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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - January 17, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPresbyterian Banner amp advocate. A Clytt Crynn Banner vol. A so. 17. advocate vol. Xix so it lit. A one thing is needful Quot a one thing have i desired of the lord a a this one thing i do. Whole no. 225 Pavid Mckinnet editor and proprietor. Publication office Gazette building fifth Street Abote Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 27 South tenth Street below Chestnut Advance. For the week Endino saturday january 17, 1857. Ii a. A a a a. A by mail or at the office $1�?T.50 pm year am Van we a Panfi delivered in the City 1.75 a a a a j prospectus 0ttn>. Lines to a lady in Prospect of death. By in. V. . My boil la grieved to hear you mourn though sickness does oppress you your pains Are not what once Wero borne by him who does distress you. It is for your Good this grief is sent a t is for your Comfort Given j of i Why do Yon so much lament your Home is High in heaven. Linto you Rich treasures Here on Earth among the helpless living you value More in Point of Worth than All the wealth of heaven ? it is needful then you stand in aws r for fear you re not forgiven a for none who cling to mammon a Law Are fit to enter heaven. There is a dread overhangs the grave the living done to deny it an awful gloom on Jordan a wave but christians firm defy it. Though in the floods you seem to sink by storm and tempest driven it is but a sign you a re at the Brink the very Gate of heaven. Though Young you May be called away awhile in Earth to slumber it is but to Wake from night to Day where cares will not encumber. Your loss on Earth is heavenly gain the Bible does assure you of every sin and mortal pain its Balm alone can onre you. Of Why then dread to Cross the Stream Over which you a re free from danger the fear of which is All a dream to Bliss you re yet a stranger. Ten thousand harps will Hail you there and great you Home in glory your father too your Joys will Bhare and hear your Happy Story. Your Sisters too among that throng arrayed in Robes of splendor will meet you there with harp3 of Long attuned to accents tender. Cease then to fear the hollow Tomb it is but As sleep in even lie Down to empty dreams of gloom and Wake to Bliss in heaven for tie presbyterian Banner and advocate. Religion of 1.13tters to a Friend on the doctrines and duties of the Biliie. Letter ill god and is Law. For the lord is our judge the lord is our . Xxxiii 22. My dear Eriend a it is very Gratifying to me to know As you have informed me that you have a a always been in the habit of secret prayer a and that now for Boina time you have been a a praying with increased this is Well it is both a duty and a privilege but do not depend on your prayers depend Only non Christ. That 1 May Lead you to do so i will devote two or three letters to the consideration of god and his Law. I shall speak very plainly but i Hope tenderly and if i wound it will Only he that you May go to Christ for Healing. He is the great . Vii 20�?22. Gome now and let us reason together. Isa. I 18. He that cometh to god must believe that he is a Heb. I 6. Of course you believe that god is or you would not Pray to him. You have no doubt of his existence. You never questioned the exist ence of god. You believe you feel you know there is a god. It is one of the deepest and most settled and fixed convictions of your soul that god is. You would a know of soon question your own existence us question the existence of god. You see the evidence of his existence every where around you. It is written on grass and on every Flower of the Field it shines in the rays of the Sun it sparkles in the stars it Speaks in your own Frame so fearfully and wonderfully made it is written and i wrought into the very Constitution of your nature. Its god is from everlasting to everlasting and he is our maker preserver he is the lord our judge and our lawgiver he is our Xxxiii 22.and the Grid in whom you believe and to whom you Pray is a personal and inde pendent being god the lord Jehovah the great i am not nature nor a principle pervading All things and inseparable from the visible creation but mind a self existing intelligence having intellect and will the creator and governor of All things a personal god who can say i am i exist who is Independent of his works who rules a a Ami reigns Over his works and who orders and dirt feta All events and in whom you a live und move and Havo your Xvi 28. Were there no worlds no Exter Nal creation he still would be god. And How absurd to speak of creation As a development of god or the growth of a hidden principle in nature no creation is not god but it is gods work. In the beginning when there was nothing god created the heaven and the . I 1. He called the worlds iut0 existence by his word he willed and they were he spake and it was done i a a the work of creation is gods making All things of nothing by the Quot word of his Power in the space of six Days and All very . Cat., Qutb. 9. He was before All things and hence is Independent of All things j he made All things and hence is Superior to All things and he Eon fools All things the lawgiver and the judge. The Laws of nature Are god s Laws he governs the material As Well As the intelligent and moral universe. He is the Universal lawgiver and the Universal judge not a Sparrow Falls of the ground without Matt x 29. And How delightful to think that the universe is not controlled by bund principles but by a god of intelligence and love whose will Quot controls the stars in their courses and the atoms that float in the air who rules Over All and does All his pleasure. The lord is our judge the lord is Ora . Xxxiii 22. The lord reign eth let the Earth rejoice is. Lxvii 1-Here is an argument for submission Here encouragement for prayer. There would e no virtue in submitting to a principle Ute less Tubero is virtue in necessity. And you. Would not Pray to a principles to a Law to electricity for instance but you address your prayers to a personal god to a god who is to a being who exists in and of himself who has Power intelligence and will and who is the hearer and answerer of prayer because lie is Sovereign and Independent god Over All supreme and alone doing his pleasure a heaven and on Earth the judge the lawgiver the King the infinite mind a personal being the eternal and unchangeable god. Such is the god in whom you believe and to whom you Pray the god of the Bible your maker your ruler and your judge father son and holy ghost three persons one god a a the same in substance equal in Power and . Cat., ques. 4�?6. _ or. A. Alexander says a a god is a person distinct from the universe. Ever being who professes intellect and will is a person. The execution of any work of design in which there is an adaptation of Means to ends and a harmonious operation of parts to produce a desirable effect necessarily involves the existence both of intellect and will. The idea that the universe is god or that god is the soul of the world but not a person distinct from it is nothing More than a disguised system of atheism. God is Dis Tinct from and Independent of All a Bible truth published by presbyterian Board p. 11. # and his perfections Are infinite. Thus your catechism teaches a a god is a spirit infinite eternal and unchangeable in his being Wisdom Power holiness Justice goodness and . Cat., ques. 4. Infinity cannot. Be comprehended by our finite minds. We May know something of god but o How Little who by searching can find out god ? who can find out the almighty unto perfection ? it is High As heaven what canst thou do deeper than hell what canst thou know the measure thereof is longer than the Earth and broader than the i 7�?9. Hell is naked before him and destruction hath no covering. He stretch eth out the North Over the empty place and hang eth the Earth upon xxvi 6, 7. He is As he proclaim eth himself to Moses the lord the lord god merciful and gracious Long suffering and abundant in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin and that will by no Means Olear the guilty for he is just As Well As merciful and kind a god of truth and without iniquity just and right is . Xxxiv 6, 7 deut. Xxxii 4. A. And while All his perfections Are infinite and All is attributes Are equally dear to him his holiness is his glory his character is spotless purity. His holiness is absolute. It is his crowning perfection. God is Light i his very nature is holiness itself. Whatever is impure is infinitely odious to him sin is an abomination to him he hates it with perfect hatred a Van the heavens Are not clean in his sight and his Angels he charged with Folly Job in 18, Andev 15. How vile and hateful then must we appear Well May we cry unclean god be merciful to us sinners when we know that the Angels veil their faces before him and cry holy holy holy is the lord god almighty a Luke xviii 13 Isa. I 3 Rev. In 8. Holy thrice holy infinitely pure Yea purity itself infinitely holy Yea holiness itself alas How inadequate Are our conceptions of the infinite god who is holiness itself infinite holiness who can gaze upon the Sun As he shines in his splendor who can look upon god who can even think of him unwed. No mortal can look upon him and live. Should he reveal myself to us in All his glory we should fall at his feet As dead Yea overcome by the exceeding brightness we should at once expire a a the lord Jehovah reigns. His throne is built on High the garments he assumes Are Light and glories Shine with beam so Bright no mortal Eye can Bear the sight a it is Only in the face of Jesus Christ that we can look upon this exceeding brightness a dazzled it is Only through Jesus Christ that we can approach god and live. Look to Jesus and god will be your Friend. Read is. Xxxix and John Xiv chapter. Yours truly. For the fresh Sterlen Banner and advocate. Bethel rooms 7 Cleveland december 1856. J or. Editor a i have read with much interest the following letter from our excellent chaplain among the River men of Pittsburgh and i am confident it will be received with pleasure by your numerous readers. The Rich Blessing of heaven is every where attending our efforts among sailors and Boatmen. This letter of brother Dallas is Only a specimen front my portfolio received from every Lake and River in the West. Very truly yours a r. I. Leonard Cor. Sec. W. S. F. Society. Broth if Leonard a another year has closed of Bethel labor among our eight thousand Boatmen properly belonging to the Active Commerce of Pittsburgh. Frequently with the Prophet have i said a who hath believed our report ? and to whom is the Arm of the lord revealed a and then again have i been chastened for my refining when i remember the infancy of our Effort and the sparseness of labourers in this populous and Long neglected Field. I Mark with pleasure the improving condition of morals on our Waters. An intemperate and profane Man is no longer esteemed worthy of treat among our Boatmen and consequently must seek employment else where or consent to be governed by the improved police of the boat. Thousands of a Boatmen would rejoice if our Marine Laws j were so amended As to bring our internal Commerce under the control of sabbatical Laws regulating other worldly business. Some of our boats Are running on Sabbath keeping principles. But those excellent men who make this strike for right and a god suffer Many times great perplexity and annoyance both from the water and the land. Erom the water by those less conscientious preceding them into port and engrossing the business and from the land perchance by complaining stockholders business houses or travellers. This bar to the Sanctification of our Commerce will exist until a higher moral sentiment pleading for god and humanity shall move controlling capitalists to give Back to the Boatmen god s holy Sabbath. Twenty six Days in the Calendar of the Landsman constitute the labourer s month while thirty one Are exacted from the Waterman allowing him no time for intellectual and moral improvement. _ but few casualties have occurred during the past year on our Rivers. I will give you one painful incident of Peculiar interest. The new Steamer Metropolis on her first trip exploded her boiler. Her commander capt e. C. Hazlett of this port was fatally scalded by inhaling steam. For a time he seemed indifferent to his own injuries in my concern for others he stood at Lnu pm it until the boat was landed and made fast then Sank irom exhaustion., he was it then borne to a Bouse near at hand a and by his physician informed that he could survive but a Short time. Six weeks poor to this catastrophe he sought god in the Pardon of sin and United with the Church. With the voyage of life now suddenly closing he through an attendant addressed his dying message to his eldest so Tell Hiram that i am going to Jesus. Thus died a most worthy officer Long connected with our Commerce in the. Possession of gods favor Worth More to him now than the wealth of nations. I Hope i May without appearing egotistical cite a few instances of the Good results of Bethel labor. On my regular rounds of duty i meet with Many interesting items. On one occasion on offering a Youngman a tract he remarked a a it is no use for me to take it for it will do me no before i had time to reason with him on the matter a religious Boatman overhearing his remarks stepped Forward and said a a yes it will for it was by Reading a tract Given me at this port that 1 first resolved to be a Good on another occasion meeting a Boatman on the wharf i inquired where he was going. He said a a i am looking for a berth by the time the ice Breaks i exhorted him to seek first the. Salvation of Bis soul and then As a Christian take his place on the River for god while making a living for . He seemed deeply impressed with a sense of a duty. The same Day i called at his House and urged the importance of both husband and wife consecrating a themselves and children to god. With deep emotion they both resolved to do so. One week hence the husband rejoiced in the love of god and both United with the Church. About the same time i was greatly cheered by the intelligence of the conversion of some Young men with whom i had been Labouring on the Beaver and Erie canal. _ another Cash of unusual interest transpired in the very triumphant death of a Young Ady a member of our Bible class who was brought to Christ through the instrumentality of our Sabbath school. I might swell this report to an undue length by a number of additional circumstances analogous to the above but forbear. Our River men exhibit a growing appreciation of our Bethel by an increasing attendance upon the Means of Grace. But a suspension of Steamboat navigation for the last three months has diminished our congregations for whatever affects navigation produces a corresponding result upon our Bethel but a Rise in the River will restore our numbers. A. I regularly visit our boats distributing the word of god tracts and periodicals among the Crews. I find work enough to engross my time engage my head and enlist my heart. Our Sabbath school though Small is doing a Good work. And now i look to god and the future for greater blessings to be developed through the instrumentality of our Bethel. A Dallas Pittsburgh pa., oct. 1, 1856. For the presbyterian Banner and advocate. Sitting in Church in time of prayer. We fear that this habit which we cannot but regard As irreverent is on the increase and that it prevails to a great extent already. We Are not now about to disc i the propriety or impropriety of the Cus Tom but to remark that not Long since the writer was present at a meeting of ministers at which s Semon was preached specially to them and at the time of the first prayer Only six besides myself Rose now this was in new England where we Nad expected better things. And on examining an old volume published at Boston 1725, containing among other matters the action of the Synod of Cambridge 1679, to which two questions were proposed 1. What Are the evils that have provoked the lord to bring his judgments on new 1 England l a what is to he done so that those evils May be reformed in answer to the first under the fourth head they say a a their is great profane Ness in resp Crof irreverent behaviour in the solemn worship of god. It is a frequent thing for men though not necessitated thereto by any infirmity to sit in from our Loudon correspondent. The following letter was due some weeks ago but the Steamer on which it was sent was disabled and forced to return. Still though late in appearing Ittis Well worthy a perusal. It is needful Tofa full notice of passing events red -4. A visit to Brighton its invalids. Climate. Recreations its Bise and Progress a the Prince be. Gait and the Pavilion be Gion there its poes and friends Irish schools find the soldiers visit Irish and English the free Church sus tentation. Fund planning of students a London cuanto est the Idio Fand orphan asylums an election scene thai French and English press Louis Dean of Carlisle persian new pans conference King of Naples. I r London Deo. 2.1856. 1 have recently paid a w a it to Umoh ton. A town on the coast of with Peculiar interest in in one respect bight of mile Distant from the described As the West pm instead of Semi Rural quiz a Fife the sea Shore Solitude unbroken save Fifthe music of the surging tides Brighton throughout the autumn and Winter is Grats pro Penades and highways filled Witas throng offagh4 Iona Les. Air Quot al to Brighton come in quids not merely f from every part of the a sited kingdom but also from India the. Monies and other the world. Last Vear. You. Might have seen hobbling on enl fees or reclining Pale Aid shattered on Hemms near the sea Many an officer who at to Tjalma or Linker Mann had suffered from be hot and Shell of the russians. have disappeared but there Are otters wheeled about in Bath chairs living if fit amp in pure air and it under the sky of a november Day whose ple a faces Tell of log it May be though sixty Mitropolis. My be if London for. Gion for otherwise of England and especially of mighty London passing now Over the Channel to the state of religion . The presbyterian Mission schools in the West Are still maintaining their position and in connexion with Industrial training Are proving a Bles my to Many Young persons especially to. Girls. A pleasing scene presented itself a Little time ago. In Ballin Aglen county Galway. Philip o Flaherty whose name is familiar to Many of your readers As a convert from Popery and afterwards a interpreter in the anti h army m the Crimea is a native of Bali nailed. Accompanied by another Galway Man who had been a Soldier Comrade throughout the War. He recently paid a visit to his birth place and As sergeant o Flaherty with his medal and al spa and m full uniform he was re and Mhand of missionaries to receive him and hear an address from him. In the free Church College at Edinburgh he has com fenced to course of theological study with the View of going out to Turkey As a mis Oil Umili a in the remo Strant Synod of Ulster of Josh unitarians had a meeting recently to revise their code of discipline. On this spinal disease or other i fatal maladies. The London season parliament meets nes escaping London fogs lating bracing Atmo Sph appliances of luxury Iolj lating libraries news Roas in carriages and Bea their own property s not begin till february and so thing a Stimon haying All the of clubs circus concerts As Well Ful Riding horses hired Here Are. Prayer time and some with their Heads al most covered or to give Way to their own sloth and sleepiness when the should be serving god with attention and intention under the solemn dispensation of his ordinances. We read of but one Man in the scripture that slept Ata Sermon and that sin had like to cos him his life acts a a 9.�?� have these important principles changed since 1679, or have men improved or de generated since the Days of their fathers ? Lay Puritan recorder says a we have an illustration of the antagonism Between Lay preaching and depressing errors in the customs that prevailed in our congregational churches in this Vicinity at the time when unitarianism had come into Possession of All the churches in Boston but one. At the Date of 1804, afew members of the Olds with Church those that afterwards formed the nucleus of Park Street Church desired to unite in sustaining a prayer meeting hut they found a difficulty in that none of them had Ever ventured to Lead in social prayer. When therefore they could not have a prayer meeting they formed a a a society for religious improvement a at the meetings of which they read the scriptures and engaged in religious conversation. But after Abonit a month they were Able to Pray. Thus had the sweep of blighting error in Boston so repressed the evangelical Effort of laymen that there were none in All our cd finches to be found even to conduct a found passing a Quot a Goodyk pleasant a Winter As our moist climate will admit lords and ladies of High . With our patrician looking retire officers and English gentlemen with Theof families this Brighton is almost Quot a French town in its aspect. It has risk a a tip if it be Beautiful As in a measure it ssh like aphrodite from the sea. And the Pis a recent affair. True that Brighton a pame before the Days of George the Prince Regent afterwards George iv., whip paying his first visit to it in 1782, after prands chose it As a place to he petted and built therein a Royal like the drawings one sees of the Kremlin at Moscow with domes and Spires with a Long a a chinese gallery a and Gaudy apartments within. Hither that a a finest gentleman in Europe a As some a called him but rather that libertine Prince loved to come and Here he held his revels. Not far off is the House where mrs. Fitzherbert his wife if the ceremony of marriage Reatty performed could make her so lived arid to which it was said there was a passage under ground a a Gorgius a As Thackeray in his Fine satire against fashionable vice Calls George iv., so patronized Brighton that the great world flocked after a him and although he and his memory Are now alike the prey of corruption yet the easy distance from London the flight by railway of an hour and a half the Breezy Downs the sheltered Vale the literary Leisure the favourable Winter climate All continue to Keap Brighton,.with its Bow windowed streets and squares its Baths its Riding schools its Chain pier jut Ting far out into the sea its churches and chapels fashionable still. Religion there has its Friend and foes. Among the latter is the covetousness of greedy tradesmen in keepers Bath or bin tors lodging House. Keepers it hoc Genus one who make the most of a a the Brighton is thus a costly place either for an invalid or a pleasure seeker. Besides this vulgar foe to godliness there Are refined and Subtle errors abroad such As soc imams and Semi rationalism not forgetting the teaching of former minister who after his deposition by his presbytery has continued to a diminishing band to put Forth those doctrines which have recently been described As a a a the negative Here others have taught and held that doctrine As Well As he one especially a Clergyman of the Church of. England who excited much notice m is Short career for he is m an Early grave and who was reported to have publicly said that the popular the a evangelical. Doctrine of the atonement and sacrifice of Christ was derived a a from the bloody shambles of heathenism Quot trac arianism also has made it Lodgment in Brighton and some of its clergy hissed and interrupted lord Shaftsbury. A couple of years ago when at a Public meeting on behalf of the protestant Alliance be denounced their errors. Romanism also is trying to make progress., while uni Tanan bin numbering its Little a a Eclectic band when i was there the other Day was advertising sermons on the lord s Day by Chan eng of Boston United states. On the other hand. Evangelical Episcopacy is Strong m Brighton and has a firm hold on a Large body of devout worshippers and hearers of the higher and Middle ranks. The children who cd my to boarding schools at this favorite place have thus the advantage of excellent to a Ching on the Sabbath. Congregation lists and baptists have built find chapels and Are filling them while our own English presbyterian Church though much injured by the defection to the error of a former minister has a Little band of faithful adherents and i Trust by the Blessing of our King a Noble Piasio before it. On its behalf i went to Brighton and hence the reminiscences and impressions a of the place which 1 now place before you. I ought to add that in this town the Bible a society arid most of our Best institutions have important auxiliaries and that a protestant association by lectures and Public meetings is vigorously exposing both trac arianism and Popery in a word arid i Hope it will justify the length of my sketch Brighton May be regarded As a microcosm of the fashion the architecture the literature the recreations and the Reli agree itt do Nying the doctrine of the Trinity. Irish to unitarianism goes farther Thap English or possibly new England soc imams would do. In asking from a candidate for License or ordination a declaration of belief in the inspiration of the holy scriptures doctor Montgomery who used to he called a a the lion of . And confessedly its Cory Phaneus at this hour wished to have a clause inserted which recognized the personality and the influences of the holy spirit. The Creed of 4n Arian would thus make a a a Christ a creature and the spirit the creation of a creature a As some one has expressed it. But at All events it was something to have from or. M. The recognition of a distinct agent a and to hear him speak a of a his a a sanctifying a influences. To his proposal however opposition was made. One minister said he believed in the holy spirit of god to be sure but it was just As he believed in the holy spirit of an Angel or a Good Man. A. The discussion was first adjourned and then in consequence of tidings from India of the death of doctor. son in the military service of the company the Synod broke up without a decision on the Point mooted. Would that the divine spirit sanctifying this remarkable Man s bitter bereavement and teaching him Savin Gly it might. Yet cause his. Declining years to be consecrated to the a building up of the Faith which so Long lie has sought to destroy v 1 a a i Irish aria a ism is a Ion ism and this arises i believe from its local proximity to presbyterian orthodoxy,.leading to a kind of half Way Compromise Between truth and error. Socin Ianis Here makes Christ Only a Man arianism yonder ascribes to him a pre existent glory Only inferior to that of the father. The one utterly ignores the atonement the other ascribes something at least to the mediation of the Saviour and attributes to his death some undefined mysterious a virtue. But practically in their results both make havoc of the souls of men. They freeze and congeal and Ever will do so., religious earnestness and intelligent scriptural piety can Only be found with a living evangelism pervaded by a teaching which glorifies the special office of each of the persons of the blessed Trinity in the great work of redemption. With regard to soot Atid the Sustento Tion fund of the free Church continues to Prosper. For the first six months of the financial year May to november the amount is ��49,191� an increase on the corresponding period of last year of upwards of �800� this increase is owing however to donations and at the recent meeting of the Assembly s commission or. Buchanan urged the danger of congregations concluding from last years increase and Success that the maximum was secure by a vigorous Effort much More will be accomplished before next Assembly. The training of. Students also occupied attention at the meeting of commission specially with regard to the study of the scriptures not Only in the originals but m the English version theology is still to be the subject of systematic study but it is henceforth to be taught by a a training students More in the Bible teaching them theology no longer downward to the Bible but to the Bible a is this not a mighty improvement a. Is there not Here much that is suggestive to a presbyterian colleges ?. Several of our Public charities have their half yearly election of. Candidates at this season. In two of these i am specially interested. The first is the idiot Asylum providing a Refuge and a Home for the unhappy class which gives it its Peculiar title the founder of this admirable institution and its indefatigable supporter up to this hour was or. Andrew Reed an Independent minister whose a visit to the. American cur ones with or. Hoby. A Baptist mister published about Twenty five years ago was much read m this country especially in its bearings on the voluntary question. The idiot Asylum has a family in its charge of i believe Between three arid four Hundred. In Many eases gleams of intelligence innocent gladness and often habits of Industry Are looked into life from the apparently hopeless soil on which culture and care Are bestowed. It is sad to see Oft times a list of one Hundred and sixty candidates Only thirty of whom can he admitted in the1 a course of twelve months. The expenses of such establishments Are necessarily Large but Relief thus secured to and poor parents is beyond calculation. ,. A new arid Beautiful Asylum has been recently erected Rio a relegate m Surrey and a special Appeal has just been issued for �5,000, in order to fit it with the necessary furniture for its Large and helpless family. The second of these shanties is a a the infant orphan Asylum at Haverstock Hill a near Hampstead founded one Hundred years ago hut within the last ten or Twenty years expanded very greatly. The Queen is its Patron and by a Large donation is entitled to present one orphan every year. The main supporters of this institution Are to the evangelical dissenters. Congregational collections entitle the ministers to annual votes. I was present last Friday for a Short time at the half yearly election being interested in the Success of the son of a poor widow in my own congregation whose father had been a zealous visitor of the Giok and ,and the Secretary of our a a benevolent society a the election is held m one of the Large Public rooms of the London tavern. As i went up. The staircases were placarded with the names and claims of orphans appealing to the Eye while Little boys and girls., and grown persons too. Appeal to the ear and heart for votes. The very banisters of the stairs have cards tied upon them from Bottom to top. Going up the stairs 1 entered by mistake a room in which i found a meeting nibbled shareholders a a thinks �1 to myself us la turned away there is More Money in these gentlemen a purses than a would secure the election of All the orphan candidates up stairs but they a keep never minding a they Are Busy with their land and Gold speculations their hearts Are at the Antipodes not at Haverstock a Hill ,. A _ a a. Up stairs the Large room in which the great London Charity dinners Are held is filled with a crowd of ladies and gentlemen around different tables on which Are displayed the names of candidates with widowed. Mothers or where both parents Are dead near a relatives a Are reckoning up the votes some hopefully others trying to borrow votes others despairing of Success until next year. It makes ones heart sad to find Only fifteen candidates elected to Day out of nearly two Hundred and to think of the anxiety exertions sacrifices wearisome walks through and around this vast Metropolis which Are involved in the election of one child. Once elected however say at six years old the boy or girl remains in a Happy the age of fourteen with the Best secular Industrial and religious training and is then apprenticed and sent away with a sum of Money and a with two suits of clothes paganism infidelity where Are your asylums ? a strangers enemies to christianity your a a tender mercies Are a a cruel a there have been bitter recriminations bet Ween the London and Paris newspapers which Are calculated to do mischief. The times throughout has acted a Noble part As the Champion of free thought and speech and is no doubt the True exponent of. National feeling. The. Constitution al is supposed to be under the inspiration of some of Lonis Napoleons Cabinet but not of the emperor himself. He a has however it seems to objection to see a Little a spar especially sour papera Tell the French editors to their Toeta amp Psi Yothey Are slaves and can Only write under ccnsorsmp., next comes the assembled National the Organ of the legitimise and Orleans factions both russian in sympathy and bitterly anti English. This paper the other Day gravely advised the government to look after the Colony of Algiers to secure its coast defences As covetous desires were directed toward it by England who would be too glad to make it another Gibraltar or Malta As to the emperor nobody believes he would preserve the English moment longer than it suited him. There is Good reason to believe that he fostered the quarrel at constantinople by a dispute about the holy places which led to the last War and that he sought employment for his soldiers and that glory won in War which Dazzles and keeps quiet a nation so vain and volatile As the French. His personal character was always bad he is if apparently a Well founded Rumor a Speaks a truly a not the Nephew of the great Napoleon hut the offspring of a dutch general and of Hortense the faithless wife of one of Napoleon s Brothers. Certainly he has not aught of the classic Beauty and contour of face which marked the elder Bonaparte,.and All . He rules however with a firmer hand than any other Continental Monarch and Providence has employed and May use him still to accomplish mighty changes m the aspect of human affairs and to hasten on a crisis m Europe which can not be far evangelical Bishop has been selected by lord Palmerston. The Rev Robert Bickersteth Nephew of. The late excellent Rev. Edward Bickersteth of Wotton Rector of st. Giles a the Fields. London has just been appointed Bishop of Ripon in room of doctor Longley removed to the see of Durham the tract Nan and High Church party have recently received Many a a a heavy blow and sore discourage in enc Quot from lord Palmerston the infill ence of lord Shaftsbury Over him a believe to be considerable or Bickersteth is a mad of Fine talents glowing eloquence Earnest Zeal much refinement of manner and will boldly resist error m his diocese As. Well As stimulate the clergy to work. The following is a pen and portrait of the late perpetual curate of Cheltenham thirteen years ago i came into Contact with him and was witness to his mighty influence for Good tub new Dean of cables in s personnel correspondent of the Carlisle journal says in person or Cloeo is about six feet in he get of Stalwart handsome countenance he has of late years become quite Gray and at present his appearance in the pulpit is venerable beyond his years. But there is no indication of old age in hib face voice or manner of delivery and it is to be hoped he will have yet for a number of years to enjoy his Well earned preferment m the Church and to be the Means of usefulness to society. Of course it must be interesting to those amongst whom the Dean will have to labor to understand something As to his. Style of pulpit oratory and it May be described in a few words As highly attractive and pleasing. Nothing will so forcibly influence the hearer of his discourses As the exceeding plainness of speech with which he illustrates his argument the entire absence of that which May be termed the thesis theological and the sound scriptural basis Laid Down for every position advanced. No Fine drawn debt motions. To oratorical flourish and or obscure statements for him. The Lack of ornament which some persons Admire is fully compensated for by his earnestness of manner his. Clear musical voice the variety exhibited m each. Sermon and his evident disregard for display of any kind his Only Quot purpose palpable to bring conviction Home to the hearts of his hearers.�?T. expedition against per Sia has sailed for.,the persian Gulf and tray Lead to various complications. Russia will not like the occupation of Herat which the times of to Day says is the ultimate object. .�.,. A second conference at parts it is now said will meet to Settle the question of Bol Grad and the Isle of serpents. So far Russia seems to prevail a Over lord Palmerston hut neither England nor Ftp a a of Quot a or yet Austria will suffer Russia Lect retain Bol Grad and thus command the Day que. France has played a fast and Loose policy on this question. There Are rumours to Day. Of aug insurrection in Sicily which is soon to a be put Down in blood. It is now that through the entreaties of the russian Czar the King of Naples Quot a will yield arid Grant a Large amnesty Ere Long. ,. ,. To it a to w ,. A a do nothing said lady Elizabeth Brooke a a upon which you dare not ask god s 1 Philip Henry used to say when the mind and the condition meet there is Contentment a a indirect thin shoes and cd ten Stocki rigs on mama a nights and in Cool Rainy weather. Wearing insufficient clothing and especially upon the limbs and a a if a Sabbath City authorities of Columbus miss., have passed a ordinance prohibiting boats from discharging or receiving freights at that place on the Sabbath Day. All the towns on the Tom Bigbee Between Aberdeen and Mobile have passed a similar ordinance. in the journey of me Are like the it Hills which alarm the travellers non. Their Road they. Bot appear great at a distance but when we approach them we find that hey Are far Lebb insure mount Abw than we had imagined.1 a -. I. A i i a i i a at i a a a i a a. I i a lawyer s Story said a the Firat duty of a lawyer is to his god and his religion a secondly to a his country and the jaw thirdly to himself and lastly to is client. Never mistake the Law. Lie for no Man deceive no Quot Man. Be True to the court True to your Delight in music at last a soft and solemn breathing sound Rose like a Stream of Rich distilled perfumes and stole upon the air that even silence was took Ere she was Ware and wished she might. Deny her nature and be never More still to be so displaced. A i was ally ear and. Took in streams that might create a a soul i under the ribs of death. I. Milton. Admiration and aspiration a it is a Good a thing it is a Good thing to Admire. By continually looking upwards our minds will themselves grow upwards and As a Man by indulging in habits of scorn and contempt for others is sure to descend to the level of what he despises so the. Opposite habits of admiration and enthusiastic reverence for excellence impart to ourselves a portion of the qualities we Admire. A there As in everything else humility is the surest path Arnold. Watchers for the Kustrim of having night watchers for the Siok says an observant writer As usually managed is very injurious sick persons need the most perfect quiet and hence absence fro mall disturbing and irritating Canses. The presence of strangers m the sick chamber is always unfavourable to the repose of the patient and the burning of lights renders anything like natural rest or sound sleep impossible. Next to the Absurdity of dosing a sick person with some nauseous drug every two or three hours is that of preventing his rest by watchers and when two persons watch together m a sick room their conversation or whispering is often worse for. The patient than the disease itself.,. A Benefit i of it the lady brought a child to a physician Toj consult him about its precious health. Am orig other things she inquired if he did not think a the Springs would be useful a a a certainly Madam a replied the doctor As he eyed the child and then took a Large Pinch of sniff. A i Havn t the least Besita Tatayon in recommending the Springs a and the sooner you apply the remedy the better a a you really think it would he Good for the dear Little thing,.don t you a a a upon my word it s the Best remedy i know . A what Springs would you Recomb Send doctor Quot a a 1 a a a a a a any. Mil do Madam where you can get plenty of soap and a. An alleged Miracle turned to practical account a or Duff states that a few years ago a company of a a a tics hav my lighted their Sticks of dried co Mung. Where veins of Coal were out cropping the Black Stone caught fire at which they wore greatly astonished and. Circulated the report of a new Miracle which was the special manifestation of theft god of fire who 1 had caused the very stones to Burn multitudes flocked to the spot a new shrine was erected. And to ramp paid. To the god of fire. Some europeans hearing of it. Went to the place and soon ascertained the real nature of the Miracle Wimch they turned to profit Able account a by a digging and Quot working a a mine , supplied the Ganges upper India with Coal. Church statistics from the Genius. A Rathe methodist advocate gives the following the congregational Church was organized m 1620, and is now of 236 a a a re a standing in amen i. At the taking of the census in 1850 l,674rohurch edifices valued at $7,973,662,-. And accommodating 795,177 Baptist Church was organized m 1639, and in now 217 in the United states it had 8 791 Church a by in Diogu a -valued-�at1 $10,981,382, and accommodating 3.130876-h�arers. A thebe is by Nan Burc was organized in 170fand is Loo years old in America it has 4,585 Church edifices Quot valued at $14,360,889, arid accommodating 2,040.034 hearers. The methodist Church was organized in Baltimore december 25th, 1784, Andas a of of72 years standing in America. It has 12,467 Church edifices valued at $14,626,074, and accommodating 4,209,333 hearers. Quot

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