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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - June 27, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPresbyterian Banner amp advocate. A a a lift out Tiff vol. Vrho. 0. 1 Morion adv Ortii vol. 11 o. 3d. A one thing is needful one thing have i desired of the lord a a this one thing i whole no. 848 de me innit editor and proprietor. Publication office Gazette building fifth Street above Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 111 South tenth Street below Chestnut Advance. For the week ending saturday Juvik 27, 1857. A Zigmal the Grare. By to q. A. Set Lillian. Into the grave 1 thou a it very drear Pirn who sings thee this a pm the Circle of my friends Nany a form i miss. Re than friends i miss and More al fight on Earth i be found a dear Long since was Laid i thy narrow bound. I the Church Yard a midst the Trees. Old Stone Church hard by i returned to dust a it to the by. Be Why shouldst thou seem so drear 5 by thee is Given a thou Art the Gate through which oved ones pass to heaven. 11 May not fear thee grave hat i May not fear my god upon that Day 11 my doom will hear. I will open on my sight be be mine forever dour and my father too i from me never. 1857. Banner and advocate. Fant baptism a no. 4. Last number we insisted on the it fact that of the seven individual i recorded in the acts of the Apos a fewer than four stand in connexion baptism of whole families. Lest f should complain that we have Lim examination to a single Book of the Ament we will very cheerfully i inquiry to the inspired epistles i contained in these writings hav bearing on the ease is the follow i 14�?17 a i thank god that i Bap. I of you but Crispus and Gaius lest 1 say that 1 baptized in mine own name sized also the household of Stephanas know not whether i baptized any other sent me not to baptize but to preach i we have already taken into the i being mentioned in the acts of lies. As to gains we do not learn any family proper. Stephanas first fruits of Ashaia Quot and of believer. There is no record of his Bat Here is a special one of the of his family. We must there-1 to our former list just one i divid a one family j making in All the Ament eight individual and five isms recorded As taking place st instituted the ordinance and Mission to his disciples. Two of i were certainly without families i others we have no specific inform that Point. On the whole then he record goes the Rule still holds the apostles never baptized the head of a family without admit Thole family to that ordinance. Baptist Brethren demand of us that in All the five families there Little child As Well might they of that there were Little children israelite when they a a were All into Moses in the clotted and in the two eases Are sufficiently a it is enough to say that in the or of things among five Ordina i some Small children will always and it is not credible that it a otherwise. From the last census item states it appears that two in in of the White population were a years of age. At this rate and five families at six persons Paob. A a 3 parents they would contain it individuals under the age of Sta same time we should not for Stern countries and in ancient in were numerous and bore a proportion to the adult Popula Oal example a save guide Ileath of the modern baptists bold to a was it even proved that inf baptized it would be a baptism a a of the a Carson o great is his horror of infant that he would still oppose it it were shown Ever so clearly to in practice by the apostles them for our part we Are Content to Fol footsteps of those inspired men. Implicitly to their construction of eat commission. T family baptisms at Corinth. Here there Only one or two families at Corinth ? we think there were it this is implied in the language a the apostle a a and i baptized also a 1 of Stephanas besides i know her i baptized any 1 May id to quote the words of the Origi Gore explicit a Baptist de Kai ton Oha Nahigan Ouk of a i Tina him. It is hardly possible to Oon sense of the latter clause of 3 in a literal English version our translators have rendered Lipon word besides. But in the French i it is More accurately rendered As to a reste the word evidently the baptized family of Stephanas Ned in the previous clause. In this verse May be paraphrased this i also baptized the House of Ste i so to the rest of the baptized families not aware of having baptized any earn from the context that the Oor-1 were divided into parties each of shered to a particular teacher in to All others. Things having t so unhappily the apostle was 1 a be Tad himself baptized so few of to there was less pretext for repro him As the head of a party. A a i a god that i baptized none of you Quot be addressing the adult members of Rich j a a i baptized none of Yon but and Many other adults need been baptized at Corinth but r himself. It was True that he had baptized the family of his Friend Ste i but they formed no exception to Evious assertion since they were too a Young to take any part in the strife and therefore were not comprehended a his censures. And even Here he had limited himself to a single family. Though Many families had been baptized at Corinth he had baptized hut one. For Christ had not sent my to baptize Bat to Render the More important and difficult service of preaching the gospel. Such appears to be the Drift of the apostle s remarks and if his language implies that Many other adults besides Crispus and gains were baptized at Corinth it equally implies that other families were baptized besides that of Stephanas. Families not always baptized with their head. We Are now prepared to meet an objection often used by the baptists with an air of Triumph. Why is it say they that in the accounts of great numbers baptized at Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost at Samaria at Corinth and other places we hear nothing of the baptism of any but believing adults ? i answer. First Ped Baptist ministers whenever it Falls to their lot to baptize Many adults on one occasion defer the baptism of their families to another More suitable occasion. Just so the Apos ties seem to have done. They baptized the believing corinthians at one time and their families at another. Crisps for instance was baptized by Paul and his household by another hand. So the baptism of Stephanas and that of his family must have taken place on separate occasions. And such cases were probably of very frequent occur Ronde. Secondly had it not been for the party strife existing at Corinth we should never have heard of any baptisms there but those of believers. The disputes in that Church called Forth the censures of the apostle in an epistle. In that epistle he incidentally mentions one family baptism and gives an intimation of Many More. If circumstances had elicited any details of the baptisms at Jerusalem after the1 Day of Pentecost we should no dont have Learned 1 that family baptisms followed those of be thieving adults As at Corinth and in As great numbers. And if the proposition of these baptisms to those of individuals was As great As would appear from the specially recorded we May presume that from fifteen to eighteen Hundred family baptisms ensued upon the addition to the Church of the three thousand pentecostal converts. The same remarks will apply to Samaria and other cities. But not Only have the doing of the apostles Given testimony to the fact that they baptized Little children hut their words prove that they meant to Tell us so. And the fault is not the irs if no evidence of it appear in our English version. Every linguist knows that in most languages there Are words expressing distinctions for which there May not be words exactly corresponding in other languages. Precisely sub is the Quot ease with the two greek words Voikos and Wilcia. Our translators have rendered these words indiscriminately household and House though the v if Iii of twin cab other As a part from the whole the one is a masculine and the other a feminine noun. When used in a literal sense Voikos Means of House the dwell1 ing of a family and Tikia signifies the whole premises including out houses. When they Are used figuratively to signify persons Voikos Means a Many a proper family excluding servants and and attendants and Tikia denotes a whole household including servants and attendants. For this distinction we have the authority of Aristotle As quoted by or. C. Taylor Apost. Bapt., up. 41. A Voikos when it signifies persons most usually Means the children of a family. Here Are a few examples taken from the septuagint Gen. Xxxiv 30.�?�?o i shall be destroyed i and my House Voikos there were infants in Jato he a family at the time. _ _ num. Xviii 31.�?�?oye shall eat it in every place be and your households Voikos for it is your Reward for your their on Ildren ate of the offerings at three years 2. Chron. Xxi 15, 16. A Bent xxv 9.�?�?o so shall it be done unto that Man that will not build up his brother a House Voikos 1. Sam. Ii 33.�?�?o and All the increase of thine House of Kos shall die in the Flower of their Here again infant children Are meant. The new testament writers also used the word to signify children of All Ages thus. Heb. I 7.�?noah a prepared an Ark to the saving of his Honse Voikos Here servants Are excluded. 1. Tim. Iii 4.�?�?o one that Ruleth Well his own House Voikos having his children in verse 12�?�?o Boling their children and their own houses Voikos such is the word used by the sacred writers in connexion with five family baptisms. A a Crispus the chief ruler of the synagogue believed on the lord with All his House Voikos a truly remarkable instance of a father and All his children receiving baptism As believers. Cornelius had children. Said the Angel to him a a Send men to Jop of his attendants or servants also. Entirely hew and All this because the spirit John Viii 35 observe now what Light this distinction Between the two words throws upon certain texts. In acts Xvi 32, we read that the apostles spake the word to the Jailer a and to All that were in his Honse a Tikia that is to All within his premises including the inmates of the prison. Afterwards the Jailer a a brought them into his House Voikos into his family apartments. Again in 1. Cor. Xvi 15, we Are told that a the Honse Tikia of Stephanas had a a addicted themselves to the ministry of the Saint six Here notice that this a a House of Stephanas differs from that a a household a of Bis which Paul baptized. It was the Tikia the attendants or the servants of Stephanas who devoted themselves to the service of the saints hut it was his Voikos his children who were baptized by Paul. Christ s conf tation of the Sadd Cees. The Sadd Cees received the writings of Moses but rejected the doctrine of a resurrection from the dead. Very Likely they demanded an a a explicit warrant a a a a a thus Saith the lord the dead shall but even had Moses stated the doctrine in those very words that would hardly have silenced their Cav Illings for Paul has since declared in so Many words that the dead shall Rise and yet there is a body of professed christians who deny or explain away is meaning. To those ancient sceptics Christ adduced a species of evidence More difficult to evade than any a a explicit warrant a whatever. The lord addressing a Moses said a i am the god of Abraham and the god of Isaac and the god of a a he is not a said the Saviour a the god of the dead hut of the this inferential proof in the judgment of the great teacher was conclusive when therefore our Baptist Brethren require us to produce a a a thus Saith the lord thou shall baptize infants a we May. Justly reply that even had the sacred writer used the language they prescribe there is no great probability that their objections would have been obviated. Even now when we press them with the testimony of Justin Martyr Irenaeus and Origen respecting the baptism of Little children and infants their answer is that a a these terms Are used indiscriminately for minors whether they be Twenty Days or Twenty years that a a it happens that we hear of an infant who was hanged for killing his Tutor and of the last will and testament of the Little infant Infa Tulus Adalid aged on the whole therefore we May be satisfied and thankful that the apostles in this Case have made use of language less ambiguous than that demanded by our Brethren. Whenever these inspired men Tell us of the baptism of a believing head of a family they never fail us of the baptism of his whole family for eight individual baptisms particularized they mention no fewer than five family Hap isms. Still farther to designate these families they employ a word which in their Day would naturally be understood to mean children,1 and which was actually so understood in the age following. Is it then unfair to presume that those who disregard All this evidence would hardly he persuaded by aug explicit warrant a or even a sign from heaven ? l. N. D. P. S. If any one thinks there1 is not sufficient evidence that the family of crisps was baptized we have no objection to drop it from our list As it is the Only believing family of the it five mentioned in the record for the presbyterian Banner and advocate. Religion or letters to a Friend on the doctrine band duties or the Bible. Letter xxii. A and Call for Simon whose surname is it Eter who shall Tell thee words by which thou and All thy House Voikos shall be i 13, 14. To the trembling Jailer Paul said believe on the lord Jesus Christ and thou Shalt be saved and thine House Quot Voikos and he was baptized he and All his says the Bame apostle a i baptized also the household Voikos of Stephanas a meaning the children of Stephanas. Of Lydia we read a she was baptized and her household Voikos in All these oases the word used by the apostles is one grecian would take to mean children. That the people of those Ages did so understand the word we have the most ample evidence. The first translation of the new testament Ever made was the pesto syriac published Only a few years after the apostolic _ that version instead of saying a Lydia was baptised and her household a says a a she was baptized and the children of her Tikia household. This word As we said when used metaphorically to signify persons Means a household including servants and attendants. We give an example -. Philip in 22.�?�?oall the saints Salute you chiefly they that Are of Caesars household a Tikia it is a certain historical foot that not one of Nero a family at that time professed christianity though some a regeneration. The eyes of Yoor understanding being Penlight. . I 18. My dear Friend As to the nature of regeneration the answer to the question a a what is effectual calling a gives you a Correct notion of it a a a effectual calling is the work of gods spirit whereby convincing As of our sin and misery enlightening our minds in the knowledge of Christ and renewing our wills he doth persuade and enable to embrace Jesus Christ freely offered to us in the . Cat., quest. 31. Here is the work of gods spirit Here is the conviction of sin and misery Here is enlightening the mind in the knowledge of Christ Here is the renewing of the will Here is persuading and enabling to embrace Jesus Christ freely offered in the gospel. So our confession of Faith teaches a a All those whom god hath predestinated unto life and those Only he is pleased in his appointed and accepted time effectually to Call by is word and spirit oat of that state of sin and death in which they Are by nature to Grace and salvation by Jesus Christ enlightening their minds spiritually and Savin Gly to understand the things of god taking away their heart of Stone and giving unto them a heart. Of flesh renewing their wills and by his almighty Power determining them to that which is Good and effectually drawing them to Jesus Christ yet so As they come most freely being made willing by his Grade. This effectual Call is by gods free and special Grace alone not from any thing at All foreseen in Man who is altogether passive therein until being quickened and renewed by the holy spirit he is thereby enabled to answer this Call and embrace the Grace offered and conveyed in . Faith Chap. X., Seo. 1 and 2. I have spoken of regeneration As a change in on moral nature and is the implantation of a principle of holiness in the heart. It May also be considered As amp divine illumination or the importation of spiritual sight or a capacity to see spiritually. Sin blinds the mind the understanding is darkened by . Xii 7 aet xxvi 18 Eph. I 18, and in 18. In regeneration the eyes of the mind Are opened the understanding is enlightened the blindness is removed and we see. We see god As he is or have right views of my we see ourselves As we Are we see Jesus Christ in his Beauty and loveliness and we embrace him and love him. And this illumination is effected nol barely by the truth presented to the mind but by a direct and supernatural influence oif the spirit upon the soul quickening and enlightening the mind and understanding so that it is no unusual thing for those who Are has Given sight to their?.dark minds and opened their eyes to behold wondrous things out of god s . Xix 18. I have said regeneration is instantaneous. It maybe called the infusion of spiritual life or the imparting of a capacity of spiritual perception to the mind or the opening of the darkened eyes of the understanding for by nature we Are dead and we cannot live till made alive by the spirit by nature we Are Blind and we cannot see spiritually till the spirit opens our eyes and gives us sight and this he does in regeneration it is his work by a direct influence on the soul. We Are dead the spirit gives us life we Are Blind he gives is sight and then we live and see. We have new and Clear views of divine things these new and Olearer views Are the first Effie and this spiritual knowledge is ngg a a a or inseparable from it As the truth thus seen is embraced and the Saviour thus apprehended is a it Oei Ved and trusted in and rested on for salvation. Thus Paul was sent unto the gentiles to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to Light and from the Power of satan unto xxvi 16�?18.&Quot Bat on this Point Yon May read the 6th chapter of or. A. Alexanders thoughts on religious experience a work which every one should read especially in these Days of false and superficial experience and spurious conversions. All i wish to say just now is this that in regeneration there is a spiritual illumination a a capacity of spiritual perception is imparted to the soul the understanding is enlightened in other words the mind is a a enlightened in the knowledge of Christ a and made Savin Gly acquainted with . Cat ques. 31. In regeneration the we al is renewed by nature our wills Are in bondage to our corruptions they Are controlled by the depraved state of our affections the pure and holy motives of the gospel have Little or no influence and we have a a no ability of will to any spiritual Good a a con. Faith Chap. 9, Seo. 3. But when our natures Are changed on wills Are set free and As on understandings Are enlightened so that we see things in their True Light and value so we can freely choose that which is Good and holy and pure. Before we called evil Good and Good evil but now1 we see things according to their True nature and our it wills now incline after the things of god. We Are slaves no More but the lords freemen and we rejoice m the Liberty of the sons of god. And As there is a direct influence of the spirit in enlightening the mind so is there also in renewing Tho will when he enlightens the mind he also Renews the will by his almighty Power he determines it to that which is Good and effectually draws it to Jesus Christ before m the expressive language of Luther the Wirwas it is Faith a Fiat a see. 17 in regeneration the Law is put within us or written in the heart and the writing of the Law in the heart implies giving a knowledge of the Law i do not mean that a direct revelation is made to the soul or that the study of the Bible is rendered unnecessary or the Means of Grace useless but that our conscience our natural sense of right and wrong is quickened and we have a Readie apprehension of what is Good and evil we see As we did not before what the Law requires and what it forbids we see the nature and the extent of the Law and have a Correct and Quick sense of duty. And writing the Law in the heart also implies conformity to the Lawas we have seen we have by nature no conformity to the Law hut when we Are renewed and the Law is written in our hearts a conformity to the Law is imparted to us our souls Are brought into Harmony with it. We Are inclined to obey it and we regulate our lives by it. Hence in writing the Law in on hearts the spirit give us a love for the Law and enables us to Delight in it. The Law being written in the heart we know it we Are conformed to it we love it and keep it. Not that we obey it perfectly but we make it on role and repent of our depart ures from it and look to Christ for the Pardon of All our failures for he is the end of the Law for righteousness to every one that . 4. Again in regeneration a likeness to god and Christ is impressed upon the soul. Man was originally created in the image of god and he is renewed in the same image. The image of god in which Man was created was mainly his moral image and in what this image consisted we learn from what Paul says of our new creation it was in knowledge righteousness and holiness a a lie not one to another seeing that be have put off the old Man with his deeds and Lave put on the new Man., is renewed in knowledge after the image of my that created . Iii 9, 10. Again a a that be put off concerning the former conversation the old Man which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts and be renewed in the spirit of your minds and that be put on the new Man which after god is created in righteousness and True . In 20�?24. Here we see that the old Man the depraved nature is corrupt the new Man the renewed nature is after the image of the creator in knowledge righteousness and True holiness. In these resp Etc regeneration restores the lost image of god to the soul. Knowledge is restored in that spiritual illumination before spoken of righteousness and holiness in the renovation of our nature in the renewal of the will the implantation of a principle of holiness and rectitude and the writing of the Law upon the heart. The Lawis a reflection of the divine character and the writing of this Law non on hearts Stamps the divine image there so that in regeneration we Are created anew in the image of god in some measure like Adam before the fall. The outlines of the divine image is engraved on on souls and we ought Day by Day to become More and More conformed to the from our London correspondent doctor Davidson and the Lancashire colleges or. Salley the new principal of the Independent College London the two assemblies at Edinburgh a monstrous Case of moderate tyranny the evangelical and the establishment the free Church its Revenue election of professors Freedom of Choice and a brotherly love the Moderator and sex Moderator politics France Spain Austria and Hungary the birth Day and the Derby Day preaching to the masses in Exeter Hall the tract Arians rebuked m the House of Peers episcopal Spurge ism or. Spurgeon and the fashion the weather the crops and Commerce Maynooth debate arid division dowry to the Princess Royal King of Prussia and England May meetings Hon. Neal Dow at Exeter. Hall. London May 29, 1857. The committee of the Lancashire col lege will soon be called to decide on the a bomb Fly mews on Jospi Safion the British Standard conducted by or. Campbell has been exhorting them to do their duty fearlessly and quotes at length from an article of great ability in an episcopal quarterly m which or. Davidson s views Are discussed. The writer does not argue in the spirit of a partisan and he seems to come to a very just conclusion that while is a Well read Man his judgment is by no Means to he trusted and that his see saw system now leaning to rationalism and now to orthodoxy while yet denying the inspiration of the part of the Pentax Neh giving the go by to the Ordinary ideas about the authorship of Ecclesiastes and holding pretty plainly that is Only inspired As to religious truth not historical statements is most dangerous were a presbyterian Synod to investigate Sneh a question one would expect a verdict suited to the claims of unwavering and systematic theology. Whether the committee will act oat what is understood to be the opinion of the majority or Content themselves with leaving things As they were a merely giving a caution and thus shaking the Confidence of the old evangelical dissenters As Well As putting Young men in peril remains to. Be seen. The Rey. Or. 1 Halley of Manchester late a consented to become the principal of be w College London. He Isa sound and Able Man. His work on baptism is. The baptists is of Superior Merit. But he holds therein rather latitudinal Ian views As to the indiscriminate baptism of children. Doctor Lyndsay Alexander of Edinburgh after or. Stoughton of London had refused the chair was offered the Post hut he remains with his people. A Fine new Chapel is being erected for him. He is a Man of literary tastes and habits and writes frequently in the British quarterly of which or. Vaughan president of the Lancashire College is the editor. The capital of Scotland is at this moment the seat of two general assemblies that of the established Church still retains the appendage of a lord commissioner and of state breakfasts levees and evening parties Given by lord and lady Belhaven at Holyrood Palace. Bat the glory is gone As compared with the Olden time when before the disruption Freedom was in the presence of Caesars representative asserting her Birthright and when a Welsh not afraid of consequences turned his Back on the lord commissioner rather than allow the state to trample on the blood bought liberties of the Church of the covenant. The scottish establishment Assembly is never attended by the common people or the Middle classes. You enter the Assembly Hall at the top of the High Street and find a body of clergy elders and lawyers and perhaps the ease of a disputed settlement is before them and the old impenitent Mode racism of Church polity resists As Long As it can the More evangelical party who wish to make the brat of lord Aberdeen a act with its partial confessions to popular feeling. The strength of Mode racism May be died of by a decision come to by the general Assembly by a Small majority reversing a decision of a presbytery who had refused to ordain a or. Ferguson Over a Parish this gentleman according to the testimony of various witnesses was in the habit of swearing throwing somersaults and sometimes imitating the squeaking of a pig one woman who criticized his sermons which were a a High flown a or As a gaelic witness so a for and away a was threatened by the reverend gentleman to the extent that a a he would Knock her Teeth Down her Throat if she made such observations a he seems to have made no for his other deficiencies by a Hearty hatred of the free Church saying a a they were a Devilish set both ministers and a Parish minister stated that he heard these words uttered and yet therefore ? Mode racism earned the Day by seventy to sixty four votes and this presented is to be settled a a a with All convenient Speed according to the rules of the Church a still let is do Justice. The establishment has a Large body of Earnest ministers both in towns and country parishes. I Trust they Are an increasing number. They have their foreign missions Home colonial and school schemes All systematically sustained by annual collections and probably stimulated into greater activity by the amazing and for Superior liberality of the disestablished free Church of Scotland. The free Church since the disruption has raised for its various objects about three millions and seven Hundred thousand pounds Sterling. Her sus tentation fund the Sheet Anchor of the Noble ship still is vigorous the �150 per annul in addition to May use for each minister has not yet been reached but every year gives a nearer approximation. I shall be Able to notice the proceedings More fully when they have made farther Progress. Meantime i May mention that the free Church Assembly has been Ocee divine likeness changed into the same Tot-1 pied at some length tvs week with a de entirely different Light texts which they. Had read or heard a Hundred tines so pm i mend in time age from glory to glory even As by the spirit of the lord. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.�?2. Cor. Iii 18 Phil ii 5. Read 2. Cor. 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th chaps. Phil. 1st, 2d 3d and 4thehaps., and hymns 286,200, and 219. A yours truly cannot judge what men Are by what they have been formerly nor what they will do by what they have done age and. Experience May make men Wiser a they that had sold Joseph yet hate As to the parties Best fitted to fill the chair of exegetical theology at Edinburgh and the chairs at Glasgow which had not been previously occupied. The Rev. Robert Rainy assistant to or. Gordon in the free High Church of Edinburgh was proposed by doctor Candlish for the first mentioned of the chairs backed by the recommendation of principal Cunningham and the other professors. The peculiarity of the ease was that or. Rainy preferred to remain in the High Church pulpit. The Issue was the defeat of or. Candlish a motion and the and bettor not abandon Benjamin the worst May i election of Profet Sor Lingaton of Aberdeen a tothe Glt Gow Chi if of apolo be tits a the contest Lay Between or. David Brown author of a notable Book against pro millennialism and or. Hetherington author of a Well known a a history of the Church of the latter was elected by a majority. Or. Brown was appointed afterwards professor of theology at Aberdeen. Thus each party in Trust has found is proper sphere. The Happy consummation of leaving none disappointed and the warm support Given by or. Candlish to the election of or. Brown whom he had opposed in reference to Glasgow had a most powerful effect and the conclusion of an exciting and Long protracted debate was an unmixed Triumph of hallowed brotherly love. Or. Julius Wood of Dumfries is the free Church Moderator. Or. My Cne preached the opening Sermon and at its close Noble tribute to the memory of Hugh Miller. Being now however a minister of the English presbyterian Church in consequence of his election to the Church his1 tory chair in London a he was not competent to constitute the Assembly.1 this was done by doctor Henderson of Glasgow who paid a fit tribute to doctor my Crie and proposed the excellent or. Wood in language which met with a unanimous response. Turning now to polities we have news from China of great suffering among the population at Canton from the High Price of Rice. Nothing will be done by the British until the arrival of the plenipotentiary lord Elgin. The emperor is said to have imposed a tax on opium at Shanghai. As to India there had been a tendency in one regiment to insurrection in consequence of some superstitious objection to the paper in which the Ball cartridges were made which they thought contained the fat of beasts which their religion holds sacred. The regiment has been broken up and ringleader executed. France has a succession of Royal visitors a inclining themselves a a As a sycophant. Said the other Day to. The emperor. The King of Bavaria is in Paris just new. The grand Duke Constantine had previously left for the South of France and then Prince Napoleon who dislikes Russia and clings to the English Alliance came Back from Berlin whither he had gone on a visit to the King of Prussia. In Spain of Donnel and Narvaez Are daily engaged in the Cortes in violent recriminations. The Queen is As immoral As Ever. Her info oils Mother has had All her forfeited property restored and Jesuit ism is to Prussia and Switzerland the quarrel is at last definitely settled the former renouncing All claim to sovereignty Over Neuchatel and not insisting on pecuniary emperor of Austria is in Hungary and issues an extensive amnesty re ing property and Liberty taken away by Coart martial after and during the War of 1848, and authorizing exiles to return. Kossuth is stir Shat out. Hungary will not he satisfied. Her Prate Btag to Church is still Bonds. The Magyar language is still discouraged and a petition from Nobles Bishops and proprietors five Hundred in number asking for constitutional rights to he restored and other favors was put aside with a few reproving words. Centralization is the rigid system of Austria. She too is under the influence of the jesuits. The Queens birth Day was celebrated with much enthusiasm tvs week. Next came what lord Palmerston rails our a Isthmian games a or As the times describes it a the metropolitan Pic Nie a namely the Derby Day on the race course at Epsom. Such a collection of All ranks is no where else seen. The worst Are sure to be there great evil is the result. By the results of this race Many betting men Are ruined yet the Globe tries to defend such scenes. Manly sports like Cricket and Hoat Raees Are valuable but let us have done with the racecourse. Preaching to the masses will Ere Long be the order of the Day. The tract Arians complain that al a Spur Geo ism Quot is creeping. Into the Church of England lord Dungannon High Church peer complained last night in the House of Peers that Exeter Hall an a a Uno Onse crafted a building had been opened for Public worship and that Bishops and clergymen were to preach there each sunday evening. He wished to know from the Bishop of London whether this a was not contrary to Law. Whereupon the Bishop Rose and coolly replied that the affair was perfectly Legal being in accordance with lord shafts Hurys act a for the greater Liberty of religious worship a a passed s few years ago this. Act had the bitter opposition of the Bishop of Oxford at the time furthermore he avow is deep conviction that the preaching to the masses was a great and Good work and sat Down amid cheers. Next Rose lord Kinnaird an evangelical scotch peer who stated his Delight in seeing four thousand people in Exeter Hall and marking their devout joining in the Litany the Only part of the Liturgy used and their interest in the Sermon of the Bishop of Carlisle. And last of a got up the venerable archbishop of Canterbury endorsed the new movement most heartily and said it would he a lasting reproach to the Church of England if she could not accommodate herself to the necessities of the age v so the result is that the to rotarians a a gained a. Loss Quot by their movement and that evangelism re Teives a fresh and glorious impetus. Or. Spurgeon May be Well regarded As indirectly the cause of this movement in connexion with the letters in the times some weeks ago about bad preaching in the Chyroh. That gentleman holds on his Way with amazing Power. Numbers of the nobility now repair every lords Day morning to Surrey gardens. Last Sabbath also it is said there were present Between sixty and seventy members of parliament. The weather is now most seasonable and delightful. The people of Ireland were almost deprived of a seed time for their Oats and potatoes by continue of Rains in april but at length fair weather came and a seed time came which though late yet has been followed by Sunshine and showers a that have covered the land with Promise. In London and its suburbs Flowers and gardening receive great attention. Nothing is More pleasing than to see the Beautiful Bunches of roses and other Flowers sold for a trill in the crowded and Dtta by City. Then the Market gardeners Are exulting in the e abundance of Early vegetables Many of Umoh Are sold in the open streets and their vast consumption by the poor of the people contributes powerfully to the general health. Trade and Commerce Are wonderfully flourishing in Many of their Bra Nohra and the imports and exports increase every Quarter but the High Price of Money while it Cheeks speculation is a serious embarrassment. Anda. Constant Drain to the continent and a the East keeps the precious metals so scarce As to compel. A very High interest to he demanded by the Bank of England. Nevertheless War has ceased prospects of Harvest Are Good and with j unnumbered blessings and privileges temporal and Spir Letual there is cause of a a the deepest thankfulness the Maynooth question has been brought Quot by or. Spooner before the new parliament which rejected is motion by a majority of 25. The division was rather a Surprise and was taken Early in the evening. The conservative Leadens took care to be absent. This is their usual Mode on this question. But it shows that do israeli a protestantism is nothing better than a Sham. Or. Spooner a honest Zeal Dora not makeup for other qualities needed by a Leader in a canse so difficult amp a this. The parliament has been occupied with the dowry to the Princess Royal who Ere Long will be married to the Young Prince of Prussia. Ryan almost unanimous vote it was agreed that the dowry should be �40,000, in one sum and an annuity of �8,000 for life these Are. Large sums but nothing compared with the wealth of the country or with the demands of one half year of that terrible waster War. This excellent is d. A to be the future Queen of Prussia and her intended husband is a youth of great Promise. If this Royal marriage prove As Happy As that of Prince Albert and Queen Victo Ria and As favourable to the Creuse of domes tie and consequently National virtue there will be abundant reason to rejoice. It is pleasing to see the two great protestant nations of the old world thus More and More closely Allied. The time May come when despotism by cd a a and i ged on by Popery driven to a last desperate Onset on Liberty and truth shall need the joint resistance of Prussia and England to repel the insurgent wave. The King of Prussia has Given a very Hearty reception to the deputation of the English evangelical Alliance at Berlin he welcomed them a fortnight ago at my Palace in the most affectionate manner and kept his Coart waiting dinner for a whole. Hour in order to receive their address and to Converse with them. He takes the deepest personal interest in the meeting of the Alliance Wimch by his invitation is to take place in Berlin in september next. At the same time i do think that too much May be expected As to remits. As i have indicated in former letters real religious Freedom is looked on with suspicion by the Earnest lutheran party As toleration was looked on by the puritans of England and the Puritan fathers of America. Among the annual May meetings not for Minerly noticed i might mention in general terms the Church pastoral Aid society designed to provide curates and supplement the income of Small livings in populous places Wimch As contrasted a with the curates Aid society a High with a similar object is decidedly evangelical in its character and is the Means of great usefulness. I May also notice the anniversary of the protestant a Alliance which embraces All protestant evangelical churches and has myndred associations throughout the kingdom. The Good accomplished by lectures and schools. Is very a great and decided eases of conversion Are reported. A healthy hatred of popish error a a essential to a free nations life and Cardinal Wiseman fears the influence of the protestant al Ranee both at Home and abroad. The Nui Meiy question Romish reformatories exposure of attempts to Palm off in Iii English histories got up by Romish Bohol masters As Well As to seize on. The orphans of protestant parents Are constantly attended to. Both in Spain and Tuscany victims of popish tyranny have been released and lord Clarendon on foreign minister arts on the. Remonstrance of the Alliance. Or. Tyng of new York spoke ably at the annual meeting. The honorable Neal Dow made his appearance in Exeter Hall twice during the present week and was received by the friends of the total abstinence movement with great enthusiasm. I was present during a part of the time or. Dow Speaks very effectively. At the same time the mass of the Middle and upper Carara Are quite unprepared to Sanction the prohibition by Law of the Sale of intoxicating drink. To decrease the number of Publio houses and Heer shops is possible and most desirable. The facilities axe fearfully great and drinking customs very disastrous in their effect Bat i am firmly convinced that until by the spread of the gospel leaven and of a scriptural education accompanied by an abundant outpouring of the spirit the nation itself is not willing to have a liquor Law like that of Maine. A parliament attempting to impose the Yoke of restraint would provoke a terrible reaction of License and drunkenness. Besides Many real christians believe that vinous countries Are temperate and that the use of malt liquor in the family a a lawful and moreover Koy too often find that som of the leaders of Thep Rombi Tion movement in a his country seem to ignore the gospel As the grand Panacea for every social malady. J. W. Stern says a the grand error of life is we look too far we scale the heavens we Fig Down to the Centre of the Earth for systems and we forget ourselves. Truth ties before us it is in the Highway path and the ploughman treads on it with clouded what Christ procured at the expense of is labors sufferings and death we Are invited to come and receive a a without Money and without All on Reskin this world is from Trust in god

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