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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - May 16, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaA Hyt Erlan bating re vol a Flo. 3, i Byi Carlta advocate vol Xix hois9# one thing is needful a a one thing have i desired of the lord a this one thing whole no. 340 Vid Mckinney editor and office Gazette building fifth Street above Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 111 South tenth Street below Chestnut the week Fadwa saturday Quot May 16, 1857. By a fitly or at tli6 offi Cio �?T0150 pm a cwt see r delivered in the City 1,75 a a a a s a be club. A Rinal the Flowers. Tit Q. A. Bt7llivan. Con a the Flowers 1 what Are the Flowers ? Quot Bat is their Mission Here ? a Como from the Bright Gay Eden above Ere they Ever Ever Bloom e Caro is unknown and anguish unfelt heard of Timo death and the Tomb. A re tokens of endless boundless love rom our heavenly Parent True tastes of the Joys which in heft Van a exist d Chams for the hopeless too. Cheer the heart Ana they lift the Soula nobler birth on High god in his glory doth live and reign King of the upper sky. H attune the voice to sing his Praise a the blessings he hath Given humbly ask his pardoning Gracer a Blissful Home in heaven. I at., 1857. A a a get for Tiro presbyterian Sanner ant advocate. Infant baptism a no 1. E now invite the attention of the i any other whom god had made charitable in that i., cd. ., p. 15. Again a King Lewis xii., having been informed by the enemies of the Waldenses dwelling in Provence of Many grievous crimes which were imposed upon them sent to make inquisition in those places the lord adam1 fumes Maister of requests and a doctor of Sorbon called Parne who was his confessor. They visited All the parishes and temples and found neither images nor so much As the least show of any ornaments belonging to their masses and ceremonies of the Church of Rome much less any such crimes As were imposed Upton them but rather that they kept their sabbaths Duely causing their children to he baptized according to the order of the primitive Church teaching them the. Articles of the Christian Faith and the commandments Book i., of. Al up. 30,31. I am sorry to remark that or. William a tones a Baptist in his a a his tory of the Waldenses a quoting avowedly from Perry and other authorities carefully suppresses every sentence which would show those people to have been Atmore glaring falsification a of history has hardly Ever been committed ont Sido of the papal Church i the Petro russians. In spite of the abundant testimonies and Toa Point of difference by far the i a use a by Perrin and others some baptist1 a a a writers persist in denying a that the. Waldenses of Piedmont were Ped baptists. And what excuse do they offer a for contradicting the solemn professions of belief and practice so often uttered by these i pious believing adults a re entitled to that witnesses of the truth ? simply this that during the twelfth Century there sprung tipi in the South of france1 a Small sect called Petro russians who be fused baptism to infants on the ground that they were Ino Apa ble of salvation. These people a were to a great extent confounded with the Vaudois or Waldenses because they a had frequent Intercourse and made i common aus with them against the papists. R soon after the death of their a founder de Bruise the dwindled Way and became extinct. And Here let it.,be, noted that this is the k.,.v j i first Christian society recorded in history the Early Christian sects who escaped ,., a. _. ,. I i of ,. It on a of. Who rejected the a baptism of infants,.and for /zf.1 a. A .0 the. Lipoi Tant of any the Bap Thren and ourselves. We insist that by adult believers but their infant in also have a right to baptism of the contrary contend that none Lance. _ a Ese Brethren display on All occasions ust bitter hostility to what they Call i sprinkling and with an of ton which we May As Well consider at i outset. They cry out that infant Bap is one of the abominations of Popery i was unknown in the Church during Imi Tive Ages. History of infant baptism. T if indeed it owes its origin to Popery we May expect to find some at least the from to serious an innovation a unfortunately for the baptists Are All against them. Of All those Btian communities which were never or the influence of Rome but always ended against her. There in not one. Does not maintain the baptism of a there is for greek Church. Which nearly als in numbers that of Rome. It never led in the least to the papal Power hut isted it from the beginning. They Are a h authority with the baptists because practice immersion bat1 it is Noti that they also practice infant baptism. A the armenian Church is another Liose ancient sects which never had any. A Lexion with Roque. They separated that infants were not capable of salvation and what now becomes of the assertion that infant a baptism is an innovation of Popery ? we have seen that the principle has been maintained by All the ancient sects 1 without exception who separated from the great body of the Church by fore Popery existed by communities a which never had a any connexion within Rome a which were scattered far apart in the Interior a of Persia in. A Remote Corner of India in the a Gioffi regions of Ethiopia Ana in the secluded valleys Quot of Piedmont. -1 a with Equer whack Tyr have Adt Fie feed Quot to the practice of infant baptism. 1 the Pelagian controversy. _ _ if now we go Back to a period within b the greek Church at an a arly period i three Hundred years of the apostolic age seem to have remained faithful to their i we shall find ample evidence that no Chris religion and worship. They Are at this Tian society that refused baptism to infants distinguished among the Oriental Chris-1 had then existed. About that time be for Superior intelligence and purity a i i Laius published the doctrine that infants is. They practice the baptism of in-1 Ara Horn free four moral defilement. He a dipping thrice and sprinkling thrice i was opposed with great vehemence by an. The Nestorian or More properly l gush who pressed him with this powerful chaldean of Persia Are another j argument a a Why Are infants baptized for he Quot a of the greek Church detached from Arent Stock at an Early period they be the use of pictures and images in churches and in some other respects conformed to the simplicity of the Tolic age. They baptize children the syrian christians or As they themselves the christians of st. Reside on the coast of Malabar the Southern extremity of India. The remission of sins if they Hovemo sin a a a Why Are they washed in the Laver of regeneration if they have no pollution a Pelagius and a Celestina his principal abettor were greatly puzzled and embarrassed with this argument and knew not How to evade or resist its Force without plunging still deeper in last some one charged upon them a denial of infant . Tim a. A necessary inference from their sprung from the Gentile Church of doctrine. Pelagius became indignant. Och in Syria and take their name from Postic Thomas. They Are named in As far Back As a. V. 356 and were time of considerable standing their isolated situation they retain strongly the features of their descent the a Ilist Christian communities baptize their children and by effusion. The abyssinian Church is a Branch o egyptian or coptic with which it retains some communication. In the Century powerful efforts were made by Opo to subject them to his authority without Success. They practice infant Vaudois or Waldenses the Waldenses or Vaudois of Dmont Are famed As witnesses for the h in those Ages of darkness when True Ion seemed almost extinct. Secluded air lonely valleys from the rest of the a they seemed to ? have preserved the Limity and purity of the apostolic times a All elsewhere were inundated with that they refused to Yieldi Obe be to Rome and were on this account cruelly and brutally persecuted is n to All the world. It is equally notorious hey maintained infant baptism sir i Morland who visited them in 1657, Pui fitment of the British government a a baptism a says he a a ought to be admin tired to infants with the same sacramental words which Are used in the Case of adult men slander me As if i denied the sacrament of baptism to a a i never heard of any not even the most impious heretic who denied baptism to infants for who Ean he so impious As to Hin Der infants from being baptized and born again in Christ and so make them miss of the kingdom of god a Celestina also confessed a a that infants were to be baptized according to the Rule of the Universal Church Augustin a in the course of the controversy makes the sweeping declaration a a that he had never heard of whether Catholic or seckary who taught any other doctrine than that infants were to be baptized. Augustin lived in Africa. Pelagius was a native of Britain but resided a Long time at. Rome then the Centre of the civilized world. He also visited the principal churches of Europe Asia and Africa celestis was Horn in Ireland Bat settled permanently at Jerusalem. All three were Learned men and must have been familiar with the Early Christian writers. If in any part of the world there had been a Church or society which denied baptism to infants Orient uni Etsios furnished by this a or we take the following extract Jln a we have but two sacramental signs left few by Jesus Christ the one is baptism the other is the eucharist which we receive to show that our perseverance in the Faith is such As we promised when we were in sized being Little children a and More that the mercy and Grace of god is to be denied t no human being that a and this Rule As it holds for All we think More especially to be observed in reference to infants even to those newly cyp. Epst 66 it testimony of Origen this celebrated writer was born at Alexandria eighty five years after the death of the last apostle he was certainly the most Learne d Man of the age he was educated at Alexandria and to acquire knowledge he travelled m Cappadocia and Arabia in Italy and Greece and spent the greater part of his life m Syria and Palestine the seat of the first Christian churches there he could not fail to become1 intimately acquainted with their Pnno spies and usages it is True that like most of the Christian Fathera he was betrayed into some errors in doctrine but with his opinions we Are not at present concerned. We bring him for Ward As a witness to a simple Mamer a a Aci. A not be what was Dally occurring before his own eyes and there was no possible motive to induced Kiili to deviate from the truth. In his homily on Leviticus he a 1 a a whereas the baptism of the Church is Given for the forgiveness of bins infants also Are it by the usage of it Church a baptized when if there were a nothing in infants that wanted forgiveness and mercy the Grace of baptism would be needless to again in his homily on Luke a a infants Are baptized for the forgiveness of a sins of what sins when have they sinned 1 or How can any reason of. The Laver m their Case hold Good but according to that sense we mentioned even now a none is free Quot from pollution though his life he but of the length of one Day upon the Earth a Agamy Ion his commentary a on romans a a for this also it was that the Church had from the apostles a tradition m order to give baptism even to infants a for they to whom the divine mysteries were committed knew that1 there is Fin All persons the natural pollution of sin which must be. Done away by water and the fall nol. I., pp.-104�?106.4. A inspired traditions. Baptist writers express a great contempt for what Ongen ,-�?~-�?~.a-.traditioni-from the apostles a a they forget that traditions received from inspired men Are widely different ? from those fables a and corrupt glosses by which the. Jews a a made the a word of god of none Quot effect. I st Paul m 2 thess i a 45. Says r therefore it Brethren stand fast and hold the traditions which pc have been t ought whether by word or our epistle again in the 6th verse of the third chapter a gnaw we command you a Brethren m the name of our lord Jesus Christ that be withdraw yourselves from every brother that ? walk eth disorderly and1 not after the tradition which he received of us j al if. Therefore the primitive christians received a tradition or order from inspired apostles to baptize infants they were bound to hold it fast and obey it. Ongen had every Opportunity to know whether such an order had been received from the apostles., he was defended from a a Christian ancestry reaching Back to the apostolic age his Pedigree has been transmitted to us by a singular Providence. Porphyry a bitter enemy to christianity represented the christians As a degraded people destitute of All science but not being Able to conceal the splendid literary attainments of a Origen he pretended that he was first a Heathen and had Learned their philosophy. In order to Confute this falsehood Eusebius the historian sets Forth his Christian descent. It seems that his father suffered martyrdom and that his Grandfather and great Grandfather were both christians. The latter must have lived in the times of the apostles and might have heard them preach. Sueh is the Man who testifies that the Church the whole Church gave baptism to infants and had received an order from the apostles to that effect what now becomes of the assertion a a that infant baptism is one of the abominations of Popery which was unknown in the Church during the primitive Ages a the testimony of Origen completely settles the historical question and leaves no reasonable doubt but that infant baptism prevailed in the apostolic times l. N. D. Of the Law of . Cat ques.1 i to. Do not err then my beloved Brethren says James in regard to the nature of sin. A Jas. Is 14�?ifi.1 remember that As where Light is not there is darkness so where holiness is Mot Esthere is a bin our natures Areo Der aged j.,our., conscience defiled4, Dot a. Mere negative it is a positive evil and in it we Are both a tip l. 157 third Anothy lesson is taught in this con nexus ? Saiwai Akes naturally depraved there is no Good Hing in is until renewed by the Grace of Efflin this respect also or it i regard. Quot Ware of error my there Lis Adyt Arpod thin grip you independently of go so Grace for every Good gift so far is god from being the author of a in that be is the a author of All goodness Fon Ever Good Golf hand every Isi from above Tanii meth fruit of his Raeetta Shehee fit is added of his a the us with the Wod of truth that a pegu Odhe a kind of first fruits of Bush features. Wherefore do not pretend teachers a or to the mar �the1 Bible itty big they a but Schable wherefore my t ev6ry, to slow diff be the for the Wrath of Man work eth not the righteousness of god. Wherefore Lay a Futrall filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness and Reep Ive with meekness the Englif go word which is Abc to save your souls a Jas. I 13�?21 eneral commentary a on a to be Wiser than you know More of be Humble and beloved of a retire Phear a slow to sea offended at the. To Sass in a neuf Whatel. If Prussia continues obstinate they will a probably declare that the con Erenee is dissolved and then take such measures As May appear to them advisable. ,. Queen Victory a is now the Mother of nine Etc Loren a daughter having been added to her family., during the present week. All her children Are healthy and vigorous and she has never known the agony of a bereaved heart Quot she is now thirty eight a years of age. A ask a wife and Mother. She is a Model woman has a. Farm heart and great common1 sense. The mar a Fiagle of tie Prince so Royal with the Youn 1 inn Cen of Prussia in postponed til the he ginning of next year r j the elections Are now completed there a is a Large Liberal majority and a Large a infusion of it Ney it to Fly so Hab take Nripal go to a to a amp if % Motel a Teui i 74�e4fing. Corruption lies a 1 Neath the surface of society. A e ii to no a a t ,.in,-passion, a a no Btu we revery Busty he of holidays was a great mistake of the part i of it thei it Glish Swiss a a dig rms a reformed thu roses. They always interfere Voith. The moral Power of the o, which As a a the Len la a . It Quot its own a credentials and but Ever to -stand1 sub Lime Iyo simple b up Emea a cd along. In Germany among the protestants the easter holidays especially of Good Friday and piment although urn tent ionis not the j easter sunday are1 better kept than the so much for this chapter a a by the 18th verse-1- is with the word be a kind of first there Are several word first we god he has in Mast be a person second. We of god in the does it not be it but because not of obligation ? begat the fulfilment of cause of any pm Good pleasure will have meicy5 and i will have have compassion that Willeth fit of god that 15�?18. Of his own Purpo Given us in cd began As in 2/1 severe Ignant f Power in lawfully Are still i fear applicable Verger proposed t6 make revelations As to the priests but his secrets Are buried in the grave. Still the parisian people rather the men hate and abhor the Priesthood. It was Only last week that a loan insulted a band of Romish eeclhsias1ties in the streets crying out a a the vein Gerb the Vergers he was arrested and sentenced to a term of imprisonment the abbe who accused. Him stating that there had been frequent instances. Of late when the Priesthood had been insulted still Popery in Paris is Strong there crowds a the churches during easter week on ,.attracted by1 Quot displays artistically exhibited of the scenes of the crucifixion and the burial of Christ Rome a has All thu appealed to the sensuous in Manv thei a a a he times a has Ani article ont ithe a subject of preaching in connexion especially with the complaints As to the Church of. Eng Lind clergy. Referring to the demand for1 a a loud preaching like that of or. Spurgeon the a a monster preacher a a it say that it the very Compromise character of the in Phroh. Neither a Rome nor Geneva will Well permit his that quietness is preferred and is natural but that without Impi Opi Ely the evangelicals whose doctrines Are near Akin to Tho Semf or Spurgeon might a put strength la this away. The Toom a intentional Isno the r. to the old Doe Tynca As inspire my i Sabbath. Hay there Are Many who will la i t 1 Oil j tour a to Lvi in no in a a Fly a a Vlf y1 Flat flt Art look a for Paris feta arly at >/1 his own a Wilh begat he truth that Jive should nits of his a Cre Tures pints of interest in these Lere the up Efsen a Lity of us ctn d i 11 And hence Dut of this in my next see Hete the Ove reign to version of sinners. He so he is Lound t6 do is pleased to 4do it it of pleas Nrec of Ichisi of his own purpose not Ibe Ess in us hut of his own it a he Saith to Moses i Tom i will have mercy passion on whom i will q then it is not of him him that run Neth but Feth . In a Erwn Willry according to -1 fund Grace which were 1 Jesus before the world i i1 of his Ownie Iolj tbs wind Loweth where Inkerman especially we self was a a a a Zih e sol-dier�?Ts1 Battle a brings but these traits in won a drug and striking colors one a sergeant i Farcin a number of men who takes the command and though attacked by Superior numbers maintains his Post. Another a portion of the regiment in their i ardor having gone beyond their position and on their a return it being known that a Young of they must have read or heard of it. It a scripts which had escaped the flames had existed we the the memory of Ini Quismon. From one of their most by Tho amp1fl te8timonie8 Chry Ostem Ambrose and others and ascending to a still earlier period we meet increasing evidence that infant baptism was an established usage of the primitive Church. A a i the Council 01 Carthage. About one Hundred and fifty years after incr in remembrance of that great Benefit the apostles there assembled at Carthage a Ven to us by Jesus Christ when he died Council of sixty six Bishops or pastors Over or our redemption and crashed us with his which presided the Martyr Cyprian Fidus pc accious 39 i Juhu Paul Perrin a descendant of these Leople wrote a very full account of their pc Citrine and it seems that their a Neil is had charged thetis with denying a the baptism of infants to which their his Skorian thus replies / r i a a the Huunh calumnies was touching Bap it sme which it is said they the Wal i Dauses denied to Little infants j but from tvs imputation they quit themselves As Fol-1-Jweth a a the time and place of those that uie to be baptized is not ordained but the Chi Nitie and edification of the Church and congregation must serve for a Rule therein the. And therefore they to whom the children Wero nearest Allied brought their. For a be presbyterian Jsai Raer and advocate. A religious a pc or letters to a Friend on the doctrines and duties of the Bible. Letter xviii a regeneration. Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth that we should be a kind of. First fruits of his i. 18. My dear Friend a there is no Hook like to be Bible r it is the Fountain of of truth. We should study it with care and give Good heed to its teachings. Some very interesting and important. Lessons Are a taught us in the verses connected with the passage among them Are these first. God is not the author of sin. Let no Man say when he. Is. Tempted i am tempted of god for god cannot be tempted with evil neither Tempeth he any Man hut every Mau is tempted when he is drawn away of his own inst and enticed a James i 13�?18. The word lust a a Means vehement inclination and there is in men a natural inclination or proclivity to sin a heart that is wicked and this heart or lust is their own god is not responsible for it every Man is drawn away of his own lust his own depraved heart. Second. Hence we Are Here taught that we have natures that Are depraved Atud that actual transgression is but the acting out of the depravity of our natures / every Man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust his own evil heart and wicked inclination and enticed or led astray. Then when lust hath conceived it bring eth Forth sin actual transgression and sin when it is finished bring eth Forth As. I 14, 15. So he the writer James adds in it Listeth and so also the spirit works where he pleases and when he pleases and How he pleases. Of his own Iii 8. Third. We Here see also the nature of regeneration i have spoken of its necessity we Here see its nature begat he us of his own will begat he us / it is being Begotten again in other places being born again and in a others still a new creation. This gives a us some idea of the nature of the change it is the renovation of our natures a a Radical and entire change in our of a new nature and hence called the new Man which after god is created in. Righteousness and . In 20-�?24. If any Man be in Christ Savin Gly United to him he is a new creature Begotten Againyaedhorn-from-above.�?�?2. Cor. V. 17 John Iii 1�?21 fourth. Here is also the agent in this work a begat he us he hath a Begotten us again he the agent is divine. The holy ghost is the agent. Regeneration is the renewing of the holy ghost. He is the agent. Tit. Iii 4�?7. Fifth. And Here too is the Means the the word of truth the gospel / of his own will begat he us with the word of truth being born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the Wor it of god which liveth and Arideth . I 18 1. Pet. I 22, 23. Sixth. And Here is also the end the object or design that god May he glorified that we should he a kind of first fruits of his creatures that we might be consecrated to his service and live to his glory As the first fruits of the Harvest a among the jews were devoted to of his redeemed he says this people a have i formed for myself they shall a Shew Forth my . Xiii 21 this is the chief Edd of Man a a to glorify god and enjoy him for . Cat.,-ques. 1. Let this be the chief end of your being and Gol Wiir less you.,. Read rom. Xii., and hymnr410r r yours truly take the Rray a the inf we a he or i a in Proeh the Tahlo of Ghrist at other it imps perhaps in Christ Tai Day. Nay More there Are multitudes who a go to Church , but Are. Absent every Kremr �?~1 of a 1 f Arnob Goth of a churchmen Ahdo tfx ctr ribs Hete the Sumay Sert Rejis to ined Fht a a similar superstitions reyers Rich for. Holidays with More Ori less intensity my a t-1 Ai prevails no doubt devotional feelings real the 1 Rench military medal j piety with its graces Are awakened in the enthusiasm and As in Harmony with intense a earnestness both m the preacher1 Aad a hearer Whitfield was a Clergyman find if a living. Now a would Soa Teely be f ia.rk8i Ltd i of the a amp uld �wesley.7who, though not a a loud a a yet was so mighty a we want Many such men on both sides of the Atlantic. May the great a King in answer to prayer Send them Forth and that speedily in i been largely distributed to noncommissioned officers and soldiers a of be British my. of these were distributed in the Crimea und one Hundred since to those who had returned Home. Quot these like the Victoria Gross Quot Are Reward for distinguished Seal and bravery during the War in the trenches Oron the . Cases of breasts of True disciples amongst eve nge Cal churchmen here1 or abroad it but i repeat that holidays do always lower the Standard of Sabbath Observance. Puritanism swept them away in England then the Sabbath arose in its Majestic Power to train a people for god. And wherein Otlo speak of the Pilgrim fathers and Nereng lated and the United states where in any country is the Sabbath or r followed by the same National influence for All that is Good and True Quot As in Scotland a a where1 the Quot Sabbath stands out illustrious in its supr�ma�y1? Quot during passion week Ini London to a it presbyterian Eye a there a is much to strike and much to Waken up strange thoughts. A. Secret superstition As to its Peculiar soreness prevails in the Gay world and so for a that week for the�?T11 most part the a country pastor proposed to it a query namely whether an infant might be baptized before it was eight Days old ? the question,.let it be noticed was infants ought to be baptized for that was a settled Point but whether it was Neces-1 sary to wait till the eighth Day after the i the 16th Verbe do not err my beloved birth the following is the unanimous Brethren adhere to the truth do not err decision of the Council a a either by charging god with being the a a whereas you judge that they must not a author of sin or by adopting the notion be baptized within two or Thiee Days after in that All sin consists in voluntary acts of that they arc Horn and that the Rule of circus i there is no sin but in the voluntary trans Oise pal is to he observed that no one a hold j Gre Sion of. Known Law for that is a virtual he baptized and sanctified before the eighth a denial of the doctrine of. Original sin. There Kier he is Hora we were �11 in to in of a very different opinion a As for a what you thought proper to be done no one Mia uts to to baptized As their parents Ori was of your mind but we al rather judged from our London correspondent the prussian difficulty tilth Switzerland Queen a Victoria the a times a on a a loud reaching a a a Whitfield and Wesley wanted French military medal and British soldiers instances of rare Valorz statistics of to Revenue Public debt imports and exports shipping savings Banks population pauperism and emigration a slate of society in France cause of decline a of population it there the. a Popery in pans sensuous easier it spectacles passion week m London the Gay world and a mock penitence holy Day versus the Sabbath a i scotch. Lady accused of Che King of Sardinia and the Pope scene at knights Ridge a a classical version of the dispute or m cute and lord Shaftsbury. A London aprim7,.1857. The prussian difficulty with a Switzerland has not yet been arranged. The King has positively refused to renounce his claim to the title Quot if Prince of neuf Whatel and in �?�th�8 is of not a Only backed by his brother the Prince of Prussia and the court party but by Austria and Russia. He also demands a round sum two millions Tranos it is said As an indemnity for loss of Parton the Revenue of his domains. England and France Are on tic Side of Switzerland the latter is indisposed to recognize the rights of. Prussia a she will Grant a general amnesty to the insurgents of september maintain the charitable institutions of the Canton and defray the War expenses arising from its occupation by the Federal army.-. A she absolutely refuses. 8 pecuniary indemnification to the _ Crown of Prussia.,. ,. France and England if is said a Are of up Sigil Ifa pm a Jun tears Fetchi the a Ryphe Ntreh a re i closed Ohio Are iof Cen onljrfotr1 j a a concerts. It at the opera House in the Hay Market or. Adams with has celebrated orrery figures on to in stage where the great singers Quot h�4�?~ Heel singing and acting the week Befu re a a drop of the very a a so recently by the dancers of the Cut a Lett. Then at Exeter Hall for the equivocal religionist8 who like oratorios and Are con tent to be a stirred and a nil Eil ainu a by a Recita Bionoi the sufferings of Christ from the bps too of hotel Ahdi often notorious actors and a tresses for these the a a mebsiah.�?�,-is provided. Together with of Israel f in Egypt a and a a Elijah but a easter sunday Over and a a passion week a Post Tho great world of Fash of re turns to its Gay Etier with greater zest than a before a an la a forced lenten pm once As opposed to the genuine penitence of the re Trespel is always followed by reaction. The first is Grimace the second is reality. A Quot a 1 is he will the5 tip i Effiom a a Hgt All Chris trans with a the new to stamp it a in their hands shall learn that the True commemoration of the. Death i Christ is not the fast of Good Friday but the feta of Jive lords supper and the True commemoration of a Saviours resurrection a hot ? the annual land Jan devised festival of a easter sunday hut a a the weekly festival of Iohp Ikird s a Day or As Justin Martyr Calls it a the Queen of Days a. A great sensation a has been produced Tinong the diet people of he show by the Arr it of a Young lady of respectable family she is changed with a wishing her Lover a Young French Itea Oher of languages who had paid his it and tigress to tier for some time. He was seized with illness / a physician attended hied and after painful sufferings he expired on examine to Rte no sus i Eide having been excited by tie fact that the a lady had discarded her admirer and had accepted an offer of marriage from a More wealthy suitor As Well As from the Purchase by her Onist a a Raj of Coabe on of a rss a ice the Hay we a exp hmm Dju a to la Era in a made to show that to the a Jung lady bought for pm Elip Pur Pees hot it . It stands at present a goes right against the accused and Hail is refused. A. 1 1�itb� Herr or inspire do a by this among the upper classes Quot of society and especially among females murder is Wii the. _ never heard of in these Days. Ref in Hiohio out namely that the waste i 0� forbid Guild really exists and Quot should of War and emigration the population in brought Home a and capital punishment creases in this country. This is a striking follow what a fearful result a a the lady was very Gay and fond of fashionable pleasures body from an exposed spot while on the same Day the Only officer of his company being wout dec a he took the company and a held it Ltd ring the charge 1 another an irishman private d. Sullivan one of his comrades being made prisoner by five of the enemy rushed at them killed three and rescued his Comrade. And whether in a a the Battle Field or the trenches he was distinguished for valor and spirit. The following Home statistics May be interesting to Many of your readers the net Revenue last year was �e72,-1 218,988, the income tax alone producing nearly sixteen millions Sterling. The grand total of the pub he debt at the close of the year Quot was �807,981,788. The total imports of raw Cotton were lj023 ,886,�?~528 pounds1 and of Wool 116,211,392 pounds. The value of Home produce exported was �115,-1 890,857. A the total tonnage of vessels entered and cleared was 12.945,771 British and 8643,278 foreign. 18,419 sailing ves Seis and 851 steamers were employed in the Home and foreign Trade employing 173,918 men. £16,476,0001 was coined at the Royal mint. The capital of having so Banks amounts to upward of thirty four millions Sterling. A the estimated population of England and Wale was 19,044,000 , 657,704 the deaths 391,869 ,-159,000. The population of Scotland �was.3,033,177, London will equal this in ten years Quot a a the deaths 58,452 and the Espousal 20,494. The Irish population statistics Are not Given. Marriages Are decreasing there As to pauperism on the 1st. Of january �?~1857, there were 843,806 receiving Relief in a England and Wales in a Scotland 79 973 and in Ireland 56j094. A i As to emigration i the totall number from the United kingdom to various destinations amounted to 176,554, a decrease compared with each of the six years previous these showing returns for a example Quot in each of four years a of Quot Between three and four Hundred it is probable that emigration will be incr ased this year from the state of Labory especially1 in Quot London. The times has been urging on the1�?T movements in reference to our colonies As Well As the demand in the Northern states Quot of America. A. The Quot foregoing statistics Are remarkable and suggestive. A one thing maybe pointed i a. A i3 a ii obnoxious Church Warden who has been their persevering prosecutor in the Ecclesias a tical courts to he ele Tecl afresh to his office. This last was accomplish red As is usual on tuesday last at it the a Stein vestry. The notorious or. Liddel the Bue Cess or of or. A by net and his imitator in ally isl Crossings bowings and heresies was. Compelled on this occasion to listen to very jul in speaking and to know practically that lie was a no a free Sand Quot be was in the chair and counselled peace and Harmony and even appealed tor a Liberty of conscience for every one a that is for or. Liddel in this Case Quot to judge for Quot himself. A but up Rose the Hon and Rev f Baring to propose the re appointment of or. Wester ton As a a necessary to Cope with the Mae i nations of the jesuits a he declared that a thei had gained Evex thing of a a by to he la to rde it Sis Biff and that a Ort life ,1 who was a strict protestant would never allow popish practices to he introduced into afr Testant or. Granville Berkeley is speech ran a thus j or. Granville Berkeley remarked that at the reformation a wide margin was left to enable roman catholics to enter our Church which but for certain forms and ceremonies they could not have done when however the Chirch of England stood on a firm basis those forms and ceremonies were done away with and they had Only lately been re introduced by a party said to belong to the Church of. Ragland but in reality to the Church of Rome rear hear and these forms which in the Romish Church were a proper for Devotion became in the Church of a England a a disgusting Mummery. Applause it made his blood boil to go into it Paul a and fatness an imitation of the be removes of the can re a from which or. Liddel the minister said he dissented. If the Puse vites were roman catholics let them to Church if they dissented from the Church of England into one objected to their leaving and opening Piibe Ite places of Dis Sentmo worship. But what he did object to was that the in semites tools Possession of the Church just England and introduced summeries and Cere-1 monies rep Goat to the Church of Quot England and 1 of the people of England. Hear a a a a a a ��.,�� a a a a a a it. Next came or a Mesterton who said that a he Hadl seen a note from the archbishop of Quot Canterbury to the effect that he considered the recent judgment As a great Victory for the protestants and. That the sacramental party must now leave he Church of eng. Land. That the sacramental party a will leave the Church of England in do not 1 believe. A _ Funch has an amusing piece of tire called a a the Battle of the Christian temples translated from a latin is. Recently discovered in the Yatican Quot classical readers of the balms Quot arts advocate will relish j l think of a specimen of �thi�.1 if gives substantially a the history of the whole affair. It. Represents a True roman history style How Furnis Jaqua being Consul that is being interpreted during the mayoralty of Alderman finnes a a the peace of the state was a Gool Deal disturbed by the a people Sci ill d club trans a How Sone of Theofi a a de Jared to adorn their temples after the manner of the temples of the gods with altars carved images a amp. And How crowds of worshippers oame ii the pests singing and offering Monse minstrels one of these temples was at a a Pons finitis a Kights Bridge the other m a a Yia Pim Hoontis a a ? at Pamlico a Falla having Arisen they went to a a a a As All admitted twas wrong to do and not to their own teachers. The Praetor Pembe Tonius Leins or Pemberton Leigh associating a a three skillful con Seliris named Parkins Patt Sonius and Maulius a Barons Park Pattison and Maul a a to vib Din if was agreed to add a couple of the Christian flames As add lessors a two of the Bishops As assessor now for the finding a very accurate account of it under the veil of classical and Heathen phraseology the cause of the christians being beaded at very intolerable length the Praetor said mime moquet and took time for deliberation Aud on the Day of the Quot great god Saturn now last part pronounced pigment. He chided both parties for their rancor and Folly the former being opposed to the Laws of the religion by which they pretended to be bound and the latter bring shown by their making so vast a matter of the absence or a presence of it few pieces of Wood Stone and milk. The Praetor then decided that having examined their their Laws he saw no reason Why a wooden Oross whereof complaint was made a hold not remain the same being regarded As an architect advice. Her eat one part of the christians broke oat into a fierce shout of Triumph but were compelled to silence by the victors. The Praetor next said that a Marble altar erected in the two temples in imitation of the altars of the gods must be taken away with a Cross thereupon and a wooden table substituted. Herat another part of the christians broke out into a fierce shout of Triumph but were compelled to silence by the motors. Next it was held that certain Small ride tables called credence which had Given great offence to the iconoclastic party might a be retained As might the embroidered cloth a a fiery with a the Quot priests had Bein wont to cover the. Said altar Whin not offering sacrifice and Quot wherewith they might now cover the table so tha fun o Many would know whether it were an altar or no. But the embroidered Linen Aud lace which had been placed upon the said altar were not to be used again. Finally the Preston condemned each party to pay his own costs and dismissed the christians with counsel to live creases in this country. Thesisa striking contrast with i Quot believe it largely f arises from the Superior purity of society and1 from the More thorough development of the a family institution. 5 a foreign gentleman who knows France Well told me Law few Days ago that a mar i ried Frenchman considers that two children Are sufficient a third a calamity and that from the Quot fear of a a Large family there is i often a virtual separation of husband and wife which leads to the most demoralizing consequences. Besides in Paris there Are a multitude of bachelors who remain so frequenting cafes and places of a worse i character. It1 is to be feared indeed that j Home life not Only with its Comfort but its allowing influences and Sweet charities a a i but feebly developed in France. A doubtless there Are Many Happy Quot exceptions but what with infidelity and Popery so prevalent society in Many places is almost in a state of dissolution Micheletos a a priests women and families a As a pamphlet a produced sensation a few years ago Bui its telling statements As to priestly espionage it family is land the Idab Grousl a a directory a who in and society. What need have we All of divine keeping and to Ory each continually a a hold thou me up and i shall the Safe a the King of Sardinia is said to be de Sirous of a concordat of a modified charac ter with the pop. This is merely a piece of state policy and an attempt to conciliate the priests a his irreconcilable a foes i be love it will be fruitless. The King wants his grand enemy an archbishop to be honorable put out of his Quot dominions by receiving a cardinals hat. But can the Pope forgive his confiscation of Church a a property of who ohm enumerated the. Other Day Fin the times be amount is very Large or now. That.  ?�?T1 his most dear son a Francis a Joseph of Austria is angry with Sardinia is it to1 be supposed that the Pope the Lover of despotism will make any adv amp aces to a constitutional King a free a press and free speech and free parliament he. Cannot away with. A a knig hts ride be to Feteau Sansare oblige Dato remove ithe i atone Cross from the altar a Oordt by to the decision o�ad8l��?~ is lust or depravity Back of and before acts of sin and hence there is original and in _ _ _ Nate As Well As actual sin and a a sin is any opinion that an Ihde Unity ought to be Given trades himself As the rules of Quot the household a 1 privy Council. ? Quot a by sides this they have Quot want of conformity unto or transgression for any Prussia May pos it i Throux tto to a Vbk be if at a dftifi�"t�s8a1i�bj. Big i Rno per a kid to a al Quot a a a a a 1 a a a a a a it a a a together in Amity and to remember what one of ourselves Quot has said of them a see How these christians love one the sentence striking both ways neither party fixed the Garland of Green Palm at his advocate a a door which nevertheless either might Well have done both having enough and to spare of greenness. Or. Mgt Crie Hab delivered this week the of his four admirable lectures on the English reformation. It was of the same High character As to catholicity and breadth of View ask Well As Quot pathos andr pictorial Power As in refer the preceding a lectures. Lord Shaftsbury presided,1 and was. Received with great enthusiasm. He a expressed the deep obligations of evangelical churchmen to by. My Crie and maintained that the a True Quot safety of his own Church was always to revert to the Era and principles of the martyrs of the sixteenth Century. He hoped that or. M Crie would give Ere Long a course of lectures on the scottish reformation which he thought surpassed in a deeds of1 moral heroism Faith and Martyr suffering those to be found in the history of a any civilized nation. A w. P. a pressure on the Money Market continues part of the china1 expedition "has1 sailed. An armistice by last accounts was just formed Between troops Ini Proe Peot of peace. Now. Probably ratified. Though civility teaches jus to rail others by their highest Tritley be 4>ummity and a ifs Rdby to Aeh a is tool fall a to wlm lives by the we most. ?. Ahlf a it la #7ft of

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