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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - July 18, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaWhole no 851 Mckinney editor and office Gazette building fifth treet Aboye Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 111 South tenth Street below Chestnut in Advance. In a dal Fob the week 10 a 11\g a Arturda july is. 1857. By mail or at the office 91.50 per year but Prin Abt it a delivered in the City 1.7fl Quot a a j prospectus. It Friendship. Ovid to have their memories read piling fortunes Bowers ave their names when they arc dead a bed on lofty towers. Be to dwell in mansions fair i Kings and princes Gay Lve to Weir praises written where die away. Ove to love their actions placed sting history a Page Quot Orn to Seo them All erased Julme the unerring Sage. A to gain immortal Fame it High on her throne t delusive spell a name Vit Docto Tadt Rion Quot a they know not what a Charm Friendship casts around ii of men and keeps from harm i whom life scares surround. I new Grace around the soul adds new Lustre too ten life a storms around us Roll length is Ever True. That buoys the spirits up inking in despair pending hearts with Hope Teeps them Freo from care. Ling place is not confined Ateiya pillared Halls is a dignity refined in the hamlets Walls. Religion l to a Friend on tiie Doc itunes and duties of the Bible. Xxx it a nature of regeneration. Beli Eveth that Jesus is the Christ is god.�?1. John i 6. A ear Friend a i will now finish ave to say on the nature of Regener to deserves to be considered with of at it change from sin to holiness from to Grace. Our moral nature is in generation gathers up the broken tiered fragments remodels the makes us new men restoring the of god to the soul and writing the heart. We Are by nature pm ration is the infusion of Spir you hath he quickened who were spirit by a direct act upon the s us life and then we begin to live a Eph. Ii 1. We Are by nature corrupt sinful regeneration is a n our moral nature a change moral nature of the soul from Linesa by a direct act of the spirit and there is in this change the Ion of a holy principle or gracious that we Are inclined to seek after Are prepared to hold communion our corrupt natures Are changed Are made partakers of the divine pet. In 4. By nature we Are e have no spiritual perception we be. We May have a rational per of the truth but no spiritual a pure of it this we cannot have until the Lightens our understandings and in Blind eyes and thus imparts to us of spiritual perception then we Only and divine things in their True cd nature we have new views of cd these new and Clear views Are the ots of regeneration and Are Insera so saving Faith for the truth thus Deheve and Tho Saviour thus pret embraced and confided in. A natural Man Reee Iveth not the a the spirit of god,�?1. Cor. Ii 14. I things which the holy ghost has address themselves not Only to the As True but to the conscience As and to the affections As excellent a not to receive them is not to rein our inward experience their Bority and excellence a a Hodges Story on 1st corinthians i 14. Tural Man does not receive the things spirit because he does not see their authority and excellence their loveliness. He is Blind. Now not open the eyes of a Blind Man 111 know Well so the truth which does not open the Blind eyes of the 1�?~the spirit opens his eyes gives him by of spiritual perception and then and then he receives the things of Rit the spirit illuminates the Anding enlightens the mind in the of Christ and this illumination enlightening this opening of the the mind by the spirit is re Genera fir to be More exact the opening of of the mind and giving a capacity ver to see is regeneration and then a Aid the illumination itself the Peg and the new and Clear views her Are the first effects of Regen and Are inseparable from saving phew Paul was sent instrumentally eyes of the gentiles and to turn Din darkness to xxvi and it is written open thou mine i May behold wondrous things Why la . Exit 18. This opening pm yes is the spirits work not through dts merely but by a direct and super-_1 influence upon the bout. By a direct lion the spirit gives spiritual Perepe it to Ltd mind which is by nature Blind. 9 this there is Only a rational perception i truth the spirit gives a capacity of al perception opens our eyes and a we have new and Clear views and duty of Christ and his a. Or it Quot or views Are measurably obscure i As by sometimes Are they increase a Day. In clearness and preciousness a the appears More and More Plain and fit and Christ is More and More Pread Lovely. Then shall we know if on to know the lord his going i prepared As the . I he path of the just is As the shining that Shin eth More and More unto the it . In 18. Kin by nature the will is enslaved in Rution the will is renewed and Quot set a so it is written thy people shall he in the Day of thy Power and if is Thiol work eth in you both to will and lot his Good . Sex 8 Phil ii 12, 13. And this renewing of the will is also by a direct and supernatural influence of the spirit. Thus our larger catechism teaches a a effectual calling is the work of gods almighty Power and Grace whereby out of his free and special love to his elect and from nothing in them moving him thereunto he doth in his accepted time invite and draw them to Jesus Christ by his word and spirit Savin Gly enlightening their minds renewing and powerfully determining their wills so As they although in themselves dead in sin Are hereby made willing and Able freely to answer his Call and to accept and embrace the Grace offered and conveyed . Cat ques. 67. I shall have occasion hereafter to speak of the truth As the Means in regeneration but it we say the spirit operates Only in with or through the truth and not by a direct and supernatural influence As has been taught in these letters then , Frohow that a. Of qts it �g4i�ei$fsfft8etafen�?� capable of perceiving and understanding the truth and being influenced by motives. This May for those who deny the doctrine of original sin but not for us for you and me who hold to that doctrine. As our natures Are depraved these natures must be changed by a direct operation of the spirit on our hearts. The sinner is Blind he has no spiritual perception of the truth and no spiritual capacity to perceive and understand and embrace it and love it. This perception is imparted his eyes opened his understanding enlightened by a direct and supernatural operation of the spirit. His will is enslaved it must be set free this too is done by a direct and supernatural operation of the spirit. So that As we shall see regeneration is the spirits work and not Many a act. He also uses a the truth As a Means in the Case of adults or of those who can perceive and understand the truth but Over and above and beyond the truth there is a direct operation of the spirit infusing life implanting a gracious principle giving at capacity of spiritual perception opening the eyes of the mind enlightening the understanding renewing and liberating the will and drawing the soul to Christ inclining and enabling it to rest on him for salvation and thus purifying and elevating the affections and turning the whole life in a heavenly direction. I have been As you see purposely repetitious for it is better to repeat than not to be understood. This is a very important matter. Bear with me a moment longer and i will give you something better than anything yet advanced. On the nature of regeneration or. A Alexander says a a As the restoration of depraved Man to the image of god lost by the fall is the grand object aimed at in the whole Economy of salvation it can easily be said in the general that by this change a principle of holiness is implanted spiritual life is communicated the mind is enlightened the will renewed and the affections purified and elevated to heavenly objects. Such general descriptions not afford full the change he says is not a without any operation on the mind itself. The blindness is in the mind which can Only be removed by an influence on the soul itself that is by the Power of god creating a a new the fault is in the there must be such an exertion of divine Power As will remove it and this is regeneration. The lost Power of spiritual perception and susceptibility of holy feeling is restored. A a no unregenerate Man a he declares a a no unregenerate Man is while in that state any More capable of spiritual perception than a Blind Man is of a perception of the Blind Man May have eyes but they Are closed they must be opened and then he can see so the spirit by a direct and supernatural influence opens the eyes of the mind and gives a capacity of spiritual perception and of holy feeling and action and at the same time and by the same not Renews and liberates the will so that we then see divine things in a new and Clear Light and Are inclined and enabled freely to choose and to Delight in that which is Good. This is the nature of regeneration. Your Library contains several copies of or. A. Alexanders thoughts on religious experience published by the presbyterian Board of publication. Every family should have this work Aud every one should read it. It costs but 56 cents. I would earnestly recommend you to read the whole of it and especially the 6th chapter pages 79�? 102 read also Eph., chapters 2�?6 and rom., chapters 12�?16 and hymns 22, 88, and 583. Thus much for the nature of regeneration. The next Point is the agent in regeneration. Of that in my next. Adieu. Yours truly. A pious wife. A a i would not said one who was not himself pious marry any woman who was not a Christian. I would feel it such an Honor to share a heart in which god it was a Fine thought and deserves to be specially remembered. You want a Friend in whom you can have entire and unlimited Confidence one who can be your Counselor in All circumstances of difficulty or trial one who is to be identified with you through life in Hope and fear in Joy and sorrow. She is to be a sort of presiding divinity at thy family Board and her countenance the Mirror in which must be reflected the faithful image of by Domestic Bliss or woe Cne who will be discreet affectionate and firm in governing her children in Short who will love you for your own Sake be Happy with you in a Cabin and when the storm of adversity or persecution shall have swept away or withered every vestige of earthly Comfort about you. Now Bear these things in mind and then prayers and the exercise of a becoming prudence and you will not be Likely to fail. A Bishop Andrew. For the presbyterian Banner and advocate. A dream. By a. M. Hough. Bey. Or. S. Of Connecticut having Laboured forty years until the pressure of age was on him was invited by his people to retire on a salary of three Hundred dollars one of his congregation being lately in this City a Friend said to him a you have not treated or. S. So Well As or. Physic his old horse. He ordered in his will that the old horse should be amply fed clothed and sheltered so Long Asho the Depths of misery Are never beyond the Depths of mercy. I dreamed and of that i could describe the beauties of the landscape on which my dreaming eyes feasted ,. ,. Flowers of every conceivable Shade of Colora a a Trees of Tropic Luxuriance with Pendant branches loaded with the most delicious fruits fountains of living Waters throwing Spray drops of coolness into Green Mossy basins Birds of the brightest softest plumage and notes clearer and sweeter and More sonorous than Ever earthly songsters Sung. And then the dwellers in this Region of Bliss a though the Green valleys and verdant Hill sides were filled with a countless multitude yet no loud sounds of discord disturbed the Harmony of the scene for every voice was tuned to the softest gentlest tones of affection every lip was wreathed with smiles of wag Mejt amp it with re Gray hairs there were none but i saw by the spiritual radiance that shone Forth from the countenances of some that they had attained unto perfection and were waiting to be translated to the land of spirits. There were women with features of perfect Beauty and men with forms of most perfect symmetry for they were made in the image and likeness of god and children were there Golden haired and innocent eyed and the prattling words that fell from their lips were the alphabet of Angels. As i wandered farther into this new land still stranger things came to my observation. In the Jungles and roaming under the tall Forest Trees were four footed beasts and All manner of creeping things but the lion and the Lamb Lay Down together and the Tiger and the Panther and the spotted Leopard fawned upon the Little ones who strayed into the Green coverts Licking their Little hands with brute tenderness and stretching their huge bodies upon the Green Sward to make a Couch on which to Pillow the fair Heads of their Sweet childish masters. A but even while i looked and loved and commended there came a change. A Cloud Darker than Midnight oame rolling up Over the Blue sky till the. Whole firmament was darkened it was the Shadow of sin and then a Wail arose. Of the bitter bitter cry even the affrighted Birds helped to swell it and then terror stricken fled far from the abodes of Man. The hitherto to me beasts of the Forest howled and raged with a strange fierceness and bathing their parched jaws in the blood of the innocents became at once the terror and the Scourge of men. Famine and pestilence misery and death stalked through the land. Every Many a hand was turned against his neighbor and mothers even Tore the tender babes from their own bosoms and cast them to the crocodiles or to the chill embrace of the. Re Gentless Waters. / v alas that sin should so transform a Paradise into a Den of howling demons i looked above and below but there seemed no remedy every one devoured the Poison berries of the Upas tree Vith maniac avidity rolling them As a Sweet morsel under the Tongue and then turned away to weep and Wail and writhe under the pangs of remorse the dread of punishment and the terrors of that prison House where the worm Dieth not and the fire is not quenched old men with Gray hairs and wrinkled and marred visages mothers refusing to a be comforted As they looked on the dead bodies of their Little ones children weeping at the grave Side of parents and desolation and sorrow and anguish reigning Over ally and yet there was no Eye to pity and no Arm to save. So thought my despairing heart but even As i wept Over this lost and ruined world the Black Cloud that shrouded the firmament parted and in the opening appeared a bleeding hand a pierced bleeding human hand and above it a brow fairer than the sons of the morning but bleeding and crowned with thorns yet around and above All was a brightness exceeding that of the Sun at Noonday a glorious and dazzling brilliancy and out of the Halo came a View of More than angelic sweetness saying a a a i am the Root and the offspring of David and the Bright and morning a and the spirit and the Bride say come and let him that Heareth say come and let him that is Athirst come and whosoever will let him take of the water of life a a i even i am the lord and beside me there is no a a a look unto me and he be saved Allye ends of the Earth for i have sworn by myself that unto me every knee shall Bow every Tongue shall a suffer Little children to come unto me and forbid them a a cast your fatherless children upon me and let your widows Trust in the lord for i will be a father unto the fatherless and the widows a a when the poor and needy seek water and there is none and their Tongue fail eth for thirst i the lord will hear them i the god of Israel will not forsake a even the youths shall faint and be weary and the Young men shall utterly fail but they that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength. They shall run and not be weary and they shall walk and not a a and even to your old age i am he even to your Hoar hairs will i carry a a of thou afflicted Tost with tempest and not comforted behold i will Lay thy stones with fair colors and Lay thy foundations with sapphires and All thy children shall be taught of the lord and great shall be the peace of thy a who every one that thirst eth come be to the Waters and he that hath no Money come be buy and a a let the wicked forsake his Way and the unrighteous Man his thoughts and let him return unto the lord and he will have Merey upon him and to our god for he will abundantly a a then they that feared the lord spake often one to an other and the lord darkened and heard it and a Book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the lord and that thought upon his name.1 and i awoke and behold i had been dreaming yet i thanked him who speak eth to his children Iff visions of the night when deep sleep fail eth upon men for the teaching of this dream which was not old a dream. A general View of the presbyterian Church during the year Enais May. 1857, synods in connexion with the general Assembly presbyteries a. Candidates for the ministry licentiate ministers. Churches. Licens urea a ordinations installations pastoral relations dissolved churches organised ministers received from other Donot a nations. Ministers dismissed to other Denim a a ministers deceased churches dissolved a. A a members added on examination members added on certificate amp a whole number of communicants rest adults baptized a infants baptized amounts contributed lor Congre poses amount contributed for boards and i tension amount contributed for it us the following the Vear names. Rev. J. M. Whitman. . Mckff5pp or Quot a a a a Archibald Ferguson a a James Adams. Robt. B. B. Mcleod a a William Gray. A s c Henry d., a George Lily. William Griam a a Richard Webster a a Sami. Hume Smith Donegal. A a John Decker Baltimore a a William a. Scott a a John , a a Robert jew. Orr a a Samuel Henderson a a Nestor a. Staicos a a Anderson b. Quay a a Samuel Moody a a s. Carothers d., a a James Coe d., a a Daniel Lattimore a a Isaac Bennett a a Robert Cameron a a James h. Dickey a a John Brittain a a Robt c. Mccomb a a James Gallatin a a s. C. Mcconnell a a j. Howe a a a a Robt. Stuart d., West Lexington. A a b. G. Fields a a f. A a a a m. A Price a a a a j. Hendren d., Lexington. A a Albert l. Holliday West Hanover. A a j. Milton Henry a a a a a a win. F. Wharton Orange. A a we. D. Paisley a a i a a Jos. Y. Alexander Flint River.1 a a j. Re Mccarter East Alabama. A a Elizur Butler Arkansas. A a Candour a. Silliman ouachita. ,. A a Jerome Twitchel Brazos a a Stephen f. Cooke Western Texas. A a h. W. Rogers a if a a a a we. G. Ganders Stockton. John Leyburn stated clerk of the general Assembly. Duffalo i Rochester City. Hudson. North River. New York second. New Brunswick. West Jersey. Luzerne. Winchester Redstone. A Clarion Beaver. Ghz any City. i it a Ltd a richland., Chilli Clithe. Miami. Madison. Peoria Winnebago. I6wa.�?~ a it Dubuque our London correspondent the funeral of Douglas str Rosa the pall bearers and mourners Dickens and Thackeray Sug Wien we Are most ready to perish then is god most ready to help. Scene the evangelical Alliance at Lam Beth Palace report of the deputation to e King of Prussia religious Liberty in the continent the English a Vangeli al by ships the Pope on his travels a the states of the Church and their misery the King of Sardinia and Austria Ultra Monta ism on the a continent the oaths Bill and the romanism so or. Dallas and the Royal humane society prosecution of Bank directors the Handel pest al. London a Une 19,1857. The funeral of Douglas Jerrold was a. Very suggestive scena., it was Public in its character and was a tended by a Large body of world renowned men of the literary and artistic world. I Mai a a pilgrimage to Norwood cemetery to lop Jon the spectacle to see the fees of the living and to moralize about the dead. Curiosity had drawn very Many thither perhaps the greater number because of the celebrities who were to Bear the pall. But Beades these were a body of the admirers friends and Boon companions of the departed child of wit and Genius. Arriving at the cemetery somewhat late i found that the body was being taken out of the funeral Gar skid carried into the Chapel for the first part of the service appointed in the English Church burial of the dead. The Chapel iras filled to overflowing and a Large body could not find Entrance. Quot standing however at the doors these were in due Tipe thrown open and Forth came close to a the coffin of polished Oak enclosing a Leaden one borne on the shoulders of six men and the procession was immediately Farmed outside. The coffin was replaced in Tjie funeral car and immediately behind walked , sods and son in Law of the ceased while after them came to a be amp a Dickens Mark Lemon Charles Knight and a Host of persons identified with literature and Art. At the loot of the Hill the procession stopped the Colin was taken out and again the Sti pullers of the bearers and on each Side the pall bearers ranged themselves. Of Tess Dickens and Thackeray attracted Universal attention. The former .1 had not seen before. He appears to be a Man of about 47 tears old about five feet nine inches High of Light figure of fair complexion with thin Brown hair moustache and Beard a of fair complexion and brow Small As compared with Thackeray a. The reasoning Powers Are not much developed and the forehead is rather retreating. His aspect is rather nervous and restless. He has a Fine Brown Eye glancing round rapidly,1 and a searching Ken. He is worn looking big yet elastic. As for Thackeray he is at a East ten years older than Dickens. His figure is More than six feet High the Frame is massive the Chest is deep and Over i a very Large head clusters a mass of grizzled dark hair. His aspect is that of repos and coolness. His Eye is Gray his nose is flattened from an Accident in childhood the nostrils Are wide the Cheek is full and the Chin prominent. He is although Plain a thorough gentleman in his bearing Iii Etc thoughtful and observant and seemingly unmoved by the gaze of the crowd. Around the grave these men stand with Charles Knight the publisher Mark Lemon the editor of punch a Short Stout Man with to name head and thick Gray hair Over full brows and Gray eyes sir Joseph Paxton the famous planner of the Crystal Palace Landseer the Painter Henry Mayhew the son in Law of Jerrold very Clever but like Jerrold very extravagant and a fast a Tali worn elegant in figure with Many More besides on whom 1 cannot dwell. A As the service proceeds and the solemn words a a ashes to ashes dust to dust a correspond to the fall i it of Earth on the coffin lid. Tears flow fast fro writhe two sons of Jerrold. I observe Thackeray is Calm yet sad Dickens impressed and at the name of. Jesus he half inclines his head. Home whisper that he is i about to deliver an oration but it is not so -.1 1 a Quot i t i 1 i pm the service is Over and after a last gaze into the deep Brick grave and in the coffin All turn wondered a what were the though Alroy Quot crowd of Ute raters. Death Aud Eterny a fee brought very near them or hot and scenes of with the departed who died a Phis. Time there is reason to fear evicts i the snares of society must have a Offia to me a Ory. Then too As i looked to Kajj amp go the Glass door of the Chapel i. Thought of the mass of its occupants As men who had generally ceased to go to Church or to observe and Honor. Gods own Day. Nay Leech and Many More to say nothing of Dickens and Jerrold have by Pencil As Well As pea done their utmost to weaken the National respect for the scriptural Observance of the lords Day and to bring in upon m. A Continental Sabbath. And Heve to i thought is a Man buried sign a and yet Over him is read that Beautiful but. Indiscriminate. Service which thanks god for his deliverance a out of the miseries of this sinful is not the tendency of this on the living bad very bad i left that grave and passed away homeward sad at heart. The evangelical Alliance has been As you Are aware taking Active measures preparatory to the gathering to be held at Berlin in september next. A deputation his went last month to that capital was most warmly received by. The kids. The deputation having returned to England a meeting of the London Branch was held last week to receive their report. But the Point of special interest is that on the 14th inst., a meeting was held in the Palace of Lambeth the archbishop of Canterbury a official residence the primate himself presiding. At this meeting six Bishops besides the chairman were present. The object was to hear from the deputation about the state of religion and religious Liberty in those countries which they had visited a a a subject a said the archbishop of common interest connected with their common Faith. When Paul and Barnabas who had been visiting Many places in Asia came Back the apostles were called together to hear All the things which had been done for sir Cullinger Riley gave the1 history of the Alliance in its Rise and Progress and especially referred to the three great meetings of 1846 and 185�, in London and that of 1855, held in Paris. At All these facts and statistics had been elicited As to the state of religion on the continent. Or. Glynn an episcopal Clergyman and one of the deputation hinted that a there were difficulties to surmount a that the subject of religious Liberty would require to be treated with great forbearance. The King of Prussia expected that the meeting of the Alliance at Berlin would help him to put Down any views of Church government which were not of a Christian spirit and at the same time would Aid him in promoting evangelical teaching in the schools of his kingdom. 1 i there. Or. Steane Secretary of the Alliance entered into a Biller statement of facts the deputation had conferred with the King with the Berlin committee with influential parties in different parts of1 Germany and had returned by Paris to consult the committee there. The King had singled opt. The deputation at dinner and had specially honoured them in the presence of the court Circle. He said that when he found that the fundamental principle was to seek the Union a a Nowc of ecclesiastical bodies put of individual and Loving christians on the basis of a common Faith in Christ and common love to him a he had enthusiastically embraced it. I should Here mention a remarkable fact that although not members of the Alliance the prelates present at this meeting had forwarded a paper to. The King expressing their desire to see Bis countenance Given to the proposed gathering at Berlin. With this his majesty1 expressed himself greatly gratified. As to the1 programme the conference is to open on the ,9th september by a devotional meeting. The proceedings Are to be conducted in Frenzen German and English.1 it was expected that the old Hundri the would be Sung by the Assembly in tbs three languages in the game metre and to the same tune., As to religious Liberty in Germany the principle May be discussed but any practical application of it must be reserved for a committee. Another object would be to appoint parties to go without ostentation through roman Catholic countries and speak to the people themselves on the great principle. A delicate task the deputation had gone through Prussia Saxony Bavaria Wurtemberg Baden rhenish Prussia and then came Home by Way of Paris. The result was. Not. Encouraging. The views prevailing in England As to Freedom of opinion and profession Are Quot not popular in the exceptions to this a state of feeling1 a Are very one lutheran Clergyman had informed or. Steane that a so extensive was the hostile spirit even among the. Congregation of his own Church that he had been compelled to drive the reformers from the lords table because the lutherans would not allow them to partake of the Sara meet unless they would consent to give up their own principles and ally themselves to the lutheran this hostile feeling prevails throughout Germany but most of All in Bavaria. A German Clergyman present or. Rehmet tean said that great sympathy with the movement was Felt in the South of Germany Wurtemberg was free from rationalism. Even from the palatinate of Spires in Bavaria Many ministers would attend the conference at Berlin. They would propose to the Alliance the building of a new evangelical Church on the ruins of the Palace where Charles v. Had presented to him the famous protest of the first reformers. A Spires was the baptismal font of protestantism and the clergy were anxious that All protestants should have a Stone or Brick in that was anally stated that matters of Doe Trine should not be discussed in the conference. This most interesting meeting was brought to a close by whom / a Wesleyan minister the son of the venerable or. Banting. Thus a Baptist or. Steane makes the principal statement a Wesleyan prays and All this with seven prelates approving Shade of Laud what an outrage on High Church ism i of Henry Philpotts Samuel Wilberforce it hoc Genus Amne should you not publicly excommunicate your Bishop Brethren at once and demand a a a lust ration a to purify Lambeth Palace from., the pollution which a these a a schismatic left behind them ? the Pope is travelling through the states of the Church. He went without Cardinal Antonelli his evil Genius and it was expected that he would inaugurate reforms and redress grievances. Bat he is constantly watched by the creatures of the Cardinal who shut out from his ears Tho complaints of a miserable and oppressed people. The Council of Bologna were actually forbidden to meet but they meet and while not allowed to go up with an address they put one into the hands of a senator. Who has a right of Access setting Forth the evils of maladministration speculation and corruption in the a and whose government is this ? the a alleged Vic Gerent who. livers the poor that cry the needy and him that hath no Helper. Whatever the Pope s Benevolence May As a a head of the Church a he is a jealous guardian of pontifical Ascendancy and surrounded by austrian generals and base minded cardinals he Wil i no More than other despots sometimes Grant an amnesty to poor captives relieving them from the bondage and the dungeons to which they never should have been consigned. Belenda est a a Down with it. Raze it raze it even to the foundations a is the prophetic cry of oppressed nations and of the persecuted saints of god. A the widowed King of Sardinia vector Emmanuel is about to marry a Princess of the House of Saxony. This is Gall and Wormwood to Austria As Saxony has been always found in the Camp of her enemies Austria is losing ground in Germany arid especially by the infamous and oppressive concordat with the Pope. A this Quot a nya the times correspondent a a has Given protestant Prussia a tremendous lift a and every austrian who crosses the frontiers into Germany speedily becomes aware that such is the ease. Spain and Naple the latter by recent action Are now held last in the bondage of the same Iron a. In Belgium fears were entertained that the priest party May try. To carry their charitable Bill in the next chamber. But King Leopold Wise and wary warns them of the peril. The peasantry will elect however the creatures of the clergy. In truth the tide of Ultra Monta ism is now rising All Over Europe into dominant political the grand Duke of Baden has made a concordat with the a holy Louis Napoleon holds Rome in Cheek and the univ cars newspaper its main exponent is dying if not extinct. Still on the whole the a Progress downward would be alarming but that we know that a a things must be worse before they Are better a and that Babylon will be a a near to destruction a at the i very time when she shall say in her heart a a i am a lady for Ever. I sit As a Queen and am no widow and shall see no oaths Bill now before parliament alters the terms of the oaths hitherto taken by members of the legislature. It abolishes the obsolete disclaimers of a a the pretender a and it also proposes to leave out the words a on the True Faith of a Christian a so As to allow the. Jew to come into. Parliament. This the commons Sanction but the Peers if acting As hitherto will reject. But the Bill retains the oath required of roman Catholic members in which they affirm with Ali solemnity that a no foreign a Prince or potentate hath jurisdiction in this1 realm.�?�. That the to maoists wish to have abolished they Call it invidious and they a re combining to throw out the Bill if they can unless their demands be granted. They were Defeated however on the second Reading in the House of commons. Last night lord Derby opposed the ministry in their proposal to abolish ministers Money in Ireland. This is a tax placed in the reign of Charles 1-1. On House property a amounting to �12,000 per annul. The to maoists Are irritated by it. The ministry had a majority. I was present Dur part of the debate. Lord Derby has amazing ease and fluency As a speaker. The Royal humane society held its anniversary dinner last week and among a the guests was the worthy ambassador of the United. States. Or. Dallas made a statement full of interest As to the first person rescued by the society from sudden death. The following is the report he wished to say a few words on the subject of their own association and to Tell them a Littie passage of simple unaffected family history which might not he altogether in interesting to those who were assembled there that night. Well then he was placed under an obligation to the Royal humane society eighteen years before he was Horn. Cheers arid laughter he perceived in the paper which had just been placed before him that there had been 15,960 cases of rescues from1 death by drowning effected through the Agency of that Noble institution or at. The rate of 200 per annul. Cheers there was 1 probably not a single individual con ii a Ted with the society who could be old enough to recollect the incident to which he was about to refer a or if anybody could recollect it it we old be the venerable gentleman opposite to him and he was sure that even a his age would fall a few years Short. To wished to speak to them of the first Man whom their association rescued from death. It Wab near a the years 1774 and 1775, just after the humane society had been instituted. A Young Man of excellent education of Large property about seventeen years. Of age was walking with his servant on the Banks of the thames he came to its Brink and the we a the a being unusually warm he soon ventured to doff his clothes and to plunge into the River he was a Gallant and excellent swimmer. He struck out boldly and lustily for the Centre of the Stream but before he got there he was seized with a violent cramp and with one shriek he sunk immediately. His servant distracted ran toward some neighbouring building. A at that very time and for the first time the implements of the Roy al humane society the grappling Irons the drags the boats were accessible. These were put into immediate requisition and the alarm having been Given the. Young Man was taken from the water. According to the usage of the time,1 he was rolled1 upon the Bridge and rescued Renesc stated and restored by the Agency of that institution cheers that was in 1774 or 1775. He was then Sevan a teen years of age. Five years after that Young Man was rescued he married in the county of Devon and1 in Tho course of a few years he went in search of his patrimonial estates in Jamaica aril found that they had been dissipated by a Steward into whose hands they had been entrusted. He went with his wife tithe United states where he arrived in1783, just at the close of the revolutionary War. That Young Man thus re sued from a watery grave applied himself at once to the study of the Law. He Rose in the profession. He became the associate of Washington of Jefferson Muf. Madison 1 he be-1 name himself one of the a most conspicuous Conn. Sel of the United states of America a an admirable if not in that country an unequalled writer and a distinguished politician. He at length filled the office of treasurer of America. That Young Man that counsel a that author who had been rescued by the Royal humane society who. Became the head of a numerous family whose descendants were now Well known throughout the United states of american that Young Mao he might say without any feeling of vanity that a Young Man was Hia own father. Tremendous cheering he died1 some thirty years ago and during his life he referred to the Royal humane society As one founded on the noblest principles and which was earned out with an Energy pro port Ned to its excellence. Cheers the committee of the Lancashire College by a majority have pronounced strongly against doctor Davidson s unsound Ness on the inspiration question when Tjie decision was communicated to him he voted Confidence in him. Twenty three refused thus to vote or. Vaughan the president is against him. The 1 fraudulent directors of the British Bank Are Ere Long to be tried for their of them Are arrested already. A new fraudulent trustees Bill is being brought into parliament by the attorney general. The Handel festival,.at the Crystal Palace has its third and last performance this Day. The. A a Ieon and the court were present on the second Day. It has been a great Success in a musical sense. But when shall a the Day come when. Oratorios shall become real spiritual worship ? j. W. P. S. The 13 the. Of june is Over and gone and. With it the fears of the superstitious about the Comet which was to strike the Earth. In Connaught m Ireland the people proposed emigration to escape it on the continent some neglected their gardens and Fields. When last week a great fire broke out m London at a railway station and the Blaze illuminated the Midnight sky there were not wanting Many who believed that the mighty Comet had come a a the end is not great purposes Are yet to be evolved Ere the last conflagration shall be kindled. A a facts per a a Tarots. No Man dare ask of god so much As he is ready and willing to give a Man can be in no condition wherein god is at a loss and cannot help him. If comforts be wanting he can create comforts not Only out of nothing but out of discomforts. 1 teach you or children by language or Precept 1 no Var to wound a persons feelings because he holds an Humble station in life or because he is poorly Clad or because he is awkward. This is three fold mystery a gospel published in the midst of an ungodly world a Little Church preserved in the midst of devils. And a Little Grace kept alive in the midst of corruptions rabbi Eliezer said a a turn to god one Day before your his disciples said a a How can a Man know the Day of his death a he answered them a then you should turn to god to Day perhaps Yon May die to-morrow1 thus every Day will be employed in True is nothing on Earth which Mankind More generally or More sincerely Admire than a True Independence. The most Practised sycophant who bends a a a a the pregnant hinges of the knee that Thrift May follow fawning a does not refrain from approving in others that Quality which he himself so plentifully lacks. A a glorified you know what i am doing f i see god i see him As he is not through a Glass darkly but face to face and the sight is transforming it makes me like him. I am in the Sweet employment of my blessed redeemer my head and husband whom my son loved and for whole Sake i was willing to part with All i am Here bathing myself at the Spring head of heavenly pleasures and Joys unutterable and therefore weep not for me. I am Here keeping a perpetual Sabbath what that is judge by your Short sabbaths l am Here singing hallelujah incessantly to him who site upon the throne and rest not Day or night from praising Henry. 1despondency.�?a Christian once in doubt and discouragement considered the darkness that overspread her soul to be the frown of the almighty she stumbled Over mole Hills when she should have been removing mountains. To an old minister who was trying to Comfort her. With impassioned emphasis she said a a of in a dead i dead i twice dead and plucked up by the roots a after a pause he replied a a Well sitting in my study the other Day i heard a sudden scream1�?�?ojohn�?Ts in the Well a a a John a fell a into the Well a before i could reach the. Spot i heard the sob and Mournful cry a a Johns dead poor Little to Budyn a bending Over the curb a John Are you dead a a yes Grandfather replied John i was glad to hear it from his own a Indian honesty an Indian being among his White neighbors asked for a Little tobacco to smoke and one of them having some Loose in his pocket gave him a handful. The Day following the Indian came Back inquiring for the donor saying be had found a Quarter of a Dollar among the tobacco. A being told As it was Given to him he might As Well keep it he answered pointing to his breast a a i got a Good Man and a Badrian Here and the Good Man say a a it is not mine i must return it to the the bad Man say a Why he gave you and it is. Your own the Good Man say a a that a not right the Toby ceo. Is yours not the Money a the bad Man say a Sneyer mind you got it go buy some the Good Man say a no no you must not so i done to know Money ,l.feel.good�?�

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