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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - July 11, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPresbyterian Banner amp advocate. Arian but Mur it vol. A so. 43. Ion air stat vol. Xxx. To. 37. Mekinney editor and proprietor. A one thing is a one thing have i desired of the lord this one thing i do. Whole no. 350 publication office Gazette building fifth Street Aboye Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 111 South tenth Street below Chestnut in Advance. For the week Endino saturday july 11, 1857. By mail or at tie office $1.50 per year i no delivered in the City 1.75 a a Quot a Muse cuts. Independence Day. Moving arrived a Little too Lato to up a Day it would celebrate Bat we pre nearly in that connexion As possible Hail with Joy and gladness e Dawn of thit fair Day free from toil and sadness e chant our Happy Lay join the Celebration. Freedoms Jubilee on Rose upon on nation e Star of Liberty. Trees Are waving Over us Bummer Robes arrayed swell the joyous chorus eath their Cooling Shade arts with a Ove Aro glowing god who reigns above those who now Are showing he path of peace and love. Christ on Earth his dwelling save lost sinners made it children a songs Ware swelling e praises of their head blessed their infant voices and now when throned above Saviour god rejoices a hear their songs of love. Tree of life is Blooming thin his Blest abode sacred Flowers per fuming e Garden of on god. Seek the path of duty a hat leads to Joy on High reign with Christ in Beauty to Raul in the sky. J. H. A. The prosby Torlyn Banner and advocate. Infant baptism no. 5. Previous numbers it was made to on the record of the apostles hat they baptized other than be adults. I shall now attempt to prove y were authorized so to do by the a is of the Saviour. And Here at to it is necessary to dispose of two less assumptions of the baptists. First place they assume that the ii of the risen Saviour a a go teach baptizing them a amp of was the Mission to baptize which the Apos received. Whereas it is notorious e time previous they a a made and More disciples than John a which id hardly have done without Suffi Ortity. In the second place they at the apostles were bound to take id command As the exclusive Rule and to construe it Independent previous instructions of the Sav to Why then did Christ Promise that departure the holy ghost should things to their remembrance or he had said unto them a John this Aid of the divine spirit altogether useless if they were ignore All previous instructions on of. In the third place our oppo e for granted that the command to is a command to baptize none ving adults and As though this ceded Point they proceed solemnly Ped baptists for the sin of adding Mission of the Saviour. Thus the question at the outset and by a save themselves the trouble of r air position by sound argument instructions to his disciples so far As they relate to baptism Are in the following scriptures 13�?15.�?�?o then were brought Little children that he should put n them and Pray and his disc d them. But Jesus said Buffer and forbid them not to come for of such is the kingdom of d he Laid his hands on them and ence. A Sec also Mark x 13 and Luke xviii 15�?17. Lac i 19�?�?o and i will give unto yes of the kingdom of heaven Ever thou Shalt bind on Earth und in heaven and whatsoever t Loose on Earth shall be loosed in see also John xxx 23. Xxviii 19, 20�?�?o go be there teach All nations baptizing them in c of the father and of the son e holy ghost teaching them to All things whatsoever i have Xvi 15,16�? a go be into a the and preach the gospel to every Crea that Beli Eveth and is baptized saved hut he that Beli Eveth not Rbt of these passages contains a most a account of children brought to Christ. Ust have been quite Small children Luke Calls them infants and us that the affectionate Saviour Ern up in his the parents t have been believers in Christ or id not have sought his Blessing. His disciples rebuked that Ark explains it they a a rebuked those ought very probably they me such language As this a a a away our Little infants done to think to Heui to Christ now wait till they enough to come themselves. What Rood can it do to Lay hands on an urns babe a with this ill judged t of his disciples Jesus As Mark was Quot much by his and actions he taught them a lesson re not Likely to forget. A a suffer Ildron a said he a and forbid them to unto then suiting his to his words he Laid his hands on d blessed them thus spurning 0 narrow unworthy suggestion that could receive no Good from him t Why a it is asked a is it not said list baptized them a a More Sirn estion could hardly he put by the Hilven themselves 1 yet As we must patient toward All men a we answer Bat Jesus himself never baptized with and secondly that he had not yet inst the Christian baptism. These children in dedicated to god by circumcision was still in Force. A of such a toi Outon a a of such a says Christ a a is the kingdom of and of whom does he speak not of Little children says or. Carson but of those who resemble them and so say All the baptists. Indeed any other interpretation would be fatal to their scheme. They would have Christ a meaning to be a a suffer Little children and forbid them not to come unto me for of adults who resemble them is the kingdom of but adopting this constr Cdon we cannot make out the Force of Christ a argument. We cannot see Why in that View Little children should be brought to him any More than lambs and doves for it might be said with equal propriety that a a of adults who resemble lambs and doves is the kingdom of the fairest Way to ascertain who Are meant by the phrase of such is to refer to other passages where the same language is used. The original word translated such is Topoulos and occurs in the following texts John in 23�?�?othe True worshippers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth for the father seek eth such Toio Ulous to worship that is he seek eth those very persons to worship my. Acts xxii 22�?�?o away with such a fellow toi Outon from the Earth for it is not fit that he should according to the baptists the jews meant not Paul himself but Only those that resembled him. We say this very Paul and All like him. 1. Cor. Vii 2, 8�?�?obut, and if thou marry thou Hast not sinned and if a Virgin marry she hath not sinned. Nevertheless such toi Dutoi shall have trouble in the on the Baptist principle not those who marry but those Only who resemble them Are meant 1. Cor. V 11�?�?o if any Man that is called a brother be a fornicators a Quot with such an one Toranto no not to that is not to eat with the very person specified. 2. Cor. I 13�?�?o such toi Dutoi Are false apostles deceitful workers a amp a. The identical persons previously described were false apostles and so were All others who like them. 1. Tim. I 4, 5�?�?o he is proud knowing nothing a a a from such toi Outon withdraw that is from the very persons specified As Well As All who were like them. If these six examples Are not sufficient i can produce twice As Many More. In fact the unvarying current of scripture usage proves that when Christ said a a of such is the kingdom of heaven a he meant of them a that is of Little children is the kingdom of heaven. In other words Little children As Well As others belong to that kingdom. A a the kingdom of in the next place what is that kingdom to which Little children Are said to have a right ? what Matthew Calls a a the kingdom of heaven Quot is styled by Mark and Luke a the kingdom of both phrases have the same meaning. They contain an allusion to the ancient predictions respecting the glorious reign of Messiah. Thus Daniel says a a in the Days of those Kings shall the god of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be ii 44. Again speaking of a a one like unto the son of Man a he says a a there was Given my Dominion glory and a kingdom that All people nations and languages should serve Chap. In 7. To the same effect Are numerous predictions of the other prophets. The kingdom they foretold can be none other than the visible kingdom of Christ or the gospel Church which was to be that their lord should specify either infants or females in his last command to baptize. Those holy men were fully aware that Little children were a part of the visible Church of Christ and could feel no hesitation about receiving them to baptism. To make this matter As Plain As possible allow me to employ an illustration. Let us suppose some Monarch of those Days giving orders to his commanding general to conquer a rebellious province and enrol the people As is subjects. He has before taken occasion to acquaint his general that he accounts All children of Loyal citizens As subjects sustaining the same relation to his kingdom As their parents. There being a Complete Mutual understanding on this Point he issues a Brief order As rows a a go subdue that nation and enrol them among my subjects. He that submits to my authority and is enrolled shall be protected in person and property but be that dues not submit shall suffer would any intelligent commander in the circumstances have the least doubt that he was expected to include infants in the census and enrolment and suppose some one of his officers to insist that infants Are not named in the King s order and therefore ought to be omitted in the census that infants cannot submit to the Royal authority and therefore should not he enrolled As subjects that it will be time enough to enrol them when they can decide the question of submission for themselves. What in such Case would the commander have replied he would have said a i know Well the intent and meaning of the Royal order. I know the High regard of the King for the offspring of his Loyal citizens. He has himself assured Nie that he accounted such As his subjects bearing the same relation to his kingdom As their parents. I am certain that he would be much displeased should i fail to have them included in the census and enrolment. Moreover you say that infants cannot submit and therefore must not be enrolled. You might just As Well argue that because they cannot submit therefore they must be put to death for the Kings order is a he that does not submit shall suffer a i leave it to the intelligent Reader to apply the illustration. L. N. D. Established among All nations. And this we have no doubt is the meaning of the phrase a a kingdom of heaven a in the passage under discussion. In this particular most Baptist writers agree with us. Christ must then be understood As making known to his disciples that Little children or infants were a component part of that visible Church of is which was about to be extended Over All the Earth. _ it was peculiarly important that the disciples should have a Correct understanding on this subject because Christ was about to entrust them with the highest authority in is Church. He had promised to give unto them a a the keys of the kingdom of heaven a that is to say of that very kingdom of which infants were a component part and whatsoever they should bind on Earth should be hound i heaven. They would be authorized to open the gospel dispensation and to declare what persons should be admitted to the visible Church or excluded from it. The instructions they now received from their divine master As to the position ecu pied in his kingdom by Little children would afterwards be brought to their remembrance and made Plain to them by the Agency of the holy ghost. Guided by those instructions they would not fail to recognize the right of infants by admitting them to baptism. I May hero remark that if by a a the kingdom of heaven is to be understood the kingdom of glory our argument will not be weakened but rather strengthened. For if infants Are admitted into the redeemed family in heaven who will dare to exclude them from the visible family of Christ on Earth ? who will pretend that the Church below is More pure and select in its society than the Church above turn we now to an examination of our lords last instil Eions to his disciples contained in the command to baptize All nations. A a go a says the ascending Saviour a a go teach All nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy again a a go be into All the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that Beli Eveth and is baptized shall be saved hut he that Beli Eveth net shall be the baptists say that the apostles were hound to put a rigid interpretation on this last command of Christ paying no regard to any previous instructions and that infants not being expressly named they had no authority to baptize them. But if this be True the apostles had no right to baptize females for neither Are they specified in the order on the contrary Only the masculine gender is expressed a a a me that Beli Eveth and is baptized amp a. Moreover if our opponents will insist upon a strict construction of the words irrespective of the scope arid intent of the order they must do like st. An Thody preach to the fishes for the command is a a preach the gospel to every the instructions which the apostles had i already received rendered it unnecessary religion or letters to a Friend on the doctrines and duties of the Bible. Letter xxiv. A regeneration agent Means and end. Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth that we should he a kind of first fruits of his . I 18. My dear Friend a i Hope you will not tire of this important subject regeneration nor of the study of the scriptures. Several Points of interest to us All As was remarked in a former letter Are taught us in these words a a of his own will begat he us with the word of truth that we should he a kind of first fruits of his . 1 18. 1. Regeneration is of gods Sovereign pleasure of his own will not ours. Thus it is written in John i 12, 13 a but As Many As received him to them gave he Power to become the sons of god even to them that believe on is name which were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of Man but of regeneration is but carrying into effect the purpose of election. A a of his own will Sovereign and i 11�?13. 2. The nature of regeneration. Of is own will begat he us. It is being renewed being Begotten again being born again made new creatures in Christ Iii 1�?10 1. Cor. V 17. 3. The agent in regeneration begat he us. We did not begat ourselves. To be born again is to be born of god renewed by the holy ghost. He is the agent.�?2. Thess. Ii 13 1. Pet. I 2. 4. The Means in regeneration the word of truth the gospel of Jesus Christ of is own will begat he us with the word of truth the gospel. 5. The end or design in regeneration the glory of god that we should be a kind of first fruits of his creatures consecrated to his service and live to his glory As the first fruits of the Harvest were devoted to him. The necessity of regeneration has been considered in former letters. It results from the fact that we Are sinners with natures depraved and with hearts at enmity with god. Of course in thib state of sin and misery there can Union with Christ no communion with god no fitness for heaven. Be must be born Iii 7. As to the sovereignty of god in regeneration it results from the fact that god is Sovereign doing his pleasure in heaven and on Earth and dispensing his favors according to his own will. And As a sinner Man has no claims upon god. He might justly be left to perish and hence if he receives mercy from god it is wholly unmerited for if merited it would be Justice and not mercy it is wholly unmerited it is bestowed freely bestowed of gods free and Sovereign pleasure of his own will without Money and without . In 1. And if there be any Good thing in any Man it is All of Grace for every Good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh Down from the father of lights with whom is no variable Ness neither Shadow of turning. Of is own will begat he us with the word of i 17,18. The nature of regeneration has also been considered. It is a new birth a new creation the infusion of spiritual life an inward change a spiritual change a great and Radical change and an instantaneous change it makes the dead soul alive it makes the sinner a Saint. The wind blow eth where it Listeth and thou Hearest the sound thereof but canst not Tell whence it to met and whither it goeth so is every one that is born of the Iii 8. It is a real change it is seen in its effects just As you see the effects of the wind yet it is difficult to understand and still More difficult to explain and the Saviour in is conversation with Nicodemus does not attempt to explain it. Surely then it becomes us to approach the subject with due humility and reverence and without attempting to be Wise above what is written. We can not understand the Mode of the divine existence and it is not strange that we should be unable to comprehend the manner of the spirits operations. Hence i shall add but Little to what has been said already on the nature of regeneration referring you for a Fuller View of this important matter to the excellent work of Charnock on regeneration and to or. Alexanders thoughts on religious experience especially the 6th chapter of that exceedingly useful and important work and i can but repeat the wish before expressed that it May be read and studied by every one. By All Means read it. V something May be Learned of the nature of regeneration from what has been said of its necessity. It will also help us to understand the nature of regeneration if we remember what is said a of Man m his natural state As a sinner Andy that is said of him in his renewed state a was a Saint it is evident that he must have experienced a very great change to justify the use of language so very different. In his natural state he is dead in his renewed state he is alive arid walks in newness olm Tife. In his natural state flesh in his renewed spirit in his natural state enmity Simms renewed love to in his natural state living in sin and hating holiness in his renewed state Loving holiness and hating bin and hungering and thirsting after righteousness. Now what has made the difference ? a change wrought within him by divine Grace he has Beinborn again. Then you can see Here the nature the change in these different forms of expression descriptive of different states of the soul of the heart and the life you can see some Tang of the nature of regeneration. This is a practical View of the matter. This very language shows a what it is the nature of the change Jas we shall see in my next. Till then Adi Eji. Read rom., chapters Vii Viii in x i and in and hymns 71,99, and 204 yours truly. no. Xix f of tins excellent series we printed see 2d paragraph apart from sin and Independent of instead of apart from and Independent of. And in the last paragraph of the game no., a a mormonism a should have been from on London correspondent the free Church a the Irish presbyterians and a London doctor sunday bands in the Parks death of Douglas Jerrold a his literary and moral character a Scoffer at Sabbath keeping a a the people a a new journal and the prospects of the Sabbath caused sceptics in the streets modes of discussion the mormons and romanism so parliament Row Taoism in Edinburgh and in England Wiseman Manning and the aristocracy the greek Church and the Czar Pope a prize examinations of the protestant Alliance a Bishop of Exeter and Cross adoration what England june 12,1857. At the recent meeting of the free Church Assembly the deputation from Ireland made some very interesting statements with regard to the Progress of the presbyterian Church in that country and the proposed establishment of intermediate schools As feeders to the Queens College in the Way of preparing Young men to become students for the ministry. Previously to the Assembly than Rev Cdr. Cooke had been in Scotland advocating the claims of the Irish Home Mission. The following facts formed their plea for help from their Liberal scottish Brethren a a by direct missionary Effort the presbyterian Church in Ireland has within a few years originated and. Matured fifty three congregations forty one of these being in those districts where Popery most prevails and in the most of these scotch settlers who but for them would Hare been sadly forsaken and destitute axe the most useful and influential in the remaining portion of our missionary principle and who regard themselves As True sons of the covenant the repeated and Long continued insults offered to the free Church of Scotland by one who while evangelical in his preaching and Catholic in his professions of brotherly love to All who hold the head has yet dealt out hard measure both to the free Church and their allies the English presbyterians. About the time of or. Cummings visit to Belfast at the invitation of the episcopal bib hop and clergy to lecture on the popular subject of a new translation of the Bible a. Letter appeared in the Banner of Ulster signed an a a English presbyterian a which created a sensation. Painful facts for the statements were not even attempted to be denied the feeling already alluded to. On one occasion or. James Hamilton of London had been described As guilty of a breach of the eighth commandment in continuing to occupy any longer the National scotch Church Regent a Square a eally Wei Obj Eyou the moderate a at the general Assembly at Edinburgh rebuked by the lips of or. Lee and in two cited cases of congregations deprived of their churches the reverend gentleman had been the instigator and adviser of suits in chancery in one of which or. Munro of Manchester and is five Hundred and thirteen communicants were driven out of their Church. It is painful thus to refer to these matters but it is a matter of Justice and is simply in explanation of a strange Jet real position of antagonism taken up against free Church ism by one from whose Public character other and better things might have been expected. A Zeal for establishments May account for this in part or in addition to this displeasure the Success of a rival Church. To provoke such unrelenting enmity did not enter into the designs of either free Church or English presbyterians nor does it in the least mar their Progress or usefulness. The sunday music in the Parks has just been revived. The Peoples subscription band commenced last lords Day playing in the regents Park from five to seven of clock in the evening a variety of overtures Waltzes marches and Galois. Several persons were engaged in Selling programmes of the music at id. And notices were issued that the profits of the Sale would go to the payment of the musicians. Shakespeare has truly said a the evil that men do lives after them a and this is applicable to the Well known English writer Douglas Jerrold. He died on the 8th inst., after a Short illness. He was one of the chief writers in punch and for the last few years has been the editor of Lloyd s weekly newspaper a sunday paper for which last it is said he was paid �1,000 per an numb some say �1,600. His Power of wit and satire was truly marvelous often a times innocent and healthful never to do him Justice obscene but both in punch and Lloyd a journal he used it a sparingly and unfairly in ridiculing All who stood up for the Sabbath. The opening a of the Crystal Palace and other Public buildings was constantly advocated by him and these vile sunday bands had in him a zealous caustic supporter. And now he is gone suddenly to his account. He was a a a fast he lived a profligate life and others famous in literature Are doing the same. The sunday bands continue to do harm after Jerrold Dies. And they May survive when those Anonymous scribes of the times office who descended almost two sphere a says a late report a a extending Over years ago to Ruffia ism of language in Midi -------------.=---�?T�? a a a Cuie of the a a puritans a shall have ceased Tolive. A what responsibility what guilt rest on such men As these yet we Bate not a Jot of heart and Hope. The Sabbath cause is on the ascendant. 1st. The government no longer sanctions sunday bands. 2d. The sunday league dare not agitate in parliament at present for the opening of the Crystal Palace &c., but must Content themselves with the Semi seven counties where the proportion of protestants to to maoists is one to Twenty we have fifty one places of missionary work superintended by Twenty one ministers assisted by Twenty five strip Ture readers and col porters having under their charge Twenty four Sabbath schools and sixty daily schools a Large proportion of the pupils of which Are roman catholics while seventeen Hundred persons Are in regular attendance on the Publio religions services of the Christian. Sabbath. In the province of Connaught alone we have eighteen ministers fifteen scripture readers col porters fifty teachers and in the space infidel outpouring of a weekly Organ at the of a few years eight thousand children chiefly Preas any holding Public meetings with roman catholics have passed through our Scop r Tural schools. A we Are Happy to be Able to state that during the past year this Branch of the Church of Christ in addition to contributions for local objects and ministers stipend raised for general and missionary purposes above Twenty thousand pounds and by Means of open air preaching alone proclaimed the gospel of salvation to nearly eighty thousand at the Assembly the Rev. Or. Wilson of Belfast made the following pointed reference to the Rev. Or. Cumming of London which was received with marked approbation and sympathy the experience of the past furnishes under the divine Blessing a Strong and assuring guarantee for the perpetuity of our Friendly Alliance. Applause an adequate test is sometimes supplied by very trivial circumstances. You can imagine the chief town of Ulster to be visited by a presbyterian divine of no inconsiderable popularity the prolific author of religious treatises less distinguished perhaps by honest originality than for number and if you please to add to these claims a Graceful manner with a polished and impressive elocution and assign him a subject of undoubted Public interest Yon will confidently expect crowded audiences to hang upon the lips of the supposed oratory especially if he possess a metropolitan reputation. But what is the sad and humiliating fact ? the presbyterian ministers and people of the District with a few solitary exceptions stand aloof from the exhibit varied Success or defeat Over the kingdom. 3d. A healthy Sabbath literature is getting into wide circulation. Not merely is this True As to the immensely increased circulation of illustrated tracts and hand Bills but also of such publications As a the British Workman a a the band of Hope a and a a the sunday at 4th. The weekly sunday press finds a formidable rival in a new saturday paper started in London called a a the this new paper owes its existence to that princely Christian John Henderson Esq of Glasgow. It is his capital mainly that starts it and its beginning has been most spirited and hopeful. And so while the dispatch is As infidel and scoffing As Ever and the sunday times doing All the harm in its Power and Belles life in London recording for patrons of the turf ring and cockpit the incidents that please Best their vile and Peculiar tastes and while too the proprietors of a a Lloyd so have been so very jealous of the people As to Send Bill stickers Over the town to cover up under their Broad advertisement the placards of the people yet still the last no expense spared. Wit Talent the True yet racy tale for a a the lower ten thousand a the caustic or suggestive Tion and so marked and almost Universal is the letter to some leading Man of the Day has a a a taken a firm hold and will make its Way. A it is firm for the poor Many a Day of rest j not demonstratively but cautiously it gives j evangelism its proper place and tries to wean the masses from that sunday press which has been alas to multitudes hitherto the Artisan s and Workman s Bible and Sermon 1 in one. 1 the death of Douglas Jerrold is a j blow to the cause of Sabbath desecration As it Well As to the sunday paper of which he was i editor and which so late As its last number contained a scoffing paragraph informing the a evangelicals that on the previous sunday a so Many hundreds were a totally lost in \ consequence of the guilt of going Down the i River on an excursion steam boat. The 1 a total loss does not mean that they were drowned but that they were Given Over to eternal ruin. How shockingly this rib Aldry rings out Over the coffin of the Arch mocker the following is characteristic or. Jerrold although a merciless cynic was strongly attached to his friends. When his Friend Gilbert Abbot a Becket died he endured most poignant grief and at the time his changed manner was most marked. When he was at drawn daggers with a leading member of the weekly press about some personal matter arising out of their connexion with Amateur theatricals some injudicious friends spoke Slig tingly to him about his quondam Friend. He immediately put a veto feeling of coldness and estrangement that our reverend visitor lacks the Grace or the policy to conceal his sense of deep disappointment and mortification hear for a failure so signal it is not difficult to account. It was generally believed among us that he who undertook to enlighten the presbyterian Public by his Learned a elections had elsewhere maintained the position that no distinctive religious principle was at stake in the Noble contending of the men who organized the free Church of Scotland and this position the presbyterians of Ulster regard As an insult offered to their understandings and an outrage committed on their deepest religious convictions. Hear it was known moreover that he had publicly deplored the connexion of or. Chalmers with the memorable exodu3, and expressed the amiable wish that the record of the later years of an honoured life could be blotted out of that illustrious Many a biography. What reception such old moderate sentiments might procure for their author in the capital of soot land i know not but this i do know that in the capital of Ulster they awakened mingled feelings of pity and contempt not without a spice of honest indignation. Laughter far from wish so irreverent not to say so sacrilegious Irish presbyterians regard the self denial labors and sacrifices of Chalmers later years As the triumphant and crowning development of High unswerving principle revealing itself More clearly and attractively in a great master mind As he approached the confines of the Bright celestial world. Loud applause thus the Irish presbyterians resented with a dignity worthy of men who prize upon these remarks saying with some warmth a a no i can to hear a spoken ill of because if anybody has a right to say Savage things of him i am that person and i Reserve the privilege exclusively to upon another occasion having wounded the feelings of a genial and amiable artist and being remonstrated thereupon by a companion at the table he apologised for his caustic treatment of his Friend by saying a a if i saw a joke i could not help making it even if it sacrificed my this illustrates the somewhat unhappy temperament of the Man. Sceptics in the streets on the lords Day Are encountered by the agents of open air preaching in London especially at Kings Quot i or the new Gross. There Young or. A Gregor a barrister and one or several of the champions of scepticism maintain a discussion each taking a Quarter of a hour. The Christian Champion is too Strong for his enemies and Many of the people own it. Minor objections Are overlooked and he comes to close quarters thus to let Amanta Keup every hard thing Wuthe Bible while he pronoun Rioe a god a soul or a Mi-Iaeic-w-timmpos8imeriyto"sta5a to t the Corner after another with your hand tied and Call on every Man to Buffet your face. But you can drive the infidel to assert this a a a god is not what i think he should a a therefore a according to his poor logic a a there is no revelation no soul no Godor suppose this last and then depict the awful chaos of Black darkness which his a a genial system a opens. Appeal to the people. Lately in a discussion lasting several weeks the hearers Many of them attending hours at a time seemed to be assured of these two things the feeble evidence and dreadful conclusions of infidelity. The arguments Are Given by each Disputant alternately for ten minutes timed by a watch. Good order is preserved. Many who attend Are professed infidels and where i ask but on these occasions would they Ever hear the gospel but even to neutrals or unprocessed sceptics the free and Plain discussion May be blessed. Only last sunday a Mechanic in the crowd after listening two hours came up with a anxious face and appointed a private meeting at night saying a a your Way is the right one i am sure sir and i really wish to hear More about As for the mor Monite apostles the following shows How those unclean scoundrels Are put to flight the mormon ites Are said to have sixty congregations in London. When their speakers come into the streets it is in Shoals and they hide again for months at a time. One Way of dealing with them was recommended by thirty five friends at the usual monthly meeting of the Mission. The plan has never yet been thwarted to my knowledge and it is this at the Comer of Lincoln a inn Fields just before morning service on sunday i found a Man with a Bible preaching. On one Side of the tracts he gave was the gospel and on the other it began a a i believe in the Book of go up kindly but firmly and say quite close to my a a Tasman is a mor Monite he wants you to join his sect. They take women to this will Rouse up a furious denunciation and you must expect it for the mormon ites give the most violent and shortest resistance of any opposes of the truth. The crowd soon doubles in number and you repeat the same sentence. After a very few minutes the false teacher will vanish and a few sincere kind Plain words with the real truth in them will show the people you do not come to supplant error without giving a Good substitute. As for the romanism disputants and hearers the following is very suggestive Only a few Clever to maoists now talk in the streets when opposed and As on Battle with Rome is the same under the sky As under a roof of slates we need not go into details except to say that besides the solid arguments put they sometimes ask you a a by what authority do you preach a ans., a by no a where was your Church before Luther a ans., a where was your Church before the Dogma of the immaculate Conception a in dealing with to maoists take the Douay Bible and Force them to compare it with the Creed of Pope Pius in. Avoid the Mere doctrine of transubstantiation but press against Purgatory tradition indulgences Saint worship and the latin mass. The priests sometimes come to these meetings and i have seen their servants angrily denounce the people listening. But Many Are aroused to inquiry by hearing even on Buch forbidden ground. In reference to parliament the divorce Bill will soon be sent Down Peers to the commons. By a recent vote of the lords after a guilty party has been divorced her Paramour will be permitted to marry her. This excites grave doubts in Many minds. The oppression of the roots in. India by the police and by taxation As represented by the missionaries has been discussed in the House of commons and Reform is promised. Superstition is uniting with infidelity both Here and on the continent in ruining the souls of men. In Edinburgh the papists through their Bishop Gillies boast of their Progress and in that capital As Well As in other Large towns of Scotland chapels Are built and priests supported chiefly at the expense of the Romish propaganda. Nevertheless their converts from protestantism Are few if any and it is the immigration of Irish both into England and Scotland which causes Popery in great Britain to bulk so largely in comparison with former times. Wiseman is not fond of the vulgar Maynooth priest he finds that a softer sillier Spaniel like class of ecclesiastics Are necessary to creep into houses and to make captives of silly women and when an English Clergyman becomes a Pervert to Rome How speedily does a the Aroh hiphop of Westminster thrust him into the foreground of the area of fashion Archdeacon Manning he sends to Rome in the lenten season to effect All the harm possible by his plausible and eloquent preaching among the English visitors there and not Long since after the return of the latter from the eternal City he installed him in a West end Chapel in an office of ecclesiastical authority with Mueh pomp and ceremony. When some ladies of rank find themselves not satisfied with even the tra etarian confessional at knights Bridge then either the Cardinal himself with oily cunning and the elegant phraseology and polish of a Man of the world and a Prince of the Church combined or Manning the Earnest dupe a Saint in aspect full of zealous ardor draws near and completes the victims Thra Dom. And thus although limited As compared with the past the work of mischief goes on and fresh wealth is secured for the Ever open and never satisfied Treasury of the Cardinal. He lives Well at All events although some of his priests such As Oakley look like half starved anchorite. But never mind every class will find a priest to its taste in the Ever flexible compliant and yet unchangeable Rome. The greek Church reveals to us a glimpse of its superstitions in a recent performance of the emperor Alexander. Re gently a son was born to him and the name announced As about to be Given to this youngest scion of the House of Romanoff was Sergius. People asked a Why a the Enigma is solved. The Czar writes to the metropolitan of Moscow a letter in which he rehearses How with his Consort he the Czar had in september last visited the Convent of the mediator Sergius. There the Royal pair made a vow Over the Tomb of the Saint that if a son were born he should Bear the name of Sergius in remembrance of and in gratitude to this great worker of miracles and so As this son has come by his intercession a a the vow is fulfilled and the archbishop is requested to offer special thanksgiving in the czars name a to or in the neighbourhood of the relies of that Martyr a to whose Protection we commend the thus the greek Church is As corrupt and unsound speaking by her Czar Pope and acting by her archbishop As is her latin sister. The said sister however hates her heartily and duly curses her once a year for her both the lord shall destroy with the sword of his month and with Iho might Coo of his coming. I went on tuesday last to the office of the protestant Alliance for a special purpose. Being asked to act As one of the examiners of a number of Young men from our different Young menus associations competing for prizes Given by the Alliance for the Best answering on the popish controversy. I spent some time there with an episcopal presbyter in arranging the list of printed questions to which the candidates Twenty four in number will be required to give answers in writing. They will be twice examined in this Way and from two successive lists of questions the second putting the More difficult and recondite questions on the subjects of examination which Are 1st, papal supremacy 2d, justification 3d, invocation of saints. A final examination of a reduced number composed of the Ablest of the Young men will be made Viva Voce and will be open to the Public. In this Way among Many others the Alliance seeks to do Good by training champions for the truths of the glorious reformation. The by shop of Exeter has been shamed into doing something though very Little. The Church wardens of st. Olaves Exeter had complained of a Little Book the hym Ned noted which the Rev. Or. Roper used in the Church. The Clergyman was cited and among others the Bishop read the following passages declaring them most objectionable faithful Gross 1 above All others one and Only Noble tree 1 now in foliage now in Blossom. Now in fruit thy Peers May be sweetest Wood and sweetest Iron sweetest weight is Hung on thee Bend thy boughs 0 tree of glory thy relaxing sinews Bend. For a while the ancient Vigour that thy birth bestowed suspend and the King of heavenly Beauty on thy bosom gently tend. After a lengthened interview the statement being made that several persons had left the Church in consequence of the use of this popish hymnal noted the Bishop advised its discontinuance a a and asked the Rector to reply either one Way or the other at that moment. The Rector however asked for time to consider the matter which his lordship granted and then the parties and so the tra etarian priest hesitates because he knows that Between himself and his diocesan there is Only a difference in degree and thus it is that the silly people stay in a Church hearing false teaching and sanctioning sensuous worship up to a certain Point and then Forsooth they Are shocked and go away saying a a it is really too bad a of for one decade of absolute presbyterian authority Over this glorious England to enjoin and enforce in All schools and colleges the study and committing to Mefi Iory of the Shorter catechism were that glorious summary imbedded in the English mind and heart heresy of every kind would Wither away. J. W. Election salvation. Effectual calling is inseparably tied to eternal foreknowledge or election on one Side and to salvation on the other. These two links of the Chain Are up in heaven in gods own hand but this Middle one is let Down to Earth into the hearts of his children and they laying hold on it have sure hold on the other two for no Power can sever them. Though the Mariner sees not the Polar Star yet the Needle of the Compass which Points to it tells him which Way he sails thus the heart Wimch is touched with the Load Stone of divine love trembling with godly fear and yet still looking to god by fixed believing Points at the love of election and tells the soul that its course is toward the heaven of eternal . god is not unrighteous that he will forget your works and labor that pro Reedeth of Savior we own this debt of love o shed by spirit Froin above to move each Christian breast till heralds shall thy truth proclaim and temples raise to fix thy name through All the desert West. Make we have received special mercy from god we ought to be Quick and speedy in on return of Praise to him before time and the deceitfulness of our own hearts efface the Good impressions that have been made David Sang his triumphant song in the Day that the lord delivered him. �?2. 8am. Xxii 1. Bis Dat Gucito Dale he gives twice who gives quickly. Estimate men know what a difference god puts and will put to eternity Between those that serve him and those that serve him not religion would not seem to them such an indifferent thing As they make it nor would they act in it with so Minoh indifference As they do. The you love your souls beware of the world it has slain its thousands and tens of thousands. What ranked lots wife ? the world. What rained Judas ? the world. What ruined Simon magus ? the world. And a a what shall it profit a Man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul a a masons Reform. Nothing Oan be very ill with us when All is Well Witman we Are not Hurt till on soils Are Hurt. If the soul itself be out of tone outward things will do is no More i Good than a fair shoe to a gouty

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