seizure there is no adequate compensation to be expected for the damage. A. The retort of the Federal government is that traffic in contraband of War is notoriously carried on that ships sail from British ports with the fixed purpose of running the blockade and that the Federal Erni Sers therefore Are justified in looking Craft even in the Bahama Waters. Lord Russel sides with the fed Era government declares to the forty merchants that theirs is virtually an unlawful Trade and gives it As his advice that a a the merchants and shipowners of Liverpool should refrain from Tjimis species of he is clearly and justly of opinion that people who engage in unlawful Commeree cannot invoke very loudly the protect in of the Law. The ships of the North say the Memoria lists a a Are now blockading the British port of Nassau is if it were a con i federate port but the foreign see Stetary replies that the said port is regarded As the great entrepot of the contraband traded and that the vigilance of the Federal vessels is therefore not surprising. Now All this is perfectly fight Andy of when lord Russel thus writes his Oon duet be it remembered is consistent with his Yea Era conduct in regard to this strife. Depend upon it if the tories had their we a and dared to take Ripon themselves the responsibility they would aet very differently. Whatever irritation of feeling May now exist and however newspapers of a certain class on either Side May hurl Mutual javelins of wrathful accusations imputing All possible bad motives the con duet of lord Russel As a whole and As or. Adams the ambassador knows in Bis constant Intercourse with. My has a been Frank Manly honest and Friendly. When history traces the Story of the War he and or. Adams will Side by Side be shown As cautious Calm Wise and Able statesmen. The Waldenses have lost one of their their Best friends a Friend in need and in deeds whose name and person As. Major general Beckwith must be familiar to Many Aine rican gentleman who have visited the Vanliea of the Vaudois. A the had dedicated himself a to use the words of Amedeo Bert a Waldensian pastor a a to the work of promoting the intellectual and religious welfare of that poor a Alpine peo Jle. Who had been until 1848, oppressed Gay the Jesuit and and As the fruit of this resolved a a he did prodigies of Charity and personal say Rifici so established More than a Hundred schools. Built churches and he sea. For pastors. And masters urged Public instruction Onward in the path which should a be trodden by the citizens of a free country and especially by protestants. He raised the condition of the women by receiving in an institution Long maintained by himself alone Waldensian girl so who on returning to their families carried Back and imparted to them knowledge order and sincere a Woid / he consecrated thirty four years of his life to protecting by out firing and directing to worthy ends a population who will for Ever Call my their regenerator and father. He took a wife fro Iii among is beloved villagers that he might be More closely United to then and As Italy had in favour its most a Bertul prot not a and supporter of Unity Progress and Freedom so Beckwith was the Gavor of the Waldensian and his name and memory will be Ever blessed among the protestants of the name of this devoted mad was Long a familiar one at the to Bles of the com a titties of the British and foreign Bible societies and of the religious tract so piety. He we one of the Many and Ever increasing number of pious officers who form a the Church in the he had lost a legs at Waterloo but the wooden one which supplied its place did hot prevent climbing the. Loftiest Vaudois mountains that he might personally inspect the schools which he had founded. By fledged candidate for orders was suddenly ordained in order that be might be hoisted Over the Heads of his senior rectors Ano ther not tsi the diocese was put into the caning in Salisbury Cathedral and that the Bishops of Oxford and Salisbury were More or less compromised. A a Slippery Samuel a of Oxford has tried to Elear himself on the one hand and some Friend of the Bishop of Salisbury has been whitewashing him on the other. The former prelate a a s. 0.�?� is disposed to absolve because he says a a four Days before the publication of my letter he suspended his intention of ordaining the Young Man priest before his but Why consent to it at first ? because or. Wilberforce was privy to the design of vile patronage conspirators. Why recoil when even or. Oxford thought the youths claims on him a a so remarkable a let j. G., quere or. Gumming another writer in the Timm give his interpretation and comment a if it is True that Ibri i Sfier a claims upon the Bishop of oxfords consideration Are a a in Many respects so remarkable a does it not great injustice is done by postponing is promotion to the Priesthood Tubich of course is singular merits and the interests 6f religion required on the a miserable plea that it would affect unfairly the patronage of the Dean and chapter of Salisbury a a we have heard a adds the severely just and satirical a a j. C.,�?� a a Many laments lately of the degeneracy of candidates for the ministry. Gan we wonder at it when men of a Many remarkable Ola Msj like or. Fisher Arp kept Back by such paltry bit a a s. 0.�?� is not to let go his hold with regard to the proposed Casio try presentation and in the a orly part of this week held up is Rod we a a it in a briny Quot Pickle dripping off it in the sight of the trembling culprits he does so he says a i am now in a position if necessary to Makeva by a Clear the chief features of a the transaction a a at Salisbury with reference to a vacant state and living. But l wait yet a Little before i pursue the subject to its regi time the imagine what the guilty Felt when they read these words How the old foxes began to run to cover and hide themselves a the canons of cathedrals have presentations in their great demonstrations a Nual in their character have taken place this week at the Crystal Palace Sydenham and. Under Bright and genial skies. The. First of these was theft the of the Odd Fellows a kind of trades corporation and Mii Tual Benefit society which numbers huh teds of thousands in its ranks and has its Rafn i flotations Over England specially in the Northern and Midland counties. These men carry banners have bands of music Wear scarfs and badges and March in order a generally by their wives families and female friends and acquaint Anees. They Are peaceable and prosperous and their funds for charitable purposes Are very Large. On the occasion of Trio in visiting Sydenham Palace and grounds Blyn Den . Canadian soon after a full display of the whole fountains walked along the which stretches to a immense distance Over the Terrace four Cains in front of the great buildings acid by special request wheeled an Odd fellow and a Rasa fellow across e. The second demonstration was. That of ithe to mph Ranee men or to eng Lahd who even in a Joi Don have greatly in or East a and whose Nam by rss re swelled by the a a band of Hope a move mint in sunday Seho ois. A parliament is prorogued. Aco Onipa need by a Friend of yours Viniable and worthy i had influence enough to get into the crowd of the going Dos who marched Down the a grand a Paridar a headed by the speaker into the House a of lords. I also. With him. Had a glimpse before this of Neidg the Royal dispatch Box which contained the Quot speech a enclosed and the great Seal also which had Heel used at the privy coup Sil held on wednesday at Balmoral. A Queen s mess Nger had been travelling All might by express train bearing the speech. A we saw also the Queen s Oum writing a is. Tasel ast were not of the dispatch. Box but on a a Long Blip of paper peeping out from under the covering lid and marked in a bold yet feminine hand the lord Chancellor Quot the Queen a five Peers in their Robes a the lord Chancellor in the midst occupied velvet covered seat in front of the vacant throne ands gave the Royal a sent to a number of Bills after to High the last the Queen does on such As Well As his fellow it the a a speech.? it in. A dictates to t strongly that England will Noi it interfere in the a civil War. A a Church scandal has been lately exposed in the columns of the times by i Clergyman of an to ratio family the Rev lord Sidney Godolphin Osborne the famous a a s g 0 it appears that a scarce. A a turn a and it appears that before this last Case the same body bestowed a living on a stranger because he was the Cousin of a cer Tai i canons Wile these Gainons get a handsome sum for a a a month so or longer a a Fesi-dence.r�?i. A coming from their country livings and spending an easy time of it in being present at the of haunting and liturgical service s morning and evening and preaching occasionally. There Are besides gang nos re Bidet diarye., permanently resident. system is Rome derived. It has furnished at times Learned Leisure for scholars such As is or. Alford the Dean of Canterbury a and has opened the Way for faithful preaching by Able and evangelical men such As Canon now Bishop of Ripon who at Salisbury waked up the echoes of the voice of the faithful jewel of King Edwards age. But Cathedral towns As a Rule a Are spiritually dead so innocent formalism prevails und sums Are paid for a a services a a Well nigh in Profita ble which would support Many a faithful Bible Reader or Parish Clergyman and carry out slide and free the purpose and example of him who gloried in that a to the poor the. Gospel is preached a As the crowning glory of has spiritual kingdom and even above beyond miracles the test and of his Messi a ship. The two Bishops in dilated in the foregoing Are the men who have been most eager in prosecuting and denouncing a yes say ism a and its bettors. But the i Neil Tapie result of Sii cd scandalous underhand dealing As to Church patronage is to cause a few Etith of popular sympathy with the Pere cd Ted a to Harden in their errors the apostles,.ofnegativism to stereotype dissent and to Lay up in the Ceils of a nations in Fiory facts which a suddenly even though not soon bring Down to the dust a system which disgusts by its worldliness and covetous i views. Ireland ish gain in the town of tipperary a the scene of a horrible murder perpetrated on , a receiver of rents As he sat transacting official business in a room of the principal hotel. His Mur. Derer Michael Hayes had been formerly employed by him As a a a Bailiff a and assisted with Stern Fidelity and cruelty in the a a eviction of tenant in arrears within the period of 1847 and 1850, when the Small farm Msj a Uinn a by the famine got into arrears. None of the sufferers themselves threatened or Bra Del. But the latter had Given by Denoe against Hayes son who was tried recently for murder and. Was even himself threatened with eviction. The land agents to my own knowledge used to be even in Ulster a very proud oppressive class. Gae i knew who made a great profession of religion but whose Bailiff scoured the country their very a looks being those pfc unfeeling brutal men and their acts corresponded. Tvs Man was waked up be Day by i Treme Xidous and sudden assault on his dwelling and premises a surrounded by a a Tommy Down Shire a men a a a a. Popular uprising urged on by that a a which a drives tee men. Made a and which turns the non win a into murderers. A a a a the worst feature in these affairs m i have repeatedly noticed,.is.the shelter and sympathy for a the inf deters by the populace. Baffin Deasy judge has been denouncing this and plainly hinting what the priests should it do but does not Aroh Bishop Hale set off against such atrocities imaginary murders of the people by the really generous British government and poor Law Board and does hot Popery so Debauch the conscience and make the Eye of the understanding so Pur Blind and so steel hearts naturally kind As to prove bythe bloody issues such As now strike terror into the souls of the Irish Gentry in the South a that a a killing a is no murder. _ j. mine Bat god. In the Memoir of mrs. Savage the Sis ter of Matthew Henry the commentator is this entry in her diary a a resolved to Call nothing mine but How forcibly does the expression remind us of the Saviour s requirements a a whosoever he be that forsake the not All that he hath he cannot be my disciple and at the Samc time of the apostles inventory of the christians possessions a fall things Are this be so a who that Loseth his life shall find finding a Bome we often hear bitter Eom Plainte of the coldness and unsociable habits of City Oon Gre nations. A gentleman once told us that Wawa a regular attendant for a year at a certain Church and neither pastor nor Wor shippers Ever spoke to him during that period and he left in search of a More genial Home. This is an extreme Case no doubt but Many churches lose moral Power by their neglect of strangers. The congregationalist toils a Good Story with a moral a a Uncle Elam is a Christian. All who know him admit this even those very moral people who Are themselves a a no great sinners a but who continually Iveigh against the faults of a a Church members a and affirm their willingness to believe in religion if All its advocates were like a Uncle he is a a a pillar of the Church with which he is connected both spiritually and Finan Cialli. I have not taken my pen to eulogize a a Pele Elam a a however but simply to Tell one of his stories for Uncle Elam a stories always have a moral. A this Good Man was once a stranger in a certain place and was seeking a Church with which to worship or in his words wanted to find a a a upon inquiry a says Uncle Elam 1 found there were two churches of my Way of thinking within a few Miles so i harnessed up and drove to the nearest one. I tied my horse to the Fence and went in. After waiting a Little while a sleepy looking Man came and said a seat sir a i bowed and followed him into the House. The preacher was evidently a spiritual Man and his discourse was edifying. The morning service closed and the minister followed his congregation out. There seemed to me to be much coldness Between pastor and people and among the people also. There were no pleasant greetings no cordial handshaking Only a few stiff bows and they separated. No one spoke to me. I walked around a Little stood in the entry a while and then went Back to the seat the Sexton had Given me. At the close of the afternoon service i went Home feeling that there was no Christian cordiality there and but precious Little Ghristian Courtesy. Still i did no to wish to judge hastily and the next Sabbath i went again and found the same freezing coldness Only varied by a Sharp look from the Sexton that plainly said he did no to like to that seat every Sabbath. No one noticed me no one apparently cared whether i loved the lord or was going Down to eternal death. So i went Home saying to myself a my heart is too warm to find a Home there a a a a Well a the next Sabbath t drove to the More Distant Church hitched my horse and was just going up the Steps when a gentleman who had observed me from the door met me with a pleasant a Good morning sir a adding a it is very Windy and if you will permit me will tie your horse in a warmer now a Mero Ifill Man is merciful to his beast and that Little for Pony a Comfort took right hold of me. Two or three gentlemen in the entry up Bice to me making some pleasant remarks upon the weather. The Sexton accosted me heartily just As i was a brother sinner and he was glad i had come to gods House remarking that he would Lead me to a seat. The subject of discourse was vicarious atonement one that always melts my heart and my eyes too pretty Likely for after service a Man spoke to me saying a i noticed sir that you were affected during the Sermon May i inquire if you enjoy Christ a love a a a Christ a love How my heart bounded at those dear words that was just what i wanted to talk about. I was at Home then. The minister came along shaking hands right and left and spoke to me and others spoke and my heart was glad for we Are All Brothers in this world of darkness and what Little we can do to make the Way pleasant for each other we should never grudge doing. Strangers need Especial notice and every one who loves our lord Jesus Christ should be always ready to notice the stranger within our Gates and in quire after the welfare of his soul. If he Saviours disciple he will like to speak of his love but if he is Unten ewed he May be in just that Frame of mind when a word fitly spoken May. Lead my to the father. I enjoyed the second service and drove along praising god that t had found a Home and a blk ssh a Home it has by in to me from that Day to.this.�?�. Terms in Advance. A Sabre s lines or less one insertion 60 cents each ,40 cents each Lino beyond eight 6cls a Square per Quarter 4.00 each line additional s3 cents a made to Adye Tiaera by the year business no Kobs of ten Ucb or Lebe Sloo additional line 10 cents. Rev. David a of fit kit Tmey proprietor Ahi it Polis Are. Movement of your person then truly will scholars friends people learn from you As they have never Learned before As we learn the nature of the sunlight by standing in its rays not by having a description of them. If you would truly let your Light Shine first get the Light in your own do you Bead the Bible ? if you Are a Sabbath school teacher we take it for granted that you read the Bible. You read a chapter before you Kneel to Pray. Custom has made this a part of worship. You examine the verses which Are to form the sunday lesson of your. 5s. You Hunt up parallel texts by which you can throw Light upon the lesson. You search perhaps for passages which you can use in urging some particular truth or duty upon your scholars. You take an Intel Letual pleasure in making yourself a Quai Ted with the facts of script re history a �0p�?~the� for Jbf Isiam do time and Church order. But do you read the Bible for food for your own soul ? do you read it As children in High health eat pleasant food with eagerness and for very pleasure ? Are you involuntarily drawn toward it As you Are toward an unfinished tale in which your feelings have become it enlisted do you snatch a moment now and then to read a verse or a chapter or to repeat some precious passage from memory and does your soul rest and expiate in the truth thus conveyed not merely for the Beauty of the expressions or for any hallowed associations spa needed with the words but because they Are the souls vital breath its necessary food that which it craves for j its very life support and Comfort ? can i you say with the psalmist a a How Sweet 1 Are thy words unto my taste Yea sweeter a than Honey to my Mouth mine eyes a fail As one does when exhausted with Huu i Ger for thy word saying when Wilt thou Comfort me a a a a i opened my Mouth and panted for i Ibn ged for thy coi Amandi. Mente�?��?�?o0 How love i thy Law it is my meditation All the teacher Parent Friend minister of the gospel if you thus feed your own soul with the word Yon have the Best prepare a Tion for feeding others. If you have a before Learned this secret begin to know it now. Taste for yourself this precious feast. It Only pleasure that does not cloy. Desi re Here grows with enjoyment. A indulgence Here is not excess. A when you Rabi Foj and your religion flood your whole Bein with a happiness that Speaks out unbidden in every look of your Eye in every word of your Mouth in a the chores. It has often occurred to us that there is a serious want of the social element in the relations of the members of our american churches toward each other. Asa general thing in our cities they met Only at Church where a Mere formal recognition Only is possible. There is comparatively Little intimate and Friendly social Intercourse except in select circles. Why is it Why should christians in whom the nobler and purer instincts of our natures Are Devi loped professedly to a degree approximating the acknowledged Ideal of social feeling be Leas social than others. Selfishness exclusiveness Pride which obtain amongst others Are crucified with them. They Are worshippers of that god who a a respects not the persons of these social vices which create and keep eternally separate the reputed classes of society cannot be regarded by christians. This would effectively ignore the great Law of Christian Equality a a one a your master even Christ and Allye Are but what of the theory when the facts Are against it ? where and when do christians illustrate these principles ? _ the time was when christians All christians acknowledged themselves As sustaining the most endeared and tender relations toward Yaeli other. When a Community of feeling and of property was every where recognized. But there was but one such instance. There is manifestly not much reason to expect that the example will be imitated it this materialistic age a cd Orch in a neighbouring City is in this respect probably a Type of Many others. Here for years the great difficulty in the Way of its Prosperity great apparent want of sociability. A a strangers occasionally come to the Church but the social atmosphere is such that they Seldom or never repeat their visits. No Friendly hand is extended to Point them to a seat. If they can find one As in such congregations for Manifest reasons they Are not difficult to obtain a they Are allowed to retire with an unpleasantly matured impression that where even there is so much space they Are not wanted. Possibly the visitor was a Humble plainly attired person and instantly there comes the unpleasant retrospection that this was the cause of the neglect to recognize the _ _ _. Or if this impression be not formed others will be equally effectual in the Way of this renewal of an attempt at securing further acquaintance with the Church. A a but i am under no obligations to live upon terms of social fam liar icy with All granted. And what of that there Are duties however which you owe to All such which Caouet be performed without seeking their acquaintance even the poorest and humblest of them and finding them frequently As Onesiphoru did Paul a a when he sought him out these have special claims non their More honoured and influential Brethren. There is with such a natural and Oft times an excusable hesitancy in pressing their claims to recognition. The tear that such advances would be thought presumptuous or annoying often deters the poor from making the acquaintance of the Rich. But the Case is far otherwise with them. A Zofcin upon the Sabbath congregations in Many of our larger churches and we have before us the insignia of fashion thrust before us in All its belittling and empty pretensions chilling out the Little life warmth of Chris Trinity which the formalities of worship Only serve to main Tain. There is certainly a great Reform needed in the soc Ife of our churches and the sooner it is inaugurated the . Protestant. Death and the grave. Death and the grave Are dreadful realities. Vye shudder at dissolution. We fear the judgment of the most High god and Are overwhelmed when we stand just on the Entrance of eternity we know the world is Little to us. We shall soon leave it. Covered with Crape we Are travelling toward the resting place of the dust of our fathers our sins on deathless souls our Hod of what amazing anxieties crowd on our aching hearts but in the gospel we see every thing provided for us that sin and death and the grave and the judgment and eternity can make tis need. If we Are to a die Jesus Christ can sympathize with us he has died before us he has died for us. Of death where is thy sting death May be a terror to nature but death servant of the Christian. Death is yours. Be. Are not deaths. He shall not Hurt you. All he can do is to take up the trembling belie ver and pit the arms of Jesus Christ when he again to receive him to himself. If we Are to give our bodies to the grave we know who owns it who has conquered if and robbed it of its Victory. A More we know How he robbed it. Our Best for land our almighty Saviour has been Doych into its bosom. He has softened swed ten cd sanctified d that bed of sleep. Of if i am an unsullied Christian i would rather go by that dark path to heaven than go like a Elijah with his Chariot and horses a a a a a b will be More like Christ. I shall he where he Lay. I Hall prove his love. I shall experience his Power. This dead body Shau Rise and i heaven sinner saved re deemed loved raised from the dead and taken in to the family of god in heaven a i shall love to Tell what Jesus Christ hath done for me Angels shall. Hear it i will Tell if to the old prophets i i will Hunt up try fathers who got there before me and Tel lit to them i will wait for my children to die and As they come there i will Tell it to them 1 of my god this is enough. I will Praise the for it for a Ever. Of i am comforted now. Loan Bury my friends my minister my father my daughter i can set my foot upon the grave and with a heart filled with Comfort from the god of heaven. I can wait the Day when that stilled heart shall beat again and lips shall speak from the opened coffin and we shall be caught up together in the air. For our conversation is in heaven whence also we look for the a View the lord Jesus Christ who shall change our vat body that it May be unto his glorious body according to the working whereby he is Able to subdue All things unto himself

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