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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - November 27, 1858, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a a a a a vol Viii Jjo 10 i Fink Tail till xxii a one thing is needful Quot a one thing have i desired of the lord a a this one thing i Quot whole no. 892 mid Mckinney editor and proprietor. Publication office Gazette building fifth Street Aboye Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia South West Corner of seventh and Chestnut streets. Terms a in Advance. For the week ending saturday november 27,1858. A. A by mail or at the of Floe $1.50 per year Ping per run delivered in the City l75 a a a a �8 �wpe0t0s. Psalmody and the deformation. The author of a a the voice of Christian life in song a a new work just issued in England and which the messes Carters of new York have reprinted thus adverts to the tendency which has been displayed in Scotland to Olio to the psalms of David. Other reasons May be assigned but. The position of this writer i no doubt True. In Scotland the reformers not consider How Little they might safely throw away but taking the Bible in their hands they merely inquired what does god hem teach us and bid us . They built not on fathers nor me Miraval practices but our thus Saith the we quote from up. 253, 254, 255 a a when we remember that the same absence of an evangelical National hymn literature springing up spontaneously As a natural growth of the reformation which characterizes the reformed churches of France and French Switzerland exists also in the sister Church of Scotland it is impossible not to connect this fact with the similar form which the reformation took in All these lands. None of the strictly Oal Vinisio communities have a hymn Book dating Back to the reformation. It cannot surely be their doctrine which caused this Many of the Best known and most deeply treasured of the Inore modern hymns of Germany and England have been written by those who receive the doctrines known As Calvi Ninio. Nor can it proceed from any peculiarity of race or deficiency in popular love of music and song. French and scotch National character Are too dissimilar to explain the resemblance whilst France has Many National melodies and songs and Scotland is peculiarly Rich in both. Is not the cause then simply the common Ideal of external ecclesiastical forms which pervaded All the churches reformed on the Geneva Iype ? the intervening chapters of Church history were As it were folded up As too blotted and marred for truth to be read to profit in them and next to the first Haptor Viz the acts of apostles was to stand As the second chapter the history of the reformed churches words were to resume their original Bible meaning nothing was to be received that could not be traced Back to the divine hand. order was was to be such As st. Paul had established or had found established clearly to be traced it was believed in the acts and a apostolic al epistles. And since the inspiration which glowed on the gifted lips of apostolic Days existed no longer and the Salms and hymns and spiritual songs in a High st. Paul had delighted formed no part of the new testament Janon recourse must be had to an older Liturgy inspired throughout at once most human and most divine. Thus the Book of psalms became the hymn Book of the reformed churches adapted to grave a and solemn Musio in metrical Transl ions whose one aim and glory was to Render into measure which would be Sung. The very words of the old hebrew psalms by what ingenious transpositions and compressions of words and syllables this has been accomplished in the Case of Scotland is known to those who attend the scotch presbyterian services. The labor must have been conscientiously and painfully accomplished for although the result May to the uninitiated Bear something of the same resemblance to poetry As the fitting a of fragments of hebrew Temple and Christian Church into the Walls of Jerusalem bears to architecture columns reversed and mouldings Dis connected yet the very words Are there and the use to which they Are applied is most sacred. At All events the scotch psalms Are Lavidis psalms and not modern Media ions on them and with All the sacred associations which two centuries of such a Oburgh history As that of Scotland has gathered round the song of to Day mingling it with eos Oes from Mountain gatherings and martyrs prisons and scaffolds and Joyful deathbed probably no hymn Book could Ever be one half so musical or poetical to scotch hearts As those strange rough verses. The Para Hrasek combined with them have a later Rigin and another history and not alter the fast that David a psalter was the first yen Book of the reformed or Geneva churches. A a England in this As in so Many other hings takes a Middle place in some Laaure a City of Refuge where both forms f the reformation lived tranquilly Side by Ide and also a Border land where both met Jimd contended a. Lor the presbyterian Banner and of missions. The Bible is full of the theology of missions also in the creeds and symbols the various denominations of the Church Universal there is much of the theology missions and there is much agreement in reference to this subject however by May differ of other Points. The Trumpeta with one Accord and As with onis a voice Send Forth no Uncertain sound. But it is not the intention to present Here the a whole Circle of doctrines or scriptural teachings which pertain to missions and which have Christ for their Centre and the orld for their Field. There is one Point not generally reflected Pon and about which there seems to be uncertainty with Many. Let this one Point be considered Viz that the Heathen must go to hell and be lost forever unless Christ be preached to them and they believe on him. This doctrine is Elearly taught in the standards of the presbyterian Church in betting Forth the sum and essence of the doctrines of the holy scriptures. Thus in the larger catechism we have question 60th a a can they who have never heard the gospel and so know not Jesus Christ nor believe in him be saved by their living according to the Light of nature a the answer is a a they who having never heard the gospel know not Jesus Christ and he Lieve not in him cannot be saved be they never so diligent to Frame their lives Accord ing to the Light of nature or the Laws of that religion which they profess neither is there salvation in any other but in Christ alone who is the Sitifur Only of his body the this doctrine is drawn from and founded on certain passages of Sori Uturo to which reference is made vide rom. X 14 2. Thess. It 8, 9 Eph. Ii 12 John i ,10-�?12 John Viii 24 Mark Xvi 16 1. Cor. I 20�?24 John in 22 rom. In 31, 32 Phil Iii 4�?9 acts in 12 Eph. V 23 let any one who doubts turn to All these passages and others of like kind As noted in the marginal references in the Bible to the word and to the testimony. If the Bible be True and if there be any or sense in christianity then the con Dicio a of the Heathen must be most perilous most lamentable and irreparable without Christ without whom they can have nothing in the future but a fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation for they a a shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the lord and from the glory of his but they need not. All perish if christians will their duty. Christian Peoples of the present have been reclaimed from heathenism. Others May be a reclaimed Means have been a ppm voted. The Church it is the co Servitor and executor of thuse Means. And gods Power and promises Are insured in behalf of the efforts of the Church. Shall the Heathen perish ? will christians let them perish ? it is Only a question of time and Means. Are not Many christians saying practically if not avowedly a a let them perish let them go to hell a the whole world might have been converted Ere this had the Means placed at the disposal of the Church been rightly used. . For the presbyterian Banner Ana the pastors ruling elders and churches in the synods of Pittsburgh Wheeling Ohio and Allegheny and of the presbyterian Church at Large dear Brethren a the Western theological Seminary at Allegheny City is one of the main resorts of the presbyterian Church for the education of her rising ministry. But it is also a creature of the Church and dependent upon her for her pit Ron age and support. The general Assembly has enlarged its plan and elected its four professors. Under these four professors there Are enrolled one Hundred and seventeen students for their ministerial training. We have reason to expect that the number will be even larger the next year. Of those now present it is probable that ten or More will labor in foreign Fields and that the gospel will be preached by them in eight different languages some of which Are their vernacular tongues. Gods Providence is honouring this Seminary with such a work and such a responsibility As it Las never before had devolved upon it. And it muss look to the churches to sustain these enlarged operations. When the great head of the Church is thus leading the Way is it not the privilege of our people to meet the demand which his prospering goodness has created ? _ _ gods hand has been most Manifest in All the history of this Seminary. Who had thought when the Call was made for the endowment of the first two professorships some fourteen years ago that there would Ever arise such a demand for the labors of a third and a fourth professor ? but now the number of students is much More than double the number at that time and More new students have entered already this session than the whole number in attendance five years ago. It should be remembered also that the churches have endowed Only one of the professorships and part of another having contributed Only forty thousand dollars in All to this object nearly half of the whole sum the remaining thirty five thousand dollars for the third professorship and part of the second having accrued from the Sale of the Seminary property. And who would prefer that All this while this school of the prophets should have been at a dead stand rather than to be filled upon any More for any further Means to Harry it Forward on its advancing scale and according to the enlarged plan of the general Assembly on this Coo not the endowment is now incomplete and hence the funds Are falling in arrears annually. The fourth professorship is not provided for except five thousand dollars collected abroad yet the professor is at his work. We had confidently hoped to obtain a Large share of the funds outside of these synods. But our Way has been unexpectedly hedged up. Yet for other sums that Are immediately needed to sustain students and to provide additional rooms for them we Are now looking to the Church at Large As Well As for five thousand dollars More of this endowment. We have waited for better times but our times Are in gods hand and when he Calls us to the work he will give the ability if we go Forth in Faith. The four synods of Pittsburgh Wheeling Ohio and Allegheny have each a of them at their late sessions resolved on unde Itak ing the endowment immediately Boas to raise Twenty five thousand dollars out of the thirty thousand dollars required. They have unanimously adopted the plan which waa recommended with entire unanimity by both our boards to distribute the work by requesting each of the churches to raise a amount in the of Huron and congregation equal to an average of fifty cents for each Hureh member. In order to this each Church it is hoped will aim at reaching this quota in the it Best Way possible some members who Are More Able giving More than this amount so As to meet the deficiency of those who shall give less. And thus also with the churches the abundance of some which Are wealthier being a Supply for the wants of others which Are weaker that thus the full amount May be obtained. Will not the elders of the eur ones come to the Aid of the pastors for accomplishing this Good work will they not District their respective congregations if need be and go out promptly As possible to their part giving to each worshipper an Opportunity to Aid and remembering that for each of Huron to contribute the portion falling to it is to accomplish the endowment we ask of you Only to Benoure the amount in the prom test and Best Way possible. The Synod of Wheeling has named the fourth Sabbath of november for the presentation of this object. The Synod of Ohio has named the same Day in connexion with the Observance of it As a Day of special thanksgiving and prayer to god for his gracious reviving and for the Large increase of candidates. The Synod of Pittsburgh has named the second Sabbath of december for the same object. The Synod of Allegheny proposes an Early Day for the work. We urge upon you Brethren to respond to the Calls of the synods without waiting for any outside Agency or even for any set Day. We Are your servants for Jean so Sake. With such a corps of professors and such a band of students at their posts we cannot go backs we Carnot stand still we can Only go Forward. We know not what further advancement the great head of the Church intends for this beloved Seminary but if it were left to languish with empty class rooms you might feel it a hardship to provide a full endowment nor. So now when our prayers have been signally answered in the Large numbers that resort hither and when our most sanguine Hopes have been More than full led when the Advance for years past has been so steady and when so Many of the dear youth of the Church who Are soon to be your own ministers Are receiving Here their furniture for the stored work Lias the Church any More important or precious object than this without whose furtherance the Church herself must suffer at amp a and front of her activity in her rising ministry is it not an Honor rather Toan a Purdeu i have Allegheny Seminary to equip most fully now when the a All for ministers is so urgent and the demand for their fullest preparation is so pressing when the Martyr blood of our students in India cries to us for new recruits and when the question is whether All these pupils whom god has sent up hither shall have the fullest training or not ? and now too when every part of our Zion is moving vigorously to put the seminaries in their respective Bounds on a Stilt better footing than Ever before will not our thu Reyes feel a suitable enthusiasm and respond liberally to this Call for completing the endowment of this important institution ? All the seminaries of our Czuroh have funds secured for four professors though some of them have comparatively few students and this one is second of All in Point of numbers. Brethren the work will require painstaking self denial liberality and prayer. But let Only each Church determine that god helping the end shall not fail for Lack of their proper part being done and the endowment Wilt be accomplished at once. Elisha p. Swift d., vice Preat. Board of directors. Francis g Bailey president Board of trustees. Not it. H. Nevin treasurer Liberty Street Pittsburgh will receive and report the collections. Allegheny City nov., 1858 a a a a a a. A a a a a a no a for the presbyterian Banner Ana adv Cate Synod of new Jersey. Him Tamb of Tiik stats of Reli Oloh wet his the Bounds of the Synod of new Jersey As re a a bated at their sessions in Trenton n. J., october 1858. A the past year a As been to the churches within the Bounds of this Synod and to our beloved Zion throughout our land a Harvest time the most abundant with which her labors have been crowned in Many years. The Send so carefully4 sown and watched through past years hag sprang up and brought Forth fruit some an Hundred fold some sixty some thirty and if when he Goldin sheaves from of Judea had been gathered shouts of Hosanna went up from the congregation of Israel surely the Church of god now should lift no her voice in Praise and thanksgiving to the lord of the Harvest. A the has done great things for is whereof we Are in presenting to the Synod a View of this work of Grace among our churches we will allow the reports from the presbyteries to speak for themselves and can Only regret that the limits of this paper will not suffer them to speak More at length. They Are truly refreshing and encouraging to our hearts. With but few exceptions tji a Tell us what the lord has done and is still doing for the of Arches Over which we have been placed As overseers. This is the Burden of their utterance while other matters interesting to the Synod have not been omitted. The report from the presbytery of Elizabethtown is Intro need by an expression of devout thanksgiving to god for the degree of spiritual Prosperity which has existed within their Bounds during the past year. A their churches Are living in peace and All save one Are supplied with pastors. The attendance on the preaching of the word is Good and All the churches have their Sabbath schools and Bible and Catech Etoal classes. While All the churches have not Beed equally blessed All have received accessions to their numbers during the year and in Somer instances they have been Large. The presbytery of Passaic in presenting the narrative of the state of religion in the churches under their care during the past year have reason to rejoice that the work of the Loid has prospered under their hands. A blessed account comes from every Quarter and never before have the pastors of this presbytery witnessed such evident manifestations of the divine presence. Their hearts have been cheered and the Promise of god has been verified a they that sow in tears shall reap in the presbytery have been called to mourn the logs of the Rev. James g. Moore who fell asleep in Christ in the month of May last. The presbytery of new Brunswick thus introduce their report a a it is with Peculiar satisfaction and Hearty thanksgiving to god that we Are permitted to record what the lord has done for our Zion daring the past year. In the general religious interest that pervades All the land our churches have largely a deep though quiet interest has pervaded the College of new Jersey at Princeton where the number of students is greater than at any previous period. The students of the theological Seminary Are much stirred up in Zeal and animated to Active and useful labors and among those recently admitted numbering upwards of eighty there Are Many who have left other professions to prepare for the blessed work of preaching the gospel. This presbytery records the death of an aged and beloved member the venerable Jacob Jones Janeway d., who departed this life on Sab Bath,.the 27th Day of june last. In the presbytery of West Jersey the gracious work has not been so general but in their report they say a a we believe we have Seldom if Ever been privileged to report to Synod a More favourable spiritual condition within the time covered by this report god has graciously visited a number of our eur ones with the re vilifying influences of his the condition of the presbyterian Academy located at Bridgewater is spoken of As Gratifying and its prospects hopeful. During the year one of the members of this presbytery the Rev. M. Edmond has been colled to his Reward. ,. The report from the presbytery of my a to a is particularly cheering. At no time they say within the recollection of any person now a Mem be of this presbytery has there been so much to Call upon them for All that is within them to rejoice a in the past few months. The remarkable outpouring of gods spirit on the land in which we have been permitted to share has refreshed Many of our of Arches and caused the addition to them of multitudes of such As shall be saved in the great Day. A the result of this Gra Cious visitation there is throughout the presbytery More ardent Zeal for everything that pertains to the the redeemer a kingdom and the same is True of the presbyteries already spoken the report from the presbytery of Raritan is less cheering but still encouraging. They allude to the worldliness of professing christians still persisted in notwithstanding the solemn and signal rebukes which god in his Providence has Given so extensively in our land and to Sabbath breaking and intemperance and other prevailing sins. They say to us however a a we know not that at any previous time the Public services of gods House have been better attended in our congregations generally. In most of our churches there have been encouraging additions to the number of Christ s professed of Lowers. And in several of them there arc numbers of inquirers a for the Way of a a the presbytery of Susquehanna report the a. Senor of any extended and deep work of Grace and the prevalence of intemperance and Kindred vices within their Bounds. But they further to oort that some of their churches have been graciously visited and that sinners have been converted to god. The Presby trial Institute at Tow amp Ida has never seemed to be in a More flourishing conditto. A Large proportion of the of Arches under the car of the presbytery of Luzerne have been blessed during the year with a season of refreshing from the presence of the lord As the result of which they have been greatly strengthened and encouraged. No part of our Zion has been More copiously watered from the Cloud of. Mercy that has been passing Over us in Botler. The literary institutions under the Oare of this presbytery there hag been a pleasant religious interest during the a the report from the Presby Taffy of Ufeu Itig fit a is less encouraging. A the state of religion within their Bounds Dunn the past year does not differ materially from what it has been for two or three years past. A in some of the churches there Are promising indications. There have been Beveral. Additions to two or three of them. On the whole they feel that they have great cause of gratitude to the head of the Church for his Blessing on their labors. Prom this Brief View of the state of religion within the Bounds of the Synod it is apparent that the churches under our care have shared largely in the recent revival. Into the Mouths of multitudes to whom we preach the gospel god has put a news Oug even Praise to our god and in regard to the present stat of this gracious work it is Gratifying to know that in Many of our eur ones it is still progressing. The additions to our churches have not been so Large for several months past As they were earlier in the year. This however was to he expected. The Harvest in Many of the churches has been gathered and the work to which they and their Pas Tois Are called is to prepare for another Harvest. There Are Many still to be gathered in on whose hearts the seed has not yet been scattered. We Carnot Hope to resp perpetually or to reap where we have not sown. When the Husbandman has gathered his Harvest he does not sit Down and fold his hands As though his work were done he at once commences to prepare for another Harvest imitating him let us go Forth bearing precious seed and in due time we shall reap if we faint not. Of the ultimate effects of this Large ingathering on our churches we cannot speak with definiteness. It has already created a necessity for increased care and watchfulness on their part and we have reason to believe that the churches will not be derelict in their duty. While not fully awake to a sense of their duties and responsibilities they show an increased interest in almost every department of their labor. It is Manifest in the Sabbath schools and Bible classes and academies. It is Manifest also in the increased attendance on the services of the Sabbath and at the weekly prayer meetings and in the efficient support Given the benevolent institutions of the Church. which it becomes us to Render god most Hearty on London correspondent the dispute Exceen France and Portugal the big a bully bad effects of the a conduct of France insurrection in Bosnia a Watte of population in Turkey Habershon the prophecies and a a the a a revival of religion As precursors in Britain a free Church Synod Aberdeen and or Gwinnette or. Spurgeon to illness bagged Kirk Aberdeen revival the evangelical Alii Ance and the congregational Union the propagation of the gospel and the Church missionary societies the Bishop of Oxford at Pilgrim fathers sir John Lawrence arid Christian government in India cd Ste Bible in schools the opium Trade cd or. Brights speech at Birmingham bit plan for parliamentary Reform the a a times a and its tactics. London october 29th, 1858. The dispute Between France and Portugal has abruptly terminated. Louis Napoleon has played the part of a a a big bully a successfully and compelled Portugal to restore the captured slaver for such the vessel was and to release the Captain. A profound sensation has been produced Over Europe and especially in England by this event. It proves that the Sovereign rights of Independent nations can be set aside in spite of the treaty of Paris stud it also indicates that France jeans to persevere in her kidnapping system of providing negro labor for her colonies. Some insinuations have been made by the russian Organ the nerd that great Britain Only pretended to Send a Channel Fleet toward the coastal of Portugal while the French Preste Sals that a a the pretended Zirri Talion of the English a does not Consort with of speech and country where Public opinion. Is moulded tor Good or evil but that Polit i a Oal convulsions involving the collision of the most powerful nations and ending in the overthrow of All and civil despotism Are among the fixed certainties of the future and May not be very far away. The revival of religion All Over the pm Dom is i Trust fully inaugurated. There is a greatly increased seriousness among the ministers office bearers and members of very Mady evangelical churches. At Aberdeen a free of Huron Synod has earnestly urged on All its ministers and congregations increased prayerful and Christian activity. Or. Guinness has also preached in that City to immense audiences. He has a tendency however to scold and find fault and promo jape too readily on apparent want Quot of . Of the part of a very Young Man is objectionable and. In itself is a mistake. He the same in the North of Ireland. He wants the Broad common sense and Hearty English Good humor of or Spurgeon. I am sorry to say that or. Spurgeon has been Laid aside from his work for two or three weeks by what was represented As dangerous inflammation of the kiddies but i believe it was an affection More like Lumbago. He has been quite Oner worked his physical strength of lungs and Frame is marvelous but there is a limit beyond which nature cannot go. And so a voice seems now to say to him a a spare thyself. The ragged Kirk at Aberdeen whose j members have been gathered out of the scum of the population has for years been a spot remarkable for its interesting history. The Queen annually gives largely to its funds. The Rev. H. Wilson now in London and editor of the British moan i relist is its missionary pastor. He has been in the North for a considerable period and preached in the a Kirk a for six weeks successively. He tells me that within Avery Short period there has been an accession of Twenty three additional members Toa body not More hitherto than one Hundred communicants that most of them bad been previously under conviction of sin and that the solemn meetings for prayer held during the summer together with the renewed preaching of the gospel has been the Means of bringing this Large number to decision for Christ. At Liverpool occur this week two meetings which Are virtually one. First a conference of evangelical christians and secondly the annual meeting of the evangelical Alliance. By the chairman and committee of the Alliance a invitation and Opportunity were Given to christians Gen Eralio to recommend a general conference at the time of the assembling of the Alliance As very desirable at this particular crisis. Here the subject of revivals will be largely 1 disc tossed in connexion with other important questions to which i Hope to refer next congregational Union also holds its annual meeting this week at Halifax in Yorkshire and the results i doubt not will be important in their bearings on evangelical Bishop of Oxford has been prominently before the Public in connexion with a tour of deputation work which he has undertaken in the North of England on behalf of the society for the propagation of the gospel. This society was instituted in the Days of King William and has been mixed in its aspects As to theology. Its agents. Generally have been and Are High Church while probably there is an increasing body of evangelical clergymen and missionaries connected with it. The Church missionary society is evangelical to the Core and its friends and supporters a very powerful body look with dislike and suspicion on the propagation society. The High Church Bishops have nothing to with it. A a the Church a society they regard As a a a party a institution and talk about their pet As the the representative of the Church of England. The Bishop of Oxford appeared at Bradford last week to advocate its claims. Much excitement pre the fact that lord Cowley the British am j a. Failed As placards had been issued urging bae Sador is on very intimate terms with the i j ,6 s to ,. X j m i l a a the men and women of is Adlora to As French Cabinet lord Malmsbury m other in Tho Salid a a to re8�8� in a voice cases has got the Praise of a a trucking Thunder these etarian torte Strong a if in this Case he has not the b show pm friends put out counter Pla acted manfully he will be Alied to a Sharp. A it Latow May a Vtha account. Meantime Portugal must under go the humiliation and pay the damages and As the times Paris correspondent says a a i suppose the Charleset George May return to Mozambique for More a free a All this furnishes fresh illustration of a a the Good Ola Rule the simple plan that he should take who has the Power and he should keep who the insurrection of the christians in Bosnia against the turks looks rather serious. It is believed that they have suffered much from Mohammedan oppression and fanaticism. The Toaste of the turkish Empire still goes on As to population and the plague this year has been a potent destroyer working havoc especially among the pilgrims of Mecca. The Sultan is said4 to be going to work Way of retrenchment of government office and household Hare expense in a very sweeping manner. A new turkish loan has also been negotiated on. The London Stock Exchange with marked Snoe Ess. The problem still seems to he unsolved whether by a a the drying no of the euphrates a is to be understood As it is by Many Stu Denis especially the4 pre millennia lists As referring to the gradual extinction of the turkish Power. A a carious statement on this Point has lately been published and is apparently authentic. It is to the effect that the late Duke of Wellington had read not Long before his last Days a a Habershon on the prophecies a and that it produced the decided conviction on his mind that great convulsion a would Ere Long breakout and that one of the first results would be the destruction of the turkish and Mohammedan Power. All thoughtful men continue to believe that while nation has Rise against nation while the Crimea has witnessed the death by War and disease of mighty hosts and India s Plains have been saturated with blood a that a a the end is not it appears dear that the millennium will not Glide in upon us like a River Ever widening and deepening its flow of knowledge and Power nay that it is not along truth,.and its Mony antagonists which War and must continue to cards giving his latest words against the j confessional and the opinion of Canon i Stowell the Well known evangelical non j a a the Trumper Boyne Hill still the ferment continued the Hall was crowded to excess and hundreds were sent away. On the appearance of the deputation first came a Volley of hisses and then drowning them Hearty cheers. The Bishop was the third speaker and on rising the cheering predominated. He i said that he Rose a in spite of these a a Trumper interruptions to plead for a great cause with brother englishmen and brother the Wilberforce family is of Yorkshire origin. Hence the cleverness of the allusion and its conciliatory Power. He went on to glorify the society for which he pleaded As having a a no party feeling nor Peculiar opinions a and also boasted that a a we have the religion of Christ established among us in its simplicity and next he touched on the mighty Energy of the Anglo Saxon race. A Young English lad is Able a by the Mere presence of English blood in him to control thousands of the people even though no european was hear to stand and Buo Cor he then added. But then sir i say this and i think it is All important that we englishmen should understand it and that it should sink deep into our hearts that All this would have been altogether in vain tor us if god had not As it were enlightened this Beautiful statue which he has out out with his own hand with the ethereal fire of the revelation of Christ our lord. Applause Why sir look for a single moment Back at what was happening some years ago at this place in which we now stand. Think what this place which we nor fall Bradford was at the time to which our thoughts have been called Baek when that Aerial visitant which has come from the Distant parts of the solar system to Blaze again in our nightly sky last looked non England. What changes have taken place in England since that time we englishmen had got very much the same blood then As now but what was England then compared with what it is now Why this England this town of a Bradford and those peopled Piates around us what were they but As their names now Tell is Low moors High Hedges and Bare Hills the habitations of a scattered handful of poor and uninstructed men who had no weight in the Affa is of the world and no voice in the great Synod of a turns. Well what has made the difference 1 this War against one another on the great area foam made the difference that there stood no in a Stern lands one who declared that he had Laid upon him by the lord of All a Burden which he would not Bear until he had preached the everlasting gospel of Christ to the jew and to the scythian. To the barbarian. And to the Heathen Yea. Until it had reached to the uttermost parts of the Earth to the Distant and then despised Britain. Cheers and then. Sir. When m the history of Christendom the nations which formed the front rank of the great and Vanee of the March of Chris Teddora stood almost breast to breast there stood before this land of Bantam at least one if not two. M the March of nations when Spain stood the first of the people with her great transatlantic dominions with her Gold flowing in from the far off land with her own people at Home formed of the strongest material by the welding together of men of. Different blood and different gifts of in Tei Leot and nature when that land stood in the fore front of european civilization followed hard Nunn by1 France and b stain occupying pro Bably but the third rank among the nations of then has raised our Quot fee Sovsa fatherland to the firsthand if Ottn inf per on this Earth which god has made ? what. I ask was it but this that at that time god offered a purity and a purification from the superstitions which had overwhelmed Christendom to every nation in Europe and that god gave to our fathers the Grace before and beyond every other people to receive and Welcome that purification and to sweep off those superstitious glosses which had will nigh eaten out at that time the heart of ancient Christendom. Loud applause and from that reign of Elizabeth my brother britons the mind and the strength and the Power of the English people has been continually growing and increasing and i say it is owing to this that the Christian religion of his great mercy and goodness and of no Merit of ours Hie flourished and abounded among is As it has done in no other nation on the Earth. It will be observed that the Church of England gets All the glory Here. For the greater part of three Hundred years she oppressed or drove out or neglected her Puritan clergy the Salt of the land and left the masses to perish. The reformation has told on England powerfully in Oun Trast with other nations but How Little has it told on England As contrast of with Scotland but now Mark the strange contradictions and double mindedness of this dexterous prelate. He knows he is among Yorkshire dissenters and he will win the perhaps too is better nature gets the Mastery Over him. He is speaking of the origin of the Anglo Saxon emigration to the United states and of horror in spite of the ghost of Laud looking at him with menacing Finger and the astonishment of or. Hook the a a apostolic suede a Sion a Champion Tov say nothing of his Gross inconsistency with All that he has done and would still he thus spoke amid the significant Rote rup tons noticed most remarkable most wonderful were the dealings of gods Providence which produced the beginning of that Stream of emigration for it led to those persons in whom the principles of christianity had asserted an absolute supremacy becoming the first settlers from g Reat Britain in the great Colony of America. Hear hear now., i differ in Many respect from those p Lanm fathers i Don b want to deceive any of you about my opinions i have nothing to bide. Lond cheers and hisses the Pilgrim fathers were puritans 1 am a Church of England Man they were presbyterians. I am to the Backbone a son of the reformed Church of England cheers i have not another thought m my heart but this that so Long As god gives me use. Intellect and voice i am ready to Bear being abased to be laughed at. To be anything you like lond cheers to that loan help Forward what i believe to be the purest form of the Christian religion on Earth a the Hearty True undiluted a mingled Annoor erupted religion of the Church of England. Loud cheering Welt of Mark you i differ there fore very materially from the Pilgrim father because they were not member of the Church of England but i Honor them deeply for that deep christianity which had Laid hold of those Manly hearts of theirs and which led them to say. A Lotus worship a Christ according to what we be Lieve to be the purity of the Faith m Distant lands rather than be obliged Here in England to dissemble our convictions orto conceal our Faith a planet in those Days the doctrine the True honest Hearty doctrine of thorough and entire a toleration was not understood As. Thank god. It is now. Now the absence of toleration co Finea itself to a few Nasty articles in newspapers cheers and laughter followed by a storm of hisses j yes. I am going to Bay if you will wait a moment hisses and interruption to a few very few interrupt. Tion a and to a few Nasty hisses from Nasty months laughter cheers a and hisses Well l Tell you that every one of such persons Ano there May be some such Here now would bum us if they could. Hear hear but they cannot thank god they cannot they must Tot rate us. A a hear hear a and a voice a Boyn Hill a now i Bay these Pilgrim a fathers went1 Forth and planted the Faith of Christ in the far wilderness and herein we May Mark gods marvellous dealings with our Laud. They were the Only people who could be got at that time to Plant that far off land and Ever since there has been flowing Forth from this country a Stream of the hearts blood of our population. The times in its own style handles both the Bishops and the to rotarians in reference to this admission a a of the deep christianity which had Laid hold of the Manly hearts of the Puritan fathers. It represents a Young in semite Oler Guiuan with collarless shirt and Stiffl Strait Waistcoat and very Pale Reading the news the Young ornate would perhaps after the dishonesty of hut school say a a yes,.they were very Good people according to their Bas soon after he would break out plainly a a As to their a christianity a How would that exist when they hold no apostolic succession no Bishop no priests ? the times thinks the Bishop is glad at times to get free from his trammels and to distort himself a a among the methodists1 of Yorkshire a concluding by advising the tract syrians to put up with their Leader even though these outbursts of a Strong common sense sometimes will break Forth in a manner calculated to scandalized them 2 the Bishops speech was very eloquent and the theory of. Foreign missions was admirably stated and the obligation powerfully enforced. It also indicated great a a Pluck in him to face a hostile audience and mar Velious tact if not to win at least to a bamboozle a and silence them. Bat a All the while he remains the same Slippery,.dangerous Man. the fire of priest ism seems to have died out it glows and lives deceitful beneath the ashes that cover it and in the time will burst out malign Antly As before. The future policy of the Indian i government is still unknown the proclamation establishing the Queens authority was sent to India some weeks ago but it has not been published Here. But lord Stanley May be regarded As the Leader 6f the a indifferent a or a perfect neutrality party with a a traditional old indians dilettante wits and Litera Teara including such journals As the. Saturday review and Sooin ians and sceptics also and All haters of a real aggressive evangelism to Baek him. Most providentially As i Hope sir j Otan Lawrence a great a Indian administrator has spoken out on the other Side and this with a statesmanlike avoidance of what might be one Down As extremes Snolis gives heart pud Hope to the Earnest christianity of England a colonel Edwardes the Soldier sikh War who earned no Brilliant a. A reputation. And who. During the recent convulsions to powerfully helped to organize troops Sod Send them Forward from the 1 put Bjo Uby a Drew up and forwarded to sir John a his Superior a memorandum on a a the Eli Tuifua Tion of All unchristian principles from the a Antish it in Dib be he would not Only offer the teaching a of the Bible in every school. Withdraw eve a speeds of. Patronage from false religions but he would terminate government connexion with the opium Trade prohibit the a great social enl a in its publicity prevails to Labore and would refuse such a warrant tor Quot a hcs ample tjw in toxic Ling Liq Aora at is too tinned m monopolies constituted by government License. Or. Mcleod financial commissioner followed with another paper More moderate and the recommendations of hath Are then reviewed in what is really a stale paper by sir j. Lawrence. While this discussion was going on the opposite policy was receiving impetus at Home by Elleno Ronghi a notorious die Paton and from the views expressed by lord Stanley to a deputation from the missionary bodies. Sir John Lawrence would not absolutely withdraw the territorial endowments. Given to Heathen or Mohammedan religions treaties. He also thinks it impossible to adopt the suggestion of ignoring Easte altogether for caste in India Means not Only hereditary rank but daily calling and the callings of men Mast be recognized by those who employ them. A a Bat the fast is a he says a a that except in the Bengal army the government has not recognized olt Sta in any special he adds a that the caste prejudices were intensified by the consideration shown by their officers is he is not As satisfactory in his views about the opium Trade As one would wish but he deprecated government encourage ment to its growth and cultivation is they Fate done in Bengal. He likewise approves of the Bible in the schools and. Of an open profession of christianity without any trucking to native prejudice. He is a a convinced that Christian things done in a Christian Way will never alienate the Hoat Ben and he undertake sin Miaow Terri tory whatever a Christian nations duty mands. Yery a a eighty and full of warning to Pohtio al. Truckers Are. The words a a recent events seem to a show that undue Oon Ohebsion to native prejudice on car part or anything like an abnegation of on principles does not. Generate Confidence in As with the people. They Only suspect us of some hidden ulterior design. But if we what we believe to be right in a Plain considerate and open manner there is some Chance of their Iviria is credit feb sincerity. Moreover unless we something to show the people what christianity really is there will be no Hope of refuting the monstrous misconceptions which too often prevail among them in respect to our. Religion and its . Brights speech at Birmingham will set the whole country in a ferment on the subject of 1 parliamentary Reform. It is marked by great boldness and breadth of View and indicates statesmanlike Power in the Man. This does not imply that he is right in Allis views As for instance in his condemnation of the Quot policy of the russian War. He Bays Enol go to she that there is no collusion Between him and the Derby Cabinet. His theory is household suffrage not Universal and very much on the basis in which Many pansies Are rated Over the kingdom Ezwoh managing Well and properly its own affairs. Why should not the nation the same and on the same principle ? he shows Ais amp How population should be the basis of representation both in town and country. He denounces the inordinate Power of the Landor any and the Obst Rno Riveness of the House of lords to every real Reform. He would Reform the Peers. By an invasion a of a mercantile blood and would like Well to extrude the a spiritual Peers a whom he regards a adulterous offspring of Church and state. He warns Disraeli a Sham measure and believes that it May be attempted. If a Sham were received and passed and at ter wards its rottenness detected the agitation and peril would be tremendous. He is for the ballot As a shelter to the voter just tas ser try is the legitimate shelter of the writer of a leading Ariole in the times. He is not a Republican and likes a limited monarchy but he -wsnte1 tip know when free suffrage in Amenia results and such Prosperity should not be had Here ? two great difficulties exist in the Way of this theory so Beautiful and desirable in itself. 1st. The ignorance and vicious Ness of a Large number of those on whom the franchise would thus be conferred i fear for example it is certain that Sabbath breaking by Law would thus be increased. I 2d. The element of Popery in our parliamentary constituency. If Popery in Ireland had restored to its votaries the forty shillings Freehold franchise Rome would my Tkv a gig natio stride the plan is not Likely to be realized but undoubtedly Reform cannot now be trifled with. The nation Wui be thoroughly aroused and unless some foreign War break out we shall see Stern popular resolves and arts rare dislocation of parties and the whole a a barnacle a family both in Church and Statel in Quot Roii Sid Erable trepidation. The Yin ones tries hard to deprecate Bright s speech As it Doea the conference of. Christians at Liverpool but in Thip,.-jas.-Weil As United states Fie it clearly understood it has no sympathy from the great body of the nation. A p. , has stated a liver Pool. That lord. Stanley s policy has beep modified and in loroyed in consequence oif the views Forir j. Lawrence. the close of his life Patrick Henry Laid his hand on the Bible,-.and said to a Friend a a Here is a Book Worth it More than All a others yet it is my misfortune never to Thaye read it with proper attention until William Pitt when he oame to die said a a a fear that i a five like Many others a Negly Otenti my Reli pious duties too Mueh to have any ground to Hope that they Ean be efficacious on my the covetous Man is his own Torino nor

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