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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - September 12, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaAmp advocate. Is by a a a a aah a a Vou 40. A one thing is needful a a one thing have i desired of the lord a a this one thing i no. 359 David Mckinney editor and office Gazette building fifth Street above Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 111 South tenth Street below Cheston the week ending saturday september 12, 1857. By mail or at the office 11.50 per tear i delivered in the City 1.75 a a a a s x knew not the Way. Through trials and dangers in doubts and distress a a a still will Pross Onward to full happiness the lord he hath help d me Ebenezer i cry. In him is my Trust on him rely. Amp a i look o or the past. I Stilt must exclaim hitherto hath he helped me of bless be his name i a without my id wandered and gone far astray t is god that hath led me i knew not the Way. Theu mid darkness and sorrows i travel a along or Oft hath he cheered me and made thib my song he a before me he Lead to the pathway is Bright r Sun Bath Arisen and vanished the id now when i look Back again i exclaim the lord he hath helped to of blobs be his name without him id wandered and Gene far astray is god that hath led me i knew not the Way. Rhen my journey is ended and death cometh nigh it �?T11 bid All my doubts All my terrors to Fly thy Saviour is i b thee to give thee his aids is i thy Redemer then be not voice thus shall sheer Nie and i will exclaim thou Hast known me of Saviour and called me by name without thee id wander and go far astray Leas d Jesus still Lead me i know not the my in heaven at last i shall fall at his feet him i h be Safe in him be completed the ways of my life before me he �?T11 place he Way he hath led me with Joy i will Trace. H then As i look Back with shouts i �?T11 exclaim thou always hath helped me i bless thy dear name fit Hobt thee my Saviour id gone far astray tis to of that Hast led me knew Rotthe Sec a the apostles doings and found that of the eight individual baptisms they have record Eil no fewer than five were attended with the baptism of the whole family. This remarkable proportion could not have been the result of Accident. Moreover so far As the record goes the apostles never in a single instance baptized the head of a family without admitting the whole family to that ordinance. Facts like these were found with the supposition that the apostles were baptists. 3. In designating the families they baptized the apostles uniformly made use of a word which was commonly understood to mean the children of a family and was actually so understood by the christians of. Early times. 4 the lord Jesus when preparing his disciples to fulfil their great commission instructed them that Little children or infants belonged to his visible Church or kingdom and he so worded his last command to baptize As to include persons of All Ages. Accordingly the apostles on the Day of Pentecost when they fully opened the gospel dispensation in their exhortations to baptism joined parents and children together As alike sharers in the precious Promise made to their fathers. 5. The apostles regarded the Christian Church As a simple continuation of the jewish and therefore set up no new organization the Christian Church being nothing More nor less than the jewish purged of its apostate members. They also clearly taught that the Church is the same under both dispensations possessing the same religion and sustaining the same relation to god. Infant membership having been originally established by the authority of god and never revoked remained in full Force under the new dispensation. Consequently the right of infants must still be recognized by admitting them to baptism. It was seen moreover that the principle adopted by our opponents will go to exclude females from the communion and infants from salvation. In conclusion we must notice an objection or two. ,. For that presbyterian a amp Traer and advocate. Infant . 9. We a five not yet noticed a remarkable scripture Bieh the Baptist Breth men have never yet been Able to explain in my Way a inf a ratable to their scheme says he apostle Paul a unbelieving Lush and is sanctified by the wife and the believing wife is sanctified by the Hus and else were your children unclean but of Are they holy.�?��?-1 Cor. Vii 14. In this passage the Appella Tives unclean d holy Are placed in contrast one with the a ther so that the meaning of the one determines the meaning of the other. The word translated unclean aka Hartos odours ust a a thirty times in the new Testa Meg in connexion with Quot the history of Tintcon-1 version of Cornelius it is three times used to signify ceremonial uncleanness but in no less than Twenty three other instances it is applied to impure spirits or devils according to Tertullian the children of Heathen parents were from their birth devoted to the idol gods and were hence regarded by the christians As consecrated to impure demons and therefore unclean. And this we apprehend is the sense in which the word is used in the passage under consideration. If both parents were Heathen the children were reckoned among the abbe. Rents of the Heathen deities. Tae children of believers holy. The word rendered holy Hagios occurs two Hundred and Twenty seven times in the new testament and though often used to express moral purity it is very frequently employed to signify consecration to the lord. Thus the Temple and its precincts Are styled the a a holy place a Hagios tops because dedicated to the service of god. And it is remarkable that this is the word which is used More frequently than any other to designate the members of the Christian Church. It is employed for this purpose Hole a than thirty eight times in a be epistles and acts of the apostles. Thus How often do we meet with such phrases As these a All the churches of the saints Iha Gion a the saints Kagios at Ltd due a to All the saints in Girois that Are in Achaea a to the saints Hagios that Are in Ephesus a a fall the saints Kagios Salute you a a ministering to the saints a he Yiotis a a Salute All the saints Ragious. Iri these and a great multitude of other places the word is applied Indis Criminate y to All members of the Christian Church of whatever description. Nor in there a single instance in which the Appel native is bestowed upon a person not belong ing to the Church. The propriety of this application of the term is apparent because All who Are embraced in the visible Church Are externally consecrated unto the lord in bib sense we believe the word is applied to the children of believing parents. They Are Horn in the Church belong to the lord and Are therefore a a holy hag a. The words of the apostle in the passage under discussion May therefore be paraphrased thus a a otherwise your children would be accounted adherents of the Heathen idols but now they belong to the lord As members of Bis visible those v to would have the apostle to mean a a else were your children illegitimate now Are they legitimate a make him to Reasen most absurdly for they represent him As proving the lawfulness of the marriage by the legitimacy of the children worse than this they make him to say that if neither Parent is a believer the children Are illegitimate 1 -. It is worthy of notice that Tertullian whom our opponents without reason claim As a Baptist in commenting on the above passage observes a a that every soul is accounted in Adam until it is enrolled in Christ and till then and this he says is a according to the sentence of our lord a unless any one is born of water a a Anima c. 39. ,. now touched upon the principal Quot arguments in support of infant baptism it will not be amiss to bring together the relink of our examination. I. To have seen the groundless Ness of the calumny that infant baptism is a relic of a Popery add have recognized the fact that it was constantly practice by All the ancient sets even those who were most hostile to k Ime then turning to the Early history of the Church we traced the baptism of infants up to the apostolic age a a objections answered. 1 it is asserted by our opponents that baptism considered Quot in its scriptural import cannot apply to infants. That ordinance say they supposes that the subject of it in a believer in Christ has obtained remission of sins and been regenerated by the holy spirit none of which throws can be affirmed with certainty of an infant. But do. They not see that this objection bears with qual Force against the propriety of infant circumcision and is therefore an indirect pea Cement of the Wisdom of god ? circumcision the apostle tells us was a a a Seal of the righteousness of Faith a rom. In. 11 that it waa a sign of a a Ward. Holiness a circumcision is the heart a rom. Ii �?�2s Anil that it a in pm bes obligations of obedience binding the subject a to do the whole . V 3. Let us ask our Good Brethren How could any of these things apply to an infant of eight Days old ? the proper answer to this question will satisfactorily explain the applicability of baptism to infants. A a 2. A a what Good can it do to baptize an infant a in turn i ask what Good can it. O to baptize an adult ? if it be urged that adults can comprehend the nature of the ordinance and the obligations they incur i reply so can parents understand the responsibilities they assume in giving up their children to god in baptism. And so can the children themselves in due season be made sensible of the privilege and the duty arising out of their Early dedication to the lord. An inspired apostle proposes the question a a what profit in there of Cir it cum Ision a a rom. In 1. His Owsian ser is a a much every and this is our reply to those who hold up to ridicule what they style infant sprinkling and in tones of Defiance exclaim a a what Good can do a much every Way quite As much As infant circumcision did. To believing parents who present children to god in baptism that ordinance seals confirm is ratifies that gracious covenant in which god promises to take a special interest in the welfare of the children of his be Lieving people to take them to himself if they die in infancy or if he spare them to Riper years displays his readiness to bestow on them All the blessings of salvation. It imposes corresponding obligations upon the parents in regard to the religious instruct. Tion of their children who Are thus introduced into the school of Christ to be trained for his service. It stimulates them to the performance of duty by holding out the pleasing expectation that through the promised Blessing of god upon their labors their beloved offspring May be partakers of those Rich blessings of which baptism is a sign. To the children themselves so soon As they Are Able to understand anything their own Early Bap Triin represents the necessity a fire Mission of sins of Faith repentance and new obedience in order to eternal life blessings which can be enjoyed Only through the blood of Christ and the operation of his spirit. Moreover As they have had the Seal of the covenant placed upon them they Are bound by peculiarly solemn obligations to seek for and possess the Rich blessing0 held out in that covenant. Justas c rub moisten formerly bound its infant subjects to obey this Law so under the present d spen action baptism binds its infant sub ejects to obey the is the obligation weakened by the Ireum stance that they were too Youn g to yield their assent at the time of baptism. It is a principle adopted in All enlightened governments that children owe obedience to Laws to which they have never Given their consent and surely no one can be too Young to be brought under the most solemn obligations to love serve and glorify the lord his god p. the first line of the last no., instead of a a the ancient corinthians a read a a the ancient taking leave of the subject with which he has so Ion occupied the columns of the Banner and adv Cate the writer desires gratefully to acknowledge the almost perfect accuracy with which his communications have been printed. For the presbyterian Banner and advocate. Evidences of regeneration. Letter i7�?the unpardonable sin. Light is sown for Tho night oops and gladness upright m Xcvi 11. My dear Friend a a the promises of god Are sure. And though his people May be in occasional darkness they shall have Light and gladness. Their Faith May be tried but god is True and not fill. Now Faith is the imbalance of things hoped evidence of things not . I 1 but if men had their Way there would be no room lor Faith they would walk All the Way to heaven by sight or by feeling and give up their Hope whenever their nerves Are deranged or the East wind blows just As if god changes with our varying health or with the wind. God changes not and when he begins a work of Grace he will carry it on to its completion. He will perfect that which conce Roeth his . Xxxviii 8. The new creature which is his own workmanship is immortal it will live for Ever because god will keep the renewed Soui by his own Power and the Union Between it ind Christ As it was legally formed in the a divine purpose from eternity and spiritually consummated herein time in the exec a Ion of that purpose shall never be Dis solved i say the Union Between Christ and is people shall never be dissolved the members shall abide in the head and rest with him for Ever. Then let them Trust in Inion Here under All Coroum staubes m sickness and in health in trial in life and in Leath. All things shall work together for heir Good. Who shall separate us from lie love of Christ shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril or sword ? nay in All these of hugs we Are More than conquerors through aim that loved us. For i am persuaded that neither death nor life nor Angels nor principalities nor Powers nor things present a nor things to come nor height nor depth icon any other creature shall be Able to separate us from the love of god which is i n Christ Jesus our lord.�?1. Pet. I 3�?5 rom. Viii 28�?39. Yet some tender consciences Are distressed with the fear that they have committed the uti pardonable sin and they ask with deep anxiety what is it to commit i he unpardonable sin ? or what is that bin which shall never be forgiven ? a few words on this Point May not be out of place Here. There is a Bible dictionary in your Sabbath school Library and this says 11 the sin unpardonable probably consists in a deep and Mah Gnadt opposition to god in attributing the operations of the holy a spirit to satan s influences in a settled and fixed hatred to the teachings and restraints i f religion and All this made Manifest by perseverance in. This reprobate condition. While there is reason to believe that Many l of commit the unpardonable sin yet it is Tot Likely to be chargeable on those who Are gainfully apprehensive that they have com-,1 listed it a see Bible dictionary published l y the presbyterian Board. Where this sin is spoken of in Matthew twelfth chapter Yon will see that the enemies of Christ attributed his works to a clinic influence. Thib was a great sin yet it might be forgiven. In this connexion the in of the sin against the holy Rhost which he declares shall not be for liven Matt Xii 22�?37. Hence it he Ould seem that this sin is treating the a Lully ghost As the jews treated Christ so i iras is possible or As the differences of circumstances will allow. As they attrib lid the works of Christ to satan so the in against the holy ghost is attributing 1 is works to satanic influence and the Reaf m Why this sin is never forgiven is because t in holy ghost is thus resisted and grieved away and leaves the guilty ones to hardness old things Are passed a Way and All things a become new.�?2. Cor. A 17. Ii i know an aged minister now gone to i his rest who once went into the pulpit j gloomy and dejected Oppi cased with the i Lear that he should be damned who he began his Sermon his anxiety and agitation i were so great a to bring blood from Quot his i nose and with the first drop of Briod Hist w i. Fears were gone his body was wrong Aud is or can jjen0b �1js ulna waa distressed. Tho loss of blood tended to rectify his system and then his mind was rectified. To keep both mind and body right it became necessary for him to abstain entirely from animal food and there May be tunes when partial abstinence would be Good for others of remember too when a Holved ister of mine brought Meher open Bible and wanted to know if she had Comerf a Ted the unpardonable sin but disease was then at work1�?T with her brain a deranged a system brought gloom upon her spirit and in a few Short months she was i y i Hope in May not soon be thus with a Yiju Noi with those near you who propose a question but rest and Medicine i Mayiros Sibly in these cases to better than a it Hundred letters or whole volumes of Adrice try it ,.1. But surely i have gone where a i did not. Expect to go when l began this letter even to the grave of the Early dead t but it is Good sometimes to wander. Ore Bias beautifully said of those who die Early a a the it Are like the lambs that the in their arms to higher Ana Greener pastures that the flocks May four in s 7-1 it is of these the spouse Speaks when she says my beloved is gone Down into Garden the Chuich to gather lilies Sot. Song i3. He takes them from the embrace of a earthly friends Only that tiny May be nearer to himself he transplant them fro Par his Garden Here below to the Gumpen of Syi where they shall flourish for Ever and Wiere no rude blasts shall Ever smite . I they rest in his bosom Ihen by Sorof a his love. There May we rest i of a a. It yours?1 truly. Tria stood by with folded arms our soldiers scanty in numbers were pouring out their blood like water a cd that she had All Tho advantage and none of the suffering or the pen of her consideration a were added no d but. But besides these Austria As Many of us remember trod Down by russian Aid both the civil and religious liberties of Hun a Gary she expelled the English missionaries and the Bible from the hungarian capital and thrust them out from her Borders a As if they were things leprous and defiling. Austrian statesmen therefore have not found a Welcome response to their soft dalliances in behalf of their Royal master and the old High part among them Are beginning to turn their eyes to Russia penitent Opee More. , a hat despotism cow ardly. Cunning and selfish folds Sway a a i-3 Fps i i l from our London correspondent. The French emperor and the Council table at Osborne a the danubian principalities a amp asian al signs a French policy crisis at Gohll tto Una pts a France and England fast allies Royal wills indefinitely postponed by the pm Fps arable so and the emperor of Austria the Kea song a Why the crisis solved at of botnet miss Maude he Smith again and keen the of a Dmn a lie Volt the a a Cassandra a Prophet a lie com mentation so the sparing mercy 3? god effect a of he revolt on Commerce compensations the policy of the future As to in duty death Oferl Elom Fields his career and Chard Bler a better a to sue amp a the Wilber Force University for coloured people in Ohio has concluded its last term with about fifty students. This is in expect edly successful Theja to spa it is new 2. We examined the inspired history of 1 favourable for a Large increase the next term. It heart and blindness of mind forever a 2 Cor. In 3, 4. It is unpardonable be a use never repented of no sin truly rep med of is unpardonable and any sin in a. Rented of must for Ever be a pardoned. Where the unpardonable sin is there is n i repentance for repentance is the fruit of the spirit and he is grieved away by to e sin against the holy ghost which at to bes his works to satanic influence just Astl e jews attributed Christ a works to satan if this View is Correct then this sin in Voves a denial of the inspiration of the scriptures and of All experimental and i i tical religion and just attributes the w Ole to the Devil besides the Saviour a is it blasphemy against the holy ghost and speaking against the holy ghost he Aee it is not Only entertaining such sent Mats in our hearts but uttering them Revi ing and blaspheming and persevering in the s course against Light Ana admonitions and without remorse. Now i have known professors of to Gion to live without the a ble in their House but very Seldom in de id Are the1 members of our thu Reyes Solo t to propriety and to shame As to blaspheme the holy ghost and attribute his Wirks to satanic influence and especially no those whose consciences Are so tender an 1 whose lives ire so exemplary As Are the of the ones who so earnestly propose the 9 question and who Are exert shed with the s fear far from it. Nor Are anxious inquirers after salvation Likely to. Be those we o Are guilty of the unpardonable sin. F r they who commit this sin never repent of it they Are never sorry for it their co i sciences docs not trouble them they Are no agitated about it they never feel Conde Anea they have. No anxiety they Are Gren up of god and Are lost. The spirit ret isted grieved blasphemed and All his Wirks attributed to the evil one has taken i final departure and there is hence of Ward no feat no anxiety and of course no Hope. The miserable soul is lost Lorei r. The fact therefore that one fears he h i committed this sin and is distressed1 a it it is a very Good evidence that h has not committed it. The mind sympathizes with the body As w u us the body with the mind. As men to trouble May affect the health so a Little derangement of the physical system May i the mind with gloom and often what is o eded is not religious instruction so much As a Little test and perhaps a Little Medici e get the body right and the mind in h Althy action and religions truth Muy have its appropriate influence and to Ere May be peace and j in or if there be n t rapture there May be composure it and tiie ealm of religious satisfaction and then a life of piety will afford the Best evidence of a Quot change Quot of heart As it will a How that Blomfield. Many the free Church a or Tom fact or. A Brights election for Birmingham Phi Atlantic Telegraph latest from Indef London aug the Sisir of the which i briefly alluded tar my last although strictly private in its character and confined to the Queens residence and Park in the Isle of Wight has yet had a decided political significance. While Louis Napoleons would be assassins were being sen. Tended after trial in Paris one to transportation for life and two others to fifteen years imprisonment Palmerston the Premier of England and Clarendon our foreign Secretary with Walewski the French ambassador and another French minister were gathered around a Council table at Osborne House. What was the Causo of this grave conclave a deliberations at which it is to be presumed both the emperor add the Queen were pres ent know then that the question of the danubian principalities was under discussion. They Are nominally under turkish Rule but the population by a Large majority belongs to the greek Church and look to Russia with veneration. Russia strongly advocates. The Union of the principalities and the placing of a native Prince who would be her creature and puppet on the throne. Some say the French emperor is Union with the View of having a French Prince appointed. England opposes the Union of the principalities thus backing Austria who fears the re establishment of russian influence on her Borders and Turkey which besides being reluctant to modify her sover. Eign rights believes that the same encroaching policy which led Nichiolas to discuss the1 dismemberment of the body of a the sick Man Quot As soon As he should die would attempt to regain by diplomacy what was lost by War. Louis Napoleon m its policy on this mat a ter has no notion of playing into the hands of Russia this visit to 0 a borne was intended to prove this to our Queen and Cabinet his Cousin the Prince Napoleon whom the emperor might wish to see on the throne of the principalities is a. Thorough partisan of the log Labh Alliance and dete to Russia so heartily that he treated the grand Duke Constantine at the time of his visit to Paris with considerable. Disrespect and actually went to Beilin to be out of his Way meanwhile Tho of rus Sia France Aud Sardinia have been trying to coerce the Sultan and to overthrow the qafa it will be a sheaf disappointment to aus Tria As Well As Turkey to find that the ate. Elections in Moldavia against which France pro fester Das , from evidence Laid before Hur cab in it by the Quot emperor at Osborne a been virtually in hired by England. A it has been agreed to ,Turkey, m Tjit a fresh election perfectly free shall be permitted to take place. Probably she must yield to this but it does hot follow that our 1 ministry is committed to any ulterior French policy. A a i t i tiie spirit of partisanship wifi chivas Manifest in the1 celebrated ftria1 of a miss mad Eleine Smith has it not yet disappeared.1 rather let me say that there Are two Par ties who have their decided opinions and who Are taking further measures to bring. Them out with justifying an d 1 sustaining facts before the world thus on the Side of miss Smith who still remains in set. Land a solicitor in Edinburgh who got upper Case for counsel is said by the scottish press to be preparing an Elali orate Nlle Chinn of facts,1 which will go to prove with the Force of demonstration that1 she could not1-1 be, murderess in this is. ,it0would be a great satisfaction Cert mainly the alternative remains however that la a Hgt flier her Lover was a suicide. A he did according to evidence sometime eat speak of destroying himself. This How it ver it is said Iby some is a proof that Heid not do so As persons who talk in Are too great cowards to execute their threats and upon this out comes a Arti elo1 a Fri a the pen of or Peter Baynes the a Hil Himiller Editorship of the witness strongly arguing i that per sons who talk about killing themselves do. W a a -jji.r&Quot. 7�ii i a i i a 111. 1 a lit a in a a Alft a ofttimes make Good their words and gives a ease in Point from among his own Aeq Dainef Anees when he was studying bar at thei Temple in London. But la Ang Elliers a me Parry a has its determined Vyp dictators also. Has a very striking Attilee on this subject As Well As on the future of English policy in India. Life add treasure Are not to be wasted for to thing reforms in India must be prompt a a nests of Mohammedan intrigue a must be put Down and Security of tamed.1 a Quot a a a. As to the Rule of the East a India company its Days seem to be numbered. If is difficult however to perceive How a minister for India could act from Downing Street a any better than1 the company of i rectors a Leaden Hallst reef Lon Don their kist still be a governor general and supreme Council at Calcutta. It is also Cerf Tail that English troops alone cannot Garri son India. Colonel Sykes believes the a sepoy a May yet be found worthy of Confidence. Thus the English troops will become a Mili tary a Pujic a As Well As a permanent and in Saif thai death of Jda. Field Job o a a tired in september last from. The Bishopric if London. Naturally induces a a notice of this career and character. He was the Eon of a schoolmaster at Bury st Edmonds was sent to Cambridge in 11803, and there distinguished himself speedily As. An eminent classical scholar Asi Well. As. Mathematician. Helena my a fellow of his College. He afterwards took orders b a a came a London Rector a and held Many other posts of influence and emolument a in 1824 he be Bishop of Chester and to 1828 Bishop of London. He proved a himself a Good leavers palist in answer to Charles Butler a poetry and enthusiasm closing withal allusion to1 the Telegraph wire a passing not Over the troubled and Ever restless bosom of the Ocean but through the film and unruffled Depths White All is Tranquility and peace thence indicating its grander use in cementing in hallowed brotherhood t to mighty j a Quot a a a 4 ? a it a pc but shall it succeed ? the latest news is that yesterday morning at the Eriline the conducting yes sols were probably Fojkar Hunt dred Miles from the Irish Shore tiie com in uni cation with the Shore Previ Hosly inoes Vesant had suddenly ceased this is very a painful and i confess a that the Eixe Rinien seems very doubtful in its re sults. It May our apprehensions prove unfounded and now latest news from India just received by Telegraph a it is As follows up iouth�42$thsf font _ work in favor of romanism and published lectures on the acts of the apostles a charges and sermons. A he also took a prominent part in the agitation better Observance of the lords Day and that i would say was a the most honorable part of this history he a was especially Active a n Well As Liberal in connexion with and at the head of a a movement for building new churches but in the. Distribution of his patronage he was not Friendly to the evangelical party Fari d thus High churchmen or trac Tari ans ofttimes obtained the new incumbency is an were a either useless or actively mischievous i when the traits for t the times were published his policy was a trimming. One like that of almost every Bishop in England. A never did episcopacy1 As such,1 prove its incapability More strikingly than Quot in a that great crisis a ghz Trees James of London condemned but it was a with Reserve a Post Lical succession he did. Not ignore nay he went so far As to a recon trend the wearing of the White snap Ion a relic of Rome in the pulpit instead of the u8ual.blackigown. And in that11 a Point the Islington clergy nobly resisted and Defeated he acted out his Compromise policy in the Case of Benet at Knight abridge Andin sanctioning Ormo a see a crosses a &e., a new Churchy when he consecrated it he deserved. Credit. 11 been Jade but had been repulsed with great Slaughter. The City was said to be full of wounded men,1 and cholera to prevail the insurgents had attempted to oppose the Anarch of troops from the Northwest and had been Defeated m two engagements. There were about six thousand British troops and five thousand trusty native troops before Delhi. The first of the intercepted regiments on their Way to China had landed at Calcutta. At that place the native Bankers were hopeful. The Mutiny however had appeared in nine fresh places in Bengal it is feared with disaster to europeans elsewhere1.1 the Bombay and Madras armies Are Loyal. Troops will probably be sent at once across the isthmus of Suez to meet steamers from Bombay and five regiments will probably go from the Cape of a Good Hope to India. The crisis is a grave one. The next mail will be intensely longed hand of god is upon us in chastisement and he Calls us to repent and consider. I j. W. Quot a facts anti Lea amp. A a cup of cold one of the Quot Interior provinces of India there is said to be a Man who every morning goes to a 1 Distant trough standing by the Roadside and filling it with water returns to his daily duties. The caravans passing that Way Call and slake their thirst he never knows Rhom he blesses and they never know their Benefactor. He is satisfied that some weary pilgrims Are refreshed by his kindness but who they Are it matters not. They will Peter return to Reward him personally but his Reward is the conc Rusness of having done a generous j1 a Thi fans Mem refold a a of rave and most re be it xxx Zesei ecu. Urt Jun in a a Lively Emblem of ministry and lord Stratford s influence and policy so that the conference at Osborne comes in time to prevent great mischief and we Hope it will do so at All events run Sta is told that the two Powers who carried on the War against her. Till she was driven away from her intended prey will not permit her to presume upon their division and that they will still firmly oppose her aggressive designs. Royal visits to England Are not Likely to take a wide sweep for sometime to Home m the present state of Europe. The King of Naples certainly neither desires nor dares to come a very warm reception certainly would be Given the tyrant and the Stern shout of freemen m his ears and the a curses not loud hut deep a which would assail the Pope blessed persecutor and oppressor and torturer of helpless prisoners would make him prefer even a Shower Bath of Vesuviano cinders and a walk along the Edge of the. Burning Crater to the streets of Britain s to Francis Joseph of Austria the Story goes and i believe a True one that when the Archduke was Here in a ship of War last year he sounded our ministers As to whether a visit from his Royal brother would be acceptable and popular after a due amount of diplomatic bowing and expressions of the desirable Ness of the thing in the abstract the Archduke was politely informed that the proposal seemed not very feasible. The Pep let a of England had not forgotten that while during the War aus their feelings and views. They quote the evidence of two or three land ladies in favor of the Young Many a excellent moral character and Are taking Means by examination of his earlier antecedents to strengthen their position that he did not die by his own the More the Public reflects on the causes of the Indian revolt the More fatuous seems to have been the. Course of the in Pretner government As Well as1 of the Diree tors at Home the late sir c. Napier prophesied the very calamities which have Cometo pass but he was As he said himself a the Cassandra of he denounced the maintenance at Delhi of a a a phantom King at vast expense a As forming a a rallying Point round which gathered the dreams of discontented to european troops he would have had a twelve thousand at Delhi As the magazines there must be powerfully defended and that great Mohammedan City powerfully he would have made it the a a a grand Magazine for supplies to All the,.troops stationed Between the upper Ganges and the upper Sut ledge a and a ten thousand men at Meerut the first scene of the recent outbreak a to support Delhi and to form a Reserve in ease of a War either with Nepaul or with. Gho Leb sing. Meerut should also be the Headquarters of the artillery if Delhi be not with Delhi filled with sepoy mutineers murdering their officers and All europeans they could Lay their hands on including women and children and a powerfully defender Quot not for us but against and a Meerut supporting Delhi with a vengeance verily we have played the fool and have been punished accordingly. And a what is most deplorable is that Many of the officers perished deceived by the protestations of sepoy loyalty one commanding officer who bad ridiculed of others found out his mistake when too late a and then blew out his brains. That total destruction of the English in India has not been the Issue is Only to be accounted for by the. Mercy of god who turned into foolishness the counsels of the mutineers. And so writes a Church missionary minister a a if the lord had not been on our Biden we Are fifty thousand europeans to one Hundred and eighty six millions of Heathen Why they could Swallow us up then the dispatch of our 1 troops to Ohma amp a we thought but to in Dia As Providence intended is another in re lust ration of. The was of him who m wrath., remembers mercy. Tho effect of the revolt on Commerce has been also discussed for some time past of exports have annually gone to India of which More than one half were delivered at Calcutta . Supply of Bengal and the North Western provinces of this even by a half would be sensibly Felt. But even Sucha result would not be wholly uncompensated. Heretofore to an enormous extent specie has been demanded for Indian produce instead of English goods the result is that there has been an alarming and most injurious Drain of some seven or eight millions annually of the precious Metal. This dram will cease at lease in part. Add to this what i noticed in. My last the forfeiture of the enormous and extravagant salaries paid to native princes who have been plotting against is. This sum would pay the interest1 of a loan of eight or nine millions Beer log what has been done to Send out troops is extraordinary. Taking in. The past and future of this year thirty thousand British troops will be in India by november thirty militia regiments Are to be raised a England immediately. The times ter of st. Margaret a Westminster who held his living while preaching1 roman doctrine until the Bishop by a suit in the Quot ecclesiastical courts expelled him. A the. Oakley just mentioned is new a a father Oakley a Oft. Johns popish Church Islington the accredited missionary of Cardinal Wiseman whom Ere now it have seen at Moorfields Cathedral holding a holy Candle in his hand during requiem mass slain to maoists in the Crimea a thus a evil men and seducers Wax worse and a worse deceiving and being the Bishop of London dissented from the decision of the Gorham Case As he believed that baptismal regeneration. an open question and that the churches form Laries taught it As unquestionably they do. He was a strange compound very much of a despot but yet having evangelical leanings which incr Laed and deepened i Trust and believe up till his dying Day. We have now Sot a True protestant consistent Man in his room not formally identified with the evangelicals free from their mannerisms of a Catholic spirit and displaying a Manly and healthy policy a Well As Tiue piety. It. I. The times was one of the fiercest opponents of the evangelical and non intrusion party in Scotland m 1843. But now it extracts into its Rolumus a paragraph which proclaims to the whole world that the free Church of Scotland is a great fact it is As follows a tbs free Church or an inaugural address recently delivered by the Rev. Or j Ivy Ood. At appears that while at the disruption of the Stab ribbed Church of Scotland in 1841 there were Only four Hundred and seventy eight ministers who abandoned their preferment and emoluments the free or a secession Quot Church. Now 1857 numbers than eight Hundred and one ordained mini fers and eight Hundred and eighty one congregations including both a a sanctioned charges Quot and stations and that about one third of the Church going popu lation of Scotland belong to its communion., in the first year of its existence the a ostentation. Fund amounted to �68.704 Forth year onding May 1857 it had reached the sum of �108.792. Amr.1 John Bright the rejected of Manchester at the last general election has been just chosen to represent the Borough of Birmingham. Or. Bright is a vehement orator and has been the pugnacious apostle of peace at any Price doctrines both in and out of the House again and Agamy m the last parliament did he protest against the War with Russia and Wash his hands of the bloodshed thereby incurred. Now that his health is somewhat restored and his two years prescribed repose being almost up he sends word to the Birmingham people that while a he thinks India has been mismanaged he is insurrection being put Down by. Military Force As a Stern necessity. He says nothing against the continued Mam Ufa Ture off weapons of War in the capital1 of the Midland counties and the times indicating that he win lube wanted next Yew in parliament to. Support the new Betorin Bill he is unanimously elected. He will not take Bis seat till next Spring. It is Well m a free country to have All classes a repro sen Ted. Or. Earnest and honest but Bis school is a a cold blooded a pne Utility Nan to the Core and has no. Sympathy with evangelism whatever the Atlantic a banquet at Valenti a m Kerry inaugurating the undertaking the Insh lord lieutenant Onoe Well known m America As lord Morpeth now the it Earl of Carlisle spoke with great Power and Beauty and a with an intense kindliness of feeling toward the United states. A Romish Bishop also Superior to his Fellows in ave is in Genius poured Furth an Ora Sun full of christians reap from the Unity of their hearts in the Way. An worship of god next to the Delight of. Immediate communion with god himself there is none like that which arises from the harmonious exercises of the Grace of the saints in their Mutual duties and communion with a one another. How Are their spirits delighted and refreshed by it what a Lively Emblem is there of heaven the courts of princes afford no Sueh Good advice authors when you find Bright passages that strike your mind. And which perhaps you. May have reason to think of at another season be not contented with the sight but take them Down in Black and White such a a respect is wisely shown. To make another a sense ones own. Quot l a i. I a a a a i l l i of \ 1 5 1. F a Quot. A in conversation when you meet with persons cheerful and discreet that speak or quote in prose or rhyme things fac Vetious or Sublime Quot a observe what passes and anon when you , think thereupon write what occurs forget it not. A Good thing saved a a Good thing got. Exercises inthe great advantage of these is that they secure the doctrinal instruction of the Yonng. And for this there is there can be no substitute l religious history is Good and the precepts of religion Are Good and general religions knowledge is. Good but doot nne is not Only Good but it is better nay Best. Doctrine is the substance of history of Precept of All religious knowledge. Children brought up on sound doot nne Are of More mature and vigorous growth better Able to comprehend the preaching of the word and thus in a position More favourable to salvation. And when regenerated they Are far More Likely to continue steadfast in the Faith and to adorn their Oal Hng. A glorified Yon know what i am doing ? i see god i see him. As he is not through a Glass darkly but face to face a and the sight is transforming it makes Ime like him i am m the Sweet employment of my blessed redeemer my. A Thead and husband whom my soul loved and for whose Sake i was willing to part a with All i am Here bathing myself at the spin Stead of heavenly pleasures and Joys innumerable and therefore weep not for me. I am there keeping. A perpetual Sabbath what that is your Short sabbaths. I am Here singing hallelujah incessantly to him who sits upon the Pihion and rest not Day or. Night from praising Henry. Judge not hastily a i have been into the studio of a a Painter. He had an unfinished sketch m had bid i judge of his merits As an artist by that unfinished sketch ? no. To have done so would have bees a quite unfair and be might properly have complained that i did him injustice a a wait a he would have said a still the piece is completed till i have exhausted upon it a All my skills till it has received the last touches of my pencil.�?�, Thiis god Calls us relative to his works a a to judge nothing before the and yet we act. Very differently. We pass sentence non his proceedings while yet they Are in a state of progression. Wait till his designs Are accomplished. Wait till his plan Are fully executed. Wait a till the Periord of the restitution of All things a wait till god has done till the Divide a Limner has finished and then the Qirodno-3 Tion of infinite Wisdom and Benevolence will speak for Herald

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