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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - November 7, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPresbyterian Anner amp a bin twi vol. Vil i to i prhl>7t�ilmi id neat vol. Umo 8. One thing is needful a a one thing have i desired of the lord a a this one thing i whole no. 367 David Mckinney editor and office Gazette building fifth Street Aboye Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 111 South tenth Street below be stunt the week ending saturday november 7. 1857. By Kail or at the office $1.50 per year j ret a Pawn rib delivered City 1.75 a a a a Bis a Spectos the duty of dedicating our sons to god for the gospel ministry. Tbs me a a that Christian parents be exhorted to give their sons to god with a View of their being trained by the spirit and by the Church to the work of the Cospel there Are certain Cardinal truths affecting most deeply the life of the Christian Church which by reason of Long neglect have died out from the common recognition and need at intervals to be re argued and re established. Such a truth we take it is this duty of Christian parents to dedicate their sons to god with a View to the gospel ministry like most other great practical truths it has had its counterfeit in systems of formalism and the false practice has prevailed instead of the genuine until the very abuse has thrown discredit upon the True doctrine. So that even now at the suggestion of so important a topic we think it needful to vindicate it against any suspicion of Fellowship with that absurd system of designating a particular son of the family to the ministry just As another is set apart to the army or Navy. To should not be forgotten however that the counterfeit Points to the True and it is our business to inquire what is the truth in doctrine and practice which is disguised under this empty formalism. Under the old Economy the original ordinance required the first born son to be set apart for the Priesthood or rather this Sacerdotal office was one of the Birthright privileges. The principles underlying this arrangement were 1. That gods service at the altar was the highest and Best 2. That this sacred office required the first and Best of the offspring 3. That they who had been pre eminently spared a As their first bom had been egyptian Scourge should be solemnly dedicated to god As his of double right while thus also they should Point to him who is the great first born among Many Brethren. Reasoning from All analogy these principles Are of full Force under the Christian dispensation and Are even expected to obtain More specially As the Shadow merges into the substance. Do Christian parents doubt that god s service at the altar is still the highest and the Best or is this indeed the lurking fallacy the worm at the Root of our ministerial supplies that fathers and mothers Church seek worldly avocations for their sons As More lucrative or More honorable ? have they indeed ceased to regard the sacred office As the Birthright privilege of their Samuels and Johns and Tiiu Thys which it were profane to part with for a mess of Pottage ? and will it be for one moment disputed by Christian parents that this service of god sacred office Calls for the first and Best of their offspring ? and if this be so then does it not in effect set up the first claim to each one of those who As sons Are Able to serve him ministry ? or for which of their sons shall they make out an exemption on the ground of inferiority ? does not this principle so essentially belonging to both economies of consecrating to god s altar the Best of its kind Cut off the plea that any son is too talented or too promising or too useful in a worldly Point of View to be Given up to this religious work ? and further As a the first born were claimed As a class for the ancient ministry because these As a class had been Savin Gly distinguished from Egypt s first born who were swept off by the destroying Angel does not gods effectual Call to any of our sons so far set a Mark upon them As being claimed for his service new testament Priesthood ? let it not be answered that under the new testament the Priesthood is Only the common Christian vocation inasmuch As every believer under this Economy is ordained to be a priest for the same argument if pressed would abolish the sacred office altogether Aud merge the Christian ministry into the com Moa Christian discipleship. If then we see our sons hopefully converted to god does not this so far indicate that he who separated them from their birth would put them into the ministry ? is there any Provis on made under the new testament for their redemption with Money from so blessed and privileged a service ? if so where is the family of Aaron upon who a in their Stead the office can Tali and if there be in soon option Here May not the Church be failing of her supplies and the ministry of its reinforcements just because this family resource is neglected and there is none appointed in its Stead ? Christian parents do rather ignore their own Priesthood when they deny the duty of their suns and in do a claim upon them As the proper sons of Levi. Should they not ask Importuna Tely for their new birth As Hanna asked for Samuel with the pledge that if god would but convert them they should be dedicated to his service gospel ministry ? a a for this child i prayed and the lord hath Given me my petition which i asked of him. Therefore also i have Lent him to the lord As Long is be ii eth he shall be Lent to the lord �?��?1. Sami i 27, 28. But it May he contended that we should rather dedicate our sons to gods service in general without any special reference to the work of the ministry that we ought rather to leave it to Bis Providence to indicate their function lest we seem to dictate to god. Bat if it be conceded that the sacred office is that in which ordinarily god May be most eminently served and if our dedication of sons to such service supposes always his effectual preparation of them for the work and the inward Call of his spirit As a special personal requisite and if also it implies a submission to the order of his Providence As to the outward Call then surely there Oan be no danger Here of trenching upon the divine prerogative. Bat consider 1. That the pressing wants of the Field Are such As to Call for such a system of recruits. If the whole tribe of Levi was needed for the old Temple service and All the sons of Aaron for the Priesthood it is quite As necessary now that ail the sons of Christian parents be separated for this work if they can have the requisite qualification. And whence should the recruits be looked lor. More appropriately than from this very Quarter ? and is not this always the fair presumption Case that the ministry will be taken from families of the covenant ? and if Christian parents have a any right to presume upon their children being owned As the lords la ave a correspond log obligation to covme them As e lords to his most eminent service ministry ? is not the presumption then always on this Side that while this immense a want continues if our sons Are owned by god As his children through his converting Grace they should be consecrated to his highest service to be his gospel ministers if he. So please ? and How can Christian parents respond to the divine command and with an Eye upon the whitened Harvest Pray that the lord would Send Forth labourers info his Harvest if at the same time they Are not using their proper influence with god and with their sons to put these of their own household into the Harvest Field ? who shall Tell How Many loud prayers in our Church assemblies for the reinforcement of the ministry have been powerless just because of this lurking self deception in Many a Parent s heart amidst All the crying demands of the foreign and Domestic Field the sad deficiency of labourers and the dismal Prospect for any forthcoming supplies worldly parents have rather sought for their sons the position of merchant princes than of ministers of Christ. And what wonder that god often As now rebukes such worldliness and shows them that this their Birthright has been prof Anely parted with for a mess of Pottage 1 May we not presume then that while Sueh immense destitution Harvest Field continue while the master is so urgently calling for men while the Church is trembling before the Gates of hell just for Lack of some Sueh systematic reinforcement of her troops the sons of the Church Are demanded for the ministry and Christian parents ought so to calculate Aud to train them with this in View consider 2 f the positive Power household of such parental dedication. Can it be doubted that our sons thus set apart and instructed and prayed for with a View to such a holy service would be placed at every advantage for their Early conversion to god ? what a train of pious influences would of needs go Forth from such a parental aim daily education ? what fervency in prayer would come from such a Prospect and Hope of seeing these sons ministering in holy things. What lofty Christian conversation and example would naturally ensue. And have we not reason to believe that the prayers which look toward such a dedication would be heard and that thus our sons would be converted much More commonly than at present would it not oftener occur As with Hannah that the vow accompanying the petition would draw Down a gracious answer from a covenant god but we have staggered at this Point we have hesitated to say a a if thou Wilt give unto thy servant this son then 1 will give my unto the lord a the Days of is life Quot and therefore often our sons have grown up in Unco version for Lack of this very parental dedication. Observe we do not contend that All our sons should be put into the ministry whether converted or not. Nor even that All of them who Are hopefully the lords should be of course Aud at any rate absolutely designated to that office. God must Call them As he called Aaron. But we urge that on our part we should hold them As devoted to the lord for this work As that to which we May fairly Hope that god will Call them and that with this View we., should train them and Pray lor them and Lead their minds and direct their course looking to his Providence and his spirit to second our efforts and open the Way. This would contemplate quite a different course of Pond not from that which most commonly obtains in our households with respect to our sons. It would Point to the highest Aims for their usefulness and their devoted Ness and. It would Call for an a a died Christian culture Sueh As a Mere passive dedication could never reach. We would not by any Means maintain any such presumption As would dispense with a particular personal Call in any ease. But we believe that this Call More often comes to our converted sons than is commonly admitted. And we believe that among them at least the misapprehension is much More often against the Call than for it and keeps out of the ministry More of thebe who Are called than it brings Luto the ministry of those who Are not called. But this View of the subject has not been overlooked by the general Assembly of our Church. In 1840 we find them using such language As this a we suggest to Chris Tian parents the important duty of dedicating their children to god and especially of pleading continually with the most High in subordination to his holy will to Sanctify their sons and prepare them for the sacred ministry. Our feelings they add have been deeply enlisted in this subject by the statements Laid before us from the Board of education which show that the number of our candidates for the ministry is decreasing. We Call upon All the pious parents in our communion to consider this affecting circumstance. We have hundreds of vacant churches in our connexion. Several millions of the population of the Union Are believed to be destitute of the stated Means of Grace the Heathen world spread out before us in one vat by cd of crime and cruelty and woe appeals to us with an unyielding and soul piercing Importunity to Send them Relief. And yet our candidates for the ministry Are fewer now than they have been for some years. Will you not Lay this to heart ? will you not bring your sons and consecrate them anew to your covenant god ? will you not give Over seeking lor them the transitory honors and riches of this world and Pray the lord of the Harvest if it seem Good in his sight to anoint them with his spirit and Send them Forth into his Harvest which is perish in a for Lack of labourers a a minutes 1840, p. 810. We would Only urge in conclusion the striking facts which so attest the importance and value of surb parental dedication. The celebrated John Newton testifies a a i have been told that from my birth my pious Mother had in her mind devoted me to to e ministry and that had she lived until i was of a proper age i was to have been sent to st. Andrews in Scotland to be educated. But lord had appointed otherwise. She died before i was seven years of yet Mark the training of which to testifies a a when i who four years old i could repeat the answers to the questions Shorter catechism with the proofs and All or. Watts smaller catechisms with his children a this was the Power of that parental dedication in such daily training not Only for the ministry but for heaven. How the baud of a covenant god wrought upon our thoughts and judgments for if we with him through All his after Impi ties j ask ill because we have judged ill and have and with All the persistency of a divine or judged ill because we1 took no pains to judge donation checked disciplined and reclaim f a Well then the sin is not taken away from de him till he became an Able and faithful a it our act but re Ains in it and the act was minister of the new testament according to that pious mothers prayer is a notable chapter annals of the Church. The biographers of Fleo. John Belfrage remarked that his Christian Mother Laboured to prepare him for the sacred office to form pious sentiments in his mind and to cherish devout feelings in his heart. She marked with pleasure her songs Early inclination for the ministry which had been awake by Means of her own Early religious influences upon him. Accordingly when at a suitable age he was sent to the College of Edinburgh it pleased god to work in him the graces of character and he became a devoted and faithful minister of Christ after his pious Mother had been Laid dust. Or. Claudius Buchanan was from his childhood devoted by his parents to the ministry. He was however a reckless youth and pursued a course of wandering through several years until at length the god of Newton brought him to attend on the. Ministry of that reclaimed wanderer and he was led to Christ. It was on hearing a Sermon from the passage in Isaiah a a How Beautiful upon the mountains Are the feel of him that bring eth Good tidings a that All his Early parental dedication to the ministry forced itself upon his heart. He became at length a preacher of the gospel in England and afterwards filled an important Post in India As a Herald of the is recorded also of the celebrated Philip Henry that his godly Mother devoted him in his tender years to the service of god work of the ministry and though she died before he was fourteen years of age he always spoke of her As by ing to him what Timothy smother and grand Mother were to aim acquainting him with the scriptures from his childhood. She prayed with him daily Catechi Zed him and thus Laid the foundation for his future use ulness great and holy work to which she had devoted him. Of the Rev. John Bailey who was a faithful minister of the gospel in Ireland and in new England it is recorded that his godly Mother dedicated him to the service j of god gospel ministry from his earliest moments., he was accordingly trained in a Way befitting such a sacred aim and from being reared like Timothy he became like him an eminent minister of the new testament. We add the name of the celebrated president Davies. His Mother says his biographer took example from the Mother of the Prophet Samuel and vowed a vow unto the lord that if he would indeed give her a Man child she would devote him to his service All the Days of his life. Hence he was called Samuel. At twelve years of age it is remarked that he was More ardent in his supplications tor being introduced into the gospel ministry than for any other thing. A a the event proved a says president Finley in his Sermon on his death a a that god accepted the consecrated boy took him under his special care furnished my for and employed him service of his Church prospered his labors with remarkable Success and not Only blessed him but made himself a see also to the same effect the Case of Rev. Or. Mcmillan As narrated in a the history of Jefferson College a by Rev. Joseph Smith d d appendix p. 414.god has not left himself without witness his faithfulness to his household covenant and to his new testament Church has been signally manifested in a Ong line of minis ters Parent ally dedicated to him in this holy work from Samuel and those that follow alter a great Cloud of witness bearers have testified of these things. Many members of this Synod could testify to the same effect of such Early parental dedication in their Case. It has always pleased god to propagate his Church by Means of a pious posterity. He has transmitted his gospel ministry by this Means. The Sanctity of the Domestic relation and the Power of parental influence and prayer have been employed by him for so momentous a result As the recruiting of labourers for the Harvest Field of the world. And by All the necessities of his Church and of perishing millions in All lands he cabs upon Christian parents to Lay their sons at the foot of his altar and to crave tor them As their High Christian Birthright the distinguished Honor of serving him ministry of reconciliation. Fathers and Brethren of the Synod where Are our sons who have attained to years of maturity or who Are fitting for their stations in life have we honestly devoted them to the sacred ministry and then in Good Faith pleaded with god to train them up for so High and holy a calling if it were his will ? or have we borne no testimony household and used no influence with god toward this result might it not be expected that the Christian ministry would be recruited from our families ? does not gods service need them ? Are not the churches calling for men Are we not now to labor and Pray that the Promise May soon be fulfilled As the glory an act of what scripture cells Folly the Folly which sees not and regards not god. Whatever be our business in life if we make it a part of our daily payers to god that he will give us in Der Standig n it that he will assist our judgment p that seeing what a a right and True we May maintain and follow it both in word and deed i do not doubt that such prayers will be answered and that where we now act by Reilly and carelessly my cording to any prevailing feeling or fancy there we shall act upor the full Persua Ion of our minds and thai persuasion will be. M general according to the will of . Arnold. 1 the freeness of divine Grace a there is no need of Price or canvassing or manual labor to obtain the highest dignity and happiness of Man. It is the free gift of god and May be easily possessed. As the Sun shines As the Fountain bubbles As the rain descends so does the heavenly spirit shed abroad his Cyprian. From our London correspondent. Of the latter Days that our sons and our daughters shall Prophesy Aud that our Young men shall see visions As Well As our old men dream dreams and that a a beauties of holiness from the nov do of the morning the Church shall have the Dew of her Young men a ask for Wisdom. Even among those who do Pray regularly the prayer for Wisdom does not i suspect form a part of their petitions. Many of us seem to have a confused notion that sense reason Good judgment or by whatever name we Call our intellectual faculties Are quite distinct from spiritual blessings and Are things too wordly to be named in our prayers. Yet what was Solomon a Choice but an a a understanding heart to judge the people a that is a sound and powerful mind capable of discerning the truth and the right line of his daily duty. Solomon a Choice should be our prayer in st James words we should ask of god to give us Wisdom. Aud As in other Points of our conduct so it is also in this that by asking god to give us a Wise and understanding heart we con fee to ourselves that our opinions and judg meets Are serious things for we do not bring Mere trifles before gods notice in our Pray. Ers and that being serious things they India and suggestive maps and pictures the Long fight at Delhi Havelock a second March and Retreat Lucknow a respite and Havelock s peril calling out militia and fresh troops for India premature explosion of conspiracy the fast Day gloom and Sunshine Spurgeon s Sermon at the Crystal pal acc the collection and. The crowd the covetous directors the times Art d its three remarkable papers on the fast , and its celerity texts preached a on general solemnity probable issues meet ing of the emperors Sabbath breaking at Slutt Gardt and berlins a reminiscence of a is and a i Ike a birth Day the King of Prussia German revival tra etarian secession the two catechisms Cullen and the Relief fund England Maynooth policy the cardinals style the Atlantic Cable Belfast and Orange ism. London october 9, 1857. Maps of India some of them panoramic enabling you to see As at a Birds Eye glance the track of every River the line of every trunk Road or Telegraph the relative position and distance of the great cities and Strong holds of the different presidencies Are now common in our print Sellers windows As Well As in private houses and Are the subjects of anxious and constant refer ence to multitudes. Our pictorial newspapers give us likenesses of Neha Sahib and of the puppet King of Delhi. Besides this we have lithographed or coloured drawings from authentic sources of Benares. pore Lucknow and. Especially. Of Delhi with the lofty of Walls and Gates and flaunting towers and bastions 1 which with our own hands we we re left in1 gods judicial displeasure to make so terrible against ourselves there is the Jumna foreground and the Bridge of boats Over which fresh bands of mutineers have arrived week after week without any pow her on the part of the British to intercept them. Yonder to the right Are the British lines opposite to that Cashmere Gate through which each fresh band of conspirators a Day or two after arrival Are compelled on pain of expulsion across the Bridge into the open country again to go out to conflict and dread chastisement with the troops of England. For example the Nee much mutineers lately arrived assaulted the British on the first of August. The fight continued All the night and till the afternoon of the following Day. The British troops were kept Well under Coyer and the. Slaughter of their adversaries was tremendous. Beaten and dispirited their powder manufactory exploding and five Hundred artificers therein killed the Hin Doos arousing the Mohammedans and All. Trembling for the Issue if i cannot an. Younee Ere this letter closes that Delhi is fallen yet it is a moral certainty that it is so and that the next mail will bring us the Welcome tidings. Havelock a second March toward Lucknow was not without fruits. The nude insurgents forsaking a and Rushing to oppose the British the Garrison rushed Forth and were Able to procure ample provisions so that their safety from starvation was meanwhile secured. Probably before this letter appears in print you will know through other sources and by later news whether Havelock himself is Saff As great anxiety prevails on account of the nude mutineers crossing the River to attack him. The government Are providing fresh reinforcements foe India. The militia also Are being now extensively called out and numbers of them will be employed to occupy our great naval depots at Home to secure them from possible insult and also to Garrison Gibraltar Malta and the ionian islands so As to allow regular troops there to be dispatched to. The seat of War. Iff Havelock be found not to be himself in peril at Gaw pore and if the next mail brings us word not Only that Delhi has fallen bub that the insurrection a has not spread . Bombay or Madras presidency we so Salt then be delivered from fearful anxiety. For the dreaded interval before supplies from Home could reach India will Well nigh be ended and once that British troops Are there in Force the mutineers Haye no Hope of Success. The governor of Ceylon in a private letter to a Friend in England the contests of which have been made Public states that but for the premature outbreak at Meerut the plot of the conspirators was so thoroughly prepared and Laid that a simultaneous massacre would have taken place Over the whole of Bengal and that probably a a not one european would have this is not to be forgotten among the reasons for National thanksgiving to him who we Trust is chastening in order to bring sin to remembrance and to Lead us to the conviction that christianity must Dow be openly avowed and taught without state interference for or against and mohammedanism and Hin do ism be treated with tolerance indeed but no longer with favor and Protection and Trust. The Day of. National fasting and humiliation was wednesday last. Auer a Long season of Fine weather the fast Day was one of gloom and falling showers inter mingled with glimpses of Blue ski and demand our own serious care that duty and again at Nightfall there were torrents of sin belong to them that As our salvation 1 rain and by and by the Moon burst through depends on our lives so our lives depend l the Clouds. And As was the Day and night so i thought is the crisis of mingled sorrow and Hope that has come upon us. Or. Spurgeon preached Central transept of the Crystal Palace to no less than twent.1 three thousand five Hundred and sixty four persons. His text was a hear be the Rod and him that hath appointed he gave t severe lashing to the nation and especially the Metropolis for its Home sins and with regard to Hindoo idolatry and our Protection and patronage of it he spoke. Thus a we never for a moment a hound have Tro rated the so called religion of the. , which was neither More nor less thao a mass of be vilest filth that imaginations Tould conceive. Religious Liberty was a principle but when religion taught Immo Rajita then he would at once a Down with i. He never Tuut d tolerate such a by Suchilt As hat. If religion countenanced thue cism Anil the commission of bestial acts he would Noi tolerate that and he contended that it was the duty of government to suppress the Hindoo religion by the Strong hand. Touching on the recent popularity of Werdt s operas he referred to a a lords and Lidies who frequently sat in theatres to listen to plays which were a Long Way from the collection building for the belief fund for the Indian sufferers Ai a mounted to �475, to which the Crystal Palace company added �200. Many serious persons blame sir. Spurgeon for going at All to the Crystal Palace whose directors used him for an apology to open the Palace of the fast Day at All and to swell their own dividends. Their receipts at a shilling each for Wenty three thousand five Hundred and sixty four persons were Large. Buff the Cootie in after All does not pay. The times on the morning of wednesday had three remarkable papers. First a Lea diff boldly vowing that henceforth England s grand Mission must be to christianize and civilize India. Second a Noble and comprehensive manifesto put Forth promo Genii a columns of the times from the committee of the Church missionary society,1 in which Lour a past shameful neglect. Of India and our future duty were impress Rively set Forth. Third a remarkable letter from a lady under the signature of a Eleanor a to her British Sisters on the prevailing extravagance in dress and equipage and the love of pleasure to the neglect of the cause of Christ and of the perishing poor. She refers to the common custom of paying �100 for a Ball dress and to ladies who think them selves economical in personal expenditure if it is limited to �1,000, per annul. This., love of Gayety and dress had been very rampant Ere this Mutiny broke out and so me splendidly dressed a a miserable sinners Quot were doubtless do be found fast Day con go nations not Only in London but a Over the kingdom. A a r a to show How the press mirrors Public feeling and its quickness of execution too on the afternoon of Jasbi fast the Globe and other evening lib pm is were conveying to the provinces a faithful outlines of a Large number of sermons preached Metropolis while the times and All the morning papers of yesterday were almost filled with sketches. All this deepens the impression on1 the a a Tiona a heart. God Grant that it May be per-., manent and that it May be seen both As to the deliverance of those who a Are drawn into death and ready to be slain a in India and As to permanent reformation at Home that the Promise has been ours a whilst they Are yet speaking i will hear.�?�. The texts preached on showed a wonderful variety. Some were curious. One was a a raze it raze it a or prayer Book version a Down with it Down with it a this by a lady Huntingdon minister was applied to the conspirators Ery in India and to our. Own nations Ery with the exception of some a Irish sepoy a As to the putting ii own the Mutiny and at the same time the destruction of caste and of a cowardly policy. Or. Hamilton s text was a i do remember., my faults this Day a and course of. His Sermon he quoted a a prophetic passage from or. Duff written Twenty two a years ago a calamity a if the nation repented not. Another presbyterian minister a Friend of a prs whom i shall not name discoursed on the bitter and unexpected sorrows which had dome on the suf to res in India and on Britain too and also on the duty of the Thuch and nation toward India As Well As Refuge to be found this Day of trouble from god alone from these words a thou Hast showed thy people hard things thou Hast made us to drink of the wine of astonishment. Thou Hast Given a Banner to them that fear thee that it May it be displayed because of thy truth. That thy beloved May be delivered save with thy right hand and hear psalm in 3�?5. I a. A a a a i the sums raised by collections Ovar the kingdom when added to the subscriptions so generally made will be vast. God Grant it new Era May now1 be initiated history of England of India and the i world. The fast Day was observed umber Sally and with it very great solemnity. The whole a nation Quot seemed Quot to Bow m abasement before a god owning the Justice of the stroke. The press and the pulpit were As a Rule the faithful exponents of the opinions a confessions and feelings Quot of a people whom the great governor will surely use when he has purified it for the glory of his name and the establishment of Messiah s kingdom one thing seems settled in spite of colonel Sykes and other advocates old traditional policy that henceforth christianity must unfurl her banners fearlessly m the Eye of Hin Doostan. And another settled thing is that High caste Brahman Lam will henceforth be a thing disarmed and powerless. In the Punjab Lawrence is enlisting , in great numbers who Are Mohammedans but dissenters and therefore on the principal of Border haired Are fierce against the Delhi conspirators. Edwards also the hero of Moi Ltan is reaping the fruits of Pasoff Justice and generosity and thousands Are flocking to his Standard. The recent meeting of the emperors is an event of great political t significance As i formerly indicated. The effect is to make the French Emp ror More powerful at Home and More the object of wonder to Europe at Stuttgart he threw the emperor of bus Sia completely into the Shade. The latter made himself almost disagreeable was laughed at for wearing a cos ack dress and. Behaved very much like a spoiled boy whereas Louis Napoleon was polite to every one to a degree and mounted on his own. Splendid Charger while Young Alexander Rode on a borrowed and Clumsy Steed Hewon the admiration of the masses on a great fete Day then the coming of the Young Empress of Russia unexpectedly to Stuttgart to probably distrustful of the husbands ability to discuss political matters with Napoleon was Felt by All As a very awkward affair. The Empress Eugenie would have been there had a the czarina announced her intention to that effect. And the gossips say that the latter was afraid of the Superior Beauty and. Grace of her French sister h More a to say nothing of the secret muscovite Pride which regards both Napoleon and his wife As up starts and Parven yes a. There is no reason to believe that private interviews of the emperors a apr Len showed any inclination to break with Eugi Jiuu. Lue act i8jtne Jung Isu Alliance is and has been his that at his Back he stands prepared to resist All Europe. The Young emperor of Austria had no Quot meeting at Stuttgart with the French Monarch but after a great Deal of diplomacy he and Alexander have met and we hear much of kissing and embracing followed by Long secret interviews. Austrian policy is always despicable in its wriggling j arid we la Russia May seem to forget Austria a refusal to Back her last War As Well As her a great ingratitude for help against Hungary in 1848, she is not Likely to forgive King of Prussia did not Send his brother to the conference at Stuttgart he is afraid of too close an Intercourse Between France and Russia. His a policy is equally Adverse to the predominance of Austria the result is inaction on the part of Prussia whenever a great crisis comes and a Large standing army which never strikes a blow although it sometimes has threatened to do Sabbath Observance of Continental monarchs or rather its mock Observance and real profanation comes out curiously enough accounts of the Stuttgart meeting. The series of entertain my tots was fixed to conclude of siriday. But first morning the Host the King of Wurtemberg a goes to the protestant Church and his guests Louis Napoleon and the Young Czar repair respectively to the Romish mass and to the greek a Lidrich. This part of the programme having been duly carried out and dinners &o., following the great ones repair to the opera House evening where the King a great Lover of music has got up Bohemian girl for their special writer to irime Rit. Here the muscovite a Hows his by a walking Buffi a before the performance a is it half Oyer while Napoleon Crafty smiling and apparently enthusiastic applauds and claps his he us so a Veri after the curtain Falls .1 such was the Sabbath of the King arid the emperors. Such too often is the Sabbath All Over protestant Germany. On the Duke of Nassau a birth Day at Ems i Haye Ere now listened Early Iris the Sabbath a mom Irig to a Sweet hymn Sung by a multitude of school children drawn up on the Hillside opposite the town then came the usual protestant services ending at. Noon. After that All was Holiday and evening there was a grand Ball to which All the chief inhabitants including the physician in whose House l lived his Sori arid daughter besides military men went in full dress but what Are we to say about Berlin itself ? the King of Prussia is not an in a temperate irian.1 that falsehood in Rowde and if not buried yet. 1 the King of Prussia is we .Trust., Man and has a warm evangelical sympathies. But the King of Prussia the. Patron of the evangelical Alliance the Friend of Krummacher a a the opponent of lutheran ritualism j the Fourier of the a Jerusalem Bishopric the pro to a tor of Continental protestantism one of the deliverers of. The Mariai from a the cruel hands of papal persecutors he thinks it no harm to go to the theatre at bar virion the event chg Ozithe lords Day a Frieh Dormine who iwas recently atthe Berlin conference said in relating a tvs a a it is a Well a for. Us a that we May not judge other men a it is. True but we know what the scriptural Standard is we know that grids Law cannot alter and with Berlin with its half a million of people and Church accommodation not All occupied lor Only forty thousand we see How by Luther a letting Down at the first the High Standard of god s own arrangement the Sabbath has in Germany practically been trampled under foot and both sound doctrine and pure morality have in consequence Well nigh perished from the land How slow must be the process of revival Iff thus the Sabbath remains despised i and if a mighty Shower of the spirit come Down on g Ermany will not the recognition of the Puritan the scriptural Sabbath be one of its earliest fruits ?. Are bound to obey those commandments. Here is a parallel column painfully suggestive the posh Cate. Chism. The commandments of the Church 1. To done a work and hear mass on sundays and holidays. A 2. To abstain from flesh meat on Days of abstinence 3. To fast on fasting Days when you Are 21 years old. 4. To confess your sins every year. 6. To receive the blessed sacrament about easter. G. To help to support your pastors when you Are Able. The morning advertiser states that no less than ten clergymen of the eng Lish Church distinguished for their literary standing Are about openly to go Over to Rome and that immediately the leading tract nans have been persuading them to defer the step for a Little Are All traitors together it i Only Tho e who throw off the mask at once and go Over to the enemy that can claim the credit of honest avowal of conviction although even that is tardy at the Best. What a state would an army be in with such traitors m the Camp or another Londonderry with such undies fori Tress i How surely on the discovery would they be expelled of executed and yet the Church of England is so powerless a or so faithless and her. A a Compromise a Bosovik is so expansive and All embracing. That she either will not or cannot do either one or the other. The Union newspaper is doing its work Well As also is the tra Tanau critical journal and others of their publications. I a Romish and a Pusey Ite catechism the one bearing the imprimatur of Paul Cullen Archi Episcopu Duelm Tensis. The other a a the first catechism of christian1 published at the Union office i . a , resemblance to each other the sacraments Are in each seven in number and Are baptism the lord s supper confirmation pm Nav of holy orders Matrimony and extreme unction. So there Are also seven deadly sins in , Viz Punde covetousness lust anger g Ottony envy and sloth the commandments of the Church Are in each Case said to be six the popish Cate a hism telling them and it twin sister declaring that we the pus Etith Oate ,. Chism. The commandments of the Church. 1. To keen certain appointed Days Loly by resting from Servile works. 2. To be present at divine service on All sundays Aud holidays of obligation. 3. To keep the Days of fasting and abstinence appointed by the Church. 4. To confess our. Sins to our pastors or some other priest whenever they trouble us. 6, to receive the blessed sacrament three times a year of which Piaster must be one. 6. Not to solemnize marriage at certain times nor within certain degrees of Kindred nor privately without will observe that in no. 4 of the Pasey Ite commandments confession is even made More frequent than Romish Church and that any a a other priest a As Well As a pastors a Why not a Romish priest ? May hear the confession and give absolution. But the recognition of the Primacy of. The Pope is the crowning lesson taught m the tra etarian catechism. After stating that the Chi Reh a a is governed by Bishops and other clergy deriving their orders in a direct line from the apostles a the following occurs a 1 re. Are All the Bishops equal ? a All Are equal m their office hut some re higher than others As archbishops metropol Hans and patriarchs of whom the first is the Bishop of Rome the patriarch of the West archbishop Cullen has been writing from Rome about the collections for the sufferers in India m the same vile and selfish spirit As Cardinal Wiseman. Cullen a cd a ses the managers of the patriotic fund raised during the last War of having refused to make Grants for the education of a children of deceased a Romish soldiers a Aud of using the fund for proselytizing purposes. The re sult will be of bourse in Ireland As Well as1 England that papists will a withhold help from the fund for the Indian sufferers Rome has no sympathy Ifor heretic England or the widowed and fatherless fugitives from India. Her tender mercies Are cruel Aud she is quite As treacherous to the British Crown As Are the Mohammedans and sepoy of India. Some a if her Pastis a Nis in Ireland have been circulating a placards urging the people not to enlist reminding them that eng a lands difficulty is Ireland a Opportunity and in terms of triumphant and fiendish hate gloating Over the massacres in India. The a a sepoy press a in Ireland is limited in its influence and the priests do not openly countenance it. But save for self interest and Hopes to win by cunning and by political pressure More than they can gain by. Violence knowing too that their own Quot necks would be in peril every Romish Bishop a and priest in ire land if not better 1 than his Creed is a rebel. To Queen Victoria at heart Jand would gladly see the throne of one _ who a a heretic is excommunicated Piso 1 Facto by thai canons overturned to Morrow. A England however hot for her own Sake but tor the glory of gods great name Willi confidently believe Rise triumphant Over All her traitorous enemies whether abroad or at Home., her pampering of Maynooth is a hot bed of heresy and sedition has b Feen her we Akness and her Ain at Home i just As a her patronage of paganism and to and All from base selfishness of motive a has been in India. Of a that we Vivere. Indeed Wise and right in policy 1 How Day of peril a would one1 chase1 a thousand and two put ten thousand to flight 1�?� Tho times has been distorting itself afre h with Cardinal Wiseman and his recent pastoral the Cardinal loves to be i rhetorical and sparkling of True oratory the soul of which is heart and earnestness he is entirely innocent. But Vamer than he of his literary performances none is to be a found How cruel then for the times to entice be his style As Spanish translated into latin. And latin into English amp of. Lord st. Leonards and the times have severely castigated Cullen for the lying charges he brings Forward m order to justify the ignoring by papists of collections. For the Indian sufferers. The Atlantic Cable is now being un-,.shipped at Plymouth. It is deposited in three water proof tanks with a wooden roof Over All. These tanks will receive three Tho band Miles of Cable. The two ships lie tidal base the wire passes through boiling Oil and its delivery will a copy sir weeks the Niagara will then go to new York for repairs the american frigate Susquehanna which had accompanied the agamemnon and Niagara has sailed for the United states naval depot Mediterranean her return next year to assist Effort More olo Selv a to 1 unite the two nations i looked Forward to with satisfaction. The american offi Oera bad been received at Plymouth with at a Poa Gible Honor and hospitality it is intended to add several Hundred Miles length to theobale before another attempt is made to Lay it Down. In connexion with the Belfast riots the Insh government has resolved henceforth to withhold commissions of the peace from persons who Are members of Orange lodges i think this is a justifiable step. Political protestantism by a done much harm to the Progress and peace of Ireland and 4oo often a Bamo to the spread of truth i am bound however to say that Many and i believe an increasing number of Christian gentlemen Are to be found inthe Orange Racks a and Iff is to1 their loyalty and Pluck As a body bit in Case of an Insh outbreak the government would be compelled to Appeal. Morje was made of the Belfy st hots by the press than a was called for the French took advantage of them to read Usiak lecture on the blessings of despotism to which the times coolly replied that it Waffie better to have Liberty and an occasional Meute than the Iron compulsion of despotism broken up a a Lyben by earthquake convulsions and crushing thru Nei 1 j. W

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