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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner (Newspaper) - January 21, 1863, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPresbyterian , january 21, 1863. Intr. Pittsburgh january 21, 1863. The War. The last week was not i fruitful in Field operations Battles and victories. of Gen. Rosecrans needs reinforcements. The rebel general Longstreet has been sent by Gen. Lee with thirteen brigades to supersede Gen. Bragg and interrupt Gen. Roster ads Progress if not to drive him Baek. Gen. Grant has left Holly Springs and gone to Memphis. The Advance of Gen Mcclernand and com. Porter up the Arkansas River and their capture of a Post there and the taking of 7,000 prisoners and much military stores is a Success worthy of record. Whether they will proceed up the Arkansas to Little Rock the capital of the state is a matter for conjecture. Gen. Banks and Admiral Farragut May be making great preparation on the lower Mississippi but we have no accounts yet of great deeds. We have High Hopes. We have but very Little information of Gen. Fosters expedition into North Carolina and not mob from the Iron loads which were to sustain his movements. There Are reports of a movement by the of Gen. Burnside. Any change Bioh would cause the men to lie out at night at this season would be murderous but doubtless without such exposure they could so operate As to retain Bis forces in Virginia. It must be bad management which so disposes of our that the rebels can spare thirteen brigades to leave Virginia for Tennessee and other brigades for Wilmington and Charleston. Just now the president is sorely perplexed in relation to his War measures. Clouds Darken and lower. We Pray that soon they May scatter and open up Brilliant Prospect. What Prospect of peace p there is much said just now on the subject of peace we however can perceive nothing indicative of its near approach. We have not hoped for peace except pm the result of Complete Victory Over the rebel armies and of this the indications Are very faint. It makes us sad to find that with All our superiority we yet so use our Power As to suffer Many sad reverses. Political part ism has been the main cause of our ill Success and this seems to be increasing. The government would execute the Laws against the rebellion the opposition would make concessions. Both parties still say that the Union must be preserved. In this there is some Hope but while they differ so radically As to the Means that they cannot cooperate the country is in danger of perishing. The peace projects of the conciliating party among us have found their Way to the South and a response has returned. Possibly this May help to unite the North. It must certainly tend to bring True unionists to part with their idiosyncrasies As to ways and Means and adopt a common platform. It May be useful for us to occasion Fly contemplate Southern sentiment. Jeff Avis in a speech at Raleigh n. 0., Jan. A is thus reported a a the new year he said comes in aus viciously for us. It finds us victorious at very Point and it finds our enemies begin ing to feel what we have borne patiently a like True Dunghill we hear them fall at the first touch of the Gaff. A a alluding to himself he had been chosen a position he not desire Sis he pre rred another one but he could Lay his and upon his heart and say that he had warded no Man because he was his Friend 1 withheld appointment from any Man Bebo of personal dislike. A a this cause he said is above All person or political considerations and the Man of at a time like this cannot sink such is iterations is unworthy of Power. In inclusion he said our prospects Are a hero is great contempt of the North d great Confidence in the Issue. There also a word of Wisdom. A a he had re added no Man because he was his Friend or withheld appointment from any Man cause of personal dislike. The cause is Hove All personal or political consider the Richmond dispatch of january 0th, in discussing the peace propositions f or. Brooks of new York that is a a ional convention and a Compromise Union ays a a or. Brooks appears to be in Earnest in these extravagant propositions strange As t May appear to any Man who has posses Ion of Bis senses for upon the occasion f presenting them lie made a Long speech and expressed himself confident of their uce Ess Are the Northern people All natural born fools or Are they Only stricken with that judicial madness which we Are told the gods always inflict upon the victims of their Wrath preparatory to their win ? can they suppose that the South is s galleys and Lily slivered As themselves and that they Are willing for Mere consid rations of interest to forget the unheard f outrages under which they have suffered using this War ? can they believe them Pable of so soon burying in oblivion All hat they have done and All that they have offered a a if the whole Yankee race should own in the dust to Morrow and Pray us to e their masters we would spurn them even slaves. Our Only wish is to be separated of them finally and forever a never to see e face of one of them again never to ear the voice of another Yankee on the uth Side of the Potomac or the North _ have no traffic and no Intercourse of any a sorption whatever with them. We Are Hting for separation and we will have if it Cost the life of every Man in the on federate states. A a we Are aware that Many persons be eve that the party of which Brooks and an Buren Are the representatives desire d design to restore peace and that at event they dare not speak out their real Nti ments which Are in favor of Sepa Rasen. We do not believe they Are in favor a of any such thing. They would like peace on condition of our return to the Union and they Are fools enough to believe that a majority of the people of the confederacy Are in favor of Reid Ion. They would like peace on these Tei is because it would restore the commercial supremacy of the North and especially of the City of new York which is gone forever if the Union be not restored. But they Are As bitterly opposed to separation As Lincoln himself or any of the thieves and murderers who Lead his armies. In the event of a refusal to return to the Union they would to a Man unite in hounding on the assassins who Are Deso lating our country and murdering our people As fiercely As thy have Ever been hounded on by Beecher and Hale. They look Only to their pockets when they preach of reconciliation and restoration. If the same object could be effected by entirely destroying the people of the Southern states and they thought it As easy to do they would recommend it As Thebes of All possible policy. Let them be satisfied however. President Davis expressed the sentiment of the entire confederacy in his speech the other night when he said the people would sooner unite with a nation of hyenas than with the detestable and detested Yankee nation. Anything but that. English colonization French Vassalage russian serfdom All All Are preferable to any association with the the Richmond inquirer says a they Hope still to Chain us by some specious Compromise to the Corpse of the old Union or at least to some advantage by determining Boundary Ana commercial relations it would be a Fine thing for them truly to have the South agree to meet them in a convention which should recognize the Union As unbroken and look to its perpetuation. On this head however they May As Well know the truth. On no terms whatever will the South consent to a political association with them. A a there is no Concession which they can Grant or which human imagination can Frame which could fender the idea aught but intolerable and revolting to the Southern mind. We separated from them because they sought to put on us a Brand of social and poli Tica inferiority. We would not reignite with them if they would one and All consent to occupy the same position of degradation which they aimed to rivet on us. We would not consent to hold the Northern states even As provinces. On this subject there is hardly a Ripple upon the surface of Southern sentiment. This was the feeling and the purpose fixed and unalterable of the South at a time when All was gloom and disaster when Roanoke Donelson and new Orleans had sur rendered to the foe and it seemed As if Providence had decreed to test to the uttermost the fortitude of our people. But now when heaven has vouchsafed to us so Many crowning victories when the Independence of the South is an accomplished fact and Liberty fairly won the suggestion that the Reward of All the sacrifices and sufferings of our people is to be basely discarded for a connexion with Yankees is not endurable even As a jest. A when the North wants pm she can obtain it by recognizing the Independence of the Southern states and yielding the terms which Justice demands. Her proper Mode to secure this result so desirable to her would be at once to withdraw her Armie from Southern soil and Send her commissioners to this capital. Not even to bring about an honorable peace can the South make the slightest Advance to the North. That was wisely and humanely done by the Confederate government before the War but now any step in this direction however trivial will be sure to be misinterpreted by our enemies and would Only tend to prolong the a it would be beneath the dignity of the Confederate government to take any notice of the new York meeting until the sentiment of which it is an indication shall Ripen into a sincere desire for peace and come clothed with the authority of the United states or some of the Northern states acting independently to make proposals on Abas a of Southern Independence As fact accomplished. All propositions which ignore either our established Independence or the Only channels of foreign Intercourse appointed by the Confederate Constitution can Only meet with silent a a a the Augusta ga., chronicle treats of the same topics As follows a a a we must recollect that there is yet no peace party at the North based upon the Only terms upon which we can make a peace. The so called peace party or democrats or conservatives or whatever they Call themselves have apparently no dissatisfaction of the War per see they Are Only dissatisfied with the manner in which it is carried on. Such is their profession now a they May grow in Grace until they advocate peace on our own. Terms but it requires time for such a growth and at present they Are powerless. They Are so much the More to he depended on perhaps because they Are Notin Power for the outs Are always More virtuous than theirs but it is to be feared that when they become ins their virtue will give w y before the temptation offered by the Public plunder. The republicans have reaped Rich harvests while in and it is More than can be human nature or rather from the nature of professional politicians that the outs when in will Content themselves with the scanty gleanings. If they can find any other Way to fill their pockets possibly they May propose peace upon fair terms if not the War will go on until the new set it of bloodsuckers Are satisfied. The of it. I Willii he Northern politicians is a question of Money and stealing the Augusta constitutionalism says a a it is in our opinion to our interest to hold the Mississippi River at any and All hazards president Davis has promised that it shall be done and the news from that Quarter indicates that the officers and soldiers entrusted with the defence of the Mississippi will see that the Promise of the president is Ber. And then we have the full Benefit of both foreign and Coastwise Commerce and the Possession of most of his Forte and seaports. Why should we not conquer a peace and that speedily ? Central Tetos. Kennedy a Bank note and commercial review is one of our valuable Pittsburgh publications. It is corrected by Bankers in Pittsburgh Philadelphia and Cincinnati. The Eele Etie Magazine. The number for january is embellished by two Beautiful engravings one represents Cardinal Wolsey and the Duke the other Cromwell dissolving the Long parliament. The Reading is Well selected from the Best foreign reviews. Capture of the Post of Arkansas. Post or Arkansas Jan. 11, 1863. To major general u. S. Grant commanding department of the Tennessee i have the Honor that the forces under my command attacked the Post of Arkansas at 10 of clock and having stormed the enemy a works took a Large number of prisoners seriously estimated at from 7,000 to 10,000, together with All his stores animals and munitions of War. Rear Admiral David d. Porter commanding the Mississippi Squadron effectively and brilliantly cooperated in accomplishing this Complete Success. A a John my Char Nam major general commanding. A cos Tussi Rusf Limyr of Fth Day evra Worby the gunboats the land forces a debarking two Miles below and marching to the rear of the fortifications. The rebels had. Earthworks two Miles below the main fort from which they were shelled not however before they Hod done some damage to the gunboats three Halls entering the portholes of the Lexington killing four men. The main fort which is represented As having been very Strong surrender Don sunday. Officers say that they captured six regiments in the works and that at Daylight on monday two texan regiments not knowing that the place had been surrendered came in to reinforce the enemy and were also captured. R. Nearly All of the ammunition taken by the rebels from the Steamer Blue Wing some Days since was a Reconnu Assance was sent up the River. It had not returned at last accounts. U. S. Mississippi Squadron j Arkansas Post january 11, 1863. / to Bon Gideon Welles Secretary of the Navy sir a the gunboats Louisville Dekalb Cincinnati and Lexington attacked a heavy fort at a Post on the Arkansas River last night and silenced the Battery killing 20 of the enemy. The gunboats attacked it this morning and dismantled every gun 11 in All. Col. Dunnington late of the u. S. Navy commandant of the fort requested to surrender to the Navy and i received his sword. The cooperated on the land Side. The forts was completely silenced and the guns 11 in number All dismounted in three hours. The action was at close quarters on the part of the three ironclads and the firing splendid. The list of killed and wounded is Small. The Louisville lost 12 Dekalb,17-, pm Einnatz none no Rattler 2. The vessels although much Cut up were ready for action in half an hour after the Battle. The Light draught Rattler Lieut. Commander Wilson Smith and other Light draughts joined in the action when it became general is the Black Bank Lieut. Commander Breeze with her rifled guns. Particulars hereafter. Yery respectfully your obedient servant David. D., Porter acting rear Admiral. Men who talk in this style Are not always the most Brave nor the most persevering of their species. These self same coasters when once beaten will be among the most quiet of Mankind but the beating must be a thorough one. There is no use in trying to coax such men or to use any half Way measures. They Are evidently in Earnest and they Are confident of their prowess. Sorry Are we that things Are so. Will not the Unity and earnestness of our foe incite us to Unity and earnestness counting All the population Black and White we have about double his number. Counting but the White population we Are nearly four times his number. If we can subtract from him the Blacks and attach them to our a selves we Are More than six times his num ill important capture. A Confederate messenger to Europe was lately captured off Charleston. He is the son of the notorious George n. Saunders of new York and was the bearer of some very important dispatches from Jeff. Davis and his Secretary of state to Mason Slidell and others in Europe. A writer from Washington says they give Many important facts and details in regard to the condition of the rebels. They also furnish the strongest statements of the desperate Straits to which the rebel leaders Are reduced and How that unless they can quickly get Relief either by european interference or by dividing the free states and thus paralysing the efforts of the government they must a give up their bad cause for lost. These dispatches arrived at Washington on tuesday. They were put up in a tin Box loaded with led at one end so As to sink quickly in in emergency. The government is strongly urged to make Public these captured dispatches and will do so As soon As certain special information contained in them is made use of.�?�. Maine and Minnesota a a. S. Senators. The Hon. Lot m. Morrill Republican was on tuesday reelected United states senator from Maine by a vote of 120 against 41, a. The legislature of Minnesota has elected gov. Alex. Ramsay a senator for six years from the 4th of March next in place of or. Rice whose term then expires. Gov. Ramsay a a an ardent and constitutional unionist. A new Jersey legislate re governors message. Trenton Jan. 14.�?the a governors message was read to both houses this morning. It gives detailed account of the equipping of the volunteers for the War state finances. The government owes the slate about $400,000. He urges the prosecution of the War for the Constitution and thinks that the patriotism and loyalty of the people ought not to Flag in Conse Quence of errors or differences in regard to the policy of the government. ,. Or Wall Democrat was elected u. Is senator on the first ballot. The vote blood thus for James w Wall 53 Richard s. Field 22 win. Cook Hudson 2 we. A. Newell 1. A. The presidents message Aero Manying the $100,000,000 Bill. To the Senate and Bouse of representatives. I have signed the joint Resolution to a provide for the immediate payment of the and Navy of the United states passed by the House of representatives on the11th, and by the Senate on the 15th inst. The joint Resolution is a simple authority amounting however under existing circumstances to a direction to the Secru tary of the Treasury to make an additional Issue of one Hundred millions of dollars in United states notes if so much Money is needed for the. Payment of the and Navy. My approval is Given in order that every possible of a oilily May be afforded to the prompt discharge of All arrears of the Dnn Bur soldiers and our sailors. While giving this approval however i think it my duty to express a sincere regret that it has been found necessary to authorize so Large an. Additional Issue of United states notes when this circulation and that of the suspended Banks together become already so redundant As to increase the prices beyond the real value thereby augmenting the Cost of living to the injury of labor and the Cost of supplies to the injury of the whole country. It seems very Plain that the continued issues of the United states notes without any Check to the issues of suspended Banks and without Ade quate provisions for the raising of the Money by Loans and for tending the issues so As to keep them within due limits must soon produce disastrous consequences and this matter appears to me so important that i feel bound to Avail myself of this occasion to ask the special attention of Congress to it. That Congress has Power to regulate the currency of the country can hardly admit of a doubt and Thatje Dicion measures to prevent the deterioration of this currency by a reasonable taxation of Bank circulation or otherwise if needed seems equally Clear. Independently of this general consideration it would be unjust to the people at Large to exempt Banks enjoying the special privilege of circulation from their just proportion of the pub lie Burden. In order to raise Money by Way of Loans and most easily and cheaply it is clearly necessary to give every possible support to Public credit to that and a uniform currency in which taxes subscriptions to Loans and All other Ordinary Public dues May be paid is almost if not quite indispensable. Such a currency can be furnished by the banking associations authorized under the general of Congress As suggested in my message at the beginning of the present session. The securing of this circulation by the the pledge of United states Bonds As herein suggested would still further facilitate Loans by increasing the present and causing a future demand for such Bonds. In View of the actual financial embarrassments of the government and the greater Embarrass ments sure to come if the necessary Means of Relief be not afforded i feel that i should not perform my duty by a simple announcement of my approval of the joint Resolution which proposes Relief by increasing the circulation without expressing my Earnest desire that the measures such in substance As i have just referred to May secure the Early Sanction of Congress. By such measures in my opinion will the payment be most certainly secured not Only to the and Navy but to All honest creditors of the government and satisfactory provisions will be made for future demands on the Treasury. Signed. Abraham Lincoln. 8r0y1b amp bakery a sewing machines for family and manufacturing purposes Aro the beat in use a. F. Chat any general agent oct4ly 18 fifth Street Pittsburgh a. Batchelor a hair Dye a the Best or the world. William a. Batchelor a celebrated hair Bye produces a color not to be distinguished from nature warranted not to injure the hair in the least remedies the ill effects of bad dyes and invigorates the hair for life. Grey red or Rusty hair int anti tune a splendid Black or Brown leaving the hair soft and Beautiful. Sold by All Diug girls a. Def the genuine in signed William a. Batchelor on the four tides of each Box. Factory no. 81 Barclay Street new York. Late 233 Broadway and 16 Bond Street june in dentistry a or. C. Sill no. 246 Penn Street attends to All branches of the dental profession. Feb by. Washington. Jan. 17.�?three weeks ago Gen. Burnside issued an order for the troops to March with ten Days cooked rations. Within forty eight hours the a resident countermanded the order upon the. Information of two officers of Franklin a division who came up and declared to the president that the was so demoralized that if it fought it would be sure to be Cut to pieces. Gen Burn Sid came up to ask the reason Why his order was countermanded. Learning these facts he demanded the names of the officers but was refused and then tendered his resignation. The president would not accept this. Gen. Burnside has Ince Learned the names of the officers and will court martial them. A a number of rep Blean representatives held a caucus to night in the Capitol to deliberate on Public affairs. Those who. Were present were enjoined to secrecy regarding the publicity of their proceedings. It is known however that there was not a full attendance of members some altogether dropping off and assenting themselves from the caucus. A fortress Monroe letter states that col Ludlow from City Point says that All the commissioned officers of the United states captured after the 12th of january will be handed Over to the governors of the states where captured a he says it is highly probable that All the officers captured before the 12th, will be released. It Jan. Í9.�?two.millions of dollars will be asked to improve the navigation of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers so As to connect1 the Mississippi and Lake Michigan. The news is confirmed that Gen. Mcclernand has captured Arkansas Post with More than 7,000 prisoners. ,. ,. It is supposed that Hindman a is now Between Mcclernand a blunts and Herrons forces. Its overthrow is confidently anticipated. The presidents message accompanying his approval of the Ohe Hundred million Treasury note Bill Wab referred to the finance committee in the state. While in the Hoube the adjourns a ment took place pending a motion to refer it to a select committee of five members of the House and four of the two Republican. Members of the House were in caucus for two hours on saturday evening at the Capitol. The meeting related to the shaping of the course of congressional proceedings during the residue of the a agents of paper dealers and manufacturers have been Busy in attempting to influence an action in Congress against the reduction of Fth duty on paper. Nothing yet transpired to encourage their Hopes the reports which reached Here that paper dealers and manufacturers were Only waiting the adjournment of Congress to in. Crease prices above the present figures Are believed to be True in View of the present condition of the paper Market. ,.it is much reverted that the of the Poto Mac has not been paid before the present move meat had been commenced. It is useless to deny that during the inactivity of the past month a Universal murmur has gone Forth from the soldiers who have been paid no Money for six months most of them four months without a Penny of their hard earned wages. On wednesday the offices of the assistant secretaries Watson and Tucker expired by limitation having been created but for one year. Neither of them will accept reappointment even if Congress should extend the Law for those offi Oes another year. On tuesday december ,30th, by Rev. James a. Reed or. Robert l. Sanderson of Wooster. O., to miss Mart West of Mechanicsburg a. On thursday january 1st, or. Solomon Thompson to miss Abbie B. Fulhart All of Fredericksburg A. December 30th, by Rev. J. A. Brown or. David Kerr of Holmes county o., to miss Margaret Miller of Wayne county december 23d, by Rev. . Day Rev. John w. Dinsmore the miss Ada Van of. A on tuesday december 28th, by Rev. George Marshall ? or. Joseph. E. My Cabb of Washington county to miss Ann Emeline daughter of James Espy esq., of Bethel Allegheny county a on new years Day assisted by Rev. Or. Houston of the United presbyterian Church or. James m. Douglas to miss Mart Ann. Kerr All of Washington county a. At Williamsport ind., on the 1st inst., by Rev. A John l. King or. Robert Young of Worthington pa., to miss Sarah r. Long of the former place. Both members of he Choctaw Mission of the presbyterian Board until driven from their Post by civil War. December 25th, at the residence of the brides a father near Calcutta by Rev. William Hickson assisted by Bevl William Gaston or. Georic e Gaston to miss Ray Hbl m6ntg�mert, allot Columbiana county Ohio. V 1 a by Rev. J. Howey on the 6th inst., or. J. A. Fleming of Mercer. Pa., to miss b. Annie Hanna of Hann Asville a. Y. A january 13th, by Rev m. L. Mortinan or. John c. Mat of. Franklin a Venango county pa., to miss r Maggie j., Dickson of Long Islania pm. In Tow Anda december 24th by Rev. J. Foster Sidney sergeant of East Bloomfield n. To mils Hannah Maria Durant of the former place. In North Towanda january 7th, Peter b Tabor to a miss Louisa m. the 1st inst., by Rev. C. C. Riggs at the House of the brides father capt. Amos Merb to miss Julia daughter of Alex. Porter esq., All of Sharon Mercer co., a. On the 4th of december by Rev. R. S. Grier or. Robert c. My Kinnet of it. Joy Adams county pa., to miss Maggie daughter of Hon. John Thomson of the Vicinity of Taneytown Maryland. -. A a Quot Quot december 18th, by Rev. G. M. Spargrove or. George Bodder to miss Rebekah Stimatz. December 25th, or. David Hamilton to miss Mart Jane Clark. V a a january 5th, by Rev. T. G. Scott at the parsonage in Mechanicstown or. Krener jewel to miss Mart Groves All of Carrell county Near morning Sun Iowa on the 25th, by Rev. T. Campbell or. Edwin p. Green to miss Ellen c. Swan both of morning Sun township Louisa county Iowa. By Rev. I Van Artsdalen on tuesday evening january 6th, or. Peter Gutshall of Springfield to miss Mart Ellen,.daughter of we f. My gee near Shade All of Huntingdon co., a. ,. At the residence of the brides father december 25th, by Rev. J. Irwin or. William c. Bergman to min a Annalina m. Elbick All of Indiana county a t. December 30th, by Rev. W. Townsend at his residence or Matthew Miller to miss Mart Klingonsmith All of Westmoreland co., a. On the evening of the same Day at the residence of the Bride is father near Tarentum or. Jphn c. Evans of Tarentum to miss Nan Nib a. Guilliford. A a approach and marked her for its victim. Conscious of its presence and fearing it might prove fatal she began seriously to consider her latter end and apply her heart unto Wisdom. The Pearl of great Price she earnestly sought. After much anxious thought and prayerful interest in reference to her personal sinfulness and danger she was enabled to look to the Fountain opened for sin and uncleanness and to Trust to Christ a atoning sacrifice for Pardon and acceptance. Though incapable of attending upon the Public Means of Grace yet she desired to be enrolled among the living witnesses for Christ. Accordingly on a profession of her Faith she was baptized and received As a member of new Providence Church. During her protracted illness the writer of this notice enjoyed the privilege of frequent and very pleasant interviews with her and can Bear testimony to the cheerful and submissive spirit Bhe evinced and to the sustaining Power of the precious Hope she cherished. When the time of her departure Drew near after addressing words of solemn counsel to each member of the family and urging them to be prepared to meet her in heaven she bade them Farewell. A it Only remained for = her to await calmly the coining of him in whom was reposed All her Trust. After commending her soul to him she sweetly fell asleep in Jesus. J. M. John a. Renshaw Corner of Liberty and to and Street Pittsburgh., pa.,. Would invite the attention of the Public to his extensive Aud varied assortment of Choice family groceries teas sugar cured hams dried beef fish cheese foreign and Domestic fruits pickles and sauces Havana cigars fresh fruits and vegetables a be Eide a Large Stock of housekeeping such As Wood and Willow Ware Japan Ned housekeeping hardware &c., wholesale and detail a goods ear fully packed and delivered Freo of charge 1 for cartage at any of the Railroad depots or Steamboat landings. Catalogues containing an extended list of goods sent by mail if desired Aud All orders from a distance will receive our prompt and careful attention. John a. Renshaw ap7-ly__. A asn0un01hbht8, Gratis j Appi Iogal remarks five a kits a Lins nine words being a line.1do rpm december 3d, 1862, in Plum township Allegheny county Robert Mcmunn of the 105th regt p. V. Died december 28th, of Scarlet fever Mary daughter of David Stimatz aged 3 years. A off Lri a Fletes. Halifax january 20.�?the steamship Arabia has arrived with advice to the 10th inst. Reports Are again current that Napoleon intends to recommend an armistice in America. Or. Dayton the american minister had an interview with the emperor and also with the minister of foreign affairs. It is also asserted that the English government perseveres in refusing to interfere in any manner. Sympathizing addresses to president Lincoln have been adopted by meetings in London and has been convoked for the 5th of february. A the Liverpool chamber of Commerce has resolved to give a suitable reception to the officers of the first ship from America with provisions for distressed operatives. The principal English journals indignantly repudiate the recent advocacy of slavery on scriptural grounds by the London times. A ship has reached Liverpool with 1,200 Hales of Cotton from the Cape of Good Hope produced from sea Island seed. Another vessel brought 350 Bates from Portugal. Died january 7th, 1863, Lizzie Ella daughter of Rev. G. M. And s. E. Spargrove aged 4 years. Died december 20th, 1862, of typhoid fever George son of John and Catharine Campbell of Plum Creek Armstrong Quot county pa., in the 22d year of his age a member of co. A 155th regt p. V. A died near lime3toneville, on the 8th of january 1863, mrs. Harriet wife of Rev. Lucian Cori in the 86th year of her age. I mrs. Cort was the daughter of col. Jofa ii Scott of Allegheny county a. She was Dedi a cd Ted to god in infancy by her parents and. At an Early period of her life to her Saviour and thus redeemed her baptismal vows and in the service and for the glory of her. Master she spent her life. She was twice married. Her first husband was the Rev. Mead Satterfield of the old. School presbyterian Church with whom she lived but about three years when god in his mysterious Providence called him away to his Reward on High and left her to mourn. She was afterwards married to the Rev. Lucian Cort of the German reformed Chuich whom she has left to mourn her Early death. She left also behind her two Little helpless children who will feel deeply the loss of so kind and affection ate a Mother As she was. A mrs. Cort had Many trials and much sore affliction which she bore with Christian Tience and resignation saying a what the lord does is right a her death was sudden and unexpected to her friends As most consumptive cases Are but it was not so to her. For a Long time slip Felt her Days would he few and often spoke of this fact. She Only desired to live if it was gods will for her husband and children a Sake but she Felt willing to leave them in the hands of her heavenly father knowing that it was better to depart Aid be with Christ. Hence a when the summons came to Call her away from Earth it found her ready and waiting. During her Short sojourn in our midst by her affable and tender manner she won to herself Many warm friends who with her husband will deeply feel her loss. To know her was to love her. Her remains were borne to the cemetery in Milton,.accompanied by four ministerial Breth Ren and a Large concourse of friends sympathise with brother Cort loss he has stained. He has however the comfortable Assurance that his loss is her gain. She died in the Triumph of Faith and now rests from her labors and her works do follow her. May the great head of the Church sustain and Comfort her husband children and friends under this heavy affliction a. G. Died on the 23d alt., at his residence near Davenport Iowa or. Thomas Mason aged 30 years and 11 months. His disease was lung fever which assumed a typhoid character under the Power of which after about three weeks suffering be fell asleep in Jesus Christ. A. \ ,. Or. M. Was a devoted husband and father. A useful citizen and instructor a faithful ruling elder in the Church and an intelligent Humble and Earnest Christian. He was eminently a Man in whom there guile. He was raised in the Church of Gross Creek a Washington county pa., prosecuted his col lege As As the Sophomore class when his health failed him whereupon he removed to Davenport Iowa. Shortly after this he was very hopefully received to the communion of the Church there of which his brother Rev. J. Mason was then the pastor. Three or four years thereafter he was ordained an elder in the Church of Walcott of which the Rev M. Jones was then the pastor. Last Spring he removed from the limits of this Church to that of Summit in the same presbytery. In the midst of rapidly increasing usefulness very unexpectedly to All around about him he reached the end of his course and is gone to his Reward. A a a a blessed Are the dead which die in the lord from henceforth Yea Saith the spirit that they May rest from their labors. And their works do follow a M. F a Heap pianos and Max Odeon. Real bargains. A Rosewood Chick ring piano 6% octave Only two years old. 200 a Rosewood Chickering piano 6% octave very Little worn. 190 a Rosewood octave Chickering piano in first rate order. 180 splendid Rosewood 6% octave Plano made by one of the Best Boston makers bargain.175 a Rosewood amp a octave upright piano made by Gilbert Boston. 195 a Rosewood 6 octave Hallet Davis amp go piano a very cheap instrument 135 Mahogony 6 octave piano by Stodart Worcester a Dunham. 120 a Mahogony 6 octave piano new York make. 86 a Walnut lease piano 6 75 a Mahogony 0 octave loud piano in Good order 45 a Mahogony. Sit octave piano. A 29 a a 6 a a a a 20 a Rosewood piano style my Lodeon 5 octave made by Mason amp Hamlin a first rate 70 a Rosewood piano style Melodeon 5 octave made by. Oath arts. 60 a Rosewood 5 octave Melodeon made by Garhart. 85 for Sale by John h. M8mob, Myles by no. 81 Wood Street Pittsburgh. Utensils. Tin Wate died in Georgetown january 5th, of lung fever William Gaston son of h. E. And Martha Wright aged 2 months. Missouri legislature. Jefferson cite Jan. 14.�?mr. Bennett of st. Louis introduced in the House to Day a series of resolutions sustaining the presidents emancipation proclamation. On motion it was referred to the committee on Federal relations an exciting debate ensued which lasted till it adjourned Union gunboat burned. Nashville Jan. 14.�?wheeler�?Ts rebel cavalry with a Battery attacked three of our boats at he Reeth Shoals yesterday the boats having on Board 200. Sick and wounded and captured them. Other boats with commissary stores were burned. Our gunboat Sidell engaged the rebels but surrendered. Her guns were thrown overboard and the boat burned. Lieut. Van Dorn was taken prisoner. Indiana u. S. Senators elected. A Indianapolis Jan. 14.�?-the legislature in joint convention to Day elected t. A Hendricks and David Torpie United states senators the tatter for the Short term. A a car Uncial. Pittsburgh Market. Wednesday Jan. 21,1882. Ashes soda alb 3@3�c. Pots 4@4jc. Pearls the Stock in first bands is ample for All Ordinary purposes. Apples�?1.76@2.25 a bbl. Branst prime whits $2.50 per Bushel. Bacone shoulders. 5j��c. Sides Plain hams 10c. Sugar cured do 1214c. M la. A a butter Choice fresh.18@20c. $ a. Cheese Western Reserve 12c. 70 fit. Hamburg 12%-eggs�?18c. Per dozen. Feathers prime Western 50c. Elfi. Feed shorts 1.00 $ cwt. Middling 1.25. Flour extra i5.90@s.00 a extra family 6.25@6.75 groceries Coffee Good Rio 33@34c. Sugar 10% @12c. Molasses 55@68c. Quot Grain wheat Rod,.1.15 White 1.20@1.25. Corn 70c. Rye 75c. Oats 50@55c. Per Bush. Hay�?18.00@20.00 ton at Scales. V a seeds Clover 5.76@6.87. Timothy 1.75. Flax 1.50. 8tearine�?9%@9%c. $ rough 5c. Country rendered 6e. Fitial i Foufos. Or. Stoneroad cancer surgeon cures cancer in All its various forme external and internal Viz. Cancer of the face cancer of the lip cancer of the stomach cancer of the lungs and cancer of the womb. Also chronic ulcers no difference How Long standing and All diseases of a so Romulous character without the Aid of Mercury or the knife. Consultations free. The poor prescribed for without charge. Office 139 Grant Street Between Virgin Alley and i sixth Street. Jan4-tf died in Union congregation Armstrong county december 31st, 1862, after a Long and painful illness and in the Faith of the gospel Jane Moore wife of or. James Wylie in the 41st year of her age and the 21st of her Christian profession. Died january 4th, in Robinson township of dropsy of the blood or. William to Elu Erron of contours congregation in his 78th year. Died january 12th, near Cowansville the last of a family mrs. Elizabeth Modoni Ald Quot a in the 75th year of her age. A Able Bredbe be poor for yours is the kingdom of i 20. S a died january 3d, 1863, mrs. Olley wife of or. Robert Mckinney of it Joy Adams co., pa., aged 69 a years 5 months and 17 Days she was All that can be meant by the word Mother. A a. Died on saturday morning january 10th, 1863, our Darling Little a Bessie a Only loaned daughter of Robert m. And Susan m James aged 2 months. Why should we vex our souls or fast ?. No More she a a visit me. Our souls will mount to her at last and there our child we�?T11 a. _ Mother. Died december 18th, 1862, in Findlay tp., Allegheny county pa., of heart disease George Elliott a ruling elder in contours Church aged 67 years. A a a Plain honest unassuming Christian Man. He was much respected. He was much beloved. None knew him but to be assured that he was following Christ. He loved the Church. He delighted in the ordinances of gods House. When through the week he was obliged to lie Abed on Sabbath he would Muster All his strength to be present in his customary seat in a a courts of his record is Clear. He lived in Christ. He sleeps in peace. L. R. A cough cold or an Irurita of Ted Throat if allowed to Progress results in serious pulmonary and bronchial affections oftentimes incurable. Browne a bronchial troches reach directly the affected parts and give almost instant Relief. In Buoie chitin asthma and Catarrh they Are Benefit Cial. The Good effects resulting from the use of the troches and their extended Uso has caused them to be counterfeited. Re buro to guard against worthless imitations. Obtain Only a the genuine Brown s bronchial troches. Which have proved their Efficacy by a test of Many years. Public speakers and sin eds should use the troches. Military officers und soldiers who Over tax the voice and Are exposed to sudden changes should have them. Sold everywhere at 25 cents per Box. 1 a a jan2l-3m Good Soldier. A new Book for the by the Rev. A. A. E. Taylor Dubuque Iowa. Just published by the presbyterian Board of publication no. 821 Chestnut streety Philadelphia. A Good sold1eii. 3 2mo. Cloth up. 64. Price 8 cents. It is the same size As the a a soldiers pocket Book a which has become so popular and contains ten chapters and a few subjects Are the warfare our enemies the Volunteer. Prepared for service the Soldier disciplined the Soldier tried the Soldier aided the Soldier rewarded Call to to War hymns. The Board have in press and will Issue shortly. A new series of soldiers Trotsy and two or More packets of leaflets a intended for distribution by letter and otherwise. Please address orders to Winthrop Sargent a jeb2l-Tfa a business correspondent. A tej ution company a vol Lujo a Trees who expect to retain their health unit it paired during the Campaign must Seu to it themselves. Do not. Trust to the surgeons. Supply yourselves with Holloway spills and ointment. Every English soldiers Knapsack contains them. Only 25 Cen fcb per Box or pot. Jau21-it 21 if Edgworth Seminary. The next session will open on monday Jannary 5tli apply soon to the principal Rev. A. Williams , decl3-3t Sewickley Ville a. Pittsburgh femal College. Rev. I. C. Pershing a.m., president. Best sustained College in the state. Fourteen teachers. Attendance last year 248. Superb Brick buildings. Thorough and extensive course of study. Telegraphing and Organ Musio taught forty dollars per term for boarding licht a. Fal term commences september 2d. Send to the p is Idem for a catalogue. M. Simpson. A null to president of Board of Rasteen Quot Ujj tire it vegetable no alcoholic preparation a pure tonic Medicine. Or. Hoofland a celebrated Peeva red by. Or. C. M. Jackson Philadelphia pa., will effectually curb liver complaint dyspepsia jaundice Chrome or nervous debility diseases of the kidneys Jand All diseases arising from a die ordered liver or stomach a such As constr. A pation. Inward. Files fullness al or blood to , add a Sty of the stomach nausea. Heartburn disgust for Pood a. Fullness or weight in the stomach sourj3 dictations sink Ngor flattering at Tho pit of the stomach swimming of Hurrod and difficult l3r�athing, fluttering at Tho heart choking or suffocating them nations when Vin a lying posture dimness of vision dots or webs before the sight fever and Dull pain in deficiency of perspiration Yellowness of the skin and Eves Fain in the Side Back Chest. Limbs ac., sudden flashes. Of heat burning in. A. 1 the flesh constant imaginings of evil a and great de. A a a a pression a a of spirits. And will positively prevent yellow fever bilious fever amp a. They contain no Alco Lxi or bad whiskey i they will cure the above diseases in ninety nine cases. Out of a Hundred. the extensive sate and Universal popularity of Hoof Ahdo a German bitters purely vegetable hosts of ignorant quacks and unscrupulous adventurers it a have opened upon suffering humanity the flood Gates of nostrums in the shape of poor whiskey Rilely compounded with injurious drugs and christened tonic Stomachin and ritters. Beware of the innumerable array of alcoholic preparations in Plethoria bottles and big bellied kegs under the Voriest a filiation of bitters which instead of curing Only aggregate disease and leave the disappointed sufferer in despair. A a Hoofland a German bitters arc not a new and untried article but have stood the teat of fifteen years trial by the american Public and their Ron tation and Bale Are not rivalled by any similar preparation. The proprietor Uva thousands of letters from the most eminent clergymen a a. 7. A Yvo a acre physician a. And a a citizens a testify line of their Oivin personal knowledge to. The beneficial effects and medical Virtues of there bitters. ,. To you want something to strengthen you to you want. A Good appetite a i-1 do you want to build up Youe Constitution ? do you want to feel Well. It a do you want to get rid of nervousness do you want Energy do you want to sleep Well a do you want a brisk and vigorous be eng. If you do use a a. Hoofland a Cerman bitters. Fromi Nexton Bro Zoriy d j>., editor of the encyclopedia. Of religious knowledge. Although not disposed to favor or recommend Patent medicines in Gene through distrust of their ingredients and effects i yet know of no sufficient reason Why a Man May not testify to the Benefit he believes himself to have received from any simple preparation in the Hope that he May thus contribute to the Benefit of others. I do this the More readily in regard to Hoofland a German bitters prepared by or. C. M. Jackson of this City because i was prejudiced against them for Many years under the impression that they were chiefly an alcoholic mixture. T am indebted to my Friend Robert Shoemaker esq., for the removal of this prejudice by proper tests and tor encouragement to try them when suffering Rora great and Long continued debility. The use of three bottles of these bitters at Tho beginning of the present year was followed by evident Relief and restoration to a degree of bodily and mental vigor which t had not Felt for six months before and had almost despaired of regaining. I therefore thank god and my Friend for directing me to the use of them. J. Newton Brown. Philadelphia Juno 23,3861. Beware of counterfeits. C. A. Jackson a is on tha principal office and manufactory no. Fill Arch Street Philadelphia. Jone6 amp Evans. Successors to c. M. See that the signature of wrapper of each bottle. A it Jackson amp co., proprietors. 19� for Sale by druggists and dealers everywhere. Sep27-ly just new issued Well prepared attractive Rich and cheap. The Best. Sort of gifts for the holidays. Jays Eyb Ning exp crisis. $1125, cloth. Testament within Tesy poo st fix Tina. , cloth. This Fine pocket edition of the testament is copied from the enlarged and revised family Bible and contains its admirable notes. A pkb8ent Saviour or great truths por Earh Rbt times. 10 conts postage 5 cents. Cheerily cheerily a with cuts. So cents. Bible Atlas and gazetteer super Royal Octavo. Tho Atlas contains six Fine Large maps prepared with care from the most reliable sources and covering the whole ground of Bible geography. The gazetteer contains a list of All the geographical names in scripture with references to the appropriate Mars and to the places where each name occurs in the Bible. A i the Woodman a Nannette. With cute. 25 cents. The naughty girl won. With three engravings. 30 cents. A 1 = brother with Cut. 30 cents. A my picture Book. With sixty engravings. 20 cents. A Holiday gift for Young children with a pretty picture on Over Page. Steps up Tib ladder or the will and the wat. Three engravings. 25 cents. A. Harry the Sailor boy. With cuts. 25 cents. Grace Abbott or sunday Tea parties. Three engravings. 25 More or Lipe in Hall and cottage. With two steel engravings. 60 Cante postage 17 cents. For soldiers. The Soldier from Home. By Rev. Or. 3. B. Water Bury. 32mo. A something for the Hospital. Flexible cloth 10 cents. B Rev. Or. J. B. Waterbury. Soldiers manual of Devotion. 32mo. Flexible cloth,�?T6 cents postage 1 cent. Come to Jesus. By Nowr aau Hall. 32mo. 3 cents paper 8 cents flexible cloth postage 3 cents.,. Christ is All. By Bov. George border., 32mo a t i am e i can tract soc in to 100 Nassau 8treet. New York 929 Chestnut Street . N. Whissell dist. See a. Dec6-3m a a a a. N new Hill Princeton h o o l. Died near Carmichaels fa., january 2d, 1863, miss 84rah Jane daughter of or. John Huston in the 26th year of her age. On account of her Many excellence miss Huston was held in High esteem by her numerous friends and acquaintances. In the freshness and vigor of youth her Prospect for life was i this school a a designed to Tymiah a. Thorough preparation a. I for col Ege or fit a a Busin aaa Ufa. Por further information flattering. But disease Early made its insidious address leather of the Pron Clpola. Bep27-6m d g e Bev. James p. Hughes a. My a 1 Rev. Thus. W. Cattell am s c . And for Sale by the a a Board of 00lp0btage,. In Renshawe a , 57 land Street Pittsburgh a Jenks Devotion. 4 .80 Cecily a works and sermons 1.00 Headley a sacred mountains. 126 fact on the Providence of god.50 cheerily cheerily. 25 Lite a evening or thoughts for the aged. 70 Young Blanc a and Voung woman a Friend. By A. James .75 seed Tinq and Flar vent. A in enable Book Forth Young 60 ruined citii�?~8 of the East. Tenut Lully illustrated 5. Tho travels in the East. Do. Do. 1-25 the Bow in the Cloud. 50 War and peace. Re a. L. A Sunset on to a he inv toiintaui1.1 0 letters of the r Tohn Smith m the Rev. Peter Smith. A photograph albums of various ei7tos and value a Good selection of Sabbath school books and the a nerd s Publica tinn. John Culbertson librarian. Fcbl5fcf

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